The best resort towns on the Indian Ocean

5 best resorts in the Indian Ocean, where you can rest inexpensively and with taste

After a hard day’s work, nothing so helps as a vacation. Many people plan their vacation in advance – they immediately decide where, why and for how long to go. In recent times, as relevant can be considered the Indian Ocean vacation. Only water, silence, hammocks, cocktails. So where to go after all?

Holidays on the Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean for a reason in recent years enjoys frantic popularity. The Indian Ocean is a relaxing and romantic setting, which is so much needed by almost everyone. It is there you can swim, sunbathe in plenty on the cleanest kilometers of beaches, sample exotic seafood and go scuba diving and windsurfing.

On average, each year the resort in Goa is visited by more than 2 million tourists. It is in India that everyone is looking for that very harmony and reflex. Goa is divided into two parts.

  1. Southern. This part is designed for the more affluent contingent – here people are looking for reflex in expensive hotels and all kinds of entertainment.
  2. Northern. This part is designed for people whose budget does not allow especially luxurious. Young people and people who are used to active recreation – extreme entertainment, parties and fierce partying come to this part.

The advantages of a holiday in Goa are usually budget, beautiful views and beaches, developed tourism infrastructure and good climatic conditions.

The disadvantages are widespread theft, unsanitary and high prices in the markets.


Maldives is a luxurious and relatively expensive resort. It is worth going to the Maldives for a luxurious beach holiday, all kinds of entertainment: surfing, diving, windsurfing and the like.

The advantages of this trip:

  • no need to purchase a visa;
  • a wide choice of exotic fruits;
  • nice hotels on the water;
  • safety in all areas.

It is best to go to the resort from November to May. In these months the weather is the most favorable for tourists.

On such a holiday, there are a few minor drawbacks – little entertainment

Mauritius .

The state belongs to East Africa. This place was the only place where the Dodo bird lives. This resort offers tourists a luxurious vacation on the ocean, diving and the like.

The advantages of this resort are primarily in:

  1. Lack of crime.
  2. Elegant service.
  3. Free visa (done directly at the airport).
  4. Picturesque view.

It is best to go to the resort in spring or from early fall to early winter. The disadvantages of this resort – high prices, unsafe beaches, strong currents.


The state stretches over 115 islands – only 33 of them are inhabited.

The advantages of a resort on the face – no visa required, the cleanest white sand beaches, the ability to dive, surf and fish, safety, and well-developed tourism infrastructure.

Bali is an island in the Malay Archipelago. The resort is suitable for tourists who are not used to sitting in one place. In this vacation, tourists can combine beach and cultural program in one trip.

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The advantages of this resort is undoubtedly the fact that they can learn about Indonesian culture, surfing and relax on the cleanest beaches. The advantages of vacationing – low prices, cheap transport rentals, beautiful views. Disadvantages – traffic jams, bad roads, frequent cheating of tourists and strong waves.


As it turned out above – there are plenty of places to vacation in the Indian Ocean. You just need to choose the right resort for yourself.

Indian Ocean vacation resorts: names, islands on the map

Famous resorts located on islands in the Indian Ocean, each year attracts an increasing number of tourists from all over the world. After all, it is here that they are waiting for a wonderful holiday on the sunny beaches, magnificent seascapes and good service.

Indian Ocean resorts for recreation

Most of the Indian Ocean extends in the southern temperate and tropical zones. Its waters lap several continents, as well as islands, which are located in the most picturesque and suitable for a pleasant rest of the planet.

Indian Ocean resorts for recreation: names, islands on the map

Among them are:

  • Sri Lanka;
  • Mauritius Island;
  • Seychelles Islands;
  • Maldives;
  • Bali;
  • Goa (a small state in India).

Here are the most popular resorts, which tourists from all over the world choose to vacation.

Sri Lanka

The country of Sri Lanka (from the ancient Indian language it means “blessed land”), located on the island of the same name, was a dominion of the British Empire until 1972, and was called Ceylon.

The island, which abounds in magnificent nature and long shorelines of sandy beaches, is located in southeastern India. It is washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Lakkadiv Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

Indian Ocean resorts for recreation: names, islands on the map

A subequatorial climate prevails here, characterized by a large number of humid and hot days in the summer season, very hot and dry in the winter. These factors lead to a large influx of tourists to the resorts of Sri Lanka. The best time to vacation at the resorts of the island is from April to November, when the average temperatures range from +28°C to +30°C.

All tourist facilities of the country are located on the southern coast, where clean sandy beaches, quiet bays and lagoons are scattered among the beautiful natural landscapes.

In this blessed land, tourists are given the opportunity not only to experience the beauty of a beach holiday with all kinds of entertainment (water rides, surfing, diving and scuba diving), but also interesting excursions to historical and architectural sites.

The abundance of exotic fruits, vegetables and spices of Sri Lanka will allow vacationers to enjoy a variety of national cuisine, some of which are prepared only here.

Some of the best resorts in Sri Lanka include:

  • Ahungala;
  • Bentota;
  • Beruvella;
  • Wadduwa;
  • Kalutara;
  • Waikkal;
  • Mount Lavinia;
  • Negombo;
  • Unawatuna;
  • Hambantota;
  • Hikkaduwa and many others.
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Indian Ocean resorts for recreation: names, islands on the map

Almost all resorts are located on the south and west coast of the island nation.

Mauritius .

Resorts in the Indian Ocean are on islands belonging to different continents. The South African island state of Mauritius is located in the south-western part of the Indian Ocean, east of the island of Madagascar, 20 parallels south of the equator.

The climate is tropical. Summers on the island are usually humid and hot. Temperature readings reach a mark of +35 ° C. During the winter months, they do not fall below +10°C.

Indian Ocean resorts for recreation: names, islands on the map

It should be said that in Mauritius, the summer season is characterized by frequent rains. Therefore, September, October and November are considered favorable months for beach and resort holidays.

Tourists on the island waiting for sandy beaches, gentle sea, rich and diverse flora and fauna.

The best beach areas are located on the northwestern coast of the island state. Many of them are free to visit, well-groomed, covered with very fine, flour-like sand. The water in the area is clean and warm. The state of the adjacent water area and beaches is regularly monitored by local services. They are cleaned not only from algae, but also from coral.

The best resorts in Mauritius:

  • Bel-Ombre;
  • Maeburg;
  • Bel Mar;
  • Le Morne (peninsula);
  • Flick en Flac;
  • Grand Bay;
  • Trou au bis;
  • Balaclava.

Indian Ocean resorts for recreation: names, islands on the map

It is noteworthy that all the resorts are scattered along the coasts of the island state from different sides. They are in the west, south, east and north. There are many luxury five-star hotels. Tourists waiting for good service, interesting excursions and a lot of different water activities.


About 1745 km from Mauritius, south of the equator, north of Madagascar, in the western part of the Indian Ocean, 1600 km from the east coast of the African continent, is the Seychelles archipelago. It consists of granite and coral islands. There are more than 100 of them. Only 33 islands are inhabited by humans.

The year-round temperature from +25 ° C to +34 ° C on the whole territory of the island state determines the equatorial climate. There is no division of the seasons. It rains rarely, almost always very warm and dry.

Indian Ocean resorts for recreation: names, islands on the map

Come to Seychelles to rest at any time of year. The hottest and driest period is from May to October. The water temperature in the coastal waters all year round, ranges from +26 ° C to +30 ° C.

Seychelles beaches are famous for their snow-white sand, magnificent natural scenery and warm clear water of the Indian Ocean. All of them are available for recreation. Here tourists are offered a variety of water activities (boat trips, underwater hunting, fishing, surfing, diving).

In addition to active recreation, you can take part in excursions and walks through the protected corners of the islands. There is an extraordinary nature, with unique representatives of flora and fauna.

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The best resorts in Seychelles are located on different islands.

Among the most popular are:

  • Mahe (there are 59 hotels of varying levels of service);
  • Praslin (there is a unique nature, great beaches and good hotels);
  • La Digue (the island has several hotels, private beach, a quiet atmosphere for a secluded vacation);
  • Teresa (an island of just over 700 meters is attractive for recreation with its pristine nature, clean water and a good beach);
  • Denis (the territory is an eco-resort, there are 25 comfortable villas, good infrastructure, beautiful beaches);
  • Fregat (there is a 5-star hotel of 16 villas, a good beach and a nature reserve);
  • Feliste (this is a paradise with villas, residences, a 5-star hotel, massage spas and good beaches);
  • North (this is one of the favorite places for tourists from all over the world; it has good hotels, villas, beautiful beaches and a high level of service).

Indian Ocean resorts for recreation: names, islands on the map

Each of the islands of the Seychelles archipelago is unique and worthy of attention.


The resorts in the Indian Ocean are not so far away from each other.

700 km from the island nation of Sri Lanka, on the southwest side of its Indian Ocean coast, lies the Republic of Maldives. It is located on an archipelago of 1,192 islands of varying sizes.

Indian Ocean resorts for recreation: names, islands on the map

On the territory of this island state, a subequatorial climate prevails, characterized by high temperatures and high humidity in summer. This is due to the action of the monsoons that bring humid air to the archipelago from the ocean.

The temperature in the Maldives during the year stays between +26°C and +31°C. The best time to visit the islands is considered the period from January to April, when the season lasts without rain.

Holidays in the Maldives are popular with tourists from around the world. It attracts comfortable hotels, good service, beautiful beaches, wonderful nature and unforgettable seascapes.

Transparent waters of blue lagoons in the water area near the coasts of the islands – a favorite place for divers and underwater hunters. In addition, vacationers can take part in trips to the islands, fishing, snorkeling (underwater excursions, where there is an opportunity to swim in the mask next to the ocean creatures).

Hotels for vacationers are scattered throughout the islands, which are divided into local, inhabited by locals, and islands-resorts, where only tourists live. They are brought there by water and air transport.

Bars, restaurants, gift stores, hotels, villas and beaches are located on the resort islands.

Among the most popular places to stay with hotels, beaches and good service are the islands:

Many of those who have been to the Maldives, call it a paradise on earth, despite the non-budget cost of recreation on the islands.

Resorts, which are washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, are located in different states of the eastern and southern hemispheres of the Earth.

The Island of the Gods, the Ocean, and Enlightenment: Bali, Indonesia

Indian Ocean resorts for recreation: names, islands on the map

The Indian Ocean washes the southern coast of an island in Indonesia called Bali. It is part of the islands of the Malay Archipelago and lies between continental Asia and Australia, southeast of the Maldives (60,288 km) and Sri Lanka (5,580 km).

Those who have been to Bali once will never forget the magnificent scenery, beautiful beaches, distinctive culture and local color of island life.

The uniqueness of the island is that here, in a relatively small space (its area is 5,416 square kilometers) you can visit and see:

  • ancient temples and palaces;
  • a lot of lakes with water the color of the sky;
  • volcanoes, amazing with their majesty;
  • beautiful beaches;
  • the beauty of the ocean;
  • endless rice paddies;
  • caves and parks;
  • green jungle thickets;
  • waterfalls and thermal springs.

The equatorial climate and proximity to the equator produce year-round temperatures on the island: from +27°C to +30°C. Ocean water temperature never drops below +28 ° C. The best time to vacation in Bali is from May to August, when it never rains.

The water off the coast is a popular destination for divers and surfers.

In addition to active recreation on the coast, numerous restaurants, bars and cafes, vacationers can take part in excursions, enjoy SPA-procedures and traditional Balinese massage, visit music, theater and dance performances.

In Bali, guests are offered accommodations in hotels, villas and family hotels of varying levels of service. Excellent sand and pebble beaches are located along the entire coast of Bali. There are a lot of them on the side of the Indian Ocean, where the tourist areas and airport “Ngurah Rai (Denpasar)” in the city of Kuta are concentrated.

All island resorts are very popular with vacationers from all over the world.

Among them are:

  • Kuta (it has a well-developed infrastructure and clean beaches);
  • Seminyak (this is not a budget option for recreation with expensive hotels and entertainment);
  • Village of Jimbaran (it has good beaches and waters where you can go scuba diving and surfing);
  • District of Nusa Dua (here are closed clean beaches, comfortable hotels, SPA centers and a variety of entertainment);
  • Tanjung Benoa (here you can spend a budget holiday, there are 3-star hotels);
  • Sanur (it is one of the oldest resorts on the island, with well-developed infrastructure, people of all income levels, all ages, families with children can enjoy their holidays);
  • Ubud (this is a secluded place in the bosom of pristine nature, which disposes to a quiet rest).

Indian Ocean resorts for recreation: names, islands on the map

Bali is called a paradise on earth. Those who have been here even once, dream to come back to the island.

Resorts in the Indian Ocean are not only on islands, but also on continents.

The tourist resort of Goa is the smallest state in India. It is located on its west coast and is washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea, which is an open part of the Indian Ocean.

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Indian Ocean resorts for recreation: names, islands on the map

The resort location is:

  • 1,358 km from the Maldives;
  • 2,965 km from the Seychelles;
  • 4,356 km from the State of Mauritius;
  • 4,980 km from the State of Sri Lanka;
  • 9,254 km from the State of Bali.

Goa has a subequatorial climate. It determines the weather conditions attractive for tourist holidays. Between May and October, it is hot and humid. From September, the weather becomes more favorable. Temperatures drop and there is less rain.

From the end of December to February in the state is the most comfortable period, when the air temperature during the daytime hours does not exceed +31 ° C, and at night it does not fall below +20 ° C.

Goa has long been one of the most popular resort destinations for tourists from all over the world. Here you can relax all year round.

Long lines of beaches covered with golden sand, comfortable hotels, beautiful sea views, national cuisine and flavor, all this attracts a lot of tourists every year.

In addition to recreation on the coast and a variety of water activities tourists are waiting for exciting excursions to local attractions, waterfalls, nature reserves and temples.

The tourist state of Goa is divided into the North, where vacation can be budget, and the South – with expensive hotels, closed beaches.

Popular resorts in North Goa include:

  • Anjuna (the place is notable for its large number of nightlife venues and large beach);
  • Baga (has a large beach);
  • Morjim (has a developed infrastructure, popular with tourists from Russia);
  • Candolim (there are expensive hotels, big beach);
  • Vagator (has several beaches, is a favorite place for young tourists).

The most popular resorts in South Goa:

  • Palolem (is one of the most expensive resorts and has the best beach in the entire state);
  • Colva (famous for its developed infrastructure, here you can find budget accommodation in several hotels);
  • Varka (there are many good hotels and beaches);
  • Utorda (a place with a beautiful beach, suitable for lovers of quiet, secluded vacation);
  • Kavelossim (a high level of service and a beautiful beach);
  • Benaulim (gives the opportunity for a budget holiday in the presence of a beautiful beach area).

Resorts in Goa are imbued with national color and are quite comfortable. Tourists can choose between budget and expensive service.

The best beaches in the Indian Ocean

Resorts in the Indian Ocean are valued not only for excellent weather conditions and good service. They are loved for their beautiful nature, sea air, and beautiful beaches.

Going to rest at sunny resorts located in the Indian Ocean, everyone can choose a place to his liking, based on his preferences and financial capabilities. Beautiful beaches, good villas and hotels are waiting for guests all year round.

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