The best places to stay in Italy in the fall

Holidays in Italy in October 2022 – where it’s best, the weather, tips.

Where to go on holiday in Italy in October 2022? Where else can you swim and sunbathe, what weather conditions with water and air temperature should you expect? What do tourists say in reviews, is it worth spending money on this destination?

We have considered all the pros and cons of an independent trip to Italy in the fall, learned what to do and where to visit, what hotels to book with good service and discounts, how much do tours in Russian to fascinating places cost, what are the prices of tours and other points of planning a vacation by the sea.

Hearing the word “Italy” in the head involuntarily recall hundreds of vivid associations: “Italian boot,” pizza, pasta, cheese, olives, Rome, Naples, the Tower of Pisa and more. This southern European country can rightly be called the cradle of civilization and world culture.

Italy – a country of dreams, love, pleasure, inspiration and eternal sun. Therefore, even in autumn you can enjoy not only the exquisite architecture, but also other attractions, for which Italy attracts millions of tourists from around the world, and October and November would be ideal months for walks, but not in all cities.

Once in Italy, you will surely want to stay here forever. So now is the time to plan a beach holiday in October in Italy. We will try to help you in this, and advise where to vacation in Italy by the sea in October, based on our experience of staying in the country for a long time.

Weather in Italy in October

The length of the territory of the country affects the diversity of the climate in different regions. In the north it is temperate, while in the south and center it is subtropical Mediterranean.

The more southern the region, the higher the temperature, when choosing a beach resort in autumn, this factor is primarily taken into account.

Precipitation is uneven: there is virtually none in the south, while in the center it can rain in winter, and near the Alps it snows a lot. The south of the peninsula is also notable for the Sahara winds, called “siroccos,” that blow between March and October. Because of this, the temperature rises and the thermometer reaches 35 degrees. The water temperature in the sea is 21-22 degrees. The only drawback is that the air becomes dry and dusty.

Sardinia and Sicily, characterized by hot summers and short winters, are also ready to welcome their tourists all year round. Although the season lasts from March to September, in October the weather conditions are also quite favorable for a holiday by the sea.

The warmest areas are in Cagliari, Costa Rei, Santa Margherita di Pula and Villasimius.

Where to vacation in Italy in October?

Beach resorts

  • Beach resorts where you can swim in October are in the south of Italy. The best resorts in Italy for a holiday in the fall are without a doubt Sicily and Sardinia .

In Sicily (hotels in Sicily by the sea) in October the air temperature sometimes reaches 30 degrees, the water in the Mediterranean Sea – 22, in the Ionian – 24, and in the Tyrrhenian – 23 degrees.

There is a “wild” beaches, whose name speaks for itself, as well as private, where you must pay for entry, and municipal. At the latter the money is taken only for an umbrella and sun lounger.

Where to go in Italy to rest in the fall

Map of resorts

The most popular beach is San Vito-Lo Capo. It is located on the Tyrrhenian coast. If you are still thinking about where to go with children in Italy in the fall, we strongly recommend that you choose Sicily. The beaches of Mondello and Cefalù are ideal.

  • On the east coast there are expensive and fashionable resorts of Taormina and Catania. Taormina town beach is always crowded, even in October.

From Taormina it is easier to get to any point of interest on the island, local excursions are cheaper (especially to Etna volcano), tour agencies sell tours here most often (due to liquidity and higher commission on sales).

  • It is also safely advised to go to the island of Sardinia.
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It is colder than Sicily, but the bathing season is still on, even in November. In Sardinia 250 beaches, though, to some have to get to by water transport.

In the region of Costa Smeralda are only expensive and luxurious resorts, including Arzakena and Capriccioli.

In one of the most picturesque corners of Sardinia is Oristano resort, which is ideal for a holiday in Italy in October for families with children.

Those who want to combine beach holidays with excursions, you should pay attention to Cagliari, which in addition to all is the administrative center of Sardinia.

Here you can see the pink flamingos, which live in the local park, and look at the Roman amphitheater and the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

Shopping and Excursions

Shopping Tips

Italy, like France, is considered a trendsetter in world fashion. Italian designers such as Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli, who founded the Prada empire, Giorgio Armani, Valentino Garavani, Donatella Versace, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and many others became world famous. This is one of the reasons why the definition of “Italian” is perceived as something high quality, expensive, exquisite.

Italian stores don’t need advertising. They are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. all week, except Sundays. Although large supermarkets in large cities may make exceptions to this. Siesta has not spared this area of Italian life: the lunch break most often lasts from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Many well-known brands can be bought in Rome in brand stores, and the prices here are much lower. Sales in Milan, too, are not discarded, but the weather leaves much to be desired.

At the end of August there is a period of “dead silence” in trade. This is due to the fact that everyone goes on vacation. It makes no sense to plan shopping at this time. But in the fall, everything returns to the same rhythm.

In addition to clothes, shoes and accessories, Italy is known for good wines. The best varieties are produced in the north. Wine advise to buy not in supermarkets, but in specialized stores. Also from Italy come cheeses, olives and olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pesto sauce, pasta, coffee and more.

Tourists who have decided to go to Italy in autumn for shopping recommend to take the appropriate tours in hotels, which are most advantageously located with respect to boutiques and shopping malls.

The sights of Venice

Burano Island in Venice

Excursions in Italy in Russian

In October the weather in Italy is very suitable for excursions and independent walks. At this time is best to visit the world-famous cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. It is a good time to see the Colosseum, the Grand Canal, the Trevi Fountain and much more. An experienced Russian-speaking guide will tell you what you can’t read about in any guidebooks or on the Internet.

Now a little bit about the excursions, first of all recommend to book a walk through the service Tripster, local guides (with extensive experience) offer exciting programs, primarily designed not to go shopping as do big tour operators, and spend their time to show as many interesting places, tourist reviews are only positive.

Entertainment and what to see?

With the fact, where to go to rest in Italy in October, we figured out, but perhaps you are worried about the question, “What to do in Italy on vacation by the sea?”

When you get tired of lounging on the beach, you can go fishing, go boating, diving, or go to a cafe/restaurant, dance at a nightclub, and visit another city to see the sights.

In the autumn, the thermal springs such as Abano-Terme, Grado or Montecatini-Terme are especially popular. Here you can not only have a great time, but also gain strength and even improve your health.

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Although in October there are no major holidays in Italy, but this does not mean you have to be bored. In the fall in many cities are held various food festivals.

For example, on the first Sunday in October not far from Rome in the town of Morino you can go to a wine festival. The festival of the harvest is a wonderful opportunity to taste the best varieties of this exquisite drink. You will also be able to admire the local fountain around which this action unfolds, or watch the knight’s tournament.

If you are worried about where to go on holiday in autumn in Italy with children, here’s a tip: Visit Perugia. It is here in mid-October is the festival of chocolate. He lasts a week. You can taste chocolate sweets from around the world. Perugia is considered the “sweet capital” of Italy. Perugina, Italy’s famous chocolate, comes from here. Stop by the ancient church of Sant’Angelo and gaze at the fascinating fountains.

Excursions in Venice in Russian

Stroll through Venice

Excursions in Italian cities:

Italian vacation prices in October 2022

Hotel Prices

The choice of places to stay is very wide: hotels, inns, guest houses, hostels, etc. For every taste and wallet. And on our site you can find a large number of selections of accommodation based on your own experience of accommodation and evaluation.

Prices for apartments start from 20 euros without intermediaries.

In the resort of Cefalù you can stay in a three-star beach hotel for 65 euros a night. If you add breakfast to the cost, you will have to shell out 85 euros. For a room at a four-star hotel, you will have to pay about 140 euros, in a five-star – from 340. If you are looking for a budget accommodation, you can spend the night in a hostel for 16 euros.

Where to rest in Italy in October

Positano Coast

Food and Nutrition Prices

  • How much does it cost to eat in cafes and restaurants?

Some of those who have already vacationed at sea in Italy, claim that it is fabulously expensive. In fact, everything here is very relative. Yes, there are fancy restaurants, but you can also get a good meal in the regular cafes, or home tavernas, as in Greece. Lunch in a cafe in Sicily, for example, will cost 10-15 euros. Dinner for two with wine – 25-50 euros.

For example, let’s take Sicily:

  • A meal in an inexpensive cafe for one tourist is €15.00,
  • A meal for two tourists in a cafe closer to the sea with an order of three dishes – 50,00 €,
  • Burger at a sidewalk café – 8,00 €,
  • Home-brewed beer (0,5 l draft) – 4,50 €,
  • Imported beer (0,33 l bottle) – 4 €,
  • Cappuccino coffee – 1,34 €,
  • Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) – 2,04 €,
  • Water (0,33 l bottle) – 0,99 €.

Food prices in the South of Italy are lower than in the North but only for small stores. In supermarkets prices are the same all over the country.

Approximate prices of products in Sicily:

Airfare in October

  • As an example we take flight to Rome from Moscow, the other city can be chosen independently in windows “point of departure” and “arrival”:

Tour prices

The prices for tours to Sicily in October 2022 for 5 nights start from 21 thousand rubles for a holiday on the third line without food, a little over 22 thousand on the second line with breakfast, from 23 thousand and more on the first line.

If you are wondering how much will holiday in Italy in October with a flight from Moscow cost, then we hasten to answer that the two-way tickets can be purchased for 14-16 thousand rubles. You will need to pay 1 euro for each day of stay as insurance. On average, you can live on 30 euros a day. This money is enough to stay in a decent hostel, travel by public transport, and a few dinners in inexpensive cafes. The cost of holidays in Sardinia in October is slightly higher than in Sicily. For 5 nights at a four-star hotel you will pay from 40 to 57 thousand rubles.

Krynica Morská sights and its surroundings

Tourist reviews about rest in Italy in the fall

Reviews from tourists about rest in Italy in October can generally be considered positive. Although many look with apprehension at this venture, still those who dared to risk it, they say that the rest at the sea in Italy in October did not disappoint them. The beaches of Sicily and Sardinia pleasantly surprise. The weather is great, and the sea is chic for bathing the whole family. And the fact that the prices for recreation in autumn is much lower than in summer cannot fail to please.

Italy will remember you incredibly delicious national cuisine, an abundance of fruits and vegetables, comfortable hotels and a high level of service, beautiful seashores, as well as interesting sights. And we hope that the tips from this article will contribute to your holiday to be unforgettable and full of only positive emotions!

My name is Sergei, and I work as a guide in various cities in Europe, Asia, eastern Russia, also as a manager of a large travel agency. During my travels I experienced a lot of emotions, learned useful information about rest and prices, saw unique places, about which I hurry to share on the pages of my blog about tourism.

15 most colorful autumn Italian cities

All summer you have been working hard, and now, finally, after getting the long-awaited vacation and a firm decision to go to Italy, you are at a loss. Where to go when the hot time of “doing nothing” on the beach has already passed, and thoughts of winter fun and colorful Christmas markets still flutter your imagination? At a time when memories of summer begin to fade from memory, when leaves begin to slowly circle the city, “dancing the tango” with the cool breeze, sunsets turn purple, and cities “flash” in a thousand colors of autumn, we suggest you take a trip that will be one of the most memorable in your life. Why? Because autumn is the best time of year to enjoy a trip to Italy. The endless blue sky is stunning, the ground turns into the softest carpet of red and yellow leaves, and the air is impeccably fresh: isn’t it the perfect time to set out to discover new places – agree, the coolness of autumn is much more pleasant than the summer heat and the piercing winds of winter.

If you’re thinking about where to go in late October and November to enjoy the wonders of Italy’s fall season, check out our list of Italy’s most colorful fall cities.


Imagine the warm tones of autumn “gilding” the facade of the cathedral and historic shops of the Ponte Vecchio, reflected in the calm waters of the Arno! Yes, that’s right: it will take your breath away, because Florence in the fall is a particularly magical and beautiful city for the traveler. And if the first cool days excite your hunger, an impressive sized Florentine steak will calm your mind and stomach. You’re already tempted, right?

Autumn Florence – Photo by


The city of Verona is always beautiful: it’s one of those places that looks enchanting whether it’s raining or sunny outside. But in the fall Verona becomes a city of wonders: the charm and touching story of Romeo and Juliet, the romance of Piazza delle Erbe, the grandeur of the Arena di Verona – everything takes on a special charm. If the day is particularly chilly, it’s nice to warm up in one of the thousands of cafes while sipping a glass of Bardolino or Valpolicella; otherwise, just walk around and enjoy the last warm days and the gentle Italian autumn.

Verona in fall decor – Photo by

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Positano seems like a precious artist’s canvas, so picturesque is this city. Everything here seems to be part of a special microcosm, a perfect universe where the destructive genius of man has not reached. When you come to Positano in Autumn you are submerged in the narrow streets where you can hear the soothing sound of the sea – autumn gradually takes over the nature, painting in bright colors the doors of the old houses and the steep staircases, while the scents of the Mediterranean are in the air sparkling with purity. A feast of emotions!

Positano’s autumnal splendor – Photo by

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Italy’s capital shines like a gem at any time of year. Autumn, however, is perhaps the most fortunate period to experience unforgettable local flavors. It is in the last days of October, the “ottobrate romane”, when it is pleasant to travel around the region to celebrate the end of the grape and chestnut harvest, a period in which Roman temperatures are particularly agreeable to tourists in their moderation. What to say about the feelings of the lucky ones who enjoy the “golden” glow of the dome of San Pietro at sunset while savoring a “Castelli Romani”!

Enchanting Autumn Rome – Thinkstock Photo

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Who says Sicily is synonymous with summer and diving? Besides probably still being able to swim in the azure waters of Sicily in October, you can do a thousand other things. Choose Taormina as your vacation destination and you will be amazed by its huge archaeological, artistic and cultural heritage. You can also taste the wonderful local cuisine and enjoy your evening walks along Taormina’s beautiful beaches. What more could you want from a vacation!

Taormina in the fall – Photo by

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Let’s head to Tuscany, in the province of Grosseto, to explore one of the most beautiful Borgos in Italy, Pitigliano, inhabited since Etruscan times and built from blocks of tufa, like the other beautiful towns of the region, from Sorano to Orvieto. The tufa houses look even more attractive in autumn, as if “kissed” by the sun shining in a bright blue sky. Here life flows slowly and quietly, Pitigliano is a truly magical place.

Mesmerizing Tuscany! – Photo by

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Boccadasse (Genoa).

A stone’s throw from the center of Genoa rises a romantic cove where small houses seem to be leaning on each other: this is Boccadasse, an ancient fishing village, an incredibly beautiful place to visit. Go there with your “other half” to enjoy the autumn sunset on the rocks and get lost in the typical Ligurian “creuze”, the ancient narrow lanes. You will really feel like you are in a fairy tale.

The charm of the fishing village of Beau to Cadasse – Photo

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Traditional architecture, pastel colors, bright sun high up in the sky and blue-blue Tyrrhenian Sea: all this is Procida, silent in the morning and shouting in the evening, a cinematic foothold (films like “The Postman” and “Arturo Island” were shot here), a city that admires the beauty of nature and zealously preserves ancient traditions. Do you need other reasons to pack a suitcase?

Procida – Photo

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Thinking about Assisi always brings a sense of tranquility, beauty and mental harmony. The Franciscan monks, endless green meadows and the tranquility of the medieval streets come to mind. Sunny Assisi will enchant you, especially in late autumn, when the fertile soil gives off the intense aromas of mushrooms, pumpkins and chestnuts. Giotto, Cimabue, St. Francis, Santa Chiara: the most important historical figures have left their indelible mark here. Ancient Assisi awaits you!

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Silent Assisi – Photo by

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Otranto is the easternmost point of Italy, a city where beautiful beaches intertwine with centuries of history and art, where the flavors of excellent regional cuisine stir the imagination. See the Aragonese Castle, the Cathedral of Otranto and the Church of St. Peter. No, but rather walk around the town, only this way you can enjoy its poetic views and fill the memory card of your camera with great shots – even the pleasant temperatures of autumn are on your side!

Silent nature of Otranto – Photo by


The old town, “tangled” in a tangle of narrow streets, which seem to stretch their invisible hands to the autumnal midday sun, the impressive size and beauty of the cathedral, the Swabian castle, majestically towering above the cityscape like a fearsome Zeus: the autumn Termoli appears to the traveler just so. And don’t think that if you come here in the off-season you won’t be able to explore the magnificent islands of Tremiti, shimmering like green emeralds in the deep blue of the Adriatic: the climate is perfect for living here all year round. Termoli is definitely worth a visit in autumn and you can return whenever you like!

Termoli – Photo by


Let’s go to Abruzzo to discover a magical place connected by invisible snares to ancient legends and mythical stories: here, in the middle of the silent splendor of the Majella National Park, is one of the most beautiful borgos (villages) in Italy. Ladies and gentlemen, in the arena of Pacentro, with its spectacular towers of Caldora Cantelmo Castle and winding alleys stretching straight into the mountains. The aromas of hearty soups and roast game waft through the local taverns and constantly accompany the walks, tickling all the taste buds. And by all means, don’t forget to check out Preta Tonna. Don’t you know what it is? Then, you just have to go to Pacentro and find out!

Paccentro – Photo

Click on the link and discover the Abruzzo region!


The famous city walls, the Amphitheater Square, the elegant and beautiful Duomo, the endless number of churches, the interesting museums: Lucca is a never-ending show for the curious tourist. The best way to fall in love with the city at first sight is to observe it from above, and in particular from the Clock Tower, Torre delle Ore, or the equally famous Torre Guinigi. The old city wrapped in the magic of autumn – you are destined to ignite your feelings for Lucca forever!

Lucca – Photo by


You don’t need an excuse to come or return to Turin for the first time, but we would like you to know that autumn is the best time to “get caught up” in this magical city with undeniable charm, with a regal character and a touching soul. How nice to walk, rustling with fallen leaves, among the endless alleys and terraces curled with wild grapes traditional taverns, how wonderful to inhale with full lungs aroma of sweet sweets “gianduiotti”, what a particularly fascinating at this time look Turin monuments and churches, how beckoning aroma of hot coffee and bicerin. In general, Turin is always a “winner,” isn’t it?

Mystical Turin – Photo

All the sights of Turin are here!

Marina di Cassano

For an appetizer, enjoy the splendor of Marina di Cassano with its volcanic beach and its pier, strewn like shards of colorful mosaic with colorful boats, its bars and restaurants, particularly inviting at lunch and warm evenings with the delicious specialties of Sorrento. It is one of the most beautiful areas of the coast of Campania, and to see it in the fall, away from the crowds of tourists and the heat of the summer, is to get a feel for this land and appreciate its charms.

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