The best places to go scuba diving in the USA.

Diving in the USA

Every year a lot of people visit the U.S. who are fond of such an active form of recreation, as diving and swimming with special equipment, called diving. Diving gives the opportunity to see the beauty of the underwater world, observe the inhabitants of the sea depths, as well as explore the sunken ships. Diving to explore shipwrecks is called rak diving.

In the United States, every measure is taken to increase the safety of divers and avoid all sorts of mishaps while diving. Any boat that takes people to the dive site must be equipped with all the necessary first aid equipment. On the boat during the dives there is always a professional who can come to the rescue if an emergency happens.

Currently, the main center of diving in the United States is Florida. Every year thousands of tourists come here to take part in diving. Diving is represented here in the most diverse way.

Diving in Florida

Florida islands are connected by a very beautiful expressway. Florida is a place that is ideal for those who are passionate about scuba diving. Its positive side is the coral reefs, thanks to which the coastal waters are shallow. Therefore, diving in Florida can not only professionals, but also beginners who want to get not only a good rest, but also to engage in various beach pleasures. Due to the well-developed infrastructure, tourists can not particularly worry about the immediate problems. For experienced divers, there are special places, one of these places is Molasses Reef. Explore it is possible not only unique underwater caves, which appeared naturally, but also there are other beautiful and interesting places.

According to historical accounts, pirate ships were shipwrecked on Florida’s reefs, and now they lie at the bottom around the islands. That’s probably why Florida is very much a rak-diving area, which is the exploration of shipwrecks. If you decide to explore ancient cannons, anchors and other objects, you must remember that it is forbidden to pick up anything from the bottom, it is against the law. You can not touch the corals, as they grow very slowly, to reach the average size should take a very long time.

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In order to embellish the underwater world, Florida has created many artificial reefs and sources of fresh water. Many people specifically visit Florida to explore its many underwater caves. For this, you can get special training and equipment for diving. Diving was practiced in Florida in the last century, even now you can find special red and white signs of those years, indicating the most interesting places for diving.

Holiday season in Florida lasts all year. In addition, the dive sites are very different from each other. For example, in the southern part of Florida, there is Biscayne National Park. It is considered the most famous place in the United States for diving. Moreover, 95% of the park’s area is underwater, and on the shore is a mangrove forest.

Entrance to the national park

There are cities on the east coast, as well as Miami, which are excellent places for lovers of active sports, including diving. This part of Florida has a very developed infrastructure: many restaurants, hotels, etc., which helps to create a comfortable environment for vacationers.

A small town called Boca Raton is well located and has a favorable climate, so it is another place where there is an opportunity to dive, but here you can pay attention and other active sports.

The Underwater World of Biscayne National Park

There are so many companies in Florida offering their diving services, this has caused the prices for these services to drop. Problems with accommodation here, too: you can stay in a respectable hotel, or you can choose a regular motel.

Very popular among fans of active recreation world center of scuba diving Florida Keys. This archipelago consists of more than 1500 coral islands between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida Keys consists of two parts. All kinds of water activities are popular on the northern part of the islands. Here you can go scuba diving, fishing, and have the opportunity to catch an unusual type of fish, such as swordfish. The area is part of the Everglades Nature Reserve, which attracts ecological tourists.

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Diving in the U.S. is also possible in the Hawaiian archipelago. One of the most popular islands for diving in Hawaii is Maui. Here is an opportunity to snorkel and watch the colorful fish On the island there are many dive centers where they can teach diving and even issue all the necessary certificates.

Diving in the Hawaiian archipelago

Diving is also popular on Big Island. Clean and clear waters provide good visibility, so divers can fully enjoy the beautiful corals and observe the unusual inhabitants of the underwater world. The most popular for diving are “Turtle hole” and “Eel cave”, as well as the world famous place called “Night encounters with the manta”. However, in order to observe the mantas you have to make a night dive, so you need to arm yourself with a flashlight.

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