The best entertainment in Vietnam

Best entertainment for tourists in Vietnam

The Best Entertainment for Tourists in Vietnam

Vietnam state in East Asia is very popular among tourists. What is it so attractive? They are actively developing tourist entertainment. There are actively developing activities aimed at surprising foreigners. And what else do you need for recreation, if there is a beach, an interesting unique culture, quite developed infrastructure, and all this at an affordable price. The city is bordered by interesting ancient monuments, all available for your acquaintance with them. The people are very friendly, especially to tourists. For the Russian person their culture will be really exotic, all the countries of Asia differ from each other not only in traditional ways, but now you can see something unique and interesting. The beaches are well cared for, every day it is visited by a bunch of people. Vietnam, served as a place of tourism for the people of Asia, the Chinese actively went there on vacation. Now the whole east knows about holidays in Vietnam. Their tourism industry is so developed that you should definitely visit this wonderful country.

The Best Entertainment for Tourists in Vietnam

The state of Vietnam stretches along the coast of the Indochina peninsula, its coast is washed by the Pacific Sea. All cities have beaches, and they are great for recreation. Therefore, in each city, there is a resort part and what to do the tourist. Conventionally Vietnam is divided into three parts North, South and Central, each interesting in its own way, in the north is colder, but in the south the sun all year, even in the rainy season. In the central part the sea waves will be bigger, it is great for surfing, so the choice of where to go depends only on your preference about rest, whether you want to see something of the ancient sights, or do something active like riding on the waves. And of course you should pay attention to the schedule of the rainy season, no one wants to sit all day at home, or not be able to go to the beach. Although in the South of Vietnam, the rain, even a tropical rain is not a nuisance, it is very hot, and showers alternating with a thunderstorm, but it creates a little inconvenience.

In Vietnam you will find a holiday for every taste. Hotels, even economical, look very good and have excellent service. You will not be disappointed with the nature. Flowers, trees and local fruits are very different from our expanses. And, in general, the entire cuisine of Vietnam is a separate journey. You should definitely try the local specialties, many of them are traditional soups. Well, if you are looking for exotic, go to the local market and try the baked grasshoppers and scorpions. If you decide to cook yourself, it is worth going to the fish market, there you will find very fresh seafood, which is literally moving on the shelves, the price will surprise you.

The Best Entertainment for Tourists in Vietnam

The best tourist attractions

If you are looking for some special attractions to see in Vietnam then there you will find them at every step. But here you can learn about a few, especially memorable cultural sites of the state, which any tourist admires.

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Halong Bay

One of the most stunning bays in Vietnam. It is one of the most famous and beautiful places in the world. This place is just a symbol of Vietnam. It is located near the capital, and is a bay with thousands of islands. You will often find souvenirs and postcards with a photo of the bay, and sailed on it the ship in the Eastern style with open sails. The beauty of nature with its azure water will amaze you with its splendor. The islands are full of caves and cliffs, not to mention the fact that it is now on the list of 7 new wonders of the world and is protected by UNESCO.

The Best Entertainment for Tourists in Vietnam

The bay will greet you with an unforgettable view, three thousand islands of amazing shape, twisted, with lunges, uplands and lots of greenery. It is so popular that every day there are more than thousands of tourists visiting it. They say it spoils the nature in many ways. But the tours and activities there, make sure that there is as little impact and pollution as possible. If you’re wondering if you can take a boat ride there, then yes, absolutely.

There are cruises through the beauty of the bay, during which you will be shown all the nooks of this wonderful place. You can see the life of the bay from the inside. There are night cruises too, and at any price. For those who like to get a closer look, I suggest taking a kayak ride. You can really feel the power of these rocks on them. Such excursions will show you all the smallest depressions, will guide you through the curves of the rocks and show you the caves. There are rocks that are open to hikers. They too are worth the attention, the local caves are full of mountain beauty with interior waterfalls. This place is sure to leave a lot of unforgettable impressions.

The Best Entertainment for Tourists in Vietnam

Coochi Tunnels (Coochi)

Not far from Ho Chi Minh City, there is quite a famous attraction – Kuchi Tunnels. It is a whole underground labyrinth of 250 km long. It has its own historical importance. This is a monument of war, which was left after the well-known confrontation with the U.S. army. American troops at the time often used chemical weapons, and mercilessly destroyed entire settlements in Vietnam.

The Best Entertainment for Tourists in Vietnam

So these underground shelters were created by the guerrillas to hide in. They also often sheltered locals in them in case of another attack. Living in such a place is incredibly difficult, although there is also a well, a kitchen and even a bedroom, these walls are only 1.2 places high and 80 wide, creating incredibly pressurizing conditions. Not to mention the fact that living underground is very difficult in principle, these huge labyrinths contain a terrible atmosphere of war. If you are not afraid of such things, and your curiosity is stronger than your fear, then visit this place. There are a few remaining near the towns, even though they are only available in a shortened form of only 50 meters you are unlikely to want to go further. There are extended tunnels for tourists that tell the story of those hard days of war for Vietnam.

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The Best Entertainment for Tourists in Vietnam

“Golden Bridge.”

A new attraction that everyone already knows about. Near the town of Donang, a bridge in gold was erected, at an altitude of more than 1,400 meters. The bridge is made in a modern style, which looks very interesting against the background of the mountains due to the dissonance. And, of course, two stone hands of enormous size, which seem to hold the post, are striking. A truly amazing human creation.

The Best Entertainment for Tourists in Vietnam

From the bridge you have a view of the beautiful beauty of Vietnam and the hills of “Wa Na,” but the design itself is worth the same praise. It only opened in July 2018, and pictures of it have already flooded the Internet. You have to hand it to TA Landscape Architecture for such an architectural delight. The hands are not made of stone as you might think, but the resemblance is striking. So, in such a touristy and active state, there is one more gorgeous and beautiful place.

The Forbidden Purple City (Thu Cam Thanh)

It is a complex of several palaces with a special color and spirit of the Vietnamese oriental culture. It is called the “Forbidden Purple City” because it was once home to the family of the Emperor and no ordinary people could ever enter there. It is located in Hue and is now open to tourists. The palaces have incredible beauty and luxury, there is no place for Eastern restraint. The castles were inhabited by the imperial family, which included concubines. So you can look at the abundance of luxury, and see all the splendor of life of the oriental nobility, in addition, there are very beautiful gardens on the territory of the complex. Some parts are given under the public, but still alive, because during the war with the United States, this place so, also was subjected to partial destruction.

The Best Entertainment for Tourists in Vietnam

These are the places that are definitely worth a visit in Vietnam. If you want to see the sights. Otherwise, the streets of Vietnam with local entertainment is always open to you. The beaches are equipped for outdoor activities, so if you want to not just lie on the beach, then try diving or choose a cruise. In Ho Chi Minh City you may be struck by the abundance of mopeds, this is the main way to get around. So do not hesitate to rent a couple, and feel like a resident of the metropolis. Vietnam is sure to please you very much, with its unusual culture and beauty.

The Best Entertainment for Tourists in Vietnam


Christina: “I went with my husband to Haon, and there we bought a three-day tour of Halong Bay, the impression is amazing. Met sunrises and sunsets on board. One night it rained the whole time, but during the day we were able to sunbathe and enjoy the sun. Of the attractions we were also offered to visit the caves and although we are not fans of such mountain mazes, we were interested in an interesting excursion. People are not as many as we thought, there were large clusters, but you can find a quiet place to rest. All three days I was in an incredible enjoyment of where we were. These mountains and islands impressed me, the trip was wonderful. I advise everyone to go to this place.

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The Best Entertainment for Tourists in Vietnam

Inna: “Went with my son and husband in the spring to Hue. I stayed in a great hotel with a pool. The weather was fine all day, but it was very humid. Went around town by cab, it was very cheap. The food was on the local market, there were many outlets with ready-made meals. There were a lot of seafood, all the foreigners had bought plenty of snails, we decided not to risk it and tried sweets and fruits. We also visited the Forbidden City. You can also get there by cab, we roamed there the whole day. It was a very beautiful place. There are many gardens and ponds, very beautiful palaces and statues. We were told that there is a lot of feng shui there. It really is a very beautiful place, if you’re in Hue, be sure to visit.

The Best Entertainment for Tourists in Vietnam

I am fond of hiking and traveling, photography and videography. I have been hiking since childhood. My whole family used to go to the sea, then to the river, then to the lake, then to the forest. There was a time when we spent a whole month in the forest. We lived in tents and cooked on a campfire. That’s probably why even now I am drawn to the forest and, in general, to nature. I travel regularly. Approximately three trips a year of 10-15 days and a lot of 2 and 3 day trips.

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anna Posted 7:27 a.m. – Sep 1, 2018

Most of all my husband and son and I liked the excursion to Dalat, especially when driving through the mountains, it takes your breath away. We saw how coffee grows on the plantation. Well, the hotel Crazy House generally won his originality.

What interesting entertainment offers tourists in Vietnam?

Chairlift View

Exotic Asian country Vietnam, located on the coast of the South China Sea, attracts tourists from all over the world by the uniqueness of life, culture, unique cuisine, an environment of endless fun.

According to what tourists say every corner of this mysterious country is worth visiting!

What interesting entertainment awaits travelers in Vietnam?

Dalat – the center of a variety of entertainment!

In 2014 in Da Nang opened the Ferris wheel – the height of one hundred and fifteen meters ensures the fourth place in the world. The entertainment enjoys a frenzy among the guests of the resort. The ticket price is 50,000 dong for fifteen minutes. From the very top you can see panoramas of bridges, the Han River and the whole city.

Riding on the cable car – the scenery is unique and literally mesmerizing! The cabin floats leisurely up and down in the air. The cable car takes us to Thien Vien Pagoda. Here is a magnificent park with a lake and a pine forest. Time flies in such a beauty!

Kyoto is a beautiful resort city located in the legendary Andes

The bobsled road is located in the park near Datanlah Falls. Steering the bob is not difficult – when braking the lever is directed backwards, to increase speed – push forward. There are warning signs on the track – “Break” – you need to slow down! This entertainment is great for young people!

Sleigh rides in Vietnam.

For fans of extreme sports

Canyoning along the bed of the mountain river Lang Bian is suitable. During the three kilometers boats rush up and down steeply, fifteen meters down the waterfall will give indescribable emotions! Escorted by professionals!

Thirty kilometers of kayaking on the scenic Lake Tuyen Lam, surrounded by tropical jungle.

Mekong Cruise . The trip is designed for a couple of days. You can sunbathe on deck during the day and spend the evenings at dinner enjoying the scenery of the Mekong. There are stops at the famous floating market and local craft villages.

On Halong Bay they arrange the same cruises on a motley boat. In this area filmed the movie “Avatar”, there are excursions to the islands and park Catba.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy a bicycle tour of Hanoi . The trip highlights the historical sites of the city and its surroundings. The price includes a bike rental, snack, water, entrance fees of the places visited and an English-speaking guide. It is better to wear closed clothes and shoes!

Vietnam has a couple of varieties of jeep safaris – excursions along the Mekong River or to the underground corridors of Cu Chi. The Mekong Delta is a natural treasure trove with a wide variety of flora and fauna. There are beautiful panoramas along the way. Ethnic villages are used to make unusual souvenirs.

Jeep Cars

In the past, Vietnamese Nha Trang was a simple little fishing village. Nowadays it is already a well-known resort capital of Khanh Hoa province on the central coast of Vietnam with a population of about half a million people.

Cable car (or otherwise funicular) was launched in 2007. So far, it is the longest cable car in the world, stretching over the sea. The total length of the funicular is more than three kilometers, and the height is 70 meters. It connects Nha Trang’s coast and Hong Che Island with Vinpearl Land Amusement Park. The whole trip takes about half an hour.

VINPEARL Amusement Park was originally conceived as an independent relaxation area of over 200,000 square meters. The way to the park is very exotic – a long cable car Hong Che. On its territory there is a five-star hotel complex “Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang”, distinguished by a high level of service and all-inclusive system. There is absolutely everything – attractions, oceanarium, dolphinarium, water park, restaurants, supermarkets.

At the entrance is advisable to take a map with photos and descriptions of attractions for ease of movement, where quite clearly marked by the iconic places.

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The most remarkable thing here is the “ocean in miniature” Vinpearl, which has three hundred rare and valuable species of fish.

Vinpearl Safari Park . Tours are conducted by car, the way is designed so that visitors can see all the inhabitants of the park: lions, tigers, zebras, antelope. Children really like it!

The largest island in terms of area Phu Quoc

Located in the Gulf of Thailand and is rightly considered a landmark of Vietnam. The tropical jungle growing on the rocks, captivating waterfalls, beautiful beaches with crystal water, a diverse underwater world of corals and sea creatures, will leave an unforgettable impression. Fukuoka has many hotels with unique locations for photos. Local residents fish and grow pearls. Jewelry, cosmetics – you can buy all kinds of pearl products. Prices are slightly higher than in the local markets.

Cocoanut Prison – a very creepy place with instruments of torture, photos of torture. Particularly impressionable people should not go there!

On the island all year round the average temperature is 28-30 degrees. For a holiday on the island suitable period from November to the end of April. Then follows the “rainy season” from early May to November.

The most famous beach of Long Beach – the transparent sea surface, white sand. In the evening you can capture the incredible beauty of the sunset. There are water activities, diving schools, and spas on the beach.

Martial arts lessons enthuse guys, men. Sports clubs or a military arts center are never empty!

Phan Thiet – a major city for lovers of quiet and leisurely vacation in the lap of nature. Entertainment is available here, but they operate mostly until ten pm.

Riding ostriches – entertainment in the park near the waterfall of Prenne. You sit in the saddle on the back of an ostrich and ride around the aviary. It’s not really as easy as it looks! The ostrich is a tough bird and “with character”. During the movement, they push each other and “swear” in their language. Rider will get a shot of adrenaline.


Importantly, it has no access to the sea and the main stream of tourists is concentrated in the resort area of Mui Ne, which stretches along the coastline in a long string of hotel complexes (two to five stars), cafes, restaurants and stores for about ten kilometers. The level of beaches is seasonal: in the “rainy season” beaches are cleaned less often, strong winds and waves throw a lot of garbage on the shore.

The water is turbid, especially in the afternoon, and does not allow diving or snorkeling. Large waves and the presence of tides contribute to the ideal conditions for surfing and kite surfing.

On the territory of the hotel complexes grows an impressive number of palm trees of extraordinary beauty. The resort can not boast the iconic places, after ten o’clock in the evening there comes complete tranquility and serenity.

Extreme in Vietnam is enough for everyone, it is important financial and time resources!

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