The best cities of Cyprus

Where to go on holidays in Cyprus in 2022

Where to go on holiday in Cyprus in 2022? We have prepared an article with photos and descriptions of resorts on the island to find out where it is best to rest in Cyprus.

The article is conditionally divided into 2 parts:

  • Part 1 – an overview of the best resorts in Cyprus by type of holiday (beach, sightseeing, holidays with children)
  • Part 2 – more detailed information about each resort.

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Where to go on holiday in Cyprus – 2022

This part of the article has 3 sections to help you choose a holiday resort in Cyprus depending on your preferences: beaches, excursions or family vacations.

Beach Holiday

In this section we will talk about beach holidays in Cyprus: reviews, what kind of sea, where the best entertainment and more.

The best places for a beach holiday in Cyprus in 2022 are considered popular resorts of Paphos, Protaras and Ayia Napa, and a few less known – such as Polis and Pissouri.

The first three resorts have a developed infrastructure – hotels of different categories, cafes and restaurants, various entertainments. Ayia Napa is more suited for recreation for young people, and in Paphos and Protaras is worth going for a quiet holiday.

Polis and Pissouri are not bad beaches, but you can’t find much infrastructure.

The most popular resorts in Cyprus with sandy beaches are Ayia Napa and Protaras.

Cultural and excursion activity

Where to go in Cyprus for sightseeing and excursions in 2022? If you prefer a sightseeing vacation, first of all consider such resorts as Nicosia, Famagusta and Kyrenia.

Each city can be explored in 1-2 days. The best option – rent a car and go around all the sights, stopping at each resort for a few days.

Rest with a child

Which resorts of Cyprus to choose for a trip with a child?

The main resorts worth going to with a child are Limassol, Protaras, Paphos, Larnaca and Ayia Napa.

These cities have a suitable infrastructure (hotels, beaches, entertainment), but each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Ayia Napa – good beaches, but the resort is noisy and youthful
  • Larnaca and Paphos – resorts with airports (do not have to travel far to the hotel), but there are almost no sandy beaches.
  • Protaras and Limassol – Cyprus resorts with sandy beaches and plenty of entertainment.

Are you going on vacation with your family? Our materials will be useful to you: Holidays in Cyprus with children – about resorts, hotels and beaches for traveling with a child; the best all-inclusive hotels in Cyprus for children – a list of good family hotels with suitable infrastructure.

Resorts of Cyprus – 2022: description and comparison

Ayia Napa

Where is the best place to go to Cyprus in 2022? Most tourists prefer to vacation in Ayia Napa: there are good sandy beaches, hotels and entertainment for all tastes.

Ayia Napa is especially popular among young people because the resort has many discos, nightclubs, restaurants, bars. There are opportunities for water sports, diving, windsurfing, fishing.

The beaches of the resort are covered with fine golden sand, many of them were awarded the blue flag. The best are considered:

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Protaras .

Protaras is perfect for those who like a quiet holiday. The town itself disposes to quiet and relaxation, but if you want more drive – nearby is Ayia Napa with its discos and parties.

In Protaras well-developed infrastructure: cafes, restaurants, stores, supermarkets, and recreation prices are lower than in other cities of Cyprus.

The resort has sandy beaches with a gentle entrance to the water and hotels “all inclusive”, so it is often chosen for the rest of families with children.

Among the popular beaches of Protaras good reviews get Connos Bay and Cape Greco .

Reviews of holidays in Cyprus: what sea, beaches, where to rest best

Photo: beach in Cyprus near Protaras © dimitrisvetsikas1969


Where to vacation in Cyprus without spending a lot of time on airport transfers? One of the best options is Larnaca.

This resort has a quiet atmosphere, lots of attractions and hotels of all price ranges.

Larnaca’s coastline is long and wide with yellowish sand and shallow waters. The beaches are sandy and pebbly (the most popular are Finikudes and Mackenzie). The entrance to the sea is shallow: to get to the depths, you must go a long distance.

Which resorts in Cyprus to choose?

Photo: Wall of Larnaca fortress © Sergey Galyonkin /


Paphos is preferred by tourists for its good microclimate, excellent hotels and picturesque bays. Holidays at this resort will cost more: the prices of accommodation and food here are higher than in other cities of Cyprus.

The beaches in Paphos are mostly pebbly, so many people prefer to go to the bay of Lara. This place is beautiful in itself, and there is a turtle farm nearby.

Another famous beach near Paphos is Coral Bay. It is located in a bay, so the water there is warm and there are no strong waves. The beach is crowded and has a developed infrastructure: cafes, restaurants, taverns, stores.

In Paphos and its surroundings, there are many attractions. Among them is Kato Paphos Park, which is ranked first in the list of the best attractions in Cyprus on TripAdvisor.

Not far from the city is the bay of Aphrodite, about the visit of which tourists leave good reviews.

The best place to relax in Cyprus

Photo: waterfront in Paphos © Sergey Galyonkin /


Limassol is considered the most “Russian” resort in Cyprus, as most of our compatriots go here.

This resort is often chosen for its comfortable hotels with a high level of service.

The coastline of Limassol is 15 kilometers. The beaches are mixed – sand and pebble. In the city center beaches are often crowded, so tourists in their reviews of Cyprus in 2022 advise to go to more spacious beaches in the suburbs of Limassol. The best are considered to be:

Limassol has many attractions to visit – such as the ruins of the ancient city of Kourion and Kolossi Castle. Near the resort are the Troodos Mountains, where you can see the monasteries of Kikkos and Maheras.

Description and comparison of Cyprus resorts

Photo: sea off the coast of Limassol © Sergey Galyonkin /


A small resort town Pissouri is located between Limassol and Paphos.

A holiday in Pissouri is perfect for diving lovers, as the town has some of the best diving sites in Cyprus. While diving near Pissouri you can see:

  • Shipwrecks and barges;
  • Rocks with a lot of marine animals;
  • Shark tunnel;
  • Caves.
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A great place for a beach vacation, as it has a wide sandy shoreline. It is a quiet and secluded place. There is practically no entertainment. There are cafes, stores and taverns.

Where to go on vacation in Cyprus

Photo: one of the beaches in Cyprus © Sergey Galyonkin /

Useful information

What is the best resort in Cyprus in your opinion? We are waiting for your comments!

The most beautiful cities of Cyprus

Nature itself created Cyprus to offer carefree relaxation on its beautiful beaches, many of which are Blue Flag rated for cleanliness. The island’s rich history is reflected in the abundance of ancient and medieval sites to see during your vacation. The natural beauties – scenic cliffs, secluded bays, forested mountains – will please even the most discerning travelers.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Cyprus

The peculiarity of Cyprus is that the island is territorially divided into two parts, which are divided between the “Greek” Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. There are not many cities on the island, but each of them carries a special charm: some are famous for the abundance of ancient monuments, others – the stunning nature, while others fascinate with provincial coziness and true Cypriot flavor. Some of the most beautiful cities in Cyprus include:

  1. Nicosia
  2. Famagusta
  3. Paphos
  4. Kyrenia
  5. Larnaca
  6. Limassol
  7. Ayia Napa
  8. Paralimni
  9. Polis
  10. Protaras .

Nicosia – a must visit

Nicosia is the most densely populated city of the island with a third of its population. Its unique feature is that it is simultaneously the capital of two states – the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus. When planning a visit to the capital, you should take into account that to visit both parts you will need to go through border control. In addition, it is the only major city of the island, which has no access to the sea. These features it owes to its rich history.

The first settlements on the site of modern Nicosia date back to the 7th century BC, making the capital of Cyprus one of the oldest surviving cities.

Originally the small settlement was called Ledra, but later it was renamed Lefkosia after the son of the famous Egyptian King Ptolemy. The frequent raids by sea made the population want to move to the center of the island and this led to a boom in Lefkosia which became the most influential settlement in Cyprus during the XII century. During these years the territory was ruled by the Frankish feudal lords and during the Middle Ages the land came under the rule of the Venetians who gave the city many sights. Its final appearance was formed after the capture of the Turks in the 16th century, when the streets filled with Turkish bazaars, oriental coffee houses and decorated mosques.

The center of attraction for tourists and the most beautiful part of Nicosia is the old town, surrounded by a massive bastion, built by the Venetians in 1570 for defense. The appearance of the fortress is depicted on the official coat of arms of the capital and the gate which leads inside is considered to be the best restored one in Europe. Most notable inside the fortress is the quarter of Laiki Getinia, where the atmosphere of the past is recreated. You can take a stroll through the charming cobbled streets and low-rise old houses to admire the surrounding architecture and soak up the spirit of the past. Here are authentic restaurants and bars, many souvenir stores and shops with traditional products of local crafts: jewelry, carpets and pottery. The capital also makes fine silver and leather jewelry: a great gift for yourself or your loved ones.

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Among the architectural sights are the old and new archbishop’s palaces in the Greek part and the residence of the Catholic archbishop built in 1329 in the Turkish part. The religious monuments are also of interest, reflecting the intertwining of European and Oriental cultures. Among them the majestic St. John’s Cathedral with well-preserved ancient frescoes and luxurious mosque Selimiye in oriental style. Also worth visiting in the Turkish part are the authentic inns, the most notable of which are Büyük-Khan and Kumarjilar-Khan.

Famagusta – an interesting city with a sad fate

Famagusta is one of the most ancient, interesting and mysterious cities, situated in the northern part of the island. Famagusta was once owned by the famous Richard the Lionheart and in the middle of the last century it was considered an elite resort, where international celebrities such as Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor loved to relax. The heyday of the city fell on the XIII century, when the Christians came here from Jerusalem began to build basilicas, cathedrals and monasteries. A significant contribution to the modern appearance of the city later made by the Genoese, Venetians and Turks. The latter captured it in the middle of last century, expelling the locals and turned the Varosha quarter into an exclusion zone: it is said that nothing has changed there since the seventies.

The main reason to visit Famagusta is the Old Town, surrounded by 16th century fortress walls, which were 17 m high. The sea and land gates lead to the fortress: above the first there is an interesting Venetian coat of arms with a winged lion. The second leads to the main citadel of Castello, in whose courtyard are preserved ancient cannons of bronze and impressively sized stone cannonballs. It is also home to the Othello Tower, which offers the best panorama of the city. It got its name from the famous tragedy by Shakespeare. According to one version, the prototypes of the heroes were the Venetian general Moro and his tragically dead wife Desdemona. Other good vantage points are the bastions of Ravelin and Djambulata.

One of the oldest buildings is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in the Gothic style, next to which there is no less interesting sight – a fig tree, planted here in 1298 at the time of the laying of the religious shrine. The palace of Giovanni Reviere, the Venetian governor, cannot be overlooked. It is notable for a rich interior of marble and interesting antique statues.

Pafos – a popular resort and the ancient “center of the world

Since ancient times, Pafos has been the center of the cult of fertility, which later reincarnated in the veneration of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. The first figurines representing the goddess of fertility found here date back to the third millennium BC and this makes Pafos one of the oldest settlements in Cyprus. At the time of Antiquity the town was the capital of the island and the main religious center of worship of Aphrodite: along with Delphi, Pafos was considered in those times as the “center of the world”. Pafos sanctuary of the goddess is even mentioned by Homer in his “Odyssey”.

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The ruins of this temple are now considered one of the main attractions of Paphos. Not far from the city there is another place associated with the daughter of Zeus: the Bath of Aphrodite. According to the legend, it was on this small beach where the goddess appeared to people from the foam of the sea. Among other ancient buildings it is worth to mention the temple of Dionysus, the god of wine-making, and all lovers of antiquity and ancient beauty should go to the Archaeological Park of Paphos, which is under UNESCO protection.

Kyrenia is a cozy town with a picturesque port

Kyrenia (also Cyrenia) is one of the most picturesque, cozy and relaxing cities in Northern Cyprus. Located on the shores of a small bay surrounded by mountains, it captivates at first sight and looks unusually harmonious due to low-rise buildings: high-rise buildings are prohibited by law here. Another feature of the town is an abundance of casinos, where tourists from all the resorts come to get a thrill.

Kyrenia was founded in the IX century BC, and has changed owners many times, as it was located at the crossroads of trade routes. The eclectic appearance of the city was shaped by the Persians, Romans, Egyptians, Achaeans, Genoese, English, Byzantines, Venetians and Turks who ruled here in different periods. Most of the sights and ancient houses are gathered in the quarters near the Old Harbor, which is worthy of attention in itself. The semicircular bay is framed by a picturesque promenade with atmospheric restaurants and old houses, and the water is lined with boats, boats and sailing boats of all kinds.

Larnaca – one of the top places to visit

Larnaca arose on the site of the island’s oldest settlement, Kition. According to one of the versions, it was founded in the 14th century B.C. by Noah’s grandson Kittim and in ancient times the whole island was called after him. Today, the ruins of the ancient city still hold the remains of ancient and ancient Christian temples. Larnaca got its modern name due to the tomb of St. Lazarus, who according to legend rose from the dead.

At the place of his burial today is one of the main religious sites of Cyprus – the Temple of Lazarus, where his relics are kept. Another important religious building – the church of Byzantine period Panaya Angeloktisti, which preserved a unique fresco from the IV century. From the time of Turkish rule in Larnaca there is a massive fortress wall and the Al Kebir Mosque with its minaret offering a magnificent panorama.

A favorite place for walks of tourists and townspeople is Finikudes embankment, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. It runs along the seashore and the eponymous sandy beach and is an alley surrounded by centuries-old date palms. Near the promenade are many cafes and souvenir shops, as well as interesting attractions. The promenade begins and ends with the Square of Europe and the old castle-fortress, and on the way tourists are waiting for interesting sculptures: the commander Kimonu and ancient Greek philosopher Zenon, who was born in Larnaca.

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Limassol is a popular tourist destination with an interesting past

Limassol is one of the most bustling, lively and modern cities in Cyprus and is also one of the best resorts. Life is brisk here day and night at all times of the year, and the bustling seaside life of a major commercial maritime center is always brisk in the colorful port. It’s also the wine center of the region, home to some of the region’s largest wineries. Founded in the 4th century, Limassol was then known as Neapolis, sandwiched between two ancient cities: Kourion and Amathus. Today their ruins rise up to the city itself and act as one of the main tourist magnets of Cyprus. In Curion there is a perfectly preserved ancient amphitheatre where performances are still held today. Another local landmark is the Temple of Apollo of Hilat, which used to be one of the island’s most splendid structures.

For a walk around Limassol you should choose the old city with the narrow winding streets and houses pressed tightly to each other. Here the old houses are surrounded by luxurious villas, many of them are empty, because the owners left them in the seventies, for political reasons. At the entrance to the quarters of the old center of the famous Limassol fortress, and from it begins a picturesque embankment, passing along the famous beaches of the resort.

Ayia Napa – eclectic and partying

Today Ayia Napa is the busiest and most popular tourist resort among young people, which is called “Cyprus Ibiza” for its crazy partying, plenty of bars and nightclubs. However, the history of its formation is associated with religious themes. According to legend, in the XVII-XVIII centuries the Byzantines hid an icon of the Virgin in the local dense forests, and centuries later it was found by a random traveler. In honor of this, the area became known as “Panagia Napa”, or “Holy Virgin of the Forest”. Today the monastery of Ayia Napa has been erected on the site of the discovery of the icon, where the veil of Christ, which was with him on his way to Golgotha, is located. And in the monastery courtyard grows a mulberry tree, more than 600 years old.

Ayia Napa is beautiful with its special resort charm. The typical Greek low-rise houses neighbor here with modern hotels, and the narrow streets sparkle with neon signs of discos. A day or night stroll along the promenade and in the neighborhoods around the famous Nissi Beach is a delight. One of the longest and cleanest on the island, it is beautiful in its own right, and the eclectic restaurants and bars lining the white sand beach and turquoise water make it even more appealing to tourists.

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