The Best Bed & Breakfasts in Lombardy, Italy

Bed & Breakfast and Hotel – what is the difference and what are the features?

Using all kinds of services for searching and booking hotels, often you wonder – what is the difference between the different types of accommodation? Here we compare the Bed & Breakfast (B&B) and hotels.

In general terms, we can say that Bed & Breakfast is also a hotel. However, there are nuances and so a hotel with a “Hotel” sign and a hotel with a “Bed & Breakfast” sign are not exactly the same thing after all. Even has a special section dedicated to Bed & Breakfast hotels. What is a Bed & Breakfast (B&B)?

Based on the name, Bed & Breakfast is a type of hotel that offers only bed and breakfast (without the option of lunch and dinner). Not always, but in most cases it is. Another important feature of Bed & Breakfasts is that they are usually small hotels (for example, an apartment divided into 2-4 rooms or a house with 10-20 rooms), in which the owners often live (well, but not in the rooms, of course, and, for example, in a separate part of the same house). Again, this is not a hard rule, because it may be different. But in any case, Bed & Breakfast is managed directly by the owner or members of his family, not hired managers (although here too you can make a reservation “as a rule”, because depending on the country and the peculiarities of its legislation differences may be).

This, as they say, is about differences in essence. But what are the differences between a typical Bed & Breakfast and a typical hotel? Here it is a good idea to define what is considered a typical hotel. If we talk about family-type hotels, which are also often called mini-hotels or guest houses, there are virtually no differences. On the contrary, such hotels and B&Bs have much more in common. As a rule, it is “homeliness” of the environment, starting with the interiors, often made in the traditional style of the region in which the hotel is located, and ending with food, often close in nature to what is called “home cooking”. Again, not everywhere and not always, but often. It is also important to note that such hotels, as a rule, do not have round-the-clock “reception”. In practice this means that you should agree in advance with the hotel management about the time of check-in and check-out to avoid being at the closed doors on your arrival. After checking in guests are usually given the keys to their room and the common entrance to the hotel, which are handed on departure.

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As a matter of fact, this, in our opinion, is the main purely external difference from non-family hotels run by hired managers. Such hotels usually have a 24-hour front desk with a receptionist behind it at all times. In these hotels, everything is much more standardized and, as many believe, soulless. Nevertheless, we will probably refrain from assessments. Both “classic” hotels and bed & breakfasts have their pros and cons, and there are different types of tourists – some prefer a home-like atmosphere and an opportunity to communicate directly with hotel owners, and others are focused on emotional isolation, so to speak.

When comparing bed & breakfasts and hotels, it is impossible not to mention the cost of living. As a rule, prices in bed & breakfasts are lower than in hotels, geographically located in the same area. For example, if you take a closer look at hotels in the center of Rome, almost all of the most economical options are B&Bs in several rooms and/or apartments.

There are also differences in terms of how you pay for your stay. Often (though not always of course) to pay for a room in a bed & breakfast can only be cash, while hotels often accept both cash and bank cards of international payment systems.

The Best Bed & Breakfasts in Lombardy, Italy

Everyone knows Milan and Lake Como, but what about the other wonders of Lombardy? This fantastic region is the economic and social engine of Italy. It never ceases to amaze even the people who live there. There is so much to do in Lombardy – to see the mountains, the crowded towns, the priceless artistic heritage and, of course, to taste the extraordinary food and wine.

The best way to enjoy it all is to stay in one of the fantastic hotels that offer bed and breakfast. The following selection of the best hotels with a picturesque location, quality services, and high ratings from guests will help you decide.

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Hotel II Roccolino – Valsecca, Bergamo province

Hotel II Roccolino in Valsecca, Bergamo province

In the heart of Sant’Ambrogiano Terme, Hotel II Roccolino was built in an old hunting lodge from the early 1900s. It is an ideal place for romantic holidays or relaxing in nature. Staying here is not suitable for everyone. A vacation will appeal to those who prefer a warm, personal welcome from the managers to a modern hotel room; to those who like the coolness of beech and fir trees and are willing to give up air conditioning; to those who prefer an ancient wooden tub to bathing in a whirlpool bath; and to those who like the smell of the forest, the silence of nature and the starry sky more than a vacation by the sea.

Away from the pollution and madness of daily life, at Hotel II Roccolino, holidays are spent surrounded by nature and vacationers learn to appreciate their time differently. The room is at the exclusive disposal of the couple who stay here. A bed and breakfast service is available as well as a romantic candlelit dinner with traditional local dishes from Bergamo.

2: Hotel In Centro Glam (Atmosphere of the Season) – City of Milan

Large and spacious rooms are stylishly and tastefully furnished and decorated with unique and special details. The rooms are comfortable and welcoming but the breakfast room is worth a special mention. 2. Hotel In Centro Glam (Atmosphere of the Season) – City of Milan

This charming bed and breakfast is close to the cable car that connects the center with Bergamo Alta. It offers everything you need for a perfect stay: elegant, impeccable and comfortable rooms, friendly and more than helpful staff.

Hotel Pattini Guest House – City of Milan

Hotel Pattini Guest House – City of Milan, 3.

The Pattini Guest House is a quiet nest not far from the center of Milan, the city of style and design. It is the soul of the city that inspires the rooms, which are distinguished by their attention to every detail. From the living room, through the kitchen, the bedrooms and the bathrooms, you can feel the charm that radiates through each room.

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4. the Hotel Ai Musei (Into the Museums) – Brescia

Hotel Ai Musei, Brescia

“Ai Musei” is a charming mini-hotel located in the historic center, near the city’s cathedral. Each room is tastefully furnished, but the highlight is undoubtedly “La Leonessa d’Italia”, a bright and welcoming suite with a breathtaking view of the city.

5. Hotel IndispArte Suites – City of Bergamo

“IndispArte is located in the heart of Bergamo . Every space in this bed and breakfast hotel is functionally organized, but what really surprises is the individuality of the rooms in terms of design and furniture choices.

6. Hotel Castello di Valverde (Castel Valverde) – City of Bergamo

6. Hotel Castello di Valverde – City of Bergamo

A few minutes from the center of Bergamo Alta, the Castello di Valverde is an ancient 16th century residence surrounded by a park of rare beauty. The Bed and Breakfast in this unique setting offers a refined and exclusive stay.

7. Suite Finardi – City of Bergamo

7. Hotel Suite Finardi – Bergamo

A welcoming and bright suite, in a green and peaceful oasis in one of Bergamo’s most elegant neighbourhoods. “Suite Finardi offers an excellent service: impeccable hospitality and unlimited accessibility, comfort and convenience, and cleanliness of the rooms.

8. Hotel Tirano – City of Tirano

The strength of the Hotel Tirano is the simplicity and functionality of its rooms, which, together with extreme courtesy and warm welcome, make it a real gem to enjoy the magic of a local holiday.

8. Hotel Tirano – City of Tirano

The hotel offers all the amenities for a holiday dedicated to sport, art and culinary traditions that make the landscape of the Valtellina Valley unique.

9. Hotel Stradivari – City of Cremona

9. Hotel Stradivari – City of Cremona

“The Stradivari is a very good bed and breakfast hotel whose success is based on good quality service. The owners are kind and helpful, discreet and quiet but above all attentive to the needs of the guests. The breakfast is really good. To wake up in the morning with the sweet aroma of freshly baked croissants will be a real pleasure.

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10. Hotel La Bicicletta (The Bicycle) – City of Cremona

10. Hotel La Bicicletta – Cremona

Though a newly built bed and breakfast, La Bicicletta manages to occupy its share of the market thanks to the kindness of the owner towards the guests and the meticulous upkeep of the rooms. The rooms are decorated in soft tones and very nicely furnished, chosen with taste. The breakfast is plentiful and is perfect to start the day in the best way possible.

Hotel Meubl Rosalpina – Valdidentro (Sondrio Province)

Hotel Meubl Rosalpina – Valdidentro (Sondrio)

One of the most striking features of the Meubl Rosalpina is the kindness and directness of the owners, who greet each guest in the best way and treat him like a true king. The hotel surrounds guests with elegance and cleanliness – perfect for a holiday at any time of year. Breakfasts are hearty, but above all, they are served in a delightful room with a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape.

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