The best beaches in Corsica, France. Where to sunbathe in Corsica?

Top 9 best beaches in Corsica, France

Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea that is home to white sand beaches and calm turquoise waters. Regularly compared to the clear, calm waters of the Caribbean Sea, the beaches here will not disappoint. Some of the beaches listed below have all the amenities and even restaurants and bars, while others are more secluded. Whether you want to sunbathe, swim or even windsurf, there’s a Corsican beach on this list for you. Experience a Mediterranean paradise by visiting these 9 best beaches in Corsica, France .

Palombaggia Beach

Palombage Beach (prices and photos)

If you’ve always wanted to stroll along a white sandy beach on a Mediterranean island, then Palombage beach in Corsica should be on your list. This expansive beach near Porto Vecchio has turquoise shallows. Because Palombage beach is so beautiful, it is considered one of the most popular beaches on the island. Therefore, the area can be crowded during the summer months. This beach is ideal for families and has lifeguards, beach clubs and water sports opportunities.

Roccapina Beach

Rokkapina beach (prices and photos)

Located on the southwest coast of the island, Roccapina Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Corsica. Both the turquoise waters and the natural rock formations surrounding the beach, the view from this cove seems straight out of a travel magazine. The calm waters are perfect for swimming, especially for families with young children. The rock formation around Roccapine Beach resembles a crouching lion called Roche du Lyon. For a great picture of the Rocher du Lion rock formation, head to the Casa di Roccapina visitor center.

Rondinara Beach

Beach de Rondinara.

La Rondinara (prices and photos).

The beach known as La Rondinara is located between the towns of Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio. This beach attracts families because of its shallow water. If you visit during the summer season, you will also find umbrella rentals and a snack bar on this beach, as well as an on-site restaurant. Located in a nature preserve, this bay is covered in white sand and protected by rocky outcrops.

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Santa Giulia Beach

Santa Julia Beach (prices and photos)

Santa Julia Beach is a Corsican paradise with clear blue waters and fine white sand. About five miles from Porto Vecchio, this beach is beautiful and has many amenities. Santa Giulia is a popular spot among locals and tourists. There are restaurants, restrooms, umbrella and water sports rentals, and a lifeguard on duty. Boating is also popular in the area, so you can also rent a boat here.

Alto di Pinarello

Alto di Pinarello

Pinarello Beach (prices and photos)

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to swim or just hope to spend a day on the white sand, you should visit Pinarello Beach. This family-friendly beach is also home to a water sports school where you can rent a boat or learn to swim. This beach is popular because it offers a lot of shade as it goes back to the pine forest. So if you want to spend a hot Corsican day at the beach, you are sure to find shade and refreshing waters at Pinarello.

San Ciprianu Beach

San Ciprianou beach (prices and photos)

Another cove near Porto Vecchio is San Ciprianu Beach. This beach with turquoise clear water and white sand is great for lovers and beach lovers. On the beach you will find beach bars and cafes, so it is a great place to chat with other visitors and enjoy a well-made cocktail. If you’re looking for a place for a fun breakfast, consider a brunch at one of the beach bars on São Chiprianou Beach. An early visit to this beach also guarantees a great spot overlooking the crescent-shaped bay.

Campomoro beach

Campomoro Beach (prices and photos)

If you’re hoping to find the isolation that popular beaches simply can’t provide, visit Campomoro Beach. This secluded bay is near the small town of Campomoro. Stop here to take advantage of this beach of golden sand and shallow water. Take a great photo opportunity by visiting the Genoese tower during sunset.

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Tonnara Beach

Tonnara Beach (prices and photos)

Snack on seafood, sunbathe on white sand, or learn to windsurf at Tonnara Beach. This charming beach is home to a beach restaurant, so come here hungry. The beach is well known among windsurfers and kitesurfers, so expect waves rather than the shallow and calm conditions found at the other beaches on this list.

Little Sperone

Petite Spérone (prices and photos)

Pointe de Sperone is home to a couple of great beaches, including Petite Spérone. This quiet cove has both shallow and deep portages, making it ideal for waders and swimmers. This beach, which is only 100 meters long, is small but more secluded than the other sandy stretches mentioned on this list. Little Sperone is actually only accessible on foot or by boat. From the parking lot at Pianterella Beach, follow the jogger trail to this small cove. A 10-minute walk from Petite Sperone is worth escaping the crowds of the most popular and accessible beaches.

Corsica: top 5 fabulous beaches


How to fly to the “tropics” from Paris in just an hour and a half? Easy: take a plane to Corsica! Corsica feels like Thailand, with the same brilliantly white sand and turquoise-colored sea. But not as hot, the temperature in summer stays about 25-35 degrees. And how clean is the sea? Judge for yourself, if on the whole island there is not a single plant. Corsicans cherish their paradise. And believe that nature is for everyone, so the entrance to even the most chic beaches is free. It remains to choose the beach: there are many, in one summer you can not go around all. Our list of the top 5 beaches in Corsica will help you navigate.

There are some beautiful beaches in the south of Corsica, near Propriano, Porto Vecchio, Ajaccio and Bonifacio. There are beautiful beaches in the north – Cape Cors, and in the center of the island. Buses to most beaches do not run, so the best option – to go by car: rent, ride with a guide or go to Nice on your own car and take a boat ride.

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You will fall in love with this place! Just imagine a typical picture of the Maldives. The sea is the same amazing color and the sand is white-white. The idyll is completed by stones of a reddish hue, protruding from the water: so as not to forget that this is Corsica, and also the smell of the pines growing nearby reminds of it. In summer the beach of Palombaggia is always full of tourists and in the old days only hunters and “wild” tourists wandered here. It is in the municipality of Porto Vecchio.

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Santa Jullia

Santa Giulia

Porto Vecchio has another wonderful beach. In 10 minutes from the city there are two kilometers of white sand and the azure sea beckons to all who pass by. There are more tourists than on Palombaggia. Perhaps because this beach is open to rent jet skis, catamarans and other pleasures for water sports enthusiasts. There is also a restaurant. If you want you can rent a deck chair (however, this service is available on almost all beaches).

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L’iles Lavezzi

Îles Lavezzi

Who has not dreamed as a child to spend at least a day on a desert island? Looking into underwater caves, seeing reddish rocks of bizarre shapes (calanques), sunbathing on white sand is a dream! The archipelago Lavezzi consists of several small islands, one of which belongs to Italy and, in general, Sardinia is a stone’s throw away. On Lavezzi you can only walk on foot, imagining yourself as a sailor, caught on a distant island. Since 1982, taken under protection, but fortunately open to tourists. It is located 10 kilometers from the town of Bonifacio.

Do you want to spend a whole day on Lavezzi? – The price of a boat ticket is about 20€, different rates for children, students and adults and depending on different programs. For example, on the way you swim into the grottoes. If you know how to drive a motorboat, you can rent one at the port.

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Saleccia and Lotu

Saleccia und Lotu

Those who like islands, this feeling of remoteness from the world, will also like the beaches of Saleccia and Lotu. They are not quite an island, you can reach them by off-road jeep. Choose if you want a jeep ride on the uninhabited Agriat (uninhabited Agriat) with a stop at these beaches, or sea boat ride? Fares for the ferry, depending on the season, from 10 €.

Miles of white sand and clear azure sea await you. The scent of the olive shrubs, found only in Corsica and neighboring Sardinia, is indescribable, and when it’s mixed with the smell of the pines and the sea, mmm. The distance between the beaches is 4 km, someone goes on foot, someone by jeep, and someone by carriage, like in the old days.

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You can admire the color of the water for a long time, basking on the sand or bathing in the warm sea. The beach is located near the town of Calvi, so you can combine a walk through the ancient fortress and the sea in one day.

Those who will be without a car will be offered a charming beach at Ile Rousse. Also azure sea, fine white sand and a beautiful panorama around. There are buses to it. From the city of Bastia you can go to the town of Saint-Florent, where the sea is warm and shallow. The beach in Saint-Florent is also visited for water sports: how nice to rent a kayak and sail to the other shore, where there is a ruined tower from the 15th century.


If you’re flying into the town of Ajaccio, white-sand beaches to choose from. One popular beach, handy for kids as well, is Mare e Sole (Corsican name), aka Plage d’Argent (in French). There is a pine forest where you can have a picnic. The beach of Isolella is not far. From Ajaccio station there are 3 buses a day to these beaches. By car it’s a 15-minute drive in the direction of Potriccio.

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Whichever beach you choose, you will find a clear, clean and crystal-clear sea from one end to the other. And this sea splashes in your heart, leaving a salty-sweet aftertaste.

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