The Best Bars in Pattaya

Nightlife in Pattaya

Pattaya – a wonderful resort, which attracts tourists with its beautiful scenery, pristine beaches and warm water. But, with the onset of darkness, a quiet and peaceful town, on the coast which is entertained children and adults, turns into one big disco.

Many bars, nightclubs, pub restaurants open on the main streets. The glow of neon lights literally dazzles, and the music blaring from all the houses is literally deafening and immediately tunes up even the biggest pessimists in a cheerful way.

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The legendary nightlife street in Pattaya – Walking Street

Those who have never stuck their nose out of the hotels after ten o’clock at night, just have to take a walk on one of the many streets, so to speak, for young people. After all, it’s really a mesmerizing sight. Yes, here you can meet almost naked dancers, who are lured into another go-go bar by their erotic dancing, and even transvestites, who are preparing for another show. But, in fact, this is Pattaya, Pattaya, which under the veil of night removes its mask and reveals all his cheerful, cheerful, optimistic essence.

Do not like disco, noise and ruckus? How about sitting in a cozy restaurant, which serves delicious Thai cuisine, sea air fills your lungs, and light breeze creates a special atmosphere of romance? But first things first.

Nightclubs in Pattaya

What not, and nightclubs in Pattaya enough. There are places for young people who prefer to relax surrounded by beautiful dancers, and institutions for respectable people, who are more likely to appreciate the quieter music.

It is important to note here that the Thai nightclubs are slightly different from what we are accustomed to. For example, there is no special distinction between the dancing area and the area where you can enjoy a cocktail. And the emphasis here is not on music and dancing, but on the numerous dance shows.

As for a purely European nightclub, there are some in the city. A lot of establishments offering the kind of nightlife we are used to are concentrated on the main street Volking Street. We will mention only the main ones that are sure to please connoisseurs of European music and nightlife:

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Lucifer .

All the bars that followed were the same, beyond normal perception. Too blatant, too vulgar, everything was too much, including the dose of alcohol taken.  It was four in the morning on the clock. But it was time to go home.  My beloved wife was sleeping peacefully in the hotel. I looked for a long time at the familiar features of the face, very different from those that had excited me a few hours before, I thought about human weaknesses and could not answer the only question, What was it?  Thailand, however.

Lucifer is a nightclub that focuses on R’n’B music. This club is popular not only among the guests of the city, but also among the locals. For this reason, you can easily make an acquaintance with a beautiful Thai girl or meet an enchanting Thai man. Entrance to the club is completely free and after midnight there are a lot of people. But it is important to note that cocktail lovers will have to take an impressive amount of money, drinks here are very expensive.The club is located closer to the middle of Walking Street.

Lucifer Disco.

Sign of the club Lucifer

Lucifer club sign

MIXX is a club which only began its work in 2007. There are two halls in it perfectly arranged, one of which plays R’n’B, the other music in the house style. The cocktails here are mind-blowing, but the prices are not cheap. But the high prices are beautifully overshadowed by the cheerful atmosphere created by the DJs.The club is located at the beginning of Walking Street (from the side of the pier).

Club Mixx

The building of the club MIXX


MIXX club building

Insomnia is a club created for tourists who prefer budget recreation. It is also worth noting that many people come to this club to find a Thai girl for the night.Transvestites are not allowed in this institution.The club is on Walking Street, it is not difficult to notice the neon sign.

Insomnia club

Entrance to Club Insomnia

Tony’s Entertainment Complex

Entrance to Club Insomnia

Tony’s Entertainment Complex – Here guests are surprised with a luxurious and sophisticated interior and pleasant service. The music in the club is almost always live, so you can always enjoy guitar, rock and other magical compositions. But, all this pleasure costs a lot. And if you decide to pour alcohol brought with you from under the table, the fine of 5000 baht is imminent.

Lima Lima Club

Lima Lima Club is a club frequented by famous European DJs. The setting is unique, the cocktails are exquisite and the music is excellent but this is not even the main thing. This nightclub constantly holds themed parties and various promotions and contests, winning which you can get a substantial discount on very expensive cocktails that are served here.

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Tony's Entertainment Complex

Mask is a popular club among the Russian speaking population. Guys who are looking for dating Russian girls pay attention to this club, which is one floor below the club Mixx in the same building, which is very convenient because you can quickly get from one club to another. it is worth noting that the cost of drinks here is higher than in the club Mixx.

Given all this, it is safe to say that Pattaya has taken care of a sufficient number of nightclubs for their guests. And, remarkably, the entrance to almost all of them is absolutely free, despite the fact that alcohol is very expensive. But maybe this is the way the resort is trying to hint that alcohol is not necessary for a good rest?

Go-go bars

Mask Club

Lovers of beautiful women’s bodies, just have to visit one of the many go-go bars in Pattaya. It should be noted that the dancers really know their business and have a great command of their bodies. It is for this reason, an interesting spectacle in the form of charming, sexy dance, when you visit a theme club, just guaranteed.

Where is it worth to visit? Here is a list of the most famous go-go bars:

  • Peppermint Palace – some of the biggest clubs where half-naked girls perform. Notable for its really low prices on alcohol;
  • Jenny Star Bar is for the lovers of exoticism. What is it? Mostly neither girls nor men perform here, but transvestites. And if your plan includes a visit to this bar, then be careful, because the beautiful girl, with whom you have a twisted night romance, can suddenly turn out to be a man;
  • Shark Club A Go Go – UV lighting and mirrored tabletops for men who like beautiful women’s bodies.The bar is located on Walking Street;
  • ALCATRAZ – also on Walking Street between 13th and 14th Street and is one of the most popular go-go bars in Pattaya with shows and handcuffed male prisoners, this bar often has a special beer offer from 10pm – 00pm;
  • Baccara – the bar is famous for its glass ceilings through which customers can look at what is happening from above.There are slim girls and girls for lovers of magnificent forms.The bar is located on Walking Street between Soi Diamond and Soi B.J;
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It is important to realize that this is not the entire list of the most popular and famous go-go bars in Pattaya.

Russian Cafe

Located about in the middle of Walking Street on the right side, there are numerous concerts, music in Russian, and the cuisine offers only Russian food. It is worth visiting this great place for everyone who loves and appreciates disco in the style of 80’s as well as those who have started to pine for their homeland.

Go-go bar in Pattaya

It's always fun in a Russian cafe

Russian Cafe is located about the middle of Walking Street

All things considered, it is safe to say that Pattaya is an excellent resort for lovers both to bask in the warm sun and ride the sea waves, and for fans of nightlife, exotic vacation.

This is my second trip to Pattaya to check out the night bars.

I had a really great time at night in Pattaya. The last night in Thailand on a night out. But all good things come to an end very quickly. My next trip to Asia was also coming to an end. Shouldn’t we go for a “last walk”? Dusk was already thickening outside the hotel, and the idea of a marathon on the bars of Wolkin Street seemed good enough. Reinforcing my belief that this was the right way to end my vacation, a couple of cans of Singha, I hopped into a passing knock-knock. Wolkin Street was humming as usual. The girls in short skirts waved posters with the prices of beer and enticed passersby to their establishments, and the “trannies” gathered on their favorite spot in the middle of the street, discussing something animatedly, not forgetting to grab the hands of potential customers passing by in their opinion. In general, everything is as usual. I guess there is nothing more permanent in the world than this street. The few minutes spent next to the rock cafe finally forced out thoughts of an imminent departure. The colorful band of Thai rock musicians, squeezing dozens of watts of power out of their instruments, was capable of clearing everyone’s ears as well as their brains.

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My feet went by themselves to my favorite bar, Angel Veach. It is probably the only bar with a special atmosphere that makes me return to it again and again. Not paying attention to the numerous callers, squeezing into the 15 jay, I easily found the familiar sign. The hall was packed, as always. A nimble Thai woman in a black T-shirt, the same as the T-shirt I bought in this bar a couple of years ago as a keepsake, “off the shoulder of one of the waitresses”, quickly found me a place at the bar in front of the stage. The show program had already started. No, unlike many other Volkin Street bars, this show doesn’t have the girls opening Pepsi-Cola bottles using you-know-what, pulling dozens of dangerous blades from the same place or trying to shoot balloon darts in the same place. The show program Angel Veach, is the institution’s calling card. The most flexible and plastic go-go girls show small performances, a kind of dance-theater striptease. In some scenes there is a role for the audience. No vulgarity, just slightly covered silk or naked girls’ bodies. Her tall figure by Thai standards could not fail to catch the eye. Slightly curled curls falling on her shoulders, rare for Thai correct and neat facial features, huge piercing brown eyes. Swollen lips. A portrait of a girl rare enough in these parts. I could not take my eyes off of her once I caught her by chance. Beauty is a dangerous thing, Asian beauty doubly so. She was not very confident on high heels. She was dancing very hard, always lowering her eyes. It was obvious that she was on the stage, if not by accident, then very recently. The guess was confirmed after the show, when cheerful girls with shouts and laughter, pushing each other catching balls thrown from the audience (you buy a balloon from Ping Pong for 10 baht, you throw on the stage, catching it then exchanges the bar for money), the lady modestly stood aside. The balloon I threw directly into her hands, she caught. She folded her arms in a boat, crouched down, and smiled. Something inside trembled. The second and third balloons thrown to her were not unnoticed by her entourage. I do not know what was written on my face at that moment, but looking in my direction girls laughed, and pointing their finger at me, something quickly began to say to each other. The meaning of what was said boiled down to one: “You’re screwed. Her friends also said something to her quickly, laughing, nodding at me, then in her direction. Her far from white skin was clearly filled with crimson. Do you like it? She’s very nice. You can have her. Gods! It took a lot of effort to leave the bar. The girl really hooked. I had to shake off my stupor. The decision not to go back to the bar was final. Once again on the main street I went to Baccarat, a branch of the same name club in Bangkok. The atmosphere is calm, if you can call it that. There are chairs along the stage. The ceiling of the first floor serves as the floor for the second floor and is made of transparent material. Above the head girls are dancing, for some reason they forgot to put on underwear. A couple of cocktails brought me to my senses. The “pictures” above my head made me laugh. The next bar was “Perrmint” which was undoubtedly “deflated” in comparison to the previous year. There were no more jacuzzis in the floor, no more girls in cages, everything was aimed only at selling short love. It got sad. Utopia and Dolehouse did not lift my spirits. It was decided to go deeper into the jays. But the feelings that arose in Angel Veach did not give rest.

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