The Amazing Nearby: The Sacred Mount Kosciusko, Australia

Top 10 highest mountains in Australia

Australia is such a continent, which has three natural records known at this time. It is one of the smallest, driest and lowest continents on Earth. The geological structure of Australia is not particularly diverse compared to other continents. There are plateaus, mountains, and even lowlands in the relief of this continent.

Australia’s mountains are very diverse and unusual. Some are impregnable and rocky, while others are gentle. They occupy only 5 percent of the total area of this continent. On the mainland, of course, small uplands also predominate. In the western part there is a vast plateau, which has heights of up to 500 meters.

The largest mountain system in the whole of Australia is considered the Great Dividing Range. It is here that the largest mountains are located, which occupy the eastern and south-eastern coasts.

Unfortunately, almost all the mountain processes were formed in the earliest periods. Many have been heavily weathered, others have survived, to this day.

Do you want to know which mountain in Australia is the highest? We present you a ranking of the 10 highest points of the continent with their names and photos.

10. Ginger, 1855 m

Mount Ginger is located within the Brindabella Range. It is the snowiest peak possible to see here in winter.

The mountain is easily accessible on foot. It can also be accessed by driving up the Franklin Road Mountain trails. Then the vehicle has to be left behind. But this road is closed in winter because of the large amount of snow. It is definitely worth a visit to this place, it is beautiful at any time.

9. Hotam, 1861 m.

The mountain called Hotham was named after Governor Charles Hotham of the state. He had held the position since the middle of the 19th century. This majestic mountain is located in the Victorian Alps.

Next to Mount Hotham is an alpine road. It makes it easy for visitors to stay in this particular part of the mainland. There is a ski resort at the foot of the mountain. People come here not only in winter but also in summer. This place is also great because you can not only get acquainted with the flora and fauna, but also just enjoy the clean fresh air.

8. Bimburn, 1912 m

Mount Bimburn is located in the Brindabella Range. It is just over 600 meters from the base to the peak. But it can be climbed by almost any hiker without any training.

7. Feathertop, 1922 m

Feathertop mountain is located in the alpine national park. Almost the entire surface is covered with snow from June to September. Unlike other mountains, there are large and very steep slopes.

At the foot of Mount Feathertop is a ski resort. This is what has contributed to the fact that this place has become very popular. Very often tourists ski in the backcountry.

6. Bogong, 1986 m.

Bogong Mountain is the highest point in Victoria. The summit itself passes over the incredible beauty of the picturesque expanse of Alpine Park.

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The Beek River separates the mountain and the general mountain range, after which you can see the mountain valley. Before Europeans came here, these places were inhabited by tribes of Australians. They had always considered Mount Bogong sacred.

It was a European named Ferdinand Müller who first decided to study it. He was a famous explorer and botanist, and he also loved to travel. His research led to many discoveries.

5. Jagungal, 2062 m.

Mount Jagungal is considered another point of the main watershed range. In the 20th century it became quite a popular place to visit for many climbers and ordinary skiers.

Around 1939, a small hut was built here on the mountainside. It could only be reached by skiing. Nowadays, this small hut is considered a mountain attraction. Every tourist, when he comes here, the first thing he visits this place.

There are ski bases on the slopes of Jagungal Mountain, which are equipped with everything you need. That is why most of the visitors are attracted to this place.

4. Tate, 2068 m.

The mountain called Tate is located on the main ridge of the Snowy Mountains. It is located in the state of South Wales. It is very unique because it has two ridges. They stretch from the very north to the south.

At the foot of the mountain you can see one of the most beautiful lakes, which is filled with crystal clear water. The mountain is also very close to the power plant, where there is a small village called Tredbo. This is where tourists begin their ascent of the great mountain.

3. Twinham, 2,196 m.

Mount Twinham is located in the Australian Alps. But even though it is high, many climbers bypass it. This is most often because it is too easy and there are no challenging routes. Most of all it is suitable for beginner hikers.

But the big disadvantage is that in this place there are no ski bases. It is very rare to get a mobile network here. Therefore, if you want to visit this place, it is necessary to warn friends or acquaintances about where you are going.

2. Townsend, 2209 m

Mount Townsend is known to many by an interesting tradition. It was believed that the person who climbed Mount Townsend had to take a stone from the very bottom and carry it to the top. The purpose of this activity was to compare the height of this mountain with the highest mountain in Australia.

In 1839, the famous Polish traveler, geographer and geologist Strzelecki visited and explored the mountain. It was then that it began to be called Mount Townsend in English .

The slopes of Mount Townsend are very gentle, which is why it is not very difficult to bring a stone to the very top.

1. Kosciusko, 2,228 m

The highest mountain in Australia is called Kosciusko . It was named after Tadeusz Kosciuszko. He was a famous politician and statesman. But the first man who could conquer the mountain was – Pawel Strzelecki.

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Initially, Kosciuszko mountain was named Tausend. But then it was decided to rename it after the famous Pole. And the neighboring peak was called Tausend.

Mount Kosciuszko is located in the Australian Alps. Today it is the highest mountain system in the whole continent. Scientists and geographers have repeatedly conducted studies, after which they found that this mountain is the highest point in Australia.

Now this place is equipped with a ski resort, which attracts a large number of tourists. The resort is part of the Kosciuszko National Park. In addition, you can see here large lakes, thermal pools and much more.

The temperature in the pools is about +28 degrees. Many tourists can even be seen swimming in them. For visitors there are trails of varying levels of difficulty. Each year, about 1,000 fans of winter sports climb the mountain Kosciuszko.

Even retirees come to this place. They fell in love with the longest elevator, which operates from the foot and reaches almost to the top. The scenery opens up just gorgeous, especially in the winter.

The uniqueness, geological structure and many other features, make this a truly unique and attractive to visit people. That is why it attracts tourists from all over the world.

Kosciusko – Australia’s largest mountain

The 25 peaks over 2,000 meters high on the Australian mainland are located in the state of New South Wales in southeastern Australia in the Snowy Mountains. Located in this part of Australia, Mount Kosciusko is the largest mountain on the mainland at 2,228 meters. Australia’s largest mountain is also the continent’s representative in the “Seven Peaks” ranking of the highest mountains on the planet. However, it can not compare with the leaders: no matter how high the largest mountain in Australia, it is 4 times lower than Everest. A fairly simple hiking trail, the first part of which can be traversed by a chairlift, brings about 100,000 tourists to the summit each year.

Kosciusko: What we know about Australia’s highest mountain

The highest peaks on the Australian mainland are in the Australian Alps: the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales and the southwest of the adjacent Victorian Alps in Victoria. In the Snowy Mountains alone the peaks reach heights of more than 2,000 meters, the largest of which is Mount Kosciuszko with a height of 2,228 meters. The area of the Snowy Mountains around Kosciuszko is called the Main Range. Here are all of the two-thousand-diameter mountains to the northeast of Gungartan, Mount Jagungal, and Kerry Ridge.

Whichever of these high mountains you choose, all of the peaks are fairly easy to conquer, many of them requiring no special mountaineering training to climb: you just need to be hardy and in good physical shape. Routes are laid out and traveled repeatedly, so they are safe even for beginners.

The mountain is surrounded by Kosciusko National Park, which is the largest in New South Wales, with an area of 6900 km². It was created to protect the unique alpine flora and fauna. The national park is part of the Great Dividing Range that runs along the entire east coast. It is one of the largest national parks that is part of the state of New South Wales: whatever the purpose of a visit to the continent, it is a must-see.

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During the cold season, it is very popular with winter sports enthusiasts. Kosciusko National Park is the location of the ski slopes closest to Canberra and Sydney. No matter how warm the country is, you can ski here as well. The following ski resorts are located in the region:

They are the most popular, no matter what part of Australia one lives in. The ski resorts are very crowded, so lodging can sometimes be hard to find during the peak tourist season. In the summer, the National Park is a major attraction for tourists and cyclists. There is free camping on its grounds, allowing you to stay in this picturesque place for a few days.

What’s the biggest mountain in Australia: controversial points

If we go beyond the continent of Australia and consider the territories belonging to the state of the same name, the situation is somewhat different. On the one hand, there is no doubt that Mount Kosciuszko, at 2,228 meters, is the highest point on the Australian mainland. But on the other hand, it is difficult for the mountain to establish itself as one of the famous “Seven Peaks”. What’s the reason? The big mountains in Australia are on the fringes: the Heard and McDonald Islands and the Australian Antarctic Territory. Which peak would be the record holder here?

  1. Mawson Peak on Heard Island is 2,745 meters high: it is the highest point of Big Ben Volcano, from the top of which you can see almost the entire island. In addition to Mawson Peak, there are secondary peaks in the area, which are located at an altitude of over 2000 meters.
  2. In the east of the Australian Antarctic territory the record holder is Mount McClintock, the height of which is 3,490 meters.
  3. In the west is Mount Menzies, 3,355 meters high.
  4. The height of the Argus Dome, where Australia’s weather station is located, is a mark of 4200 meters.

Whichever one you take, all of them are not officially registered as mountains.

In addition, there is also the summit of Karstenz with a height of 4448 meters, which, although located in distant Indonesia, is still on “Australian soil”. Many climbers consider it the highest point of Oceania. The reason is simple: the high mountain rises on the Australian continental plate. Although politically belonging to Indonesia, geographically it has nothing to do with Asia and is the highest point of the region.

Name: A national hero, but not in Australia

Kosciuszko Mountain was named in 1840 by Polish explorer and mountaineer Pawel Edmund Strzelecki after Polish and American national hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko, whose name the mountain bears, was a Polish general who is still revered by many of his countrymen. He participated in the American War of Independence and supported the campaign to abolish slavery. In 1794 he led a rebellion against the Russians and Prussians to gain Polish independence, but without ultimate success. Kosciuszko had no direct connection with the Australian mountains, the country, or the continent as a whole. Thanks to one of his admirers, however, the mountain bears his name today.

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History of conquering Australia’s highest mountain

An exploring party led by Paul Edmund Strzelecki and James MacArthur with local guides Charlie Tarrah and Jackie set out on what was known as Strzelecki’s Southern Expedition. MacArthur was looking for new pastures, while Strzelecki wanted to explore the climate, geology, paleontology, and geography of New South Wales.

Paul Edmund Strzelecki.

During the expedition the summit, now called Mount Townsend, was reached. Here Strzelecki used his instruments for observation and noticed that the neighboring peak was higher. In MacArthur’s presence, he named the highest peak Mount Kosciuszko after the Polish and American hero fighting for freedom and equal rights.

Based on Strzelecki’s reports, the highest peak in Australia was marked on the maps. A cartographic error in the Victorian edition moved Mount Kosciuszko to the position of present-day Mount Townsend. Later editions of the map continued to show the original location. The Victorian error created confusion. In 1885, the Austrian explorer Robert von Lendenfeld, reached Mount Townsend, believing it was Mount Kosciuszko. Like Strzelecki, Lendenfeld also noticed that the neighboring peak was higher. He named it Mt Townsend after the surveyor who conquered the peak in 1846.

The New South Wales Department of Mines later discovered Landenfeld’s mistake and assigned the name “Mount Townsend” to the second largest mountain in the range. However, Landenfeld’s report created further confusion, and that is why people began to believe the incorrect story that the names of the two mountains had switched places. The confusion was cleared up in 1940 by Dowd, a cartographer and historian for the New South Wales Department of Land Resources. His research confirmed that the mountain named by Strzelecki as Kosciuszko Mountain was indeed the largest mountain as it had always been shown on maps of New South Wales.

The role of Australia’s largest mountain in tourism

Most people who visit Tredbo Ski Resort and the region around Mount Kosciusko in the Snowy Mountains come not for mountaineering, but for skiing and snowboarding on the slopes, at least between June and October. The resort has several ski elevators and excellent infrastructure, which creates excellent conditions for recreation.

By the way, even in summer, the Australian mountains attract not only eco-tourists and climbers, because not everyone is able to conquer the largest peak on foot. Traditionally, you can explore the highlands on horseback, for this you can book one of the many tours.

Features of climbing the highest mountain in Australia

The starting points for climbing Mount Kosciusko are the ski resorts of Jindabyne and Tredbo. The best time to hike the slopes of this large mountain is after the snow melts. The ideal time is from December to March, when the alpine wildflowers are in bloom. Hikers do not need crampons or mountain ropes to climb.

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The hike is fairly simple and does not require mountaineering skills, expensive equipment and a “support group” in the form of guides and maintenance crew, such as when climbing Everest. However, it does require some physical training and the right equipment. No matter how low the peak may seem, it is around 2,000m: as everywhere else in the mountains, the weather can change very quickly here. Even in summer there can be quite strong icy winds and snowfalls.

Choosing a trail option

When deciding which trail is best for climbing, it’s worth considering two options on different sides of the elevation. The most popular route begins at Charlotte Pass, although the hike is shorter from Treadbo because the first part can be traversed by a chairlift. The route to this large peak via Tredbo crosses the headwaters of the Snowy River and then climbs over Lake Coutapatamba and crosses to Rawson Pass.

From Charlotte Pass to the summit of Mt. Kosciuszko is 9 km along the road marked on the official route. What features of the trail are worth considering? It is very well developed and marked, so even inexperienced hikers will not get lost here. In fact, it is a well-developed gravel road that until 1976, you could drive to the top of the record-breakingly large mountain. After that, the road was closed, and today only with the permission of the national park administration you can drive up to Rawson Pass.

It is at a distance of 7.6 km from the foot. Up to this point, the trail is quite wide, as it is designed for vehicle traffic, but narrows further. There is a restroom at the pass, and the Tredbo and Charlotte trails meet here, so you can meet other hikers here and ask for help if needed.

The route is extremely scenic, so you should bring your camera to take atmospheric photos – what a beauty all around, is sure to be appreciated by all. Also on the way you will meet a few rivers, and closer to the top – the non-water mountain streams. The tourist office has maps and information about Kosciuszko National Park and the region, as well as which of the possible routes are the easiest and safest. You can also buy national park tours there and check with experts for all the details of the upcoming trek. Also, to conquer the biggest peak of the continent, it is recommended to take a topographic map, compass and GPS, and get advice from guides or experienced climbers: whatever the preparation, it will come in handy on the road. After conquering this large and significant peak, you can return to Charlotte Pass on the same route. Or, if you have the right equipment, you can join the challenging Main Range route, which passes the glacial lakes of Headley-Tarn and Blue. The glacier-carved scenery along the Main Range trail is part of a UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve.

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