The 7 most beautiful things to see in Boston, USA

The 7 most beautiful things to see in Boston, USA

For many, Boston is the most English city among American cities: its red streets interspersed with skyscrapers or red brick buildings seem like a reference or homage to London. It’s a must-see if you want to discover the East Coast of the United States. There will be traces of history, you can immerse yourself in the arts, have fun in the nightlife, and enjoy sports at a high level, both basketball (Boston Celtics) and baseball (Boston Red Sox).

You’ll have the opportunity to have a variety of vacations, like going whale-watching or touring historic pubs or breweries. The soul of Boston can be discovered by walking and admiring its historic monuments, taking a deep breath in its parks or gardens, or discovering the daily life of its markets. Let’s delve into the details of the main attractions for a true experience.

The 7 most beautiful things to see in Boston, USA - Photo 2

The 7 most beautiful things to see in Boston, USA

What to see in Boston ? Freedom Trail, Fenway Park and more. Discover the best places to visit with our guidebooks!

Freedom Trail.

Called the Freedom Trail, it’s the best way to connect with Boston: it’s a path of more than 4 kilometers that spans the entire city, leading you to discover the best sights. It’s virtually impossible to get lost, as the entire route is marked with red-brick paving stones. A journey through sixteen monuments that is not to be missed. The first stop will take you to the Massachusetts State House with its picturesque gold dome, and next you’ll find the Graves Burial Ground (Boston’s oldest cemetery), where Robert Trite Prime, Samuel Adams and John Hancock are buried: three of those who signed the historic Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776.

The route also takes you to the truly picturesque Italian neighborhood, the North End, where charm and history merge. Here is the home of American hero Paul Revere, which dates back to 1680. He is known for his historic midnight ride in 1775, when he rode his horse into the town of Laxington to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams that they would be arrested by the British. Today his home is a museum. Other stops include America’s first public school, as well as the ancient library and the statue of Ben Franklin.

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Freedom Trail.

Faneil Hall.

A place full of color, exchange and history: the Faneuil Hall Market Place is Boston’s marketplace. The American Revolution also took place here , as some of the most important speeches by patriots were held here. You can browse, shop, snack at the stalls, among the traveling wagons, or go to one of the many restaurants in the area. Your stroll will be enlivened by street performers and live performances. Plus, the waterfront is very close and there are so many events planned here between reviews and festivals.

The building dates back to 1742 and is known as the “cradle of liberties” . It was severely damaged in a fire in 1761 and was rebuilt two years later. In addition to the market, the building was also used as the seat of the municipal assembly. Among the features was the presence of a weathervane in the shape of a grasshopper above the dome. In 1806 it was decided to expand the entire building to accommodate more stalls. In 1900 the decline began and the buildings were left empty and abandoned: reconstruction began in 1976.

Today Faneuil Hall, consisting of four buildings, has no less than fifty stores and about forty mobile carts, as well as boutiques and stores and cafes. The pedestrian area, which is the backdrop, is very elegant . In this market you will find ethnic delicacies, street food, ice cream, sweets and even local handicrafts, perfect for souvenirs.

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Faneil Hall.

Museum of Fine Arts.

This is one of the most important museums in the world with a collection of over 450,000 pieces and an average audience of over a million people. The setting is truly magical as the building faces a series of green areas crossed by the Muddy River and connected to each other. The installation evolves over several floors and is gigantic: it ranges from Picasso to Hopper to sections devoted to Northern Europe. There is no shortage of insight into American decorative arts, the Renaissance and the Impressionists, while not forgetting the space set aside for Japanese and Egyptian collections.

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There is also a particularly interesting exhibition devoted to fashion. Perspective will allow you to discover its design, history and even its excesses. Other curiosities include the fact that the museum houses 37 works by Monet: the largest collection outside of Paris. The Musée des Beaux-Arts also hosts exciting temporary exhibitions that attract tourists, enthusiasts and collectors. It is also known for a section dedicated to children, with tools and games that want to test their creative skills. Inside, in addition to a store where you can buy reproductions and gadgets, there is also a restaurant.

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Museum of Fine Arts.

Public Park

Here is the oldest public park in the United States (erected in 1634): a truly attractive attraction, located in a central and strategic location, easily accessible by public transportation, and covering more than 20 acres. There is no shortage of entertainment here, you can go ice skating in winter (on a frozen lake), sunbathing in summer and letting the kids go on merry-go-rounds in autumn. The Freedom Trail begins in this park, a path (mentioned above) that takes you through 16 treasures of the city for more than 4 kilometers, marked with red bricks.

Nearby, there’s another place very popular with residents, and that’s the Boston Public Garden , a green space built in the 1800s. It’s a perfect place to run and exercise on the paths, but it’s also a popular spot for kids, or families who want to have a picnic. The most romantic can rent a swan boat and sail across the pond in the company of a loved one.

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Public Park

Fenway Park.

Not far from downtown Boston is every baseball fan’s dream: Fenway Park. Here, in the oldest stadium in the United States, which is still in use, the Boston Red Sox play. For the residents of the city they represent almost a religion. Thousands of fans promote their favorites with song and passion every time the team plays at home. Watching a match is a unique and very entertaining experience. The stadium opened in 1912, and little has changed inside since then, so it remains an icon full of charm and stories to tell.

The curiosities that revolve around it are not over : one of the most famous is the “Green Monster,” a green wall that appears on the left side of the field. Its height makes it very difficult for players to hit a home run. The monster was originally blue, covered with billboards. It was repainted green in 1947. There are two other elements that make this stadium special: the scoreboard, opened in 1934, and the Red Seat, the special place in the stadium where the longest home run once landed: we are in section 42, row 37 and seat number 21.

The 7 most beautiful things to see in Boston, USA - Photo 7

Fenway Park.

Science Museum.

One of the most famous museums in the world, and also the most innovative , which offers concepts, information, and experiences through interactive games. At the Boston Science Museum, you can see how the Van de Graaff generator works or observe nature through a butterfly house, for example. Instead, dinosaur lovers can admire the triceratops skeleton that will dominate the room. You will take part in more than 700 different exhibits.

Among the most interesting installations is one that explains how the mind betrays us through optical illusions . The 90’s work in the collection is certainly the giant 2000-year-old sequoia. Few people know that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who left a $50 million donation to the museum in 2016 for “the importance it had in his education,” often came here for courses when he was a child.

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Science Museum.

Quincy Market.

One of the most popular malls, born out of the old meat, fish and fresh produce market building, in the 14th century. This lively market is a very popular and colorful place, especially because of the variety of restaurants it offers. В

The 7 most beautiful things to see in Boston, USA - Photo 9

Quincy Market.

you will find stalls, street food and even the opportunity to indulge in handmade souvenirs. There’s no shortage of animation in the neighborhood, including some artists. It’s a great opportunity to breathe in the soul of Boston.

Boston’s 27 Best Sights

Boston sights

Boston, the largest city in the region called New England and the capital of Massachusetts, is located on the east coast of the country. Together with the agglomeration, it is one of the 10 largest cities in the United States and one of the 50 largest cities in the world. Boston contributed to the development of the American continent. It was the cradle of the struggle for independence. The city is rich in historical, archaeological, cultural and natural attractions.

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Boston is well worth seeing in a day.

The capital of education, culture and science it embodies the harmony of antiquity and modernity, wide highways and quiet streets, reverence for tradition and leadership in mastering modern technology. It is a megalopolis with charming squares, parks and gardens that mesmerize with their unique beauty. A map or guidebook will help you get to know Boston on your own.

Boston sights

At night the city vibrates with life

Explore Boston Prudential Cente, where the observation deck offers a panoramic view of the entire city. In Copley Square, visit Holy Trinity Church, the public library, and the city park, especially beautiful in winter. In summer you can admire live swans. On foot, stop at Quincy, a market with mouthwatering cuisine. And from there, a couple of streets away is the city’s fascinating Aquarium.

Boston sights

Boston’s waterfront in the early morning: a view of the city

If you have two days to spare, it’s best to spend them on a walking tour of the Freedom Trail. Here you can explore the buildings of the old and new Capitols, see Park Street and Old North Church, the Constitution Ship Museum, King’s Chapel, and wander through Commons Park.

Boston sights

Boston Park on a winter evening

Places in the city where you can take beautiful photos

Boston is an amazingly beautiful city. It’s woven with the lush nature of parks and gardens. Photo shoots take place wherever your heart desires, be it architecture, culture or nature. Most often in the Public Garden, Boston Common, near the outlandish lush trees of the Arnold Arboretum. It’s not uncommon to take photos against the backdrop of ponds, the Boston Tea Party and Constitution ships, churches and museums. Only sad places are not photoshoots, leaving a memory in the heart. There are also natural beauties to capture in the suburbs.

Boston sights

A bedroom community with cozy streets and houses covered in ornamental plants.

How to get to Boston from around the United States and around the world

America has a very good road network, so you can get to Boston by car from New York City. Or by plane from the country’s capital, Washington, DC. If you come to the United States we suggest you head west after the East Coast and drive along the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, stopping by to try your luck in Las Vegas.

Boston sights

Boston Harbor at night.

Once you arrive at the airport, you can get to the city by any means of transportation (rail, water, car). The price for a cab ranges from 25 to 35 USD. The bus is much cheaper. From the airport to the city center it will take 30 minutes. Express bus is 10 USD more expensive than the bus and there is not much difference in speed. You can also take the subway. The fare is 2 USD. A shuttle will take you to the subway station and the pier for free. The cost of a ticket by water is from 3 USD.

Massachusetts State Capitol.

The new Capitol building stands on Beacon Hill. It was built by the end of the 18th century. The building is decorated with a golden dome. Originally its material was wood, then it was covered with copper plates. At the end of XIX century the dome acquired its regal appearance. It was decorated with sheets of real gold. It still looks so proud today, illuminating the city with a golden glow, especially on sunny days. It’s still active today. Legislature meetings are held here, and the offices of the governor are also located here.

“Boston Tea Party.”

An unusual museum, the ship is the result of a violent protest by the colonists of America against the British enslavers. The events took place in 1773. In them, the colonists who rebelled against the actions of the British government, dressed in Indian costumes and doing battle face painting, threw overboard a huge amount of tea belonging to England in Boston harbor. Tourists are allowed, dressed in stylized Indian costumes (as the rebels once did), to take part in the daring action.

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Ship “Constitution”

“The Constitution has been in service since the late 18th century. It is the oldest ship in the world of those on the books of the American Navy, but now more as a museum. She bears the name “Ironclad Vintage,” which she received because of the strength of her sides while still participating in the Anglo-American War. Shells from the British ship bounced off it without causing damage. There were legends about the Constitution that it was made of metal, although in fact its sides were of oak. Not a single visitor to the city bypasses it, residents visit it, especially the boys take a great interest in it.

Public Garden

This picturesque spot is lost in Boston Common Park. It was created in the middle of the 19th century. Since then it’s been a pasture and a frontal site. Now it’s an oasis in downtown Boston, a recreation spot for Boston residents and visitors. Lush vegetation adorns it along with beautiful statues and fountains. The main attraction for vacationers is the swan boat ride. This tradition is 120 years old, but everyone in Boston honors it. The garden’s nature is carefully guarded and bicycling and walking on lawns are prohibited.

Boston Common

Founded in 1634, the oldest park in the United States, Boston Common served as pasture. In the 18th century, the site, “The Great Elm,” became a place of execution for witches, pirates, and dangerous criminals. Today it has many interesting things to see: the Massachusetts State Capitol with its gilded dome, the Brewer Fountain cast in Paris, the elite Boylston Club, the Granary Cemetery filled with mysteries and legends, and the mysterious Swan Pond site. The park’s picturesque paths are drowned in lush, exotic vegetation.

Arnold Arboretum

Arboretum was created in the late XIX century by the merchant and whaler who gave his name to it. He left the estate to Harvard University. A development project created by its first director, Charles Sargent, planned to develop the Arboretum as a research department of the university. Today it has more than 1,400 species of different plants, making the Arboretum a blooming oasis. The collection includes many exotic trees from Asia and America. The Arboretum is a wonderful place for wildlife, and the citizens and visitors of Boston enjoy visiting it.

New England Holocaust Memorial

Boston has a memorial to the 6 million Jewish people who died in the Holocaust. On two granite slabs are the names of the city’s dead residents. There are 6 glass towers, symbols of six death camps (Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, Sobibor, Belzec, Treblenka, Chelmno) that exterminated Jews for 6 years (1939-1845). On their walls are the words of those who survived. At the bottom of the towers, a warm air wafts like the breath of martyrs. Inside, lights flicker. One, moving, lights the way for departing souls.

The Old North Church.

It is also called the “Church of Christ in Boston.” It is the oldest church (1723). It was designed by William Price. More than 500 thousand bricks were needed for the building. Later the steeple was built. From it Robert Newman, churchwarden, April 19, 1775 gave two light signals to the revolutionaries of America about the approach of British troops from the sea. The spire was twice knocked down by a hurricane (1804, 1954). Today it has been restored. Together with the spire the church is 58 meters. For a long time it was the tallest in the city.

Church of the Trinity

The church building was built from 1872 to 1877 on a swampy area, for which it was carefully covered with gravel. The Neo-Romanesque church was designed by Henry Richardson, the famous American architect. He is distinguished by massive towers and arches of stone. In bringing the idea to life, he used granite and sandstone that was quarried in the state. The church is now the parish of the Episcopal Diocese, and services are held, accompanied by organ music and choral singing.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

The collection consisted of 2,500 pieces. Among them were masterpieces of painting, such as: “The Altarpiece of the Colonna Family” by Raphael, “The Abduction of Europe” by Titian. And although Gardner asked not to change anything, the exhibits were added to the collection. In this regard, built a second building designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. In 1990, the museum was robbed. Thirteen items were stolen, including Vermeer’s “Concert” and three canvases by Rembrandt. The largest heist in the United States has not been solved until now.

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Museum of Fine Arts.

The museum was founded in the late 19th century on the site of the library. Later a building of its own was built for it on the Copley Square site, which was demolished, and by 1925 a new one, designed by architect Lowell, had grown. and a west wing designed by architect Ray was added to it. The building is of modern technology. Currently, the museum has over 1 million works of art, including works by famous masters of the brush, among them paintings by Claude Monet and Millet. It is visited with pleasure by citizens and tourists.

Science Museum.

The museum is located in the Science Park. It was started in 1830 by a small group of people who created the “Boston Society for the Study of Natural History.” The building was later sold. The museum was revived under its current name. Today it is visited by over 1,500,000 people a year. In addition to 500 interactive exhibits, a planetarium, and the only dome-shaped IMAX screen in the United States, there are many exhibits devoted to animals. It is a member of the Association of Aquariums and Zoos.

Boston Public Library

This is one of the largest collections in the United States, excluding the New York Library and the Library of Congress. Its book collection totals 22.4 million items. The library’s neo-Renaissance building is considered one of the finest in America. The library is distinguished by the fact that, having the status of a municipal library, it has benefited from the assistance of private individuals. In addition, the practice has a tradition of giving readers the opportunity to work with books and materials at home.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Museum

Construction of the John F. Kennedy Museum building began on December 13, 1984 with the approval of an architect (Bei Yuimin). But construction began in 1977 and was completed in 1979. More than 36 million U.S. residents contributed to it. In addition to the biography of the 35th president and his wife, the museum displays exhibits that reflect the America of the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century. Here are the election paraphernalia, gifts from the first persons of other states, the space capsule, the president’s car 35.

Harvard University

The institution was founded in 1636 and is one of the oldest universities in the United States, known throughout the world. It is located in Cambridge. It is a member of the Ivy League group of elite universities. 75 people from Harvard are Nobel Prize winners. The university library is the 3rd largest in the States. Harvard leads the world in the number of alumni who have become billionaires. The university has the largest endowment in the world ($ 37.1 billion).

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is the strongest technical university in the United States and in the world. It was founded in the mid-nineteenth century in Cambridge. The institution is at the forefront of many scientific disciplines (economics, information technology, robotics and artificial intelligence, mathematics, physics, chemistry). The excellent record for the institute has been achieved by its faculty and alumni, who are Nobel Prize winners, numbering 81.

Freedom Trail

A unique walking route that includes the famous sites of Boston’s oldest city, founded by the Puritans of the Massachusetts Colony in the early seventeenth century. The Freedom Trail exits from Boston Common Park. Along the way, hikers will experience historic buildings: The Massachusetts State Capitol, home to the governor’s offices, the Park Street Church, with its 66-meter-high steeple, Boston’s first Latin School, and the now-active Constitution Ship Museum.

Old Capitol.

A Boston landmark built in 1713. The Capitol was the seat of the Legislature. It was badly damaged by fire in 1747, then was rebuilt. In 1770 (March 3), a massacre broke out near the Capitol between British authorities and city residents. Later it was here that the Declaration of Independence of the United States was read, symbols of British power were destroyed. Since 1780 the building was intended for trade. Since 1960, it received the status of a historical monument.

Fanel Hall .

This old building was built in the Georgian architectural style by John Smimbert and Charles Bulfinch in 1740-1742. For a long period it served as a marketplace and conference hall. It housed the persuasive words of famous orators James Otis and Samuel Adams, fighters for independence. Today, the site is in the trail area of the historic Freedom Trail National Historical Park, so tourists enjoy visiting Fanel Hall.

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New England Aquarium.

Includes an aquarium and an IMAX movie theater. Visitors were able to experience it in 1969. In 1970, the largest ocean tank appeared. The new pavilion, which is home to seals, the exhibition devoted to them, the citizens and tourists saw in 1998. And in 2003, the exhibition opens, dedicated to jellyfish. This is 12 tanks, where you can observe an interesting picture of their adaptation to new conditions. The number of sea dwellers has increased to 2,000 and the species to 140.

Quincy Market

This is a city market in Boston, with several floors with a variety of delicacies of national exotic foods: Italian lasagna and seafood tortellini. These are very tasty dishes, of which there are too many per serving. Dishes with fruit doused in caramel and chocolate. Salads, cocktails, juices. Display cases with mountains of bagels. Sausages Italian, Viennese, Polish. Crawfish, scallops in bacon. This place is adored by all citizens and tourists, especially children.

Fenway Park.

The citizens who love baseball enjoy spending time here. The park is located near downtown and is the oldest baseball stadium in the United States. The park is the home field for the Boston Red Sox. Baseball fans are drawn here by its nostalgic atmosphere. During the team’s games, huge groups of fans from all over Boston head here wearing Red Sox emblazoned baseball caps and red and blue T-shirts. Bostonians love the park and are very proud of it.

TD Garden .

That’s the name of Boston’s urban sports arena. It used to be called the Fleet Center and Shawmut Center.But TD Bank bought the right to own the sports facility and renamed it TD Banknorth Garden. The word ” Banknorth” was then abolished. Today it serves as the home court for many sports teams (Bruins, Blazers, Celtics). In 2001 the championship of figure skaters was held here. In 1996 and 2000 – the championship of gymnasts, and in 1996 was held the match “stars” of the NHL. In 2008, the NBA Finals began.

Granary Cemetery.

There are buried famous people of the country who had great services to the history of the country. They are the mother and father of Benjamin Franklin, revolutionaries (James Otis, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams) and victims of the Boston Massacre. An 11-year-old boy, whose death began a feud between the English and the colonists, is buried here. More people were buried in the cemetery than are recorded on the tombstones. They were expensive; it was the norm to bury several people under one stone with one inscription.

Boston Lighthouse.

This is the name of the lighthouse located on Little Brewster Island. It is not in Boston Bay and is the second oldest but still working lighthouse in the United States. The first lighthouse was built in the early 18th century and the current lighthouse was built in 1783. The structure is 28 meters tall. During this long time it has been working properly. Since the end of the last century the light signals he gave automatically. At the present time the lighthouse is a national historical monument in the United States.

Prudential Tower

Its height together with the spire is 276 m. This building was built in 1964. The skyscraper has 52 floors. The structure has 4,000 windows. Expensive stores occupy half a million m2 of area. On the 54th floor, tourists get into a respectable restaurant. The observation deck in the skyscraper is on the 50th floor, above which there is no higher in New England. It offers a magnificent view of the entire city. No tourist ignores the giant structure.

Longfellow Bridge

The bridge over the Charles (the river in Boston) was built in 1793. In 1906 built today’s structure. At first it was called the Cambridge Bridge, but in 1927 it was renamed after the American poet Henry W. Longfellow who wrote a poem about it. The structure, 539 meters long and 32 wide, is a monumental spectacle. It connects the city with the student city of Cambridge. The structure is multifunctional: trains, vehicles, and pedestrians travel on it.

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