The 6 most beautiful beaches on Mallorca

The best beaches in Mallorca: 14 places on the map, pros and cons

The beaches of Majorca have turned the island into one of the most popular resorts in the world. Soft sandy surface, warm azure sea, lush green palm trees – all this is just a small part of what awaits the tourist on the coast. Some beaches stand out with comfortable infrastructure, others give the perfect conditions for recreation with children, and some even stun the imagination of its pristine scenery. Of course, at first glance, they all seem ideal for a vacation, but each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. So we decided to explore the issue in detail and made our own selection of the best beaches in Mallorca.

View of Mallorca beach

Playa de Muro

This place is on the list of the best beaches in Palma de Mallorca and is primarily distinguished by its golden-white sandy surface, lush turquoise waters and smooth water entry. Families with children and young people alike will find this a comfortable place to stay. Playa de Muro is part of Mallorca’s largest natural park, and tourists who have visited the coast emphasize its peculiar atmosphere. You can read more about this popular beach in our separate article.

Playa de Muro in Mallorca

Playa del Puerto de Pollensa

The beach is located in Puerto de Pollensa, 60km northeast of Palma, in the north of Mallorca. The beach is almost 1.5 km long and is quite narrow. The beach is covered with soft sand, there are almost no waves and the water entry is smooth, so it is safe to swim with a child. In addition, for younger visitors in the area is provided by an inflatable town in the water. Puerto de Pollensa is one of the best beaches on Mallorca for holidays with children.

The beach facilities on the coast offer all the amenities you need. For an additional fee, umbrellas and sun loungers are at your disposal (rent for two is 15 €). There are showers and restrooms on the territory. The big plus of the place is the wide choice of bars and restaurants lining the shoreline.

Playa del Puerto de Pollensa

But the obvious disadvantage of the beach is its busyness, and given that the coast is quite narrow, you will not find a quiet and secluded rest here. In addition, the sand often gets litter. However, it is a nice place to stay and is considered one of the best options for holidays in the North of Mallorca.

Cala Mesquida

It is this coastal spot that often gets glimpsed in picturesque photos of white sand beaches in Mallorca. Cala Mesquida is located on the northeast side of the island in a small town of the same name, 82 km from Palma. The coastline is 300m long and the beach is wide and reaches up to 65m in some places. Cala Mesquida is distinguished by its fine white sand and azure sea. But the entrance to the water here is precipitous, there are often strong waves, so it is not very convenient to rest with children.

The level of infrastructure of Cala Mesquida leaves much to be desired. For example, there are showers on the territory, but only a few can find them (they are located on the left side of the hill behind the restaurant). There are no own toilets on the territory, so vacationers actively visit the beach bar. But it’s easy to rent sun beds with umbrellas: a set for two for the whole day will cost 12,20 €.

Cala Mesquida

There is a parking lot near the shore, but only those who come to rest early in the morning can use it. In addition to the bar at the beach itself there are a couple of good places and a couple of hundred meters from the recreation area. Despite some shortcomings in terms of infrastructure, in general, Cala Mesquida is considered one of the best and most picturesque white sand beaches in Mallorca.

Cala Molins

On Mallorca’s list of best beaches, Cala Molins is located in the north of the island, at Cala St. Vincennes, 60.5 km from Palma. The coastline is fringed with sharp cliffs and green hills, creating unforgettable views. The beach itself is tiny, no more than 200 meters long, known for its tranquil atmosphere. The beach is covered with clean yellow sand, but the entrance to the water is uneven and rocky, coral slippers will be required. It is not uncommon to see large waves, so swimming here with children is not a good idea.

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Cala Molins

The main feature of Cala Molins is its crystal clear water. Many people come here to snorkel and admire the local marine life. The beach offers the necessary amenities: you can rent sun loungers, umbrellas. There are toilets and showers. A few bars and restaurants are located near the beach, and there is a parking lot. The minus of the beach is the seaweed and slime, which from time to time nails to the shore. Otherwise, Cala Molins is not inferior to other places in Mallorca, delighting visitors with its soft sand, bright palm trees and clear sea.


If you’re looking for beaches in Mallorca for holidays with children, Alcudia might be the best option. The place is spread 56 km northeast of Palma. Many families have long noticed this coast and loved it for its soft sand, lush palm trees, gentle entrance to the sea, cleanliness and lack of waves. In addition, the beach offers almost the best infrastructure in Mallorca. Read more about Alcudia here.

Alcudia in Spain

Cala Gran.

If you look at a map of Palma de Mallorca, the best beaches can be found almost anywhere on the island. So, in the southeastern side, we found Cala Grand beach at the resort of Cala d’Or, which is 66 km from Palma. Spread out in a picturesque bay surrounded by pine trees, it attracts many tourists, so it is often crowded. However, the coastline is barely 70 meters long.

Cala Grand is strewn with fine yellowish sand, washed by a clear and transparent sea, making for wonderful scuba diving. There are no waves here, and the entry into the water is smooth and comfortable.

Cala Grand

The beach is equipped with public showers and toilets. For 17,50 € people who want to rent umbrellas and deck chairs for the day. A variety of restaurants, cafeterias and pizzerias are within walking distance. Overall, if you get used to the large number of holidaymakers, Cala Gran beach is one of the best for holidays in Mallorca.

Cala Marsal

After studying the beaches of Mallorca on the map and their description, many travelers and do not decide to choose the best place to rest. After all, there are a lot of options, and most of them are very worthy. As for the beach of Cala Marsal, many tourists who have been here have agreed that it is worth visiting the place. Although it is a tiny piece of coastline length of no more than 80 meters, there are always plenty of tourists. The beach owes its popularity to its picturesque views, soft sand, lush palm trees and azure water.

At Cala Marsal you can find a zone with shallow water for children, and deep spots for adults. The beach is equipped with the necessary facilities: there are showers and toilets, and for 10 € it is offered to rent sun loungers and umbrellas with a safe. But many people lie on the sand on towels.

Cala Marsal Beach

The area also rents catamarans. Nearby there is a restaurant of Italian cuisine, there are a couple of cozy cafes. Free street parking is quite possible within walking distance. Cala Marsal is indeed one of the best beaches in southeastern Mallorca. The only thing that can slightly mar the vacation is the strong wind that brings to the shore the mud and trash.


A glance at this Mallorcan beach on the map reveals that it is located in the Mondrago Nature Reserve, 62.5 km southeast of Palma. The local coastline is a picturesque cove surrounded by pine forests and cliffs. The beach has silky white sand, blue clear sea and a gentle entrance to the water. It is one of the best places for swimming with children, because waves are a rare phenomenon here.

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Mondrago Beach

The infrastructure of Mondrago includes showers with fresh water, toilets, hire umbrellas and sun loungers. Sunbathing on the sand on your towel is not forbidden. There are two cafes near the beach. The disadvantage of the place: the locals walk along the beach, offering to buy fruit from them at several times the price. Upstairs there is a paid parking, where you can leave your car for 5 €. All in all, it is quite a cozy place that definitely deserves the title of one of the best white sand beaches in Mallorca.

Calo de Moro

A beautiful spot 58 km from Palma, spread out in the town of Cala s’Alumnia in the southwest of the island. If you are still wondering where the best beaches are on Mallorca, then you should definitely pay attention to Calo des Moro. It’s a pretty inaccessible cove hidden amongst steep cliffs, which you actually have to descend to get to the shore. Below you will meet a strip of land no more than 50 meters long, studded with white sand and huge boulders. Rocks dot the seabed, so it’s dangerous to get in and out of the water without special shoes.

Cala de Moro Beach

Calo de Moro can be considered one of Mallorca’s wild beaches, as it lacks any kind of infrastructure. Tourists mostly sunbathe in the sand on their towels. During the high season, the beach is crowded. First of all, it will appeal to those who like to visit unique corners. A nice bonus of the area is several observation decks that offer unforgettable views of the natural beauty.


Among Mallorca’s white sandy beaches, Samarador, 59km southeast of Palma in the Mondrago Nature Reserve, deserves special attention. Surrounded by cliffs and conifers, this coastline was once voted Europe’s best beach (in 2008). Samarador features a spacious coastline stretching almost 200 meters. Bright turquoise sea water, shallow waves, soft white sand – all this awaits travelers at this picturesque beach of Mallorca.


Of course, the place has its disadvantages. Firstly, there is no infrastructure – there are not even toilets. Secondly, the water in the sea compared to other coasts is much cooler. And thirdly, due to the current near the shore, algae often accumulate, so swimming brings little pleasure. But if you close your eyes to all these minuses, you’ll get one of the best beaches on Majorca (it’s not easy to see it on the map, so look for the original name Playa De S’amarador).

Cala Major

Just looking at pictures of the beaches of Palma de Mallorca makes you want to immediately pack your bags and go to the island. And if you are already going to the resort and are looking for a decent place to stay, Cala Major may be one of the best solutions. The resort is located in the North-East of Mallorca, 71 km from Palma. It has a long beach, almost 2 km long. The coast is covered with yellow sand which is sieved by the machine every morning so the area is always quite clean. The sea bottom is uneven and there are a lot of rocks and storms.

There are showers and toilets on Cala Mayor, but there are no changing rooms, like on most Majorcan beaches. A sun lounger and an umbrella will cost you €4.50. Along the coastline stretches a number of numerous hotels, stores and restaurants for every taste and pocket.

Cala Milor beach

In high season, there are a lot of holidaymakers, often nudists. In summer in the sea you should be especially careful, because jellyfish can be found in the water. After storms, the sand near the shore, as a rule, are covered with clumps of algae, but in the morning they are removed by garbage men. These minor drawbacks aside, Cala Major will be an excellent beach holiday destination and one of the best on Majorca.

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The northeastern coast of Mallorca never fails to delight tourists with its cozy nooks. Cala Aggulla is 80km away from Palma and is one of them. Local beach length of 500 meters is dotted with soft white sand, which sometimes plays with pink shades. The turquoise transparent water, mountain scenery and conifers attract a lot of tourists, so the shore can get pretty crowded during the season. The place is great for a holiday with children, as the water is shallow and the entrance to the sea is smooth.

Cala Aggula Beach

Cala Aggoula is quite well-appointed: there are showers and toilets at the exit. Everyone can rent deck chairs with umbrellas for 7.80 €. Nearby there is a large paid parking lot, which provides parking for 5 € per day. There are two places close by, but the prices are quite high (for example, a bottle of water 0,5 is not lower than 2 €). On the shore, there are water activities and the possibility to rent a boat. All in all, this picturesque cove with white sand deserves to be called one of the best beaches on Majorca.


Photos of the beaches of Mallorca are not always able to convey the beauty and uniqueness of the island’s nature. But looking at the photos of Formentor it is clear at once that the place is very picturesque. It is located in the very north of Mallorca, 74 km away from Palma. The local coastline is quite narrow but long (just over 300m). The beach is distinguished by its fine sand, clear sea and absence of large waves. The entrance to the sea is accompanied by stones, so coral slippers will not hurt here.

Beach Formentor

Being one of the best beaches in Mallorca, Formentor has all the comforts: there are toilets and showers, a set of two sun loungers with umbrellas for rent for 24 €. Nearby there is a paid parking lot, where you can leave a car for 6-7 €. There are several cafes and bars near the beach, but they are overpriced. In the high season the beach is very busy and even in September there are not fewer tourists. Of course, such popularity is due to the incredible views of the mountains and the azure sea and even the high prices of the place do not prevent you from having a nice holiday here.


Es Trenc

Es Trinc is a small town in the south of Mallorca, just 52km away from Palma. Its white sand, lush turquoise sea and good infrastructure are what make it famous. If you are interested in other Mallorca beaches then you can find out more about Es Trenc in our article.

All the beaches on the island of Mallorca, described on the page, are marked on a map in Russian.

Top 5 beaches on Mallorca:

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Best Beaches Mallorca

Best Beaches on Mallorca

The Spanish island of Mallorca is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations, with its family-friendly resorts, quiet towns, modern hotels, and lots of activities and national festivals.

The Balearic Islands have a comfortable subtropical climate that ensures a long bathing season, and Mallorca’s beaches are some of the best in the world. In particular, S’Amarador beach on the eastern coast of the island became the best beach in Europe in 2008, beating 3,000 other beaches! Thanks to the mild climate and nearby beaches, Palma de Mallorca, the island’s capital, was even voted the best city to live in the world.

According to official data, Mallorca has 208 beaches, most of them sandy and often in a beautiful natural environment. Some are so isolated from the rest of the island that they have remained almost untouched.

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Blue Flag Beaches in Mallorca

Blue Flags are a sign of expert assessment of water quality, environmental management, safety and services on beaches. Of the 46 Blue Flags awarded in 2017 to beaches in the Balearic Islands, 31 were in Mallorca. Three places in particular received the Blue Flag for the first time: the beautiful beaches of Sant Elm and Camp de Mar en Andratx, and the third beach is located at the sailing club in Puerto de Andratx.

Best Beaches on Mallorca

Family-friendly beaches in Mallorca

These are very famous, comfortable beaches with an abundance of facilities for the whole family, renting sun loungers and umbrellas.

The wide and long beach of Santa Ponsa, located in the southwest of Mallorca, in close proximity to the city center and with a small pine grove in the back. There are boat excursions to Dragonera Island, as well as a wide range of entertainment, golf clubs, good hotels and restaurants. The resort is 23 kilometers from the capital of the island and is known for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Best Beaches on Mallorca

The beach at Camp de Mar is also quite comfortable to swim with children, as the waters are calm. You can walk up to the 16th century watchtower, which offers a fantastic view at sunset.

Cala Millor is Mallorca’s longest beach, framed by a promenade where biking and rollerblading are common. This white sandy beach with shallow azure water is popular with families with children. Absolutely idyllic beach, but crowded in high season. There are ramps for the disabled, rent chairs and umbrellas, lifeguards are on duty. If you walk to the end of the beach to the south, you will see the beautiful rocky promontory of Punta d’Amer.

Mallorca’s Natural Beaches

Cala d’Or.

This name refers to five small beaches along Mallorca’s east coast, all nestled in small bays called cala.

Cala Serena is a small sandy cove with rocky edges, the most beautiful of the five. Some of the dive schools in the area use Cala Serena as a starting point for diving, so it’s a good place to rest between dives.

Best Beaches on Mallorca

Cala Ferrera is an adjacent beach, just as quiet and cozy. There are hotels and restaurants next to it. The beach offers umbrellas, sun loungers and catamarans for rent.

Cala Esmeralda is the central small beach of the five, just 25 square meters. Some hotels and apartments overlook it, so it can be difficult to find a spot, but in low season it is at your disposal and will be a sight to behold during your vacations.

Best Beaches on Mallorca

Cala Gran, the largest in the resort, has a playground for children and a ramp for the disabled.

Cala d’Or is the last bay in the southern part of the resort. The beach here is located at the end of a narrow entrance to a small bay, so you will not be able to see the open sea from the beach, you have to walk a bit. The sea in this bay is nice and calm, even kids will be comfortable to swim. The beach is equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers, as well as showers and toilets. At the back of the bay there is a bar and a beautiful pine forest.

A boat ride from one cove to another can be a pleasant and refreshing entertainment. Also at Cala d’Or you can diversify your holiday by diving, sapsurfing and kayaking.

Cala Mondrago

Best Beaches on Mallorca

A small beach in the national park of the same name. It has been sheltered from civilization and is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Mallorca, with sand dunes, pine forests, beautiful coastline and rocky coves. If you find when you arrive that the beach is already full, you can go to S’Aramador, which we mentioned above. This beach lies in the next cove and is more voluminous, although it is also very popular. On the other side of Cala Mondrago there is a smaller but very interesting beach Calo des Burgit.

Interesting places to travel

Cala Pi

Best Beaches on Mallorca

A natural beach like a postcard, with golden sand and turquoise water sparkling between two rocky cliffs. Yachts arriving briefly only embellish the picture. “Pi” means “pine trees,” which abundantly surround it. The cliffs on either side close the place from the wind.

You can’t bring your dogs here, and camping is prohibited. Despite this, Cala Pi is a lively beach, especially on weekends. It has a relaxed atmosphere and is often frequented by locals.

Cala Formentor

Best Beaches on Mallorca

Cala Formentor beach is one of the most beautiful places on the island and therefore very popular. It is located in the northwest of Mallorca, on Pollenca Bay and has been awarded the Blue Flag. On one side there are pine forests and views of the mountains, on the other side the azure warm sea. Tree branches serve as shelter from the scorching sun. The beach is quite narrow, but long – about 850 meters, so there is enough room for everyone. In the 1930s, Cala Formentor was the holiday destination for all the cinema stars and celebrities, since one of the most famous and luxurious hotels of Mallorca, the Barcelo Formentor, was opened there. It has now been restored and once again welcomes the rich and famous guests.

Cala Agulla and Cala Ratjada

Best Beaches on Mallorca

Cala Agulla is a magnificent golden beach with fine sand, surrounded by dense pine forests and mountains of the Llevant Natural Park. The sea is clean and shallow. You can rent sun loungers, swim under the supervision of lifeguards. During the summer months, the beach attracts both tourists and locals. Beach volleyball is popular here because of the particularly soft sand, but water sports are not. The nearby resort of Cala Ratjada is just as good and is also an almost untouched corner of the Balearic Islands.

Secluded beaches on Mallorca


This is an almost wild beach with no stores or restaurants and even no houses bordering this beach, just a quiet road and the countryside. At Alcanada beach you can enjoy the silence away from the noise. In the clearest clear water is good for snorkeling and kayaking. Note that there are no lifeguards and no sun loungers or umbrellas. It is a pebble beach, and the water has a lot of algae, but the view is very beautiful, the entrance to the water is shallow, there are no strong currents and winds.

Cala Portals Vells

Best Beaches on Mallorca

A bumpy road leads through pine forests to this beautiful cove on the southwest end of Palma bay. It’s another Mallorca beach you have to reach by your own transport. The place gets crowded in the summer months, but out of season you can practically have your own beach with golden sand, rocky cliffs and shimmering turquoise water.

Cala Deia

Best Beaches on Mallorca

Cala Deia is a very nice little pebble beach with clear waters and stone pools. Grab a folding chair to get comfortable. There are no sun loungers, showers or lifeguards on this beach.

Artists often find a place on the ledge to paint the amazingly clear sky and beautiful sea in this quiet cove. The beach is served by two excellent Spanish restaurants, where you can sit and enjoy the unusual island scenery.

Nudist Beaches Mallorca

There are no completely nude beaches on this island, like those in Barcelona, for example. But those who want to tan and sunbathe can write down the following names of beaches where naturism is allowed: Cala Varques, Son Serra de Marina, Es Trenc (on the edge of the beach), Coll Baix and S’Almunia.

Best Beaches on Mallorca

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