The 6 Best Beaches in Jamaica

The best beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica is a paradise with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The island has both luxurious exotic nature and comfortable hotel infrastructure. In addition to the classic vacation by the sea tourists have the opportunity to surf and dive, enjoy the local cuisine and rum, participate in vibrant festivals filled with reggae music. The rating of the best beaches will help you determine which place is right for you.

Seven Mile.

This beach is known as the most beautiful beach in Jamaica and the entire Caribbean region. Having a vast territory, it is divided into several sections, where not only regular visitors, but also supporters of nudism or topless sunbathers safely enjoy a beach vacation. Seven Mile Beach is located in Negril, the west coast of Jamaica, just an hour and a half drive from Montego Bay. Those who have already had the opportunity to enjoy the perfect tropical vacation atmosphere at this beach call it a place of paradise.

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Doctor’s Cave.

One of Jamaica’s most famous beaches, Dr. Cave, aka Cave Beach or Dr. Cave Swim Club, owes its name to British doctor A.D. McCarthy. He opened it to visitors by organizing a small private club on the northeast coast of the Caribbean in 1906. Club members could only get to this beach by passing through a cave, later destroyed by a tropical storm, but left its mark on the name. Today Doctor’s Cave Beach is a public town beach that is part of Jamaica’s second largest city, Montego Bay.

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Cornwall Beach is a private beach located on the west side of one of Jamaica’s largest cities, Montego Bay. Formerly a public town beach, its infrastructure has been updated and modernized. Despite its comfortable location – just a short walk from the HipStrip and beachfront amenities – it is little frequented by locals, so it is famous among tourists as a quiet and comfortable place for a family beach vacation.

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Silver Sands.

Silver Sands Beach, located in the northwestern part of Jamaica, is known as one of the calmest beaches on the island. It got its name because of the very light sand that covers the edge of the shore, going along the sea. This is the beach of choice for tourists who want to live in silence, enjoying solitude, but not too far away from the main resort center, Montego Bay. In addition to regular visitors, Silver Sands has long been popular with advanced windsurfers, aided by the region’s weather features.

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Boston Bay

Boston Bay’s open white sand beach with bright turquoise water is one of the most beautiful spots on Jamaica’s north coast and probably the most attractive for windsurfers in the region. It is also known as the home of jerky, a popular dish of meat, fish or chicken marinated with Jamaican peppers and other local spices and then grilled. It is sold all over the place.

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Bloody Bay

This beach gets its name Bloody Bay from the bay it sits on. There are several versions of the origin of this toponym. According to one legend, the bay was named after a fierce battle that took place here at the time when Jamaica was still a pirate island. According to another legend, the whalers would gut their catch in this place and the blood of the whales would stain the bay.

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Relax at one of the most beautiful beaches in Portland County, Winnifred Beach between Blue Lagoon and Boston Bay near the county’s main town, Port Antonio. The second name – Fairy Hill Beach, this beach received for the territorial proximity to the town of the same name. Winnifred Beach, aka Fairy Hill Beach, is owned by the local community and is maintained by donations from visitors, being virtually the only publicly accessible free beach on the east coast of Jamaica.

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Rose Hall

Rose Hall Beach is primarily used by guests of the hotel of the same name. Rose Hall Beach is a 15-minute drive from Montego Bay Airport. The beach in this part of Jamaica is covered with white sands with golden highlights. The sea is shallow with a gradual increase in depth. Windy weather and waves are rare in this area, as is rainy weather. Almost year round, the temperature of the Caribbean sea and air, allows you to swim and sunbathe. Rose Hall Beach is mostly deserted, most tourists relax near the hotel complex pools. Honeymooners choose the beach for relaxation, and wedding ceremonies overlooking the Caribbean Sea are also often held here. Rose Hall Beach is a perfect combination of wildlife and comfortable rest.

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Treasure Beach, or Treasure Beach, is the name given to the 4 bays and surrounding fishing villages on Jamaica’s south coast. Its constituent bays, Billy, Franz, Calabash and Big Pedro Bay, are a tourist paradise for those seeking solitude, peace, a true Jamaican vacation. There are no comfortable beaches with a comprehensive infrastructure, expensive restaurants, swimming pools, nightclubs and other typical entertainment. But there is a lot of great sea, miles of deserted beach, delicious food at local cafes and reggae music played everywhere.

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  • 4 Hope House Treasure Beach.


Reggae Beach is a couple minutes drive from the town of Ocho Rios. Not too long ago, the picturesque beach was renamed the Bamboo Beach Club, which led to the place being called by both the former name and the latter.

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Frenchman’s Cove.

Frenchman’s Cove beach is the most beautiful beach in Jamaica. The first all-inclusive hotel of the same name was built on its shores. Frenchman’s Cove is located in the city of Portland. The beach area is small and surrounded by shady thickets of jungle, palm trees, almond trees and luxurious apartments, which can be rented. The beach surface is snow-white of soft sand. Completely unique Frenchman’s Cove became a rare phenomenon: a freshwater river flows into the sea. Both the sea and the river are not very deep, with smooth starts, so the beach is often visited by families with small children.

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Ocho Rios.

Ocho Rios Bay Beach is located in the port town of Ocho Rios, and until a few years ago this place was a small fishing village. But the development of tourism in Jamaica has turned Ocho Rios into a popular center for diving, water sports, horseback riding and beach activities. The beach also provides facilities for family picnics and friendly parties.

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James Bond.

James Bond Beach is named after the filming of the super agent James Bond movie of the same name, whose romantic scenes were filmed on the beach. The beach is also part of the estate of Flemming, author of the famous spy novel. James Bond Beach is located in North Jamaica on the northwest edge of the town of Oracabessa.

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Hellshire Beach is located near Portmore, a small town 15 km from the Jamaican capital of Kingston. The beach area is about 200 meters long. The entrance to the sea is smooth and not deep, and the water is crystal clear, transparent with a turquoise tint.

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Top 10: Best Beaches in Jamaica

With 1001beach, finding the perfect vacation spot will be easy and enjoyable. We have selected the best beaches in Jamaica and made ratings based on their natural features, availability of infrastructure and tourist reviews. On our site you will find the most complete information about beach vacations.

11 Best Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean known for its reggae music, the special way of cooking chicken (jerk chicken), the Blue Mountain variety of coffee and, of course, its beaches. With over 900 kilometers of coastline, the beaches vary from long stretches of sand like Negril Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the Caribbean, to remote and hidden coves surrounded by cliffs.

Here you can go sailing off into the sunset, try your hand at windsurfing, snorkeling and snorkeling, or do nothing while lying on the soft, white sand. No matter what type of beach vacation you like, there are quite good reasons for Jamaica’s popularity as a sunny seaside resort. Honeymooners, vacationers, solo travelers and adventurers will all love the local beaches. As well as the local culture or the tropical breezes. Our quick guide will help you find the best beach for your needs.

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1. Negril .

This is one of Jamaica’s most popular beaches, also known as Seven Mile Beach. The stunningly long stretch of sand is located on the west coast of the island. In fact, it is five miles long, despite the second name. Because of the beach’s popularity, you can often see pandemonium of sunbathers, swimmers and water sports enthusiasts here. You can easily find a kayak or sailboat rental company nearby to get away for the day. Many resorts near the beach, like – Catcha Falling Star, are all-inclusive and have great rooms, upscale service and private pools. Holidays in Jamaica would be incomplete if you do not try the traditional chicken, sitting in a lounge chair on the ocean. Near the beach, by the way, there are plenty of tents with similar food. In addition, we advise to walk around the neighborhood, as the sphere of entertainment here is very developed.

2. Beach at the Doctor’s Cave

If you like golden sand, this beach near the town of Montego Bay is a must-see. It’s a quiet place with year-round temperatures around 27 degrees. There is a ban on radios and vendor booths on the beach, which explains the tranquility of the area. Instead of the ubiquitous reggae music, you will hear only the sound of the waves. This is the atmosphere especially appreciated by vacationers. The beach is characterized by cleanliness and new infrastructure. There are changing areas and rental points, where you can rent a deckchair or an umbrella. In this place various types of water sports are popular, but most of its types (kayaking or diving) must be booked in advance as a tour. However, if sleeping in silence bores you, you can take a glass-bottom boat trip to see for yourself the richness of marine life and the beauty of the local corals. Montaguego Bay has many resort complexes and villas overlooking the sea. As an example, the Round Hill Hotel and Villas, whose windows look directly out to the ocean.

3. French Bay.

There’s a very specific reason why French Cove is regularly featured in various movies (e.g. Club Paradise in 1986). It consists of the fact that this place is literally a topical paradise. The beach is located near the town of Port Antonio, and for some time was the retreat of the Hollywood elite. What makes this place particularly appealing is the quiet stream that heads from the depths of the island into the turquoise ocean. There is an almost pristine sandy beach near the quiet lagoon, whose water is almost as hot as a bathtub. It all has an extremely exotic appearance. This place is much quieter than other beaches in Jamaica. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of the bay among those in the know of its existence. The colorful Geejam resort complex features a large number of windows, both in the hotel and in the villas of the complex. Thus, the beach will always be with you, even if you are in your room.

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4. Bloody Bay.

Despite the unappealing name, the place itself is a great destination to escape the crowded Jamaican beaches. The bay is divided into several private sections of various beach resorts. One is Sunset at the Palms, where visitors can walk straight out of their cabins onto the quiet and sheltered beach. Kayak and water sports equipment rentals are close to the water. The soft, white sand of the beach opens directly to a shallow swimming area where you can raft or splash around in the warm water. Several “sunset” cruises and snorkeling tours depart from Bloody Bay, so you don’t have to travel far to access the full range of marine activity.

5. Ocho Rios Bay Beach

Since Ocho Rios is a cruise port, tourists can often be found on the bay’s beach diving into the calm Jamaican waters. The clear blue water and shallow swimming area make the beach well worth visiting. The area here is small, but there is plenty of room for stores and cafes. Many excursions are available nearby, such as kayaking or scuba diving. Similar tours are offered by companies associated with local resorts, such as Moon Palace Jamaica. The beach itself is fairly clean, with only a small amount of marine debris (branches, grass) periodically thrown ashore. There are many shells in the sand, which you can collect (better in the morning).

6. Halshire

The popular Halshire beach is near Jamaica’s capital city of Kingston, making it popular with locals and vacationers. It features black sand and crystal clear water. The majestic Blue Mountains can be seen in the distance. Various outdoor festivals and concerts are regularly held on the beach. Most good hotels (“Courtleight Hotel and Suites” or “The Spanish Court Hotel”) are 16 km from the beach, but there is no transportation problem in the capital. You can ask the hotel staff to prepare you a beach lunch, which you can take with you and consume on the beach.

7. Treasure Beach

This beach is a real gem of the southern coast, which attracts those who are looking for maximum privacy. The nine-kilometer long beach is a quiet spot that has not only a sandy coastline, but also rocky stretches of terrain. A mix of light and dark sand adds depth to the scenic views. There are several coves in the area that are great for walking and watching the local fishermen sailing their boats in the distance. The beach is considered quite casual. There are several small tents with traditional food nearby. Many of the resorts near the beach are bright and atmospheric, which will add some tropical flair to your trip. We recommend Jakes Hotel, Villas and Spa and Katamah Beachfront Guesthouse.

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8. Winnifred

Here are just two reasons why tourists love Winnifred Beach: the calm waters and easily accessible coral reefs where you can snorkel. Being located near the city of Port Antonio, it is the most popular in the country. The sand is surrounded by trees, so there is always shade on the beach. In addition, there is a wealth of different excursions nearby, such as horseback riding along the shore. Since this is a public beach, there will be many locals here, especially on weekends. There are several hotels within walking distance, such as the Tropical Lagoon Resort.

9. Fort Clarence

Fort Clarence is near the capital city (Kingston), but unlike the other beaches nearby, it is less crowded. It’s a suitable place for families, as the local waters are calm and there are few tourists. Add to that the white sand and blue waters and you can see why this beach is a good place to relax. In particular, there are great picnic spots. Sun loungers and chairs can be rented on the beach, and there’s plenty of room for volleyball or building sandcastles. There are many hotels in Kingston, but if you’re looking for the best quality, check out Terra Nova All Suite Hotel and The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. Local, comfortable accommodations will allow you to rest well after a day in the sun.

10. Boston Bay .

The east coast of Jamaica is famous for big waves, so surfers and fans of dramatic scenery head to Boston Bay Beach. It is near the town of Port Antonio and is considered the birthplace of the famous local way of frying (jerk food). In addition to the incredibly blue water and perfect surfing conditions, you’ll find the best local food here. The beach is popular with surfers of all stripes. If you want to give it a try too, it’s easy to find a place to book a lesson or two here. Near the impressive beach, of course, are some impressive resort complexes. For example, The Trident Hotel and Hotel Mockingbird Hill have absolutely everything a vacationer needs.

11. Beach at Dunn Falls

This beach is one of the most spectacular and exotic in all of Jamaica. As the name suggests, there are scenic waterfalls near the beach that you can walk to. Also, in addition to the cascading waterfalls 180 meters high, you have access to all the entertainment of the city of Ocho Rios. Many people enjoy walking through the different levels of the waterfalls, and the beach area is perfect to spend the day there and snorkeling. The local scenery is unlike anything else you can see in Jamaica. Resorts located here (Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort and Spa as an option) organize trips to waterfalls and other excursions. Among them, for example, is a boat trip around the bay.

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