The 5 Most Picturesque Towns and Villages in the World

38 cozy and picturesque small towns from around the world

38 cozy and picturesque small towns from around the world

Some of them look like illustrations from history books, but these gorgeous, unusual, and quirky little settlements exist in reality. They are scattered all over the world and are among the most beautiful towns and villages that everyone will want to visit.

1. Yangshou, China

Yangshou, China


2. Jiufan, Taiwan

Jiufan, Taiwan

Source: In the early 1600s, nine families founded a village here. When supplies arrived from a neighboring city, they asked for “jiufan,” which means “nine parts.” That’s how the village was nicknamed.

3. Riomaggiore, Italy

Riomaggiore, Italy

Cinque Terre (Cinque Terre) is a national park on the coast of the Italian Riviera that is designated a World Heritage Site and includes five towns, one of which is Riomaggiore. Due to the prevalence of rugged terrain, terraces have been built here.

4. Gasadalur village, Faroe Islands

Gasadalur Village, Faroe Islands

The Faroe archipelago is a mysterious chain of islands north of Scotland. For many years, the islands, with their high sheer cliffs, were difficult to access, the only stairway being during World War II, when British troops landed here. There are 18 people living in the village among the mountains at an altitude of about 700 m.

5. Cala Dogana, Levanto

Cala Dogana, Levanto

Source: Levantso is the smallest of the Egadi islands with 220 inhabitants. Sometimes here you can feel as if you’ve been transported by time machine to a bygone era, where motor vehicles remain rare, nature dictates the local diet, and fresh water is in short supply.

6. Manarola, Italy

Manarola, Italy

Manarola is a charming rainbow of brightly colored houses carved into an impregnable stone wall. The local church dates back to 1338, so the town can be considered one of the oldest in the region. Most likely, it appeared because of its powerful defensive natural properties. Today, the settlement is famous for its delicious wines and paintings by Antonio Discovolos, who adored the town.

7. Moselle, Germany

Moselle, Germany


8. Halstatt or Halstatt, Austria

Halstatt, Austria

Source: Halstatt is a medieval village inhabited by more than 1,000 people. High up in the local mountains, you can explore prehistoric mines that were among the first mines in the entire world.

9. Positano, Italy

Positano, Italy

Source: The local church of Santa Maria Assunta houses a famous icon of the Black Madonna. It is believed that pirates stole it in Byzantium, and during a storm they heard a voice repeating, “Posa, posa!” (“Put it down, put it down!”) on board. They unloaded the image in a fishing village and the storm abated.

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10. Wangwiang, Laos

Wangwiang, Laos


11. Zermatt, Switzerland.

Zermatt, Switzerland.

Zermatt lies on an elevated, picturesque valley at over 1,500 meters, surrounded by high alpine peaks. It is one of the most favorite ski resorts of Switzerland.

12. molivos, Greece

Molivos, Greece.


13. Bled, Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia

Source: The picturesque mountain town of Bled was founded in 1004. The Holy Roman Emperor thought it was so beautiful that he decided to give it to the bishop of Brixen. The castle in Bled is in the center of the beautiful lake of the same name bordering the town. It is now recognized as one of the most beautiful resorts in the region, with a population of 5,000.

14. Lake Garda or Lake Garda

Lake Garda or Lake Garda

Source: Garda is the largest lake in Italy, surrounded by monumental mountains and valleys.

15. Reine, Norway

Reine, Norway

Reine is a quaint fishing village found on the beautiful Arctic island of Moskenesøy. Only 329 people inhabit the port, but it is rightly considered the most beautiful village in all of Norway.

16. Shirakawa Go, Japan

Shirakawa Go, Japan

Source: Shirakawa-Go is a small, traditional-style village known for its incredibly steep roofs. They were specially designed so that the structure could withstand the heaviest snowfalls in the world.

17. Burano Island, Venice Lagoon, Italy

Burano Island, Venice Lagoon, Italy

About six kilometers off the coast of Venice is an equally beautiful little town. Burano is most famous for its colorful houses, which retain the established pattern for hundreds of years. If the homeowner decides to repaint his home, he must obtain the permission of the government. A choice of several colors, dictated by the location of the house, is offered.

18. Shila or Scylla, Italy

Schila or Scylla, Italy

Scylla lies at the tip of Italy’s boot, and it is also the monster of the same name from Greek mythology. The monster guarded the narrow channel between mainland Italy and Sicily until Hercules defeated Scylla.

19. Portofino, Italy

Portofino, Italy

The Romans founded this city and named it Portus Delphini or Port of the Dolphins because of the large number of dolphins that inhabit the surrounding waters.

20. San Quirico D’Orcia, Italy

San Chirico D

21. Kakortok, Greenland

Kakortok, Greenland

Source: The area was settled about 4,300 years ago, the first to inhabit this land were members of the ancient Arctic Sakkak culture.

22. Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Source: Bernard Mihaljevic The Livno plains have been inhabited since 2000 BC. First the ancient people Delmatae and then the Romans inhabited this beautiful land during the Iron Age.

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23. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

Source: Cappadocia is an area of Turkey best known for its unique moonscapes, underground and cave cities. The best way to admire this beauty is from the sky, from a bird’s eye view.

24. Dazhai Village, China

Dazhai Village, China

Source: The county’s farming methods have resulted in a landscape that looks truly amazing from the air. Dazhai is a small community of several hundred farmers nestled among these quaint terraces.

25. Verona, Italy

Verona, Italy

26. Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia

Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia

Source: Cemoro Lawang lies about 2,200 meters above sea level. The Batok and Bromo mountains rise on either side and are visible from the city, so climbers love this place.

27. Hidden Chinese Village

Hidden Chinese Village


28. Damuls, Austria.

Damuls, Austria


29. San Marino

San Marino

Source: San Marino lies on a beautiful 61 km² landscape surrounded by northern Italy. The micro-republic was founded in 301 AD, so it is among the oldest surviving sovereign states and constitutional republics in the world.

30. Xitang, China

Xitang, China

Source: Nine rivers flow through the ancient city of Sitang and divide it into eight parts connected by 104 bridges.

31. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy


32. Settlement in the Himalayas, Tibet

Settlement in the Himalayas, Tibet

This is one of many towns built to support monasteries hidden in the Himalayan mountains, which can only realistically be reached on foot or horseback.

33. Colmar, Alsace, France

Colmar, Alsace, France

The city was founded in the first half of the 1200s, at the height of the Holy Roman Empire, which ruled much of Europe. Since ancient times the city has been called “Little Venice” because of the water channels that wind through the medieval streets.

34. Goreme, Turkey

Göreme, Turkey

The small town of Goreme was built in Roman times amongst the exquisite rock formations that dominate the area. The rugged rocks served as a natural foundation and fortification, much of the ancient architecture still stands today.

35. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

36. The hidden mountain village of Jiuzhaigou, China

Hidden mountain village of Jiuzhaigou, China

Not much is known about these secluded villages scattered throughout China that once served as a stronghold for troops. Nowadays, it is only possible to reach such a place by horseback and get a unique glimpse of the culture of classical China.

37. Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

Morro de São Paulo is considered one of the most peaceful and quiet cities in the world, cars are not allowed on the island. You can get there by boat or charter flight. In the past, the island town acted as a pirate bay and served as a citadel for the Portuguese.

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Top 10 most beautiful villages in the world

It is rare that people who live in big cities feel happy. The metropolis is beautiful with so many choices about where to vacation, where to study, where to work, where to eat and how, but among this abundance there is so little real.

Rarely do people from small villages and towns want to leave for the big city. The main wealth of small towns is the people and nature. There is a healthy atmosphere, local customs, unfortunately forgotten in the big city.

Village – a small town, where the population is smaller, the air is cleaner, the food is healthier and the people are kinder. There are many such villages around the world, but there are the most beautiful, described in this article.

So, we present you the most beautiful villages in the world:

Huscar, Spain.


A small town in the province of Málaga, located in the south of Spain.Júcar is a municipality, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia.

The town is located 113 km from the city of Malaga and only 22 km from Ronda.


Huscar is a small beautiful village of 33 km². Its peculiarity can be considered the thematic character of the town. Until 2011, all the houses were white, for the filming of the Smurfs movie, the houses and buildings were repainted blue. Residents decided to leave everything as is. The weather here is very favorable, so over the past six months, Huskar received 80,000 curious tourists.

Reine, Norway

Reine, Norway

Small magical village Reine is located in Norway. Its area is only 0.29 km² and its population is about 350 people. Located in the Arctic Circle on the Lofoten Islands, Reine had no choice but to be a fishing village.

The peculiarity of this fantastic place – the picturesque scenery, beautiful houses, snow on the tops of the mountains. Here tourists feel calm and peaceful. Many journalists emphasize that this village is the most beautiful place in the world.

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Tourists call this city a blue and white paradise. This is explained by the architecture of the small town. It is located on top of a hill. Small white houses and blue beautiful shutters, trees blooming all year round and dropping petals of purple on the stone lanes create a special, romantic atmosphere.

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Sidi Bou Said is located 17 km northeast of the capital of Tunisia. At the foot of the mountain is the Gulf of Tunis and Carthage. The population of Sidi Bou Said is over 6,000.

Wengen, Switzerland.

Vengen Vengen, Switzerland

An excellent example of a perfect Alpine village is Wengen. It is located in Switzerland, the Bernese Alps. It is the largest village in the municipality of Lauterbrunnen.

The population is 1,300, but in winter the number rises to 10,000 and in summer to 5,000. The area of the village is almost 36.4 km².

The history of the village dates back to the 13th century, but Wengen welcomed its first tourists in the 19th century.

In winter and summer, Wengen has a tourist season with mass cultural events. A special feature of the village is the complete absence of roads, as well as cars themselves.

Shirakawa-go, Japan

Historic Villages of Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama

Shirakawa-go is a historical village in Japan, located on Honshu Island, in the mountainous region, in the northern part of Japan’s Gifu Prefecture. The village is quite difficult to reach, often inaccessible in winter and isolated from the main part of Japan.

This beautiful village of 356 km² has a population of 1,800 people. Because of its history, it is listed by UNESCO as an outstanding example of the adaptation of people’s traditions to modern social and economic standards.

Small classic houses and rice terraces are the special features of this village. The weather here is mild all year round.

For photos of the most beautiful rice terraces in the world, see our website at

Burano, Italy


Burano is an island quarter of Venice in northern Italy. From the city center to the island is 7 km. Its population is 3 000 people.

The special features of Burano are brightly colored houses and buildings, the production of Venetian lace with special technology, the church of San Marino with a sloping 52-meter companile.


This small town survives on tourists, who outnumber the locals.

Bibury, England

Bibury, England

The historic picturesque village of Bibury is located on both banks of the River Colne, Cotswold district, in west-central England. The area of the village is over 6.5 km². Bibury welcomes 1,000 tourists every year.

This village has preserved all its historical value. There is no public transport and no fancy new buildings. What makes this village special is time. It seems that it just stopped here. The houses built in the 17th century, the old St. Mary’s Church, the ruins of the fortress, the picturesque streets and bridges beckon romantics around the world for mood and creative people for inspiration.

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Halstatt, Austria

Halstatt. The most beautiful villages in the world

Halstatt is a beautiful village that is a community of upper Austria. It is part of the county of Gmunden. Halstatt has an area of 60 km² and a population of 923 people. History dates back to the 5th century.

The town is popular not only for its beauty, but also for its salt production. Halstatt began to attract tourists relatively recently, about 100 years ago. Today there are about 70,000 travelers. The town is characterized by picturesque places, the salt mines, where the temperature does not exceed 6 ° C and the alpine air.

Iya (Oia, Oia), Greece


The village is located in the north of the island of Santorini, Greece. Since 2011 it is part of the municipality of the island. Its area does not exceed 12.4 km² and its population is 3,400 people.

Iya (Oia, Oyia), Greece

The village is filled with old mills, staircases and cul-de-sacs, domes and arches. Small hotels (sometimes for one family) and mini honeymoon houses can be found at every turn. A special feature is the famous sunsets that can be seen from the western part of the village overlooking the bay of Ammoudi and complete silence, which is due to the total absence of vehicular traffic.

Eze, France

Ez. 10 most beautiful villages

Eze is a commune in southeastern France in the Provence region. The area of this ancient village is 9.47 km². The population is about 2,536 people.

All of the architecture of Ezzes, including the new buildings, is in the old style. The oldest building is the chapel of the white penitent sinners (14th century).

The peculiarity of Ezza can be called its unexplored by tourists, because to get there is not easy, and to overcome the trail Nietzsche will not everyone. The ancient architecture, churches and delightful tropical garden, located in the ruins of the castle.

To conclude

Very beautiful village

We introduced you the most beautiful villages of our planet according to the editorial of And now we want to hear your opinion about this list, as well as learn what villages in your opinion are the most beautiful.

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