The 5 best enogastronomic routes of Emilia-Romagna, Italy

The 5 best enogastronomic routes of Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Home of pleasant entertainment in all its forms, immortalized by numerous movies and Italian comedies, Emilia-Romagna offers the visitor everything he could want . The sea, the sun and the fun of the Riviera are juxtaposed with the parks and nature reserves of the Apennines. The well-being and relaxation in the thermal baths is accompanied by prestigious artistic itineraries. But it is important to know : life and art go hand in hand with good food. Take a look at the 5 themed gastronomic and wine tours.

Salami tour

The first place to visit is Piacenza and its province. Here you can enjoy the streets of wines and flavors, take cultural and spiritual trails, bike along green paths, walk hills, ride ancient trails and even float the Po River.

In some areas of Piacenza it is customary to keep the bottles produced in the year of birth to open on various festive occasions.

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Salami tour

The next city on the list is Parma. A city with a refined atmosphere and a prestigious center. Its province creates an ideal setting thanks to the varied natural landscape full of castles, medieval churches and theaters.

The most delicious thing you can taste there is the puff pastry filled with apple and pear jam, candied fruits, pine nuts and almonds.

Precious fruits

Emilia – Romagna also tries to grow fruit . The route through the region will help to enjoy its best flavor accompanied by respectable wines.

  • Stage 1: soft consistency, red in color, sour-sweet taste. Can be consumed alone, in pies or with ice cream.
  • Stage 2: Peach (with its characteristic aroma and soft to the touch) and nectarine (crisp and strong smelling).
  • Stage 3: Emilia-Romagna pears (ZGU). Harvest only when they reach the exact sugar content. Abbot Fetel are produced only in Emilia. They are prized by the best chefs in the world.
  • Stage 4: Marroni di Castel del Rio ZSU (Bo). According to legend, the spread of chestnuts in the Bologna Mountains is the work of Matilda di Canossa.
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Precious fruits

Piadina and entertainment.

Riviera Romagnola is known for its ability to entertain its guests . If you want sun, sea, discos and aperitifs on the beach, you’ve come to the right place.

Piadina Romagnola PGI and Squaquerone di Romagna DOP. In fact, this cheese is also great with honey, jam and caramelized figs . To enjoy a good sangiovese DOP.

Colline di Romagna PDO Olive. Oil Extra Virgin Precious slightly bitter-spicy oil . It has a very wide variety of uses. It is an excellent condiment for local gastronomic dishes.

If you love art, visit its historic center and do not miss the amazing creations of the famous Calatrava.

Typical product : Parmigiano Reggiano DOP created just as it was eight centuries ago. An excellent condiment for first courses, great to eat alone or in combination with jam, honey and balsamic vinegar.

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Cesena . The historic center, bordered by walls, has considerable architectural and artistic value. The Malatesta Library, the first Italian city library, is the only example of a perfectly preserved medieval monastic library.

Typical products : Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano DOP, aged in sandstone quarries, with an undergrowth-like smell. Try Savor, a preparation based on grape must made with various fruits.

It tastes sweet or dry, so named because the sustainable grapevine used guaranteed the payment of debts incurred .

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Typical delicacies .

Ferrara . A city of considerable value during the Renaissance, it is still prominent in the world’s artistic heritage. It is also on the world heritage list as an ancient university and the seat of the archbishop and contains important cultural centers.

Typical products : Panpepato, in its Ferrara meaning, is based on dark chocolate present in both the batter and the outer glaze. It is enriched with hazelnuts, almonds, cinnamon, pepper.

Bologna . An ancient university city with a vibrant cultural and social life. Known for its towers and long arcades, it has a well-preserved historic center, one of the largest in Italy.

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Typical product : Mortadella Bologna PGI, a product so typical that in other regions it is known simply as “Bologna”. Can be eaten with bread, diced as an aperitif or added to tortellini fillings.

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Modena . Long the capital of the Este family, it is the ancient university, the archbishop’s residence of the Military Academy of the Army and the Carabinieri. The Cathedral, the Civic Tower and Piazza Grande are World Heritage sites.

Typical product : traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena DOP, a prepared must, matured by natural fermentation as a result of a very long aging of at least 12 years. Can be combined with many and very different dishes, tasted alone.

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