The 5 best beaches in Salou, Spain.

Overview of the best beaches in Salou

The famous beaches of Salou are one of the most attractive places on the Costa Dorada in Spain.

There are both small bays where it is so nice to have privacy, and wide sandy strips with developed infrastructure. If you want to determine which beach is better, get acquainted with the features of each of them.

Here is some useful information for choosing the perfect vacation spot.

Characteristics of a beach vacation in Salou

When planning your trip, consider the characteristics of beaches and resort holidays in Salou:

  1. It is the main tourist center in the province of Tarragona. Salou is less than 100 km from Barcelona, so it is easily accessible by train, bus, or cab.
  2. All Salou beaches are free of charge. You do not have to pay for them, you only have to pay for the extra service. The average cost for renting a sun lounger and an umbrella is 12 euros.
  3. The length of the coastline is 7 kilometers. The beaches in the resort town are sandy with shallow bottom and shallow entrance.
  4. 9 beaches have received the Blue Flag for safety and environmental cleanliness. City officials are allocating substantial funds to maintain the cleanliness of the coastal strip, so it is regularly cleaned.
  5. There are almost ideal conditions for family and youth recreation. But lovers of scuba diving and a rich underwater world is better to find another place. The sea in Salou is calm, so divers will be boring. Of the inhabitants of the sea depths – only sea urchins and small fish.

Levante beach

The beaches in the city are the most popular Playa Levante:

  • Length is 1,200 meters;
  • The beach covers the area from the yacht club to the Akantilados cliffs and is the largest on the coast;
  • There are always a lot of tourists, but the beach is wide enough and there is enough space for everyone.
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Levante beach in Salou

Llevant Beach is always fun, with lots of water activities and free Wi-Fi. It is not difficult to find games for the child, there are numerous bars and cafes.

The beach is also suitable for bathing the disabled, who can use an amphibious chair.

Of the disadvantages – except the lack of natural shade.

Ponent beach

Ponent beach

The second most popular beach in Salou got an interesting name, the “women’s beach”. This is how it was called in the days when joint swimming between men and women was not accepted.

This beach is slightly smaller than the Levante, it is not as crowded. Nearby there are many hotels and apartments, where you can find accommodations for every taste and budget.

An added bonus will be the panoramic views with boats and luxury yachts.

Larga Beach

Playa Larga

The golden shore of Playa Larga is hidden behind the projecting rock of Cap Salou into the sea.

The main advantage – picturesque.

The beach is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and pine parks, so the cleanest air here.

This place is some distance from the center: on public transport you can reach in 20 minutes.

Go down to the water and the golden sand you need stairs. Some people like such walks, but vacationers with baby carriages will be uncomfortable.

Capellans Beach.

Capellanes Beach

Capellans Cove with Capellans beach is a small piece of coastline length of 200 meters. Here you can rest mostly guests of nearby hotels, and you can not fear pandemonium.

The main advantages of Playa Capellans are the magnificent pine scent, soft sand and warm water, which is always well heated in the lagoon.

Thanks to the safe entrance to the sea, the absence of waves and the presence of playgrounds, the bay is very popular with families with children.

To reach the beach, take the steps down from Bruselas street.

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Other city beaches

Before choosing the best vacation option, it’s worth finding out what other beaches the hospitable city offers. They are not as well known, but for many, this will be an advantage.

Here’s a list of these great spots:

  1. Playa de Llenguadets. In a small bay 125 meters long, there are very few holidaymakers. If you want to get away from the noise of civilization, this is ideal. The coastal strip is sheltered by rocks, and even with strong gusts of wind calm reigns. Despite the solitude, the beach is all right: there is a rent of deckchairs and umbrellas, there is a composting toilet. If you wait until sunset, you will see one of the most beautiful sunsets on the Costa Dorada.
  2. Peña Tagliada Cove. This place will appeal to lovers of wild beaches. The length of the sandy oasis is 124 meters, width – 10 meters. Around it there are rocks and pines, filling the air with aromas. There are no facilities in the bay, so you get a feeling of absolute unity with nature.
  3. Cala Kranx is a beach located on the east side of the city. The waters are shallow and calm, and you can rent umbrellas, sun loungers, and hammocks. You can get here from Salou on foot, by bus or by car. To get your bearings, check the route on the map beforehand.
  4. Cala Font is a bay popular with fans of snorkeling. The water here is clear and clear, and the views from the shore are beautiful. The beach is well landscaped, and there are quite a lot of vacationers on it.

Throughout the province of Tarragona you will find nudist beaches. It is enough to deviate a little from the popular tourist trails and you can completely blend in with nature.

For example, nudists often rest at the end of Playa Larga.

In addition, the famous beach for naturists is in the town of Ospitalet del Infante, located 28 km from Salou. There is a camping site next to the beach for naturist enthusiasts.

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After sunbathing, have lunch in one of the local restaurants. On the coast there are the best establishments with a rich selection of fish and seafood dishes. Here you will not only satisfy your hunger, but also enjoy the magnificent views of the Mediterranean.

Wild Salou beach - photo

The beaches of Salou are the reason to visit this small resort town in Catalonia. There are many of them, they are different, but each of them is waiting for an unforgettable vacation.

On the coast you will get a charge of positive emotions for a whole year and if your heart desires entertainment, the best water parks in Europe, discos, historical sites are at your service.

And you will definitely want to come back. After all, the writer Elchin Safarli rightly said:

“When I look at the sea, it seems to me that its waves take away my sadness.”

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