The 5 Best Beaches in Jamaica

The best beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica is a paradise with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The island has both luxurious exotic nature and comfortable hotel infrastructure. In addition to the classic vacation by the sea tourists have the opportunity to surf and dive, enjoy the local cuisine and rum, participate in vibrant festivals filled with reggae music. The rating of the best beaches will help you determine which place is right for you.

Seven Mile.

This beach is known as the most beautiful beach in Jamaica and the entire Caribbean region. Having a vast territory, it is divided into several sections, where not only regular visitors, but also supporters of nudism or topless sunbathers safely enjoy a beach vacation. Seven Mile Beach is located in Negril, the west coast of Jamaica, just an hour and a half drive from Montego Bay. Those who have already had the opportunity to enjoy the perfect tropical vacation atmosphere at this beach call it a place of paradise.

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Doctor’s Cave.

One of Jamaica’s most famous beaches, Dr. Cave, aka Cave Beach or Dr. Cave Swim Club, owes its name to British doctor A.D. McCarthy. He opened it to visitors by organizing a small private club on the northeast coast of the Caribbean in 1906. Club members could only get to this beach by passing through a cave, later destroyed by a tropical storm, but left its mark on the name. Today Doctor’s Cave Beach is a public town beach that is part of Jamaica’s second largest city, Montego Bay.

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Cornwall Beach is a private beach located on the west side of one of Jamaica’s largest cities, Montego Bay. Formerly a public town beach, its infrastructure has been updated and modernized. Despite its comfortable location – just a short walk from the HipStrip and beachfront amenities – it is little frequented by locals, so it is famous among tourists as a quiet and comfortable place for a family beach vacation.

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Silver Sands.

Silver Sands Beach, located in the northwestern part of Jamaica, is known as one of the calmest beaches on the island. It got its name because of the very light sand that covers the edge of the shore, going along the sea. This is the beach of choice for tourists who want to live in silence, enjoying solitude, but not too far away from the main resort center, Montego Bay. In addition to regular visitors, Silver Sands has long been popular with advanced windsurfers, aided by the region’s weather features.

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Boston Bay

Boston Bay’s open white sand beach with bright turquoise water is one of the most beautiful spots on Jamaica’s north coast and probably the most attractive for windsurfers in the region. It is also known as the home of jerky, a popular dish of meat, fish or chicken marinated with Jamaican peppers and other local spices and then grilled. It’s sold all over the place here.

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Blady Bay.

This beach was named Bloody Bay because of the bay on the shore of which it is located. There are several versions of the origin of this toponym. According to one legend, the bay was named after a violent battle that took place here at the time when Jamaica was still a pirate island. According to another legend, the whalers would gut their catch there and the blood of the whales would stain the bay.

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Relax at one of the most beautiful beaches in Portland County, Winnifred Beach between Blue Lagoon and Boston Bay near the county’s main town, Port Antonio. The second name – Fairy Hill Beach, this beach received for the territorial proximity to the town of the same name. Winnifred Beach, aka Fairy Hill Beach, is owned by the local community and is maintained by donations from visitors, being virtually the only publicly accessible free beach on the east coast of Jamaica.

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Rose Hall

Rose Hall Beach is primarily used by guests of the hotel of the same name. Rose Hall Beach is a 15-minute drive from Montego Bay Airport. The beach in this part of Jamaica is covered with white sands with golden highlights. The sea is shallow with a gradual increase in depth. Windy weather and waves are rare in this area, as is rainy weather. Almost year round, the temperature of the Caribbean sea and air, allows you to swim and sunbathe. Rose Hall Beach is mostly deserted, most tourists relax near the hotel complex pools. Honeymooners choose the beach for relaxation, and wedding ceremonies overlooking the Caribbean Sea are also often held here. Rose Hall Beach is a perfect combination of wildlife and comfortable rest.

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Treasure Beach, or Treasure Beach, is the name given to the 4 bays and surrounding fishing villages on Jamaica’s south coast. Its constituent bays, Billy, Franz, Calabash and Big Pedro Bay, are a tourist paradise for those seeking solitude, peace, a true Jamaican vacation. There are no comfortable beaches with a comprehensive infrastructure, expensive restaurants, swimming pools, nightclubs and other typical entertainment. But there is a lot of excellent sea, miles of deserted beach, delicious food at local cafes and reggae music played everywhere.

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Reggae Beach is a couple minutes drive from the town of Ocho Rios. Not too long ago, the picturesque beach was renamed the Bamboo Beach Club, which led to the place being called by both the former name and the latter.

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Frenchman’s Cove.

Frenchman’s Cove beach is the most beautiful beach in Jamaica. The first all-inclusive hotel of the same name was built on its shores. Frenchman’s Cove is located in the city of Portland. The beach area is small and surrounded by shady thickets of jungle, palm trees, almond trees and luxurious apartments, which can be rented. The beach surface is snow-white of soft sand. Completely unique Frenchman’s Cove became a rare phenomenon: a freshwater river flows into the sea. Both the sea and the river are not very deep, with smooth starts, so the beach is often visited by families with small children.

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Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios Bay Beach is located in the port town of Ocho Rios, and a few years ago it was a small fishing village. But the development of tourism in Jamaica has turned Ocho Rios into a popular center for diving, water sports, horseback riding and beach vacations. The beach also provides facilities for family picnics and friendly parties.

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James Bond.

James Bond Beach is named after the filming of the super agent James Bond movie of the same name, whose romantic scenes were filmed on the beach. The beach is also part of the estate of Flemming, author of the famous spy novel. James Bond Beach is located in North Jamaica on the northwest edge of the town of Oracabessa.

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Hellshire Beach is located near Portmore, a small town 15 km from the Jamaican capital of Kingston. The beach area is about 200 meters long. The entrance to the sea is smooth and not deep, and the water is crystal clear, transparent with a turquoise tint.

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Top 10: Best Beaches in Jamaica

With 1001beach, finding the perfect vacation spot will be easy and enjoyable. We have selected the best beaches in Jamaica and made ratings based on their natural features, availability of infrastructure and tourist reviews. On our site you will find the most complete information about beach vacations.

Paradise vacation in Jamaica – the best beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica is a real paradise for travelers who prefer to relax on the coasts of exotic countries. An island state in the Caribbean Sea with a tropical climate has ideal conditions for a carefree beach vacation. Due to visa-free regime Russians can fly to Jamaica at any time of year. The real heat above 30 degrees begins in July and August, and during the rest of the period the temperature is almost always over 20 degrees.

Paradise Vacation in Jamaica - Best Beaches in Jamaica

The most popular beaches in Jamaica

Doctors Cave Beach. This is one of the most famous old beaches of Jamaica. It is part of the Marine Park, which is famous for its beautiful scenery and clean sea with coral reefs. Snow-white sand and water with mineral components attracts tourists for recreation and recovery since 1906. Entrance to the beach area is paid, about $3.

Natural History Museum. Worth a visit.

Walter Fletcher Beach. The beach is located in the bay, it is suitable for quiet swimming even in strong winds. It is a favorite destination for families with children.

Cornwal Beach. This is a private beach, occupying a large area with an entertainment infrastructure for both adults and children.

Aguasol Themepark. A luxury park for families, where you can swim in the pools, visit the children’s bar. Recommended for children and lovers of outdoor activities.

Paradise Vacation in Jamaica - Best Beaches in Jamaica

The most fashionable Jamaican resort offers not only recreation on the beach and in beautiful hotels, but also an interesting nightlife. In Montego Bay you can walk around the ancient churches, visit exhibitions in museums (Blue Hall, Rose Hall, Greenwood Great House), the gallery of Indian art. The Sea Park is built for children, and there are underwater rides. Montego Bay hosts the Summer Reggae Festival, and the famous Pineapple Cup yacht regatta from Miami finishes.

Paradise Vacation in Jamaica - Best Beaches in Jamaica

Port Antonio. This beach resort in Jamaica is designed for connoisseurs of natural beauty. You can stay in a five-star hotel, or you can choose a rustic bungalow. There are 5 popular places around Port Antonio:

Boston Bay Beach This is Jamaica’s most suitable beach for tourists passionate about fishing, surfing and sports.

Frenchman’s Bay. It resembles a paradise, so it attracts couples in love and those who want to make an unusual photo shoot. Visiting the beach is paid on the spot, the cost of about $ 3.

Blue Lagoon Beach. The ethereal beauty of this coastline has repeatedly been used as a living set for the filming of movies, one of which is “Blue Lagoon”. This area is especially popular with tourists, so it can be crowded.

San San Beach. This is another beach in Jamaica that is used heavily for filming and photo shoots. Young couples come here in search of romance and memorable moments. Admission is paid, about $8, and you can visit this area from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Paradise Vacation in Jamaica - Best Beaches in Jamaica

Winnifred Beach The locals of Jamaica love this seashore for its golden sand and famous coral reef. People come here for picnics, parties, and to snorkel or scuba dive and enjoy the colorful underwater world.

Port Antonio is an actively visited tourist destination. Green massifs with fragrant floral fragrances and cozy hotels in the midst of mesmerizing landscapes give tourists an aesthetic pleasure during their vacation.

Ocho Rios Beach Resort

Turtle Beach. Jamaica’s white sand beach with shallow sea entry has an unusual crescent shape. There are chic hotels for families, golf and tennis areas. Annual festivals with jazz concerts are held. Dunn’s River Beach. The beach area near Dunn’s River Falls attracts nature lovers who want to take pictures against the backdrop of picturesque waterfalls (the length of the cascades is 180 m and the height is about 55 m).

Paradise Vacation in Jamaica - Best Beaches in Jamaica

Mallard Beach is located in the central part of the city and offers to combine a beach holiday with a visit to the Ocho Rios Art Gallery, restaurants, shopping centers and local markets.

James Bond Beach. A place known for the fact that one of the hotels was the creation of the famous story of James Bond.

Negril. This resort is home to Jamaica’s famous hotels and beaches, offering a cozy place to relax and rejuvenate.

Seven Mile Beach Drowned in coconut palm trees the resort was appreciated by hippies and lovers of sunbathing without clothes. It’s a popular nudist area.

Calico Jack. The pristine unspoiled coastline stretches for more than 11 kilometers. Nearby are small fishing villages, waterfall Yas and caves.

In addition to these places should also visit the town of Appleton, try the local rum, visit the Alligator Pound and Anansi Park.

Paradise Vacation in Jamaica - Best Beaches in Jamaica

Planning a vacation, you must be prepared for a long flight (12-14 hours) and the big time difference between Jamaica and Moscow (8 hours). But those factors are instantly forgotten when you get to know the best beaches and resorts in Jamaica.

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