The 5 best beaches in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Beaches of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is often referred to as a beach paradise. The year-round temperature is a balmy 23-25°C and the skies are rarely cloudy. The Canary Islands are unmatched for the number of beaches they have on offer.

The most beautiful beach on the island

Gran Canaria as a real continent can offer vacationers beaches of any plan. There are beaches very popular and crowded, cozy and well equipped, natural and secluded. And the nice thing is that whichever beach you choose, they are all public, which means admission is free and free.

Here are 25 beaches worthy of your attention.

Map of beaches

Puerto Rico

Beach Las Canteras

San Agustín Beach

Playa Ingles

Puerto de las Nieves Beach

Beach El Cabrón

Beach Las Burras

Pasito Blanco Beach

1. Maspalomas

Uplifting dunes, a huge beach, and gorgeous ocean!

Chic dunes, huge beach and gorgeous ocean!

Playa de Maspalomas is the southernmost coastal strip. Behind the sand dunes, the golden beach with a gentle descent stretches along the coast for 4 km. The bottom is covered with clean sand, although there are stony areas. There are trading kiosks, rent umbrellas, sun loungers. There is a special area for nudists.


The most beautiful beach on the island

The most beautiful beach on the island

Playa de los Amadores is 1.5 km removed to the west of Puerto Rico. It is the most beautiful beach of the coast with bright turquoise water and imported white sand. Marked by the Blue Flag.

3. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Beach

Puerto Rico

Playa Puerto Rico is sheltered from the winds. This spacious, golden sandy beach is considered the center of Gran Canaria’s aquatic activities. Nearby you will find the Atlantis water park and a golf course.

4. Las Canteras

Beach in the capital of Gran Canaria.

Beach in the capital of Gran Canaria

Playa Las Canteras is a clean 3 km long “golden” strip in the center of Las Palmas. The rocky reef of Barra in the bay serves as a natural breakwater. There are facilities for water sports, cafes, stores, rentals.

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5. Anfi del Mar

Unobstructed luxury on Anfi del Mar Beach

A luxurious vacation at Anfi del Mar Beach (Photo: El Coleccionista de Instantes Fotografía)

Playa Anfi del Mar is a beautiful beach in the bay, in front of the clubhouse of the same name. On the shore is imported coral white sand; the beach is surrounded by picturesque palm trees. On Anfi built restaurants and stores, there is a yacht port.

6. Melenara

Melenara Beach

Melenara beach (photo:

Playa de Melenara is a secluded beach near Telde with imported black sand. Popular for its seafood restaurants: they cook delicious sea bass here.

7. San Agustin

San Agustín beach

San Agustin beach (photo: Carlos Laín)

Playa de San Agustin is covered with dark gray sand. It is 670 meters long and has a slight slope. Fans of snorkeling and scuba diving come here. On the beach are cafes and stores, a restaurant “El Capitan”.

8. Mogan

Mogan beach is well protected from the weather

Mogan beach is well protected from the weather

Playa de Mogan is a golden sandy beach on the west coast. It has quiet water, plenty of fish, and excellent diving opportunities. Playa de Mogan is chosen by family vacationers.

9. Taurito

Taurito Beach

Taurito beach (photo: El Coleccionista de Instantes Fotografía)

Playa Taurito is an oasis of silence on the southern coast. A wide beach with gray sand and a smooth descent to the sea. Nearby is the Lago Taurito water park.

10. Guaedra

Guaedra Beach

Guaedra beach photo: Jack Montgomery)

Playa de Guayedra is a beautiful black beach in a bay overlooking Teide, surrounded by high cliffs. This secluded spot is reached on foot or by quad bike.

11. maranulas

Maranulas Beach

Maranulas beach (photo: dvd360_180)

Las Marañuelas is a beach in the town of Arguineguin. The mountains form a stable microclimate here. The width of the coastal strip is 14 m; the length is about 370 m. The water near the shore is usually calm, the sand is gray.

12. Playa Ingles

Playa Ingles Beach

Playa Inglés beach (photo: Hotel Playa del Ingles)

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Playa del Inglés is a crowded 2.7 km long beach with yellow sand from the Maspalomas dunes. The descent into the water is sandy. On the territory of Inglés – a lot of water activities. Nearby is a large shopping center ANEXO. 27.754198, -15.567885 (Photo: Hotel Playa del Ingles).

13. Puerto de las Nieves

Puerto de las Nieves resort village

The resort village of Puerto de las Nieves

Puerto de las Nieves is a beach destination in the northwest. The coast is covered with pebbles and gray sand; palm trees grow by the sea. The beach offers a picturesque panorama of the coastal cliffs.

14. Patalawaka

Patalawaka Beach

Playa Patalavaca (Photo: Dunas Hotels & Resorts)

Playa Patalavaca, two beaches separated by a cliff, are located in the village of the same name. The coast is covered with natural gray sand. Umbrellas and sun loungers are available for rent; a cafe is available.

15. Gui Gui

Wild Guay Gui Beach, which is rarely set foot on.

Wild Gui Gui beach, which is rarely set foot on (photo: juanmirg)

Playa de Guigui is a wild beach of fabulous beauty, a hard-to-reach part of the nature reserve. It has dark volcanic sand and bizarre rocks; the water is crystal, turquoise.

16. Aguadulce

Aguadulce Beach

Playa de Aguadulce is a beach in a clear bay near Tufia. In a secluded corner surrounded by rocks, tranquility reigns. The 150m long coastline is covered with yellow sand; the bottom is sandy, without stones. The clear water of the bay attracts divers.

17. Sardine

Sardine Beach, Gran Canaria

Sardina beach, Gran Canaria (photo: dvd360_180)

Playa de Sardina del Norte is a beach near the town of Galdar. The coast is divided into two zones: on the left is stony, on the right – with brown fine sand. The beach is surrounded by volcanic rocks. On windy days, surfers gather on Sardine.

18. el Cabrón

El Cabrón Beach

El Cabrón beach (photo: ALBERTO GONZALEZ)

Playa del Cabrón is a yellow sandy beach in a marine reserve, an ideal place for diving. There are no boats and no fishing boats. The water is impeccably clean, it is home to many species of fish.

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Beach Las Burras

Playa de Las Burras (photo: Manuel López Gutiérrez)

Playa de Las Burras is a small beach with natural yellow and gray sand. It is 350 meters long. A sand spit protects the shore from the waves, but the winds can be strong. The beach is equipped with facilities: there are rentals, showers, cafes, nearby is a shopping center YUPI.

20. Cochino

Cochino Beach

Cochino beach (photo: Ypsioca)

Playa de Cochino is a small beach with gray sand, closed off from the waves. It is located in the beach area of Maspalomas, next to Las Burras.

21. Puertillo

Puertillo Beach

Puertillo beach (Photo: Onofre Alvarado)

Playa de Puertillo is a 360m long beach in the northern part of Gran Canaria. The shore is covered with fine dark golden sand and the conditions of the bottom are favorable for diving. The beach is equipped and there are fish restaurants on the promenade.

22. Buriero

Buriero Beach

Playa de Burrero (photo: Carácter Visual)

Playa de Burrero is a beach near the town of Buriero on the east coast. It is about 400 m long. The sand is dark, gray-yellow, mixed with volcanic stone.

23. Farenoque

Wild Fareñoque Beach

The wild beach of Farenoque (photo: Kaslito)

Playa de Faneroque is a pristine “black” beach in a quiet cove, with cozy little lagoons closed off from the surf. You can easily access it on foot from Agaete.

24. Pasito Blanco

Pasito Blanco Beach

Playa de Pasito Blanco (photo: JESUS MONTANO)

Playa de Pasito Blanco is one of the emptiest beaches in the south of Gran Canaria. Located near the port of the same name, which can only be accessed by car if you have a yacht or property in the harbor. You can reach the beach on foot, leaving the car behind the gate. The sand is gray (photo: JESUS MONTANO)

25. Meloneras

Meloneras Beach

Meloneras beach (photo: Miguelángel)

Playa de Meloneras is a beach in the westernmost part of the coastal boulevard of Meloneras. It is usually not crowded here because the entrance to the water is rocky. But the beach is great for sunbathing, with no fuss.

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