The 40 best sights of Mallorca – descriptions and photos

Mallorca sights

Mallorca sights worth seeing are scattered all over the island: Palma de Mallorca, Almudena Palace, Sierra de Tramontana, Valldemossa, the Oceanarium, La Granja Estate, Belver Castle and others.

The beauty and sights of Mallorca were highly regarded by tourists from Europe in the middle of last century. At that time this Mediterranean resort was a real tourist boom and the island’s infrastructure has been intensively developed. Now Mallorca is probably the most comfortable, best place for a beach holiday in the entire Mediterranean.

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Palma de Mallorca is the largest city on the island, its administrative center, and the capital of the Balearic Islands community. The archipelago is an integral part of the Spanish Kingdom. The city was founded back in the days of ancient Rome, which has a lot of scientific and historical evidence. The Mallorca skyline is dominated by the Cathedral of St. Mary (Santa Maria). Its construction began in 1229. The consecration of the cathedral took place more than three centuries later, in 1601. In the 19th century the facade of the building was damaged by an earthquake. The reconstruction and restoration was carried out by the great architect, Antonio Gaudi. The jewel in the cathedral is a huge rose window. There is something similar only in Notre Dame de Paris in Paris. The organ in the cathedral is famous for its magnificent, unique sound, and is considered one of the best in all of Europe.

Mallorca sights

Almudena Palace

This structure is one of the oldest on the island. Situated not far from St. Mary’s cathedral. The palace was built in the 13th century with the defensive purposes. The place was very conveniently chosen, earlier on it stood the Arab fortress-alsakara. Nowadays the castle is the summer residence of the King of Spain and a Majorcan landmark. One half of it is private property of the royal family, the other half belongs to the military departments and the National Museum. The building has a rectangular shape with tall towers on each side. One of them has a sculpture of the archangel Gabriel, one of the heavenly protectors and patrons of the city. In the palace you can see the royal chamber, the bedroom and the hall. The walls of the hall decorate the magnificent paintings of famous artists, furniture from different eras is striking in its luxury and beauty. There you can also see the tapestries of the 16th-18th centuries. Not far from the palace of Almudena stands a royal chapel, named in honor of St. Anne. On the walls of the chapel you can see images of a variety of mythical animals. Below the palace, the royal gardens are a great place to relax.

Mallorca sights

Sierra de Tramontana

It is a mountain chain that runs along the coast, all along the northwestern side of Mallorca for almost 100 km. The highest point of the chain is on Mount Puig Mayor (1,445 m). The second highest mountain is Puig de Massanel (1364 m). The mountain range is famous for its unique nature, picturesque landscapes, valleys, green hills. UNESCO has recognized the Sierra de Tramontana as a valuable natural and cultural site. If you are interested in the sights of Mallorca, these mountains are worth a visit.


Valldemossa is a small port town located about 15 km from Palma. The population is just over 2 thousand people. The narrow streets of Valldemossa are reminiscent of the cities from ancient fairy tales. The patroness of the city is its native Catholic saint Catalina Tomas. Almost all the houses have ceramic plaques with her image on the doors. The rest of the world knew the town thanks to the writer George Sand. In her book Winter on Majorca she described her stay in Valldemossa with the composer Federic Chopin. One of the landmarks of Mallorca is the palace of King Sancho. It used to be the winter residence of the kings. It was built in the 14th century. The building is still in excellent condition. The ticket price includes a 15-minute performance of Chopin’s works. Of course, there is also a monument to the great composer, or rather his bust. It is located near the beautiful garden, near the Chopin Festival Association. There are many family bakeries in Valldemossa, the traditional dish is a potato pie “coca de patata”. Read also – prices in Palma de Mallorca.

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Palma de Mallorca Oceanarium

The Palma Oceanarium is another Mallorca attraction that opened relatively recently, in 2007. It includes 55 aquariums of different sizes, including the deepest aquarium in Europe. They put toothy sharks in it. The area of the whole complex is more than 41 thousand m2. It takes about 4 hours to take a full tour. Aquarium is also famous for the largest collection of corals. Several times it won the title “the best aquarium in Europe.

Mallorca sights

La Granja estate

One of the oldest cultural monuments in the whole region and a beautiful landmark of Mallorca. It is located 15 km from Palma. La Granja has been a famous property since Roman times. Among the interesting objects include a family chapel, a living room with a theater, a dungeon. La Granja is of great interest to those who are interested in the rural life and traditions of Mallorca. Here you can see items from the daily life of the island’s peasants. Twice a week, the farmstead hosts an exhibition where women in traditional national clothing stand behind the counters and sell lace, yarn, and embroidery to tourists. Lovers of drink and good food will not go away disappointed either. The local restaurant is famous for excellent cuisine. Cheese, wine, sausages, donuts, special Mallorcan pizza – everything for the dear guests.

Belver Castle

Belver is the biggest castle of the city and another Mallorcan landmark. For many centuries it has served as a defensive structure as well as a prison. In 1976 the castle opened a museum. It presents the history of the island from the time of primitive people to the Middle Ages. In the courtyard of Belver often held festivals, concerts and similar events. From the top floor of the castle offers a mesmerizing, very picturesque view of the sea and the city. Read also – questions about the island of Mallorca.

Castle Belver

Lewes Monastery

It is a monastery in the north of Mallorca, in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. According to legend, a simple shepherd found a statue of the Virgin Mary. He took it to the priest, but the statue disappeared and reappeared where it was found. The inhabitants thought it was a sign from God and decided to found a monastery on that site and St. Mary of Luke became the patroness of the island. There is a botanical garden and a museum on the monastery grounds. Twice a day there is a church service, obligatorily accompanied by the children’s choir Els Blauets. It has existed at the monastery since the 14th century. On the first weekend in August, at 11 p.m. the annual pilgrimage to the monastery begins from the capital of the island, from the Plaza Guell. The inhabitants believe that whoever passes this way will be forgiven for all the sins committed during the year. Every year, with the beginning of the first weekend of October, the monastery begins its Feria de la Sierra de Tramuntana & Agroalimentaria festival.

Mallorca sights

Alcudia and Albufera Park

Alcudia is a charming resort in the northeastern part of Mallorca. It is named after the ancient town of Alcudia, located 3 km from the coast. It is a very atmospheric Mallorca sight – narrow medieval streets, an ancient fortress wall, plenty of small stores, cafes and restaurants. There is a market every Tuesday and Sunday with plenty of local produce for sale. At 7 kilometers south of the town is a unique nature reserve S’Albufera. Its area is 1700 hectares. Scientists have counted more than 270 species of birds in the park. There are many hiking and biking trails through the reserve. For cars the path is closed. At the entrance to the reserve are signs and information center. There is an opportunity to take a walk around the lake. For those who are tired of the city noise, seek tranquility, and want to be away from the crowds, the town of Alcudia and Albufera Park are ideal for a holiday.

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Mallorca sights

Mondrago, a nature reserve

Mondrago is located in the southern part of the island. The area received the status of a protected area in 1992. The area of the reserve is only 785 hectares. The main attraction of Mallorca in this place is the very large variety of landscapes in such a small area. There are dunes and marshes, cliffs and forests, farmland and two picturesque beaches. In addition, the reserve is famous for its variety of bird species.

Mallorca sights

Sa Calobra Bay

The bay of Sa Calobra is bordered by a belt of rocks. This is a very beautiful place and another Mallorca attraction. To get there, you can take an extremely winding road, a real mountain serpentine. The scenery gives the impression of going very high up in the mountains. During the season there are caravans of buses and pleasure boats heading to Sa Calobra Bay.

Mallorca sights

Arte Caves.

Located on the northeast coast of the island, at a distance of 11 km from the town of Arta, near the town of Canyamel. The height of the halls of the caves in some places reaches up to 40 m. In one of them you can see the largest stalagmite in the world, 22 m high. The caves are very well equipped for tourists to visit. There are paved bridges, paths, stairs. The names of the halls were given peculiar: Heaven, Hell, the Hall of Diamonds, etc. On a special platform for tourists are played performances, chamber music. Tickets to this Mallorca attraction are sold in travel agencies all over the island.

Mallorca sights

Dragon Caves

The Dragon Caves are another natural attraction of Mallorca. The nearest village to the caves is Porto Cristo. Without the legends of mysterious treasures and treasures, of course, it is not without its legends. If they are to be believed, untold riches, formerly belonging to the Order of the Templars, are hidden on the island. All the passages have been thoroughly examined and studied in the 19th century. The route for tourists is about 1 km. Inside the cave several underground lakes, one of them, Martel, is considered the largest underground lake on the planet (length – 177 m, width 40 m). To make the lake even more attractive to tourists, it is highlighted in a special way and over the water surface are staged performances.

Porto Cristo Mallorca

Albufera Nature Park

Albufera is one of the largest nature reserves of the Bolear Islands, an area of 1,700 hectares and a landmark of Mallorca. It is among the wetlands of world significance. It is the largest wetland in the Mediterranean. It consists actually of a park and a freshwater lake. It is separated from the sea by a sand spit. The park is known for a large variety of bird species. On its territory can walk and ride a bike, but to make a picnic is strictly prohibited.


A small provincial town in the North-West of Mallorca. It lies in a beautiful valley with almond groves and orchards. It is about an hour’s train ride from Palma. Part of the way through the mountains through underground tunnels. The train stops at an observation deck. The view from there is so breathtaking. An interesting feature of the seats on the train – their backs can be rearranged, so that always be facing the direction of travel. In the market square of Soller almost all tourists look into the shop with traditional Majorcan products “Fet a Soller”. Opposite the aforementioned shop is a factory of natural delicious ice cream “Sa Fabrica de Gelats”. It has more than once been awarded international awards for quality. You can get to the sea from the train station in the center of Soller on an old, peculiar-looking streetcar. It goes almost directly to the orange orchards.

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Alfabia Gardens

The Alfabia Gardens are located near the village of Buñola and are another Mallorcan attraction. It is one of the few private estates on the island open to the public. The complex consists of an ancient aristocratic manor house (14th century) and the surrounding gardens. Mountains protect the gardens from cold winds from the north, so the vegetation is very lush. A lot of oranges, lemons, almonds and jasmine, there are olive plantations. From viewing platforms offer picturesque views. Fountains, streams and waterfalls are very common. The alleys are shady and comfortable for walking. The gardens are divided into two levels: upper and lower. In the lower part is a charming pond with swans. There, in the cafeteria, you can have a snack, drink juice from the fruit collected directly from the trees on the spot.

Cape Formentor

Cape Formentor is the eastern tip of the island of the same name. The viewpoints along the highway leading to it offer spectacular views of Mallorca’s landmarks, mountain ranges, the rocky island of Colomer and the distance to the sea. On the way to the promontory is the town of Polensa. Its history goes back centuries, to the time of the ancient Romans. The gardens are right in the town. The pristine beauty of the surroundings has always attracted and still attracts writers, artists, entertainers, just creative and art-loving people from all over the world to this place. One of the main attractions of Paulens is the climb up the stairs (365 steps) leading to the top of the hill Calvary. There is a chapel and a Gothic wooden cross. Through the narrow streets of the town you can walk to the monastery of Santo Domingo, the Church of the Virgin Mary and the Cockerel Spring. The rooster is the symbol of Polença.

Monastery of San Salvador

Located on a high (509 m) hill, which the locals call the Sacred Mountain. The monks lived in the monastery until 1992. Now it is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites and landmarks of Mallorca. Not far from the former monastery, there are two majestic monuments: a 14m high stone cross and a 35m high column topped with a statue of Christ with his hand in a gesture of blessing. The hill offers a breathtaking, indescribably beautiful view of Palma and the coast.

Capdepera Castle

Built under Jaime II. Originally conceived as a mighty fortress. The castle has 150 residential buildings. As the number of inhabitants grew steadily, in the 16th century, they began to build their homes outside the defensive structure. In the 18th century the military significance of the castle was finally lost and it was handed over to the local governor. It was abandoned for almost 200 years, in 1983 it was reconstructed.

These are all the main attractions of Mallorca that are worth seeing. The island can be explored endlessly, discovering new corners and beaches. If you want to do this without the crowds of tourists, it is better to come in the spring or fall. Summer on Mallorca is the peak season, especially on the beaches of Palma Nova, Magaluf. If you like Spain, subscribe to updates.

Mallorca Attractions

Belver Castle Cape Formentor Capdepera Castle Almudaina Palace Sa Calobra Cove Port de Soller Es Trenc Beach Alcudia Beaches

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Belver Castle

Belver Castle (photo)

Built in Gothic style between 1300 and 1311, Belver Castle was the summer residence of Mallorca’s King Jaime II.

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The castle stands 112 meters high and is located 2.5 kilometers from the historic center of Palma. Belver has an unusual shape: the castle is round and oriented in different directions. The three large horseshoe-shaped towers face south, west, east and the main tower faces north while the four smaller towers face northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest.

The castle has two floors: the lower one accommodates the servants’ quarters and the household rooms, all walls are windowless and there are only narrow loopholes; the upper floor contains the king’s and queen’s quarters, the kitchen, the chapel and the official rooms. Both floors are connected by small spiral staircases. The main entrance to Belver was on the north-west and the present one is on the north-east.

Coordinates : 39.56343600,2.61930500

Cape Formentor

Cape Formentor (photo)

Cape Formentor is Mallorca’s most beautiful landmark, surrounded by pine trees, majestic cliffs, the endless sea, whose blue waves pound the rocks with furious force, and the endless sky. From the observation deck you have a stunning view of the commanding mountains, the endless expanse of sea and the island of Colomer. The Formentor beach, one of the most beautiful hotels on the island, is astonishingly clean and harmonious, as is the nearby hotel.

In addition to the observation deck, you can also capture the beauty of nature by climbing up to the 16th century fortress, located 390 meters above sea level. Next to the tower is the lighthouse (by the way, also Formentor).

To be on Mallorca without seeing the world from the top of Formentor is not to be on Mallorca, or at least to miss half of its wondrous beauties.

Coordinates: 39.96501700,3.21450200

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Capdepera Castle

The Castle of Capdepera on Mallorca (photo)

The Castle of the Capdepera was built by King Jaime II to protect the local holdings. The Castle Museum is situated 130 meters above sea level and offers a beautiful view over several bays and the Straits between Mallorca and Menorca.

The walls and towers were completed in the 14th century. It was not profitable for the inhabitants to go outside the castle, so they had to live here for their own safety. Originally there were about 50 houses inside the fortress, and by the end of the XVI century their number increased to one hundred and fifty. However, as the city developed, residents gradually began to settle outside the castle walls at the foot of the mountains. After the professional military began to control the coast in the 18th century, the locals finally moved beyond the city walls. And the castle of Kappepera passed into the ownership of the governor.

In 1854 the castle passed into private hands and fell into disrepair. For about two hundred years it stood abandoned until it became municipal property. In 1983, its reconstruction began. Now it is one of the most popular attractions.

Coordinates: 39.70424400,3.43252500

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Almudaina Palace

Almudaina Palace (photo)

The palace of Almudaina is among the oldest in Spain. During the Moors Dynasty it was the residence of the Viziers and in 1230 it came under the ownership of the Royal Family. Nowadays it houses the military services and the National Museum.

The building of the palace is based on a solid foundation of rectangular shape, on the edges of the building attached rather high towers. The largest of the towers is topped with a copper sculpture of the Archangel Gabriel, who is revered as the city’s patron saint. This tower, built at the beginning of the 14th century, is called Angel’s Tower. Another tower named De los Capes (which translates as “Tower of the Heads”) was used during executions by displaying the severed heads of criminals for all to see.

The main decoration of the palace is considered to be the Honorary, or Royal, Courtyard, in which the Chapel of St. Anne, built in the XIV century, is located. The architecture of this small temple corresponds to the Romanesque style. The entrance is decorated with a decorative pattern with images of mythical animals. The Gothic Throne Room, the ruins of the Arabian baths, and the Royal Gardens at the foot of the palace are very popular with tourists.

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Coordinates: 39.56881200,2.64860600

Sa Calobra Bay

Sa Calobra Bay (photo)

Sa Calobra Cove is a stunning natural spectacle. The panorama which opens up to tourists on sightseeing trips will impress even the most skeptical person.

The journey to the bay of Sa Calobra begins with overcoming the serpentine mountain road. For 80 kilometers you can admire the breathtaking mountain scenery, which literally drives fans of heights. During this trip the bus slowly creeps along the edge of a bottomless abyss on a narrow track, but this somehow ceases to pay attention, looking at the unfolding behind the windows of the panorama. You just have to press the camera button in time not to miss a single detail of the landscape, hidden behind the haze of clouds.

The sea that washes around the fabulous gorge of Sa Calobra, which for some reason is so beloved by cats, can hardly be called calm, because even on days without storms or wind, it still throws big waves on the shore. This is where some scenes from the Sinbad the Sailor movie were filmed. It’s an amazing place, worthy of sincere admiration.

Coordinates: 39.85065500,2.79979700

Port de Soller

Port de Soller (photo)

The Port de Soller is above all a promenade, a three kilometers long promenade along which there are numerous hotels, restaurants and souvenir stores.

On the opposite side of the bay from the piers is a cozy sandy beach with a gentle entry into the sea and a string of coastal cafes, and on top of the mountain at the entrance to the bay is a maritime museum.

Port de Soller is located in a very picturesque place. It is on a plain and surrounded by mountains.

The town of Soller is about five kilometers from the port. Its name comes from the Arabic “Sulyar” and translates as “golden valley”.

The port and town are connected by a tramway line running the famous old yellow wagons.

Coordinates: 39.79714900,2.69563100

Es Trenc

Es Trenc beach (photo)

Located in the south of Mallorca, Es Trenc is one of the most popular beaches on the island. It features beautiful white sand and crystal clear water on a gentle slope. The hot summer sands, complementing the dunes, stretch for 3 km in length. The beach is home to more than 170 species of birds, making it even more beautiful and ornate.

The beach is visited by about 10,000 tourists in the summer seasons, which negatively affects the condition and preservation of the beach. There are a lot of nudists on the beach, which has cemented its status as one of the few nudist beaches in Mallorca.

The beach area is protected and restored by the Balearic Islands Regional Authority.

Coordinates: 39.34306000,2.98656500

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Alcudia Beaches

The beaches of Alcudia on Mallorca (photo)

Alcudia is a village in the Balearic Islands, the main tourist center of Mallorca. Along with the strip of sandy beaches, the main attractions of the municipality are the water amusement park and the Hotetur Bellevue, the largest resort in Europe.

Alcudia flows seamlessly into Playa de Muro, home to a birdwatching reserve that is extremely popular with bird watchers. Alcudia has several beautiful beaches, from the popular Port d’Alcidia, ideal for holidaymakers with children, to the unspoilt and hidden coastline of Coll Baix.

Coordinates: 39.85533300,3.12249200

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