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Sydney is the capital of the Australian state of New South Wales, a colorful and diverse, the largest and oldest city in Australia located in the southeast of the country. Sydney was founded on January 26, 1788, by Arthur Phillip, head of the first party of British colonists, and named after the English Minister of the Interior, Lord Sidney. It was granted city status on July 20, 1842.

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General Info

Sydney is home to the nation’s tallest buildings, the Sydney Television Tower (259 m) and the headquarters of the largest insurance company (244 m). In addition to the concert hall, the Sydney Opera House has a dramatic opera house, a cinema, restaurants and a library. The city has many gardens and parks, the largest of which is the Royal Botanical Gardens. On the other north shore of the bay (Taronga) – one of the best zoos in the world. In the area of deep-water Pittwater Bay are fashionable suburbs, buried in the greenery (among which you can see a koala) – Mona Vale, Newport, Avalon, Palm Beach. Sydney is the business center of the country, its financial capital. Most of the state’s manufacturing industry is concentrated here.

The Sydney Opera House is the city’s calling card.

See and Do

From big-city hustle and bustle to wildlife and glamorous beach holidays, Sydney offers an abundance of sightseeing and entertainment to suit every taste. No other city in the world can compare Sydney for the number of beaches, scattered in its vicinity.

Surrounded by beaches, mountains and parks, Sydney has something to attract tourists. But apparently not only for its natural beauty Sydney is famous if it was able to transform from a convict settlement in the 17th century to the economic and cultural center of the 21st century, hosting more than 2.6 million tourists a year.

Closer to the center – Hyde Park, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Parliament, Treasury, Art Gallery, Royal Botanical Gardens and finally you are on the waterfront of Sydney Harbour, and ahead is a panorama of the main symbols of the city – the Opera, the Bridge and the Tower – all in full harmony with the collective design of creators of architectural appearance of the city.

Here it is better to walk around and take unique pictures for memory. Soar 300 meters into the heart of Sydney and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city over a leisurely, lavish Australian lunch at the Sydney Tower’s revolving restaurant. A visit to the Rocks area takes you on a journey into the cities past and then the City, the heart of business Sydney, the day it is today and the day it is tomorrow. A stroll through Darling Harbour is sure to take you to the Chinese Garden.

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Sydney Zoo Giraffe

Who wouldn’t dream of taking a ride on an actual paddle steamer from a bygone era, complete with traditional jazz? Take a cruise around Sydney Harbour and get a glimpse of Sydney from the water’s edge, enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch of Australian and Asian food, or just enjoy plenty of seafood. And after dinner, you can take in an impromptu Dixieland jazz concert.

Sydney Harbor is the center of its charm, culture and history. Whether you cross it by ferry, drive over the Harbor Bridge or just stare out at it from the terrace of a local restaurant, you’ll still find it magnificent. Overlooking the harbor are the domes of the Opera House, an architectural marvel that is somewhat of a symbol of the city.

Cruise ship in Sydney Harbor

There are countless attractions within the harbor. A place called The Rocks, the oldest English settlement in Australia, has many fine restored old buildings, galleries, restaurants and stores. To the east of here is Macquarie Street, flanked on both sides by beautiful sandstone buildings. From here you can walk to the Royal Botanic Gardens, where a huge number of flowers grow. To the west lies the reborn Darling Harbour, a giant district with museums, delightful parks, restaurants, galleries and an IMAX cinema.

Sydney Harbour’s Darling Aquarium, famous for its unique inhabitants of the tropical seas and oceans, is justly considered one of the most spectacular and interesting aquariums in the world. It is also one of the largest in the world. The Aquarium features over 5,000 waterfowl exhibited in various types of “sea labs,” which include three huge floating oceanariums, 27 large tanks, and 23 small aquariums. More than 1 million people visit the Aquarium in a year. Walking in a glass tunnel through the water column, you can meet sharks and rays, turtles and other inhabitants of the South Seas. Underwater acrylic tunnels allow visitors to travel beneath the water and directly observe life in the deep sea. The inhabitants of the sea can even be “touched” in the specially designed pools. Deep diving is also possible.

Beyond the city are the fashionable eastern suburbs of Wollara and Double Bay, with their Victorian architecture and cozy cafes. A little further along are Sydney’s most popular beaches, which can be reached by bus or ferry. Bondi and Manly are considered the best, but there are many others too, just look around. Be sure to visit nearby Glebe and Newtown, which attract people with their cheap stores, bookstores, bars and cafes. King’s Cross somewhat resembles Times Square in New York with its cheap hotels and restaurants. Surrey Hills, Darlinghurst, and Paddington have a huge number of restaurants, cafes, and stores.

Flashmob in the city street

For about 40,000 years, Sydney was home to Aboriginal people until Captain James Cook sailed into Botany Bay in 1770, after which the era of European colonization began. Cook dropped anchor in the harbor and, after exploring the coast north of it, declared the eastern part of the continent the property of the British Crown.

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In 1788 the first European settlers arrived here, and a convict settlement was established at the present site of Sydney. The site was cleared, and the first houses grew up where Sackular Quay now stands. The young colony put down roots and the surrounding area was named Rocks. Despite early setbacks and problems, the city grew, and many elegant stone buildings were built during Macquarie’s governorship.

Hyde Park in Sydney

In the 19th century, the gold rush and the World’s Fair gave new impetus to the city’s development. The beginning of the 20th century was marked by the unification of the Australian colonies, which recognized Sydney as their capital. After that, the city greatly expanded and became important to the country.

Although Sydney is now home to more than 4 million people, its people are friendlier and more hospitable than those of other large cities.

Sydney’s climate and beautiful scenery offer plenty of outdoor activities, and many travelers are drawn to the cultural and historic attractions of downtown Sydney. In Sydney, travelers don’t have to be torn between cultural and natural attractions, Australia’s capital city has both, and much more.

Sydney sights

Hyde Park Sydney Opera House Sydney Aquarium Chinese Friendship Garden Sydney Tower Hillsong Church Sydney Airport

This site contains Sydney attractions – photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you’ll find answers to questions: what to see in Sydney, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places in Sydney.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park (photo)

Australia’s first park appeared in Sydney in 1810. Its founder was Governor Lachlan Macquarie. Sydney Park got its name in honor of its London counterpart.

Today Hyde Park is the center of public recreation – people come here for a walk, to sit with friends on the bench, to jog or to lie with a book on the emerald lawn. The main rule of the park is a total ban on alcoholic beverages.

Hyde Park has its own attractions. There is a memorial to Captain James Cook, as well as a monument to the victims of war. Especially popular with visitors is the Archibald Fountain, where live music is always playing.

Coordinates: -19.27697700,146.79593100

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House (photo)

Before the Opera House the Harbour Bridge was Sydney’s crown jewel but now tourists draw their gaze briefly to its giant steel arch. They’re drawn to it like a magnet, with the Opera House’s beautiful winged silhouette floating above the harbor waters.

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It took 14 years to build and cost 102 million Australian dollars, when the original estimate was four years and seven million dollars. However, despite the gigantic cost overrun of all imaginable resources, on October 20, 1973 Queen Elizabeth II of England inaugurated the Sydney Opera House, which has since been a huge theater complex, including about a dozen different-sized halls for various purposes: a concert hall for more than 2.5 thousand spectators, an opera house for over 2.5 thousand spectators, an amphitheater, an amphitheater, an opera house, an amphitheater, an opera house, an amphitheatre. The concert hall with an audience of 2,500, the opera house with an audience of 1,500, the drama theater with more than 500 seats, the drama and comedy theater, the theater studio and several other smaller halls, one of which is open-air in the inner area of the complex.

The Sydney Opera House can host five performances at a time. The total number of rooms in the theater is about a thousand, including lobbies, restaurants, bars, and gift stores. The building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Coordinates : -33.85644600,151.21513400

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Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge is one of Sydney’s most recognizable and popular landmarks. Only the famous Opera House can be more famous than it. Harbor Bridge is one of the largest bridges in the world with an unusual arch shape. Architect John Crewe Bradfield realized an idea from the beginning of the last century to connect the center of Sydney with its isolated northern neighborhoods.

The project, which had been attempted since the early nineteenth century, was not realized until 1926. To recoup the enormous costs, the bridge was tolled at $2. At the top of the Harbor Bridge was equipped with observation deck, which offers a panoramic view of the city of Sydney. Since 1998, began to organize tours, and all tourists diligently overcome the fear of heights to make great memorable pictures. The ascent to the top takes about half an hour and everyone needs a special suit with a safety net and special shoes on rubber soles.

Coordinates: -33.85222200,151.21055600

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Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Aquarium (photo)

The Sydney Aquarium was opened in 1988. Today it is one of the largest in the world with over 650 species of marine life. The aquarium is the most visited place in the city, and more than half of the visitors are from other countries.

Among the coral reefs of the aquarium there are more than 6000 fish and marine animals. But the main attraction is a series of underwater tunnels, where huge 300-pound sharks swim above the heads of visitors. Some of the sharks are up to 3 meters long.

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The total volume of the aquarium is 2.6 million liters of water. In addition to fish and sharks there is an aquarium with New Zealand seals.

Coordinates: -33.86996800,151.20212200

Friendship Garden of China

Chinese friendship garden (photo)

In the southernmost part of the hemisphere away from your home country is a traditional Chinese garden. It was built in Sydney in 1988 as a sign of cooperation between the Australian and Chinese governments. The Friendship Garden was detailed according to ancient Chinese garden design standards and is a piece of another culture. All visitors and residents of Sydney can get acquainted with it.

The garden was created by specialists from Guangzhou, which is Sydney’s sister city. The main difference between Chinese decorative gardens from the familiar to us European landscapes is that they do not have specially planted beds and trimmed lawns. Instead, corners of wild nature – miniature waterfalls, mountains, lakes and forests are created on the natural territory. In the classical tradition of Chinese gardens, four basic elements – water, plants, stones and architecture – are evenly and harmoniously combined in the area.

Coordinates : -33.87634800,151.20277000

Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower (photo)

The Sydney Tower is one of the city’s most famous and unusual landmarks. It was completed in 1981 and from day one it has been a very popular tourist attraction. Second only to New Zealand’s Sky Tower, it is the second tallest structure in the southern hemisphere. The total height of the tower is 305 meters, with the top floor at 260 meters.

Several high-speed elevators inside the tower take tourists up to the observation deck, which is located 250 meters above the ground. Here, a bird’s-eye view of Sydney and its surroundings opens up into the sky. Tourists see a huge metropolis with skyscrapers, a picturesque bay with a lot of ships, the sky-blue ocean surrounded by mountains. All this and much more can be seen from the observation deck. By the way, especially persistent ones can try to climb up the stairs and test their stamina.

Nowadays, the Sydney Tower is very popular. This is a real entertainment center. In addition to the observation deck, the revolving restaurants are of interest to tourists. They are located in the so-called “Golden Basket” – located under the observation deck, an eight-story tower with several hundred windows.

Coordinates : -33.87043800,151.20876000

Hillsong Church

Hillsong Church (photo)

Hillsong Church is a church in Sydney, Australia.The white church building has an unusual shape. Opposite it is Hillsong College, the building is in the same modern style as the church.

The church is known for its orthodox views of the Christian religion, while at the same time adopting modern approaches in its activities. Hillsong has its own music label and themed CDs sell millions of copies worldwide. Spiritual music with Christian lyrics, stylized as secular music, incorporates elements of rock and pop styles, and is very popular.

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The church has a department that is responsible for the church’s work with children from birth to age 6, and teaches the little ones about Jesus in a playful way. Every year it organizes summer camps and international conferences. In this way, the church reaches a large audience of parishioners of all ages.

Coordinates: -33.73319800,150.96108600

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Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport (photo)

Kingsford Smith International Airport is located 13 kilometers from Sydney and is the largest commercial airport in Australia.

Sydney Airport is the busiest in Australia and one of the oldest continuously operating airports in the world.

The airport has five runways and the smallest area in comparison with other airports of large cities in Australia.

Sydney Airport has three passenger terminals.

The first terminal serves international flights, it is located in the north-western part of the airport. Arrivals hall is on the first floor of the terminal.

The second terminal serves domestic flights and is located in the north-eastern part of the airport. The zero floor of the terminal performs arrival-departure operations of passengers, while the check-in area and baggage claim area are located on the first floor.

The third terminal provides domestic transportation and is also located in the north-eastern part of the airport. In the third terminal there is the luxury lounge, a large number of stores and cafes.

All three terminals are equipped with boarding ramps. The second and third terminals are located at a short distance from each other, but the first terminal will take longer to reach. The local subway station Airport Link, which takes 2 minutes, or the

T-bus, which takes 10 minutes and A$3 to get you to the arrivals area.

The airport has luggage carts, luggage lockers, a post office, stores, and rooms for kids.

Sydney Airport is served by more than 35 airlines daily.

It should be noted that the airport has a curfew that does not allow planes to fly between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. So you should not arrive at the airport late at night to leave early in the morning on the first flight. At this time, of all the terminals is open only the first, and then – a small area with limited facilities.

Coordinates: -33.92812100,151.17170300

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