The 30 best sights of Anapa – descriptions and photos

Guide to Anapa: Walnut Grove, Cypress Lake and remnants of ancient Greece

Anapa is a Russian resort on the Black Sea. There is a large sandy shore and a lot of entertainment: water and land attractions. People come to the city to walk along the long promenade, visit the dolphinarium and water park, get on an excursion to a winery and see lotuses.

I will tell you how to rest in Anapa, including active, where to walk, what attractions to visit and what time it is better to come.

What to see in Anapa and where to go

Anapa – one of the oldest cities in Russia, which was built two and a half thousand years ago by the Greeks.

In the IV century the city was captured by the Goths and completely destroyed it, and on its place founded a commercial settlement. In 1479 the territory of modern Anapa was conquered by Turkish troops and re-established the city. Later, the Ottoman Empire and Tsarist Russia fought over the land. After long battles Russia was still able to occupy Anapa. In 1900 Anapa acquired the status of a resort town.

The route of a self-guided walk to the main attractions can be seen on the map.

Anapa Lighthouse

One of the symbols of Anapa is considered the city lighthouse. He appeared here over 100 years ago, but during World War II it was destroyed by retreating German troops. Now you will see a new lighthouse, which was built in 1955. Its lights are visible at a distance of nearly 30 km and serve as a guide for ships. There are no tours inside the lighthouse, but you can look around the outside and take pictures.

You can get here by buses number 2, 9, 24 and 25. Get off at the Protapova Street stop.

The lighthouse is a white octahedral structure with three horizontal black stripes. The height of the lighthouse – 21 meters.

Quay and mineral water pump room

Take a walk along the seafront, visit the pump room with mineral waters, which is a monument to the Soviet spa industry. It’s a Soviet heritage site and you can try the curative water from the local springs. A glass costs 10 ₽, you can buy a bottle for 25 ₽.

The promenade is finished with white granite stones that look beautiful in the sunlight and in the lights at night.

In summer, they sell fried corn and ice cream, there are playgrounds with rides and souvenir shops. Along the walkways are two tiers of cafes and restaurants.

On the waterfront is the Alley of Love, which stretches to the lighthouse. It is quieter and quieter here, because there are no bars and restaurants on the territory, and in the evening you can watch a beautiful sunset

“The Flower Clock.

Colorful flowerbed with a clock mechanism is located on a small slope between Lenin, Krepostnaya and Kirov streets. Its diameter is about 10 meters. Inside the dial – Roman numerals III, VI, IX and XII. The clock changes its bright colors depending on the time of day and flowering season.

To find the clock, take a bus to the “City Polyclinic” stop.

Russian Gate

A white stone gate with two cannons in front of it is all that remains of the mighty Turkish fortress of 1783. The fortifications were destroyed in 1855 during the Crimean War. The Allies were afraid that Anapa could be occupied, so they took such a decision. Today it is an architectural monument and the only preserved part of the three-kilometer fortress wall, which reached eight meters in height.

Originally, the gate was called the Turkish Gate, but in the year of the 25th anniversary of liberation from the Ottoman Empire, it was renamed the Russian Gate.

Buses number 2, 7 and 25 go to the gate.

Entrance to the gate is closed, but through the fence you can see the stone, carved with “Here lie the ashes of Russian soldiers who fell at the walls of Anapa. 1788-1828”

Anapa museums

In the local history museum you can see old postcards with city buildings, weapons of the Russian-Turkish wars, ribbon picture with seagulls and swans, dioramas “Forest”, “Steppe” and “Floes”, a collection of butterflies, stuffed birds and animals, Turkish household items, a collection of Circassian armor, daggers and swords.

The museum also has an exposition on the Great Patriotic War with flags, weapons, badges and things of soldiers.

The second complex of the museum is archeological museum called “Gorgippia. It is located near the Russian Gates. You’ll see the remains of the ancient Greek city of the same name, which was located here from the IX century BC to the III century AD. Visitors will be impressed by the remains of the residential quarter: basements of houses, foundations and fragments of temple facades, columns. And then there’s the crypt with frescoes based on the mythic exploits of Hercules.

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At the exhibition you can learn about the structure of an ancient Greek house, see household items, jewelry and valuables: utensils of ancient inhabitants, bronze coins and stone sculptures.

Tickets cost from ₽250, depending on the number of exhibitions. Tickets can be purchased on the official website: in the department of local history, in the department of archeology.

Stairs “800 steps”.

If you take a bus #114 to the end stop “GSC #12”, you will find yourself on the edge of a cliff with a stunning view of the turquoise sea and the beach below. You can get there by the stairs “800 steps”.

This pleasant walk takes about 10 minutes. There are benches along the stairs, so if you get tired on the way down or up, you can take a break.

You can walk down the steps to the beach. The road will take about 10 minutes, but it is harder and longer to go up. Along the stairs are benches

Park “Walnut Grove”.

For a leisurely stroll, head to Walnut Grove Park, where walnut trees grow. Here walk with children, do sports, read books on the benches, ride bicycles.

On the territory of the park you will find a playground with slides and swings, car rental, trainers. There is also a rose garden.

The park is open daily from 6:00 to 22:00. You can enter it from the embankment, Ivan Golubts street and the intersection of Tamanskaya and Mayakovskogo streets. There are buses №100, 111 and 121.

The paths in the park are tiled. You can comfortably ride scooters and bikes, but not so much rollerblades.

30th Anniversary of Victory Park

In Victory 30th Anniversary Park, you can relax on a hot day in the shade of the trees, buy ice cream and cotton candy. On the territory there is also a landmark – a monument “White Hat”, which symbolizes the holiday at the Black Sea resort.

It is pleasant to walk around the park: there are well-groomed lawns, flowerbeds and benches for relaxing, as well as fountains, which are illuminated in the evening, which makes the water jets become multicolored.

On the Walk of Fame are slabs with the names of famous film, culture and art figures. The path is decorated with antique columns with laurel wreaths.

In the park there are cafes, restaurants and shopping pavilions where you can buy souvenirs, jewelry, pearls, beach accessories. Here you can find and attractions, rooms of fear and laughter, shooting gallery, auto track “Formula 1”, electric car rental, rope town.

To get to the park you can take buses 109, 121, 129, 130, 132.

Several times a day from the sea station of Anapa pleasure boats depart. The cost is about 400 ₽.

What to see on the outskirts of Anapa

Gai-Kodzor winery

Near Anapa there is a winery “Gai-Kodzor”, which you can get to with a guided tour. In the cellar you will be shown the barrels where the wine is aged. You will learn about the varieties of grapes from which drinks are made, take pictures with a view of the vineyards. The visit also includes a tasting, and you can buy your favorite wines here in the store.

It takes an hour and a half to get to the winery from the stop “Krasnozelenykh Street” by bus 104. The cost of the tour is from 700 ₽.

Cypress Lake.

One day, go for a swim between 32 cypress trees that are almost a hundred years old at the Cypress Lake in Sukko.

In the fall, the tree crowns are impressive in their hues, from red to brown. The area itself is surrounded by hills that protect the lake from the wind. The depth of the reservoir near the trees is about 1.5 meters, so you can approach the cypresses directly on the water. Cypresses are almost 30 meters high, and their trunk is almost half a meter in diameter.

You can get here from the bus stop 109. It only takes an hour and a half.

Akhtanizovskiy firth with lotuses

You can reach Akhtanizovskoe firth, where lotuses grow, in 30 minutes by car. Botanist-enthusiasts brought them here from India more than 60 years ago. Boats leave from the shore every 20 minutes to get to the plants. It costs ₽700 per person to board.

From July to August, when the lotuses bloom, the surface of the lake turns into a pink-green field. After the petals fall off, a cone-shaped box with seeds is left on the cuttings. They are allowed to pluck them, and many people bring these seeds home.

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What entertainment is in Anapa


Windsurfing is popular at the resort, which is practiced on a pebble beach near the sanatorium “Malaya Bukhta”. On the wave spot “Crying Rock” near the lighthouse there is a school and equipment rental “Anapa Surfing”.

For ₽ 2500 you can take a lesson with an instructor. At first you are told theory in 20 minutes: sequence of actions at the first steps in windsurfing and safety measures. Then you pass to practice on water.

Sapboard rentals are available from ₽1000 per hour.


In Anapa you can go scuba diving. Go to the dive center “Utrish”, where you will be offered to look at the sunken ship and the museum of anchors under water. Diving is available for both beginners and advanced divers, on any day, regardless of wind direction. The cost starts at ₽2500.

It takes about two hours to get here by bus № 109 from the bus stop “East Market” in the direction of the village Sukko.

Water park “Tiki-Tak”.

In this water park there are about 20 attractions – children’s, family, extreme.

Many come to the water park with children, for them provided “Luzha” – a shallow pool. Work animators, who arrange various competitions. Often there are foam parties and discos on the dance floor.

The entrance fee is 1500 ₽. You can get here by bus 100, 105, 107, 112, 113, 114, 128, 129, 130 to the stop “Aquapark”. Please note that the water park is closed for the winter.


In Anapa Dolphinarium you will see northern fur seals, beluga whale and dolphins. The site is located in the open air and only works in the warm season.

Entrance fee is from ₽600. You can also swim with a dolphin here from ₽2,000. Get to the dolphinarium by bus number 109 to the stop “Big Utrish”.

Spectator stands are located on the shore of the lagoon, so visitors can observe the view of the sea and mountains

Where to eat in Anapa

Kuban’s calling card is Cossack cuisine. The locals have popular borscht and dumplings with all sorts of fillings. The cuisine is also famous for fish dishes, because the city is located on the shore of the sea.

The restaurant offers Georgian cuisine and there is Georgian music playing in the hall. There is a children’s room with a babysitter, where the little ones will be supervised while the adults dine. Try the shish kebab, khachapuri and khinkali. The average check is 800-2000 ₽.

Russian wines and Italian and Mediterranean dishes are served here. Order filet mignon, scallops and Greek salad. The restaurant is on two levels and has solid wooden furniture inside. The average check is 1000-2700 ₽.

The restaurant will please you with Italian cuisine. Try the broccoli with anchovy sauce and pizza on thin dough. The interior is filled with light hues – white chairs, railings and tulle, even the ceiling is made of white wood. In summer there is an open veranda. The restaurant also has a children’s room. The average check is 2,000-2,500 ₽.

This oyster bar has really inexpensive oysters and seafood. There is an aquarium in the room where you can choose your delicacies. If you don’t know how to eat oysters properly, the staff will tell you and show you. The average check is 280-1000 ₽.

There is a beautiful view of the sea from here. The interior of the grill bar features wooden tables and wicker chairs, greenery and white tulle. Be sure to try the seafood wok. The average check is ₽1,500-2,000.

Another grill bar with delicious cocktails, and on weekends it’s always fun here: loud music plays, everyone dances. The average check is 700-1500 ₽.

The cafe has inexpensive food and wines from Kuban producers. Try the baked beets with goat cheese mousse with pesto sauce for only 180 ₽, and the Black Sea fish. The average check is 800-1000 ₽.

These are the coffee shops that are located in Gudovich Square. Near the first one usually sit outside, on the stairs with pillows, and admire the tall pines. The price of a cup of cappuccino is 159-199 ₽. Expa Cafe brews coffee in different ways and gives out Wi-Fi. The price of a cup of cappuccino is 160-200 ₽.

When to go to Anapa

In Anapa at any time of the year, the air is dry, aromatic herbs grow and there is sea water with magnesium ions, therapeutic mud and mineral springs. That is why the city has built a lot of sanatoriums, which come for treatment.

Cappadocia in Turkey.

In the center of Anapa many boulevards and parks. For a walk around the city come mainly in spring when everything is in bloom. The air temperature during the season reaches 20 ° C, and water – 15 ° C.

In summer, the water temperature reaches 24 ° C, and the air – 30 ° C. Many people come to Anapa with children, because the beach there is shallow and swimming is safe. You can consider the Central City Beach near the sea port, as well as the beach near Dzhemete, Vityazevo and on Bugazskaya spit. Near the sanatorium “Malaya Bukhta” you can rent a deck chair under a canopy for 200 ₽ per day. Near the lighthouse there is also a pebble beach. You can find a paid beach with fine pebbles at the hotel “Golden Bay” – admission for the whole day costs ₽1200.

In autumn, the air temperature in Anapa averages 15 ° C, and water – 10 ° C. Towards the end of the season it begins to rain.

This winter in Anapa almost never happens, as the snow is rare and melts quickly. The air temperature reaches an average of -2 ° C. It often rains and blows strong winds, in winter the city is gloomy and gray.

How to get to Anapa

Vityazevo International Airport is located outside the city. To get from the airport to the city, take bus number 113. The road to the center will take about 50 minutes.

The stop of public transport is located 30 meters from the exit of the terminal, at the exit of Vityazevo. It will take you 30 minutes to get to the city by cab and cost about ₽300.

The railway station is located in the town itself. Near the bus stop you can take buses 100, 102, 103, 105, 106, 107, 108, 108, 112, 119, 122, 133, 612, as well as buses number 113, 120, 127, 129, 130. On them you can go almost anywhere in the city.

To Anapa also twice a day by train from Crimea from the station in Kerch. The ride to the city is about two hours, and the cost is 461 ₽. Between Anapa and Krasnodar also runs an electric train “Lastochka” – travel about three hours, the ticket costs from 600 ₽.

By car and bus you can come to the city from several sides – from the Crimea, Sochi, Krasnodar and Rostov.

How to move around the city

The city is not very big, so most of the visitors move around on foot. You can also get anywhere by public transport or cab.

Yandex Taxi and Uber work in the city. Prices start at 120 ₽.

Buses in the city are old and without air conditioning, so it’s stuffy in the summer. A ride costs from 22 ₽, and around the neighborhoods from 56 ₽.

Anapa also has bicycle and electric scooter rentals – URentBike. Prices start from 2 ₽ per minute.

Where to stay in Anapa

There are sandy beaches in the villages of Vityazevo and Dzhemete, and there are sandy, pebble beaches, attractions, parks and attractions within walking distance in the center of Anapa. In the villages of Sukko and Bolshoi Utrish you will also find pebble beaches.

Hotel “Utesov” is located on the ledge of a rock, so the rooms have a view of the sea. Nearby is the beach, and the hotel has restaurants.

In the village of Vityazevo on the beach there is a hotel “Sand and Sea”. Here vacationers relax in the spa with sauna, hammam and indoor pool.

Alean Family Doville Hotel is famous for its large territory with swimming pools, mini-aquapark, playgrounds for children’s games and sports, beach, Saint Michel restaurant with author’s menu, health and beauty center with thermal area.

Sunmarinn Hotel boasts a private beach and views of the sea from the rooms. People come here with children, as there is an animation program for them. You can also relax in the heated pool on the hotel grounds.

Aurum Family Resort & SPA is located on the seashore – the beach is about a minute walk away. There is a swimming pool and playground, aqua-thermal complex with pearl, milk, and body baths, as well as Sharko shower, Georgian restaurant, cafe-bar with alcoholic beverages, snack-bar on the beach, and a gym.

Hotel Corudo Family Resort & Spa offers vacationers a panoramic rooftop pool and sea views from the rooms.

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What to bring from Anapa

From Anapa bring local wine – “Black Healer”, “Secret desire”, “Kagor”, “Craftiness and Love”. Drinks can be found in supermarkets and local winemakers.

As a souvenir suit and cosmetics based on therapeutic volcanic and silt mud. There is a deposit of volcanic mud – there are more than 50 volcanic hills. You can find cosmetics based on the mud in the “Sea of Cosmetics” stores. Some people buy natural mud in the form of powder.

In winter from Anapa bring woolen clothes, because in the southern climate, sheep and goat wool is soft, fluffy and clean. Buy socks, mittens, down jacket or hat.

From Anapa bring fragrant pads with herbs or juniper shavings. They cure headaches, refresh or restore sleep.

From vacation also bring sweets – baklava, churchela, nut nougat, chak-chak. All this can be found in the markets. Oriental sweets – products of the brands “Vanilla”, “Randa”, “Metropolis” – are also sold in supermarkets.

Travel tips

Usually plane tickets to Anapa are more expensive than to Krasnodar. Often the prices are twice as different. To save money, many fly to Krasnodar airport and get to Anapa in three hours on the train “Lastochka”, which costs from 600 ₽.

2. At the end of summer in Anapa, the sea is covered with algae and blooms. At this time it is better to swim on pebble beaches, where there are no sea plants. For example, on the beaches of the High Coast or Sukko.

3. Water under the cypress trees goes away in November and arrives in April. So if you want to swim near them, go to Anapa in summer. In winter you can only take pictures.

4. If you stay in the suburbs of Anapa and decided to take a walk in the center in the evening, getting back will be problematic. In the evening buses are full, so it’s better to look for bus stops closer to the beginning of the route or take a cab.

Attractions of Anapa

Big Utrish Bugazskaya Spit Gorgippia Airport Vityazevo Museum Gorgippia Street Pushkin Quay Anapa

This site contains sights of Anapa – photos, description and tips for travelers. The list is based on popular travel guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you will find answers to questions: what to see in Anapa, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places of Anapa.

Bolshoi Utrish

Bolshoi Utrish (photo)

Bolshoi Utrish – a unique nature reserve (area 5112 hectares), the kingdom of wilderness recreation, lured by songbirds, rare butterflies, steep cliffs and small hills, nudist pebble beaches and sunny lagoons, a fabulous forest of relict junipers and pistachios, five-meter waterfall and plenty of fish.

The presence of fish diversity and clear water (the water here does not bloom), makes underwater fishing in these places unforgettable and delicious.

In addition to starred sturgeon, sturgeon, plaice and sea dragon, here you can admire the dolphins and seals, some of the brightest representatives of which surprise with their unique abilities in the famous Utrish Dolphinarium. Dolphins sing, paint, waltz, play the balalaika.

To the southeast of Bolshoi Utrish, after eight kilometers, begins Small Utrish. Also a protected and no less admirable place.

Coordinates: 44.77013700,37.38784800

Bugazskaya Kosa

Paradise place. Sea there stupendernoe, pure and warm, looking at all this nature grabs spirit. ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I advise you to visit Bugazskaya spit… in Blagoveshchenskaya village, we came from there.

And what attractions of Anapa did you like? There are icons next to the photo, by clicking on them you can rate this or that place.

Bugazskaya Kosa

Bugazskaya Spit (photo)

Bugazskaya Spit is more than 10 km of wild, best sandy beaches of the Taman Peninsula.

The noise of the surf, the warm sea, the transparent water of which allows to see crayfish and jellyfish from a safe distance (for those who are afraid), the sandy and absolutely deserted beach, opening new horizons for recreation, the matchless sun by day and the stirring sunset in the evening. There is sure to come a moment when you feel like a desert island. The feeling of prostration is magnificent.

By the way, on both sides of the spit there are car camping.

Coordinates: 45.09679100,36.97174100

In photo mode you can view sights in Anapa only by photo.


Gorgippia (photo)

The ancient city was founded in the 4th century BC. Ancient settlement got its name from the first king Gorgippe. The city was a stone buildings, which occupy an area of 40 hectares. The perimeter of Gorgippia was surrounded by a high paling.

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The Sindian tribes inhabiting the city were engaged in craft work, raising cattle and cultivating wheat. They had their own customs, dress and language. In the 1st century B.C. Gorgippia was a big trading center. Sindians minted their own money and held fairs.

The city came to complete destruction in 240 BC. The barbarians who ruined Gorgippia contributed to this.

Its remains were found in the XX century. Archaeologists have partially excavated the burial grounds and city quarters. On this site it was decided to open a museum under the same name. As exhibits there are plates with marble inscriptions, fish salting pots, sarcophagi, remains of wineries and much more.

Coordinates : 44.89655900,37.30853700

Vityazevo Airport

Vityazevo Airport (photo)

Vityazevo Airport has international status and is one of the top twenty airports in the country.

It is located ten minutes from the center of Anapa. The main flow of passengers is during tourist season. The fact that Anapa is the largest children’s resort in Russia – every year it is visited by up to three million people.

Vityazevo Airport is used not only by civil aviation, but also by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Since 2011, the airport is undergoing global restoration work.

Coordinates: 45.00222200,37.34722200

Gorgippia Museum

Museum of Gorgippia (photo)

Gorgippia Museum is located in the center of Anapa. On an area of 2 hectares in the open air collected archaeological monuments from the city of Gorgippia, which was located in this area more than 2000 years ago.

In the heart of the resort Anapa is an archaeological museum-reserve “Gorgippia”, where you can see the ruins of the ancient Bosporan city, founded by the ancient Greeks on the Black Sea.

The history of ancient Gorgippia goes back to the IV century BC, when Greek settlers began to trade on the Black Sea. At that time on the territory of modern Anapa was founded city, its streets were paved, in the shops was boiling with work with metals, fishermen traded their goods on the main square, and winemakers offered customers sunny wines of the Bosporan Kingdom.

Gorgippia Museum offers a look at the ruins of buildings, areas of sidewalk, fragments of ceramics, which were extracted from the ground through the efforts of domestic archaeologists. You can see the classic Greek ceramics and sculptures and learn the history of the region.

Coordinates: 44.89627000,37.31042500

Pushkin Street

Pushkin Street (photo)

Pushkin Street in Anapa is 1100 meters long and runs through 4 blocks. Despite its short length, there are many attractions worthy of attention of tourists. On the street there are six health centers: “Anapa Ocean”, “Rus'”, “DiLuch”, “BFO”, “Moth” and “Kuban”. At the end of the street is “Russian Gate”, which is the remnants of the Turkish fortress of the 18th century, and the park named after Thirty Years of Victory with a variety of attractions.

Between Pushkin Street and the Embankment is an archaeological museum under the open sky “Gorgippia”, which presents part of the excavated ancient city of the 4th century BC. And at the intersection of Sobornaya Street is the church of St. Onufrius, which is a historical monument of the 19th century and the oldest Orthodox church in the city.

Coordinates: 44.89554100,37.31158700

Are you curious to know how well you know the sights of Anapa?

Anapa embankment

The embankment of Anapa (photo)

Anapa embankment is the main point where tourist flows in the resort. The embankment is a long landscaped stretch of the Black Sea coast, which unites the main attractions of the city.

Two-tier embankment stretches along the Black Sea in the center of Anapa. Numerous cafes are concentrated here, it is pleasant to stroll along the embankment during the day or admire the sunset in the evening. From the embankment offers a great view of the sea and boats moored in the bay.

Anapa embankment descends from north to south along the city beach, the park named after Thirty Years of Victory and comes close to the lighthouse, which is probably the most romantic place in town.

On the promenade you can find many interesting ways to spend the day – walking along the promenade of Anapa, holidaymakers can look into the Water Park, the Archaeological Museum of Gorgippia, go water-skiing, send children to the rides.

Coordinates: 44.90020700,37.31608700

The most popular attractions in Anapa with descriptions and photos for every taste. Choose the best places to visit famous places of Anapa on our website.

More attractions in Anapa

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