The 30 best sights in Frankfurt am Main – descriptions and photos

Frankfurt am Main sights

History Museum Museum Museum of Modern Art Jewish Museum Frankfurt Airport Museum of Communications Museum of Applied Arts Museum of the River Main

This site compiles Frankfurt am Main sights – photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular guidebooks and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you’ll find answers to questions: what to see in Frankfurt am Main, where to go, and where are the popular and interesting places in Frankfurt am Main.

Historical Museum

Historical Museum (photo)

The Historisches Museum in Frankfurt am Main was founded in 1878. It includes cultural and historical objects related to the history of the city. In 1955 it moved to Saalhof. In 1972, the museum was reopened in Franufurth am Main.

The museum has several permanent exhibitions in chronological order: “Medieval Frankfurt”, “Late Middle Ages”, “Time from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century”, “Frankfurt of the nineteenth century and its history” and “Frankfurt as a metropolis from 1866 to 2001”. A special display also includes various exhibitions.

Coordinates: 50.110000,8.68200000

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art (photo)

The Museum of Modern Art (Museum fur Moderne Kunst) has one of Europe’s most famous collections of modern art. It is mainly pop-art, object art and spatial installations. These include works by Andy Warhod, Kles Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein, Josef Beius and Rainer Rutenbeck.

The museum is continuously expanding its collection of American and European art from the 1960s to the present day and organizes exhibitions of young artists and new art forms.

Coordinates : 50.11172900,8.68461400

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Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum (photo)

The Jewish Museum, located in the former Rothschild Palace on the Unternmainkai, is dedicated to the history of Jewish communities in Frankfurt and Germany. Topics include the first Jewish settlements in the 12th century, the end of the Frankfurt ghetto, the struggle for social integration and the new beginnings of Jewish communities after 1945. Through objects of everyday life and worship, the daily existence and festivities in the synagogue and at home are narrated. The Jewish Museum in Building 10 shows more the religious side than the everyday life of the community, unlike the second Jewish Museum in Kurt-Schumacher Strasse.

The coordinates are: 50.10713500,8.67451000

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Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport (photo)

The airport is located 12 km from the center of Frankfurt at the intersection of two busy highways, one of which is the autobahn. The location of the airport terminal makes it profitable to use and develop not only transport services, but also a number of additional services for business, such as office rental.

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The airport operates during the day and evening hours from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Night departures and reception of aircraft are prohibited by a court decision.

The airport has two terminals and four runways. A separate terminal receives and sends passengers Lufthansa.

The internal infrastructure of terminals is a modern waiting room, which offers a full range of related services: stores, cafes, restaurants, banks, free internet access, VIP-room. The airport has developed transport links with Frankfurt and other cities. You can come by any ground transport: car, train, bus and cab. For travel within the airport from terminal to terminal you can rent a bike.

Coordinates: 50.03817900,8.56035200

Communications Museum

Museum of Communications (photo)

On Frankfurt’s famous Schaumainkai promenade, the Museum für Kommunikation (Museum für Kommunikation), founded in 1995, is located. The exhibitions in the Museum Communications are dedicated to the development of postal and television communications.

Here you can see old telephones, faxes, telegraphs and much more. The museum is open to the public on all days except Mondays.

Coordinates: 50.10465000,8.67621400

Museum of Applied Arts

Museum of Applied Arts (photo)

The Museum für Angewandte Kunst was founded in 1985 in Frankfurt am Main on the Museum Embankment.

The exhibition occupies two buildings: the Villa Metzler, built in 1803 and the new building, built in 1985 by the American architect Richard Meyer in the park adjacent to the villa.

The museum has over 30,000 different items of European and Asian arts and crafts from ancient times to the present day: Persian carpets and faience from the 9th century, Rococo furniture, glassware from the 15th century and modern digital graphics. There is also a library in the museum.

Coordinates: 50.10638800,8.68138800

Museum of Applied Arts

Museum of Applied Arts (photo)

The Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt am Main was founded in 1877. It is housed in two buildings, so vast is the scope of the museum. One is the Villa Metzler, built in 1803, the other is a modern building designed by Richard Meyer (1985) in the park next to the villa. The museum found its place on the famous Museum Quay (Schaumainkai).

The exhibition of the Museum of Applied Art has more than 30 thousand works collected from around the world. Here are samples of arts and crafts from the Far East, Islamic and European countries from ancient times to the present day, the age of some exhibits is more than 6 thousand years. Collections of Persian carpets, unique baroque furniture, glassware of the Renaissance (some of it created in Venice) and samples of modern digital graphics are worth seeing.

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The modern building of the museum is a work of art in itself – it has an original lighting system and unusual architectural solutions.

Coordinates: 50.94024800,6.95529600

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River Main

Main River (photo)

The Main is the longest inland German river and also the longest right tributary of the Rhine, with a length of about 570 km. In addition, the Main is the only river in Central Europe, whose course has a direction from east to west, which is very unusual for Central European rivers. The Main is formed by the confluence of two springs – the Red Main and the White Main. The latter begins 22 km northeast of the city of Bayreuth, near Mount Fichtel, and the Red Main – in the mountain pasture, 12 km south of Bayreuth. The name of the river comes from the Celtic language, where it sounds like Mogin or Moyne. In the 1st century B.C. the Romans Latinized it as “Moenus,” and the river did not get its modern name until the middle of the 14th century.

On the river Main are such cities as Kulmbach, Bayreuth, Frankfurt am Main and Würzburg. Its navigable part is about 400 km long. There are several major river ports on this stretch. Tourists are offered various excursions on comfortable motor boats as well as hiking and biking tours along the river.

Coordinates: 49.99447100,8.29476400

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More sights in Frankfurt am Main

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The best sights of Frankfurt am Main with pictures and descriptions.

Frankfurt is the alpha-city with many landmarks, as it is considered the center of cultural development.

Frankfurt am Main is a city of huge skyscrapers in Germany. Frankfurt is the alpha-city because it is considered the center of cultural development, education and tourism for all of Germany. One of the most important reasons why this city is so beloved by travelers is that the genius of Goethe, the greatest German poet and writer, was born here. The highlight and peculiarity of Frankfurt are the half-timbered houses, you won’t find that anywhere else.

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Read this text to learn about the main sights in Frankfurt am Main and see colorful photos of the most interesting places.

The skyscrapers of Frankfurt am Main

The Maintauer is Frankfurt’s famous skyscraper with an all-glass facade. It is believed that this skyscraper is higher than the Eiffel Tower. It is quite cozy and interesting because it displays the works of contemporary artists, video installations, etc. There are two observation decks and restaurants at the top, where you can taste the local cuisine and admire the beauty of the city. The skyscraper has shopping halls, so if you want to bring home different souvenirs, gifts for friends and family, you are welcome to Maintower.

The Meintauer is a famous skyscraper and landmark in Frankfurt with an all-glass facade.

You can get to this skyscraper by subway to the station Willy-Brandt-Platz or you can take the streetcar S1, S9 to the stop Taunusanlage. Maintauer is open every day and viewing platforms are open to guests from 10:00 to 19:00. Entrance fee is 6 euros. Address: Nu Meinzer Strasse 52-58; Frankfurt am Main / Germany. Phone: 49 69 36504740 Website:

The Messeturm is a German skyscraper located near the Frankfurt Trade Fair. In 1990 this skyscraper was considered to be the tallest architectural structure in Europe. Today it is in third place in height. Although the Messeturm is primarily an office building it also has a nursery, a small coffee house and a house of prayer.

Messeturm is a German skyscraper that is close to the Frankfurt Fair.

If you have a desire to see with your own eyes the other skyscrapers of Frankfurt am Main, you will need this list:

  • Commerzbank-Tower;
  • Trianon;
  • “The twin towers of the Bank of Germany;
  • Tower 185;
  • Westendstrasse 1;
  • Tower 185.

Architectural sights of the city

The Old Opera House is one of Frankfurt’s most important and interesting sights. This atmospheric building was built in 1880 in the style of Greek architecture. The opera suffered enough damage during World War II and was in a deplorable condition for a long time, as the Germans could not decide whether to put so much effort into rebuilding the dilapidated building. Forty years later, the Old Opera house has been restored to its former glory, and once again welcomes an appreciative audience.

The Old Opera House is one of Frankfurt's most important and interesting sights.

In addition to hosting great concerts and performances, you can purchase tickets for a guided tour of the Opera House.

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If you would like to attend a guided tour, you should definitely call and reserve tickets in advance (from 9:00 to 15:00). The Old Opera House is open daily from 12:00 to 23:00. Address: Opernplatz 1; Frankfurt am Main / Germany. Tel.: 49 1578 5521843

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral is not only an unusual and unique architectural landmark of Frankfurt, but also a true historical monument of the city. In Germany this cathedral is called the Imperial Cathedral because German sovereigns were crowned here. This building, whose beauty is admired by many people today, survived the fire and war devastation of 1944. To this day, some kings, such as Günter von Schwarzburg and Ludwig von Holzhausen, have their tombstones in the cathedral. A special feature and pride of the Imperial Cathedral is the majestic organ.

St. Bartholomew's Cathedral is not only an unusual and unique architectural landmark of Frankfurt, but also a real historical monument of the city.

The Remerberg square is the heart of Frankfurt. Coronation ceremonies of the Kaisers were held on this square. It’s also where you’ll find the Goethe Museum, a favorite of all tourists. Also this square is famous for the fact that here are the facades of the three houses of wealthy citizens of the nineteenth century, which stand in a row. These buildings are called the symbol of Frankfurt. In Remberg you can find the town hall and the famous sculptural fountain “Justice”. If history is to be believed, during the coronations of emperors, white and red wine was served in the fountain. This is how the emperor himself thanked his people.

Römerberg Square is the heart and landmark of Frankfurt.

If you want to see other architectural sights in Frankfurt am Main, you are advised to take a look at this list:

  • Frauenfreidenkirche Church;
  • St. Paul’s Church;
  • St. Nicholas Church;
  • Eschenheim Tower;
  • Frobenius Institute;
  • Church of St. Catherine;
  • Brig building;
  • Zeil Street;
  • Frauenfriedenkirche.

City Museums

The Historical Museum in Frankfurt am Main is located in Remberg. It is a rather large museum with a huge number of exhibits . Here you can learn the entire history of Frankfurt from the beginning to the present day. The original appearance and construction of the building sparked protests from residents because they felt that the museum was not built in the style of Frankfurt and did not fit in with it. So in 2011, the museum was dismantled and another building in medieval style was built in its place. One of the most popular exhibits in the museum is the model of the three Frankfurt models by the Truner brothers. The main model depicts medieval Frankfurt and the other two represent the city center during the Second World War.

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The Historical Museum in Frankfurt am Main is a unique architectural landmark.

Address: 19 Salgasse Str.; Frankfurt am Main / Germany. Web site:

The Goethe House Museum is the same house where the talented poet and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born . In 1859, the new owner of the house, after learning that the great man and the pride of German art had grown up here, converted it into a museum.

The first exposition of this museum fully replicates the interior of the house where Goethe lived. Also here you can see his personal library, a small puppet theater and letters of the author of “Young Werther”.

And the second exposition contains a unique collection of paintings, which reflects the era in which Goethe lived. It is an amazing place with an amazing history.

The Goethe House Museum is a landmark in Frankfurt and is the same house where the talented poet and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born.

Address: 23-25 Grober Hirschgraben Str.; Frankfurt am Main / Germany. Contact phone: 49 69 138800 Website:

Natural attractions in Frankfurt am Main

The Salmengarten is an oasis in the heart of the city. It is a favorite place of Frankfurt citizens and tourists alike. In this garden you can discover not only the species of rare plants, but also to visit the garden, which was dedicated to the famous Goethe, who loved gardening. Also in the “Palmengarten” is the oldest glass building – the “Palmenhaus” .

The Palmengarten is a landmark in Frankfurt and a cozy corner, an oasis in the heart of the city.

In this botanical garden not only guided tours, but also festivals and music concerts are held. It is a suitable place for both children and adults.

“Palmengarten” is open from 9:00 to 16:00. Tickets for adults cost 5 euros; for children and teenagers 2 euros; group tours (no more than 20 people) 4 euros. Address: Sießmeierstraße 61; Frankfurt am Main / Germany. Contact phone: 49 69 21233939 Website:

What to see and do in Frankfurt am Main in 1 day?

  • Frankfurt Zoo (this place is on the list of the most amazing places in Frankfurt. If you come to this city with kids, don’t miss the opportunity to pamper them);
  • Palace Park ;
  • Bauernmarkt Konstablerwache shopping center ;

Head & Tails. Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main is the financial heart of Europe: stock exchanges, investment banks, deals worth billions, trillions of euros every day. How do people rest in Europe’s most businesslike city, and do people rest here at all? Watch the video and draw conclusions!

If you have already visited Frankfurt am Main in Germany, you can share your impressions and your photos. And if you only plan to visit this atmospheric city, we wish you a good trip!

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