The 30 best sights in Boston – descriptions and photos

The sights of Boston, USA.

Many attractions in Boston are related to the American Revolution, as this city is the cradle of it. So Boston is a kind of American St. Petersburg.

But first things first. What can you see, what to do and where to go in Boston . All the attractions are on the map above, which moves, enlarges, and can be opened in a separate window.

Flight to Boston, USA from London, UK ⇧

Yesterday flew to Boston, USA from London . The distance between London and Boston is 5300 kilometers. The flight took almost 7 hours and was a bit bumpy, but all in all it was calm and normal.

London-Boston flight schedule ⇧

American customs ⇧ American customs

I don’t know if it’s because there aren’t many Russians flying in on this route, or because we were more cheerful and animatedly talking and joking in line at the customs than the other passengers, but they were checking us thoroughly for a long time. They put us on different tables and compared readings, shook out all the things, and asked why we were carrying so little stuff for the whole month. When we asked what the problem was they said no problem, go ahead.

Boston ⇧ Boston is the capital city of the U.S. state.

Boston is the capital city of the U.S. state of Massachusetts.


On the way to the hotel Boston seemed like a nice town. Yesterday we only managed to get through customs, where we were held for an extra 30 minutes, drive to the hotel, check in, and have dinner in the hotel restaurant.

The Fairmont Hotel

Fairmont Copley PlazaFairmont Copley Plaza room

At Vlad’s insistence, we stayed at the Fairmont Hotel. It’s kind of famous, like a five star hotel. We are staying at the Fairmont Hotel which is kind of famous and kind of 5 star. The door jambs repainted ten times over, even without taking off the old paint. But the bed is really chic.

I bought an American sim card with the Internet without a contract.

We bought sim cards. The procedure took an hour – it’s not a standard situation to get unlimited internet for cash on the prepay (as only in this case you can be sure that they won’t charge you more).

Boston sights ⇧

It should be understood that many places in Boston are of interest either to American citizens or professional historians. We just wandered around the city in the morning, not obsessing over visiting any of the places. In fact, of all the attractions we visited only Boston Common Park.

We had lunch at the Top of the Hub restaurant located on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Tower with a wonderful view of Boston.

Christmas balls

Next to that skyscraper they decorated the city with these Christmas decorations!

It was located at 826 Boylston Street.

Addendum: A glass Prudetial center now stands on this spot.

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Boston Common Park and Community Garden ⇧

Boston Common is Boston’s main city park and covers about 20 hectares, not the largest American park, but it is considered to be the oldest in all of America – it is almost 200 years old. Before the park was laid out here, criminals were hanged on the “Great Elm”.

Boston Public Garden

The community garden was established in 1837 as a botanical garden, which at the time, was the first garden of its kind in the United States. Today it is a public park, a favorite place of citizens. The park features many monuments and sculptures. It is located across the street from Boston Common Park, forming a single area with it. The park has a number of restrictions, such as prohibiting the use of bicycles. There are two artificial ponds, a monument to J. Washington, a 40-meter monument to Civil War heroes and a bronze fountain from France. In the wintertime an ice rink is made available for visitors. There is a public garden adjacent to the park.

Boston Public Garden

Get your car ⇧ The car instead of the reservation

We rented a car but instead of the ordered Chrysler 300 we got a minivan (more expensive as it seems). Vlad is indignant for a long time.

Trouble with the Fairmont Hotel ⇧ We checked out of the hotel.

Afterwards we checked out of the hotel and went for a short walk in the city. Then we checked out of the hotel and went for a walk in the city. They promised to pay us back (one more time about the usefulness of paying in cash!).

Our program in Boston was very small. But there are many more attractions in Boston, although most of them are of interest only to Americans or specialists, as related to the history of the American Revolution.

  1. Freedom Trail. Made of red bricks itinerary, 4 kilometers long, which starts in Boston Common and finishes in Boston Harbor, where the oldest sailing ship in the world still capable of sailing, the Constitution, is anchored. The trail takes hikers through the historic sites of Boston’s struggle with the English crown for independence. All points of the route, as well as many other monuments, are equipped with signs and plates with descriptions. It is for the uniqueness of this organization that the trail can safely be considered a landmark in its own right. Other historic sites would do well to learn from this experience;

Another monument to Benjamin Franklin . The building’s appearance and function have changed several times, and its present appearance has very little to do with the time of his life;

New Year’s Eve Boston ⇧

As in many cities, on New Year’s Eve in Boston different events are held, which, according to the organizers, should attract tourists to the city. But since it’s become commonplace in many cities, it’s no surprise and no one is attracted to such events. That is, if the city is not decorated for the New Year, it will be noticed and condemned. And if it is decorated, everything is normal, it should be like this.

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New Year’s Eve events in Boston in 2022.

Many New Year’s Eve events take place in Copley Square, including the final countdown. All events are free. On January 1, there is a performance for children and their parents from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For adults, an event called “getting out of the hangover after New Year’s Eve” takes place at any bar! :-)

Family Fireworks Boston Comon

    Family Fireworks. At 7 p.m. on December 31, there is a fireworks display over Boston Common Park . It is, so to speak, a children’s fireworks display. As I’ve noticed many times before, life in America is shifted by the clock about 2 hours earlier. For this reason, welcoming the new year at 12 a.m., for American children is the equivalent of 2 a.m. for ours. Most children still find it hard to “live” until that late hour. Therefore, a children’s or family fireworks display is a very sensible decision;

Boston: weather, time now. Currency exchange rate ⇧

1 USD = 62.23 RUB Local time and date: 08:34:40 11.09.2022

Boston sights

North Station Boston University All Saints Church City Garden Salem Witch Museum Massachusetts State Capitol Longfellow Bridge Old Beacon Hill and North End neighborhoods

This site compiles Boston attractions – photos, descriptions, and travel tips. The list is based on popular guidebooks and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you’ll find answers to what to see in Boston, where to go, and where the popular and interesting places in Boston are.

North Station

North Station (photo)

North Station is Boston’s second largest train station, second only to South Station. Amtrak trains to New Hampshire and Maine, the MBTA serving several suburban destinations, and the Metro Green and Orange lines depart from the North Station.

North Station is within walking distance of the North End, Boston’s Italian neighborhood, also known as “Little Italy.” It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boston, consisting of only five blocks, but a third of its residents have Italian roots.

Not far from the train station building is also the famous “Cradle of Liberty” – Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Since 1742 this historic building was used as a covered market and conference hall. Here the first settlers and independence fighters from Old England gave their speeches in favor of democracy and freedom.

Near the train station are the large indoor TD Garden Sports Complex, the Science Museum, and many other famous Boston landmarks.

Coordinates : 42.36625700,-71.06112100

Boston University

Boston University (photo)

Boston University is one of the largest and most famous institutions of higher learning not only in the country, but also beyond. The university takes its history from as far back as 1839. During that time a huge number of highly qualified specialists have been trained within its walls. Now it’s a private educational institution, one of the four largest universities in the United States.

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The university consists of 18 colleges and schools. It has 13 departments and offers 250 degree programs at different levels, including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. There are more than 30,000 students and about 4,000 faculty members.

There are two academic buildings in downtown Boston. Other campuses are located in London, Washington, D.C., Dubai and Los Angeles. Throughout their studies, students live comfortably on campus. There are excellent facilities for them to actively participate in social life and participate in sports. Boston University graduates are in great demand all over the world. Already in the first six months after graduation, they find a good job.

For tourists, this place will be interesting in terms of cultural monuments.

Coordinates: 42.35094700,-71.10530800

What Boston landmarks did you enjoy? There are icons next to the photo, by clicking on which you can rate this or that place.

All Saints Church

All Saints Church (photo)

All Saints Church was built in 1892 with donations from Colonel Oliver Peabody and is a masterpiece of early twentieth-century American parish church architecture. The church is located in the Dorchester neighborhood of south Boston, near the Ashmont subway station on the Red Line.

The church building was designed by the young architect Ralph Adams Cram and is a milestone in the history of American architecture. The building is constructed of limestone quarried in Nova Scotia, Canada, and clad in granite mined in Quincy, Massachusetts. The church was placed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

The interior of the church is decorated with oak panels and colored glass stained glass windows by renowned artists. In 1995, a C. B. Fisk, Inc. It is accompanied by a choir of boys who sing on Sundays in the church.

Coordinates : 42.28594500,-71.06351900

In photo mode, you can view landmarks in Boston by photo only.

Public Garden

City Garden (photo)

The Boston Public Garden is part of Boston Common Park. Over the years, it has been both a pasture and a place of public execution. But, over time, it has become a favorite place for recreation not only among the citizens, but also for visitors to the city.

The public garden was founded in 1837. It is located in the heart of the city, being a real oasis. Its territory is covered with lush vegetation, a lot of different trees. Walking through the garden, you meet on your way a lot of beautiful fountains and statues.

The main attraction in the public garden is the boat ride, which resembles the shape of swans. This tradition has 120 years of history. It is revered by the older generation as well as young people. Boston visitors also enjoy taking part in this entertainment.

The nature in this place is very carefully protected. In a number of places, it is forbidden to walk on the lawn or ride a bicycle. In the winter, the pond is used for ice skating.

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The best time to visit this wonderful place is considered the period from April to June and September to November.

Coordinates : 42.35518200,-71.06557800

Salem Witch Museum

Salem Witch Museum (photo)

Salem was once a small town that was famous throughout the world for witch hunting. A visit to the Salem Witch Museum will allow you to go back to 1962, dip into that time and feel a part of it.

In the late 17th century, the town of Salem was the site of a trial of 5 girls who were possessed, screaming and beating in convulsions. A witch hunt began in the city, which prompted the opening of museums in the future.

There are several museums in Salem: the largest witch museum in the world, the Witches Dungeon Museum, and the Peabody Essex Museum.

The Witches Museum contains about 500 original documents of witch trials and the horrifying instruments of torture of the time. All of these will help you immerse yourself in history: sets, full-length figures, symbols, paraphernalia, and lighting. The museum provides such a service as an online guide to the museum, which will tell you about stereotypes, different opinions on the interpretation of witchcraft, as well as the witches themselves and witch-hunting.

There are also gift stores everywhere, where you can buy cards, accessories, souvenirs, clothes (in a peculiar style, of course, but they come in handy for Halloween), and more. The bookstore is also the place to fully satisfy your curiosity.

The museum is open all year round: 10am to 5pm daily, 10am to 7pm in July and August.

Coordinates : 42.52171200,-70.89651800

Massachusetts State Capitol

Massachusetts state capitol (photo)

The Massachusetts State Capitol was erected between 1795 and 1797 in Boston. It is located in an area called Beacon Hill, next to Boston Common Park. Within its walls the chambers of the two branches of government, legislative and executive, of Massachusetts, meet.

The main distinguishing feature of this structure is the golden dome. Originally it was made of wood, then it became copper, and already in 1874 the dome was covered with gold leaf. During the Second World War, it was repainted black for camouflage purposes. Two years after the end of the war, the dome once again shone with a golden hue. In order to keep the golden dome of the capitol shine, it is periodically renewed every 25-30 years. The last restoration was done in 1997. The dome is covered with a very thin material, through which even the direct rays of the sun can penetrate.

On top of the structure is a pine cone, which symbolizes the special importance of the forest industry in terms of the formation of the economy of the region at that time.

The Capitol in the city is better known as the New State House. This is how residents distinguish it from the Old State House.

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Coordinates: 42.35840500,-71.06366400

Longfellow Bridge

Longfellow Bridge (photo)

The Longfellow Bridge crosses the Charles River in Boston and connects the downtown area with the campus of Cambridge University. It is an arch-type bridge, 32 meters wide and 539 meters long, that is both railroad, highway, and pedestrian. Eleven steel arch spans are supported by stone abutments. The longest span in the middle of the bridge is 57.5 meters long and 8.1 meters high.

Locals call it the “Bridge of Salt and pepper shakers” because the four towers that decorate the highest span of the bridge resemble enormous salt and pepper shakers.

The first bridge on this site was built back in 1793. The current bridge was erected in 1906, which became known as Cambridge Bridge, and in 1927 it was renamed Longfellow’s Bridge. Henry W. Longfellow was an American poet who lived in the 18th century and wrote a poem in 1845, “The Bridge,” dedicated to the very first bridge over the Charles River.

Coordinates : 42.36171500,-71.07562100

Are you curious to know how well you know the sights of Boston?

The old neighborhoods of Beacon Hill and North End

Old Beacon Hill and North End neighborhoods (photo)

Boston is one of the largest cities in the United States, the birthplace of the American Revolution and the abolitionist movement. Beacon Hill and North End are the memories of those tumultuous times. The area is home to the famous Liberty Trail, which links several historic landmarks on one route, all of which are absolutely real and tangible.

The North End, or Northern End, is a small neighborhood that resembles a small Italian town. Here and there, crowds of tourists swarm through the neighborhood, Italian croon in the streets, and cozy cafes line the streets.

It was once home to wealthy American families who moved to the new Beacon Hill neighborhood, and new immigrants – Italians, Irish, and Jews – began to settle in North End. The immigrant families settled in the small rooms into which the luxurious homes of North End were divided.

The new Beacon Hill neighborhood was designed after the Revolution by Charles Bulfinch and his fellow architects. The first to appear here was the ornate Legislature building with a gilded dome, built in 1798.

Gradually Beacon Hill grew into narrow cobblestone streets, luxurious mansions with picturesque courtyards and rooftop flower beds. In December 1962, the Beacon Hill neighborhood was designated a National Historic Landmark.

Coordinates : 42.35859100,-71.06732000

The most popular attractions in Boston with descriptions and photos for all tastes. Choose the best places to visit Boston’s famous places on our website.

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