The 30 best Attractions of Koh Samui – description, photos, map

Koh Samui Attractions

Chaweng Beach Angtong National Marine Park Namuang Waterfall Big Buddha Statue Bang Po Buddha Beach Tongtakian Beach Samrong

This site compiles the attractions of Samui – photos, descriptions, and travel tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you can find the answers to what to see in Samui, where to go, and where to stay in popular and interesting places of Samui.

Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui (photo)

Chaweng Beach is the center of tourist life on Koh Samui. Here are the five-star hotels and the best restaurants. At the same time there are many modest bungalows and small Thai eateries.

Chaweng Beach is almost 8 kilometers of sand line, along which stretches turquoise bay. This is one of the most picturesque beaches in Thailand: the crystal clear water, tall tropical palm trees, a lot of exotic plants – all this makes Chaweng the most attractive place to rest.

Chaweng is conventionally divided into three beaches: central, northern and southern. All the life and buzz is concentrated in the central part – this place is boiling with fun 24 hours a day. North and South of Chaweng will appeal more to those who like a quiet and relaxed holiday – it has everything to enjoy the harmony of nature.

Coordinates: 9.51518000,100.05664600

Angtong National Marine Park

Angtong National Marine Park (photo)

This national park covers 42 islands and covers over 102 square kilometers, of which 18 square kilometers are land and the rest is sea.

Angthong National Marine Park was founded in 1980. Many of the islands that make up this park are made up of limestone and have changed their shape over time due to environmental influences, so these islands offer unique and quirky caves and grottoes.

This national park was featured in the famous movie “The Beach.” There are no hotels or bungalows on the reserve. You can only stay here during the day. Tourists come to Angtong Park solely for nature, diving, snorkeling and snow-white beaches.

Coordinates: 9.62277800,99.67500000

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Namuang Falls

Namuang Falls (photo)

Namuang Waterfall (Thai for “purple”) is a waterfall on the rocks with purple stones, considered the most picturesque on Samui.

In fact Namuang consists of two waterfalls, 18 and 80 meters in height. Whole families come here to swim, ride elephants through the jungle, stopping by the waterfall to rest and refresh themselves. The safari park is located just between the two waterfalls, where a monkey show is also offered as entertainment for children.

The road leading to the waterfalls is completely free, but the paths can be quite steep and slippery. Therefore, locals advise tourists to wear comfortable hiking shoes and exercise caution when walking.

The high water season at the waterfalls is from September to November. During this time, there are most visitors who want to see one of the pearls of Thailand.

Coordinates : 9.47293700,99.99015000

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Big Buddha Statue

Big Buddha Statue (photo)

The most revered sacred site on Koh Samui is the statue of the Big Buddha at the Wat Pra Yai temple.

The huge 12-meter tall figure of the deity sitting in a lotus pose can be seen from afar. The Big Buddha sits on a separate small island of Phan, connected to the larger island by a dirt track.

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Samui is believed to be protected as long as the Buddha statue is intact. The majestic gilded statue is accessed by stairs, which should be climbed barefoot.

Coordinates : 9.57053600,100.06051500

Bang Po Beach

Bang Po Beach (photo)

Bang Po Beach is notable for its remoteness, which means it is deserted. There are no large hotels or entertainment venues, and vacationers live in small houses and bungalows. It is interesting that for a very reasonable fee here you can rent a whole house with a kitchen just a few steps from the water.

The shallow sea is very suitable for families with small children. If you want to go snorkeling, you will have to sail a long distance from the shore. The seabed off Bang Po just teem with aquatic life: the bright seaweed, colorful coral fish, small crabs, octopus and wonderful shells.

Thanks to its remoteness, magnificent scenic views, soft, white sand beach has attracted many celebrities. Acquire land here have already managed to soccer players Sven Goran Errickson and Beckham, as well as Bill Gates.

If you are a fan of seafood delicacies – this is the place for you. Chefs at local restaurants offer a choice of the freshest seafood dishes.

Coordinates : 9.51000000,99.93570000

Buddha Beach

Buddha Beach (photo)

Buddha Beach, or Big Buddha Beach, is located on Koh Samui just outside the airport. The beach is named after a huge 10-meter snow-white statue of Buddha, which stands at the top of the mountain. The statue is a special mystery at night, when it appears around a lot of fireflies. Near the statue is currently under construction a temple complex, which you can visit now. Climbing to the foot of the statue on the special viewing platform you can see the excellent view of the bay and the nearby town.

The beach of the Big Buddha is not the best in the area, but it is very picturesque. The beach is very popular with yacht and boat owners – for not much money you can have an amazing boat ride here.

Coordinates: 9.12040200,98.25070400

Tongtakian Beach

Tongtakian Beach (photo)

Tongtakian is one of the most colorful beaches on Koh Samui. The beach is quite small, less than a kilometer in length. Its main attraction is the coral reef, rich not only with colorful fish, but sea turtles and even stingrays. This place is a real treasure for fans of diving. Special attention deserves the snow-white sand – it is very fine and it is very convenient to build sand castles.

In general, the beach Tongtakian offers a quiet and leisurely holiday. There is practically no intrusive traders, few people and a lot of tall trees with branchy crowns, under which it is so pleasant to escape from the hot sun. When you get hungry, you can eat at a nearby restaurant. Tongtakian Beach is perfect for children.

Coordinates : 9.47683100,100.06808300

Are you curious to know how well you know the attractions of Samui?

Samrong Beach

Samrong Beach (photos)

Samrong is the northernmost and somewhat “secret” bay on Koh Samui. It has the most expensive hotel on the island, whose presidential suite is often occupied by a world-class celebrity.

The picturesque cliffs surrounding the beach, protect it from the wind and waves. Samrong beach itself is very small – only two hundred meters of coarse golden sand, washed by clear azure water, and surrounded by tall coconut palms. All this guarantees peace and quiet and a complete absence of pesky beach vendors. The main reason for concern is the frequent flights from the nearby airport (about once an hour).

Mount Elbert. Colorado

Samrong Beach is less than ten kilometers from Pangan.

Coordinates : 9.59252000,100.06772200

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Koh Samui sights – What to see on the island

Seeing the sights of Samui is a great chance to learn more about Thai culture, customs and traditions of the locals. Virtually all places of interest on the island are located close enough to each other, and this provides a great opportunity to experience the atmosphere of Thailand.

Koh Samui Attractions

Samui is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The island is famous for its snow-white beaches, exotic nature and expensive hotels. But despite the fact that this is a classic resort, there is not only a lot of entertainment for all tastes, but also a number of historical sites. That is, you can easily combine vacation by the sea and sightseeing all the sights of the island of Samui.

Rest assured, there’s plenty to see on Koh Samui!

Wat Plai Laem Temple

Among the places worth seeing on your own in Samui is the temple of Wat Plai Laem. It is perhaps one of the most colorful structures in the country. The complex is located in the north of Koh Samui, and consists of 3 buildings. It is a relatively new temple: it was built in 2004 with donations from local residents. The chief architect says that the building is so unusual and attractive because of the mix of Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese styles.

Wat Plai Laem Temple

The area of the complex is divided into 3 parts, which include magnificent buildings and 14 fairy-tale-mythological sculptures. The most important building is the Thai Bot Temple located in the center of the complex. This building is used for meetings and prayers. The inner walls of the temple depict traditional Thai mythological characters, and the side walls contain urns with the ashes of famous people. In the center of the room is a golden statue of Buddha.

Golden Buddha statue at the Bot Temple

If you walk out of the Bot Temple, you can see that it is surrounded by eight golden towers, and the attraction itself stands on a small island in the middle of the lake. On both sides of the temple rise majestic sculptures. The first is the multi-armed goddess Guan Yin, seated on a dragon. The Thais believe that you should tell your dream Guan Yin, and it will definitely come true. The second is the statue of the “Smiling Buddha” (or Hotei), who is one of the most famous fairy tale characters of the East. People believe that you have to rub the Buddha’s belly 300 times to get your wish to come true.

There are other sculptures on the territory of the temple complex. For example, a statue of Ganesha, a god who patronizes travelers and merchants.

Artificial lake built around Wat Plai Laem

Around the site created an artificial lake in which you can see the Thai turtles, small fish and other animals. It is worth renting a catamaran in the form of a swan and feed the fish yourself (the price is 10 baht). The temple accepts voluntary donations. This is one of those places not only in Koh Samui, but also in Thailand, which is something to see.

  • Location: Near Ban Plai Laem School, Road 4171.
  • Opening hours: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm.
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Big Buddha (Wat Phra Yai)

One of the most famous attractions on Koh Samui is the statue of the Big Buddha. It is located near the temple of Wat Phra Yai, which is the most popular temple with locals. On Saturday, whole families come here and purify. Thais believe that as long as the statue is intact, Samui is in no danger.

Big Buddha

Buddha reaches a height of 12 meters, and it was installed in 1974. By the way, the statue can be seen from different points on the island, and all tourists arriving by plane, be sure to see the figure of the Big Buddha from a bird’s-eye view. You can reach the landmark on your own by climbing the long staircase of 60 steps.

Shoes and socks must be removed at the foot of the statue

When visiting the place by yourself, it is worth remembering that at the foot of the statue is necessary to remove shoes and socks. This rule does not apply to travelers who arrive between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. (at which time the stairs are very hot). Also, try not to turn your back to the Buddha statue – it may offend the worshippers.

  • Location: Bophut 84320.
  • Opening hours: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Angthong National Marine Park

“Angthong” or “Golden Bowl” is the largest and most popular national park on Samui. It consists of 41 uninhabited islands, and their total area is 102 square kilometers. There is a single island of land in the protected area, where people live – the Thais themselves, who maintain order on the territory entrusted to them and tourists who can stay in local hotels for 2-3 nights.

Angthong National Marine Park

The book “The Beach” as well as the film of the same name starring Leonardo DiCaprio brought fame to this picturesque place.

Angthong Beach

On their own to visit this attraction Samui is almost impossible, so it is better to contact one of the travel agencies in Samui. Guides promise a rich tour: climbing to the observation deck, canoeing, kayaking, visiting caves and a walk into the crater of an extinct volcano.

  • Location: 145/1 Talad Lang Rd | Talad Subdistrict, Ang-Tong 84000
  • Cost: 300 baht for adults and 150 baht for children (environmental fee)

Samui Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant Sanctuary is a traditional eastern elephant farm. This place will be of interest to both children and adults: in Samui it is worth seeing how elephants are cared for, what they eat and observe their habits. Travelers who have been here, say that the territory of the shelter is clean, and the animals themselves are very well groomed.

Elephant Sanctuary

On the territory of the farm there are tours: at first they show a short 5-minute movie about the difficult life of elephants, and then you are invited to a walk, during which you can look at the animals, feed and stroke them, and hear the story of each elephant living in the shelter. Afterwards, tourists can enjoy a vegetarian lunch consisting of rice, fries, and curry sauce.

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You can feed and pet elephants.

There is a souvenir store next to the shelter where prices are lower than in neighboring communities.

  • Location: 2/8 Moo 6, 84329, Samui, Thailand.
  • Opening hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Cost: 600 baht for adults and 450 baht for children (all money is used for improvement and care of the elephants).

Khao Hua Jook Pagoda

Khao Hua Jook Pagoda is located on a hilltop so it can be viewed from various points on the island. It is not a popular sight among tourists, and on maps of Samui it is difficult to find this attraction. However, it is still worth a visit on your own.

Khao Hua Jook Pagoda

There is a working temple next to the pagoda, the road to which goes through a beautiful garden. The ascent here is steep enough, but almost at every step there are benches for rest. From the observation deck on which the pagoda is located, you can watch as planes take off and arrive from Samui Airport. The place is especially beautiful at night and in the evening because the temple complex is illuminated by colorful lanterns.

Watch planes take off and land from the observation deck.

Location: Kao Hua Jook Road.

Koh Tan Island

Koh Tan is a 20 minute boat ride from Samui. It is almost uninhabited territory: only 17 people live here + occasionally self-guided tourists. All Thais who live here are engaged in tourism business: they keep small hotels and bars. On the island there is no electricity, and the only source of communication with the outside world – the battery operated radio.

Ko Tan Island

It is worth coming to Ko Tan in order to get a break from the noisy resorts, enjoy the snow-white beach and see the life of ordinary Thais. The disadvantages of this place is (oddly enough) the trash that comes from Samui and not the most convenient entrance to the water.

Fishing village Bophthuta

Bophuta Fishing Village

Bophuta village is the oldest settlement on Koh Samui, which absorbed the features of both Thai and Chinese cultures. Today it is a popular tourist destination. People come here to look at the old mixed with the modern, as well as try one of the local restaurants delicious fish.

Tourists advise visiting this place on their own to buy souvenirs, see the weekly fair, as well as take pictures against the backdrop of fishing equipment. Travelers say there is definitely something to see in this Samui village.

Where to find: Opp Stare Fish Coffee, Bophut 84320.

Paradise Park Farm

“Paradise Park” or “Paradise Park” is an exotic farm located high in the mountains. Here you can get acquainted with the animal world of Samui: touch colorful parrots, feed themselves colorful pigeons, admire the beauty of the peacock, and look at the ponies, goats and iguanas. Almost the entire park is a contact zoo. Almost all of the animals can be touched and some can even be fed.

Paradise Park Farm Paradise Park has an iguana

Since the park is located on a mountain, the observation deck offers a stunning view of the jungle, garden, waterfalls, swimming pools and artificial ponds. All this splendor can also be visited on their own by descending one of the many stairs.

  • Address: 217/3 Moo 1, Talingngam, 84140.
  • Opening hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Cost: 400 baht for adults and 200 baht for children.
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Secret Buddha Garden

“Secret Buddha Garden, also known as Magic Garden or Heavenly Garden, is not the simple park we are used to. It is a real cemetery of animal sculptures, mythological deities, and statues of Buddha himself. The garden itself is small: it is located on a mountain, and it takes 10-15 minutes to walk around it. Along the road that leads to the paradise place, you can look at several small waterfalls and go to the observation deck.

Secret Park Buddha

Such an unusual sight in Samui in Thailand was created in 1976 by a Thai farmer. He thought it was heaven on earth, and was very happy when the first self-traveling tourists started coming here. Today it is quite a popular place with travelers, but many of them take a rather superficial look at the garden. And in vain: it is worth it not just to walk through the interesting places, but also to relax, listen to the murmuring of water running down from the mountains.

Chaweng Boxing Stadium

One of the intangible symbols of Thailand is Thai boxing, which, incidentally, is now popular all over the world. It is the most popular sport on Koh Samui, and one of the best places to box is at the Chaweng Boxing Stadium. Every day here are the real fights, which come to see both locals and tourists.

Thai Boxing

Tickets are sold for several fights at once. Usually the program begins at 21.20, and ends around midnight. Keep in mind that it is forbidden to bring liquids and food into the stadium – you can buy everything here (but it’s more expensive).

  • Address: Soi Reggae, Chaweng Beach, Chaweng, Bophut 84320, Thailand.
  • Opening hours: Wednesday, Saturday – 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm.
  • Price: 2,000 baht (table seating).
Cabaret Stars

Cabaret Stars is a traditional Thai show that combines elements of both Thai and European culture. Performers on stage here are only men (usually dressed as girls). As in all shows in Thailand, everything is very bright and colorful. The artists perform in fancy costumes to the world (including Russian) hits.

Cabaret Stars A show at Cabaret Stars

Performances take place several times a day. The actors try to bring something new to each show, so don’t be surprised if the numbers are different on two identical performances.

  • Location: 200/11 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach Road | 1st floor at Khun Chaweng Resort, 84320, Thailand.
  • Open: Sunday-Saturday 8:30 am – 00 pm.
  • Cost: The entrance itself is free, but you will need to buy a drink during the show (cost starts at 200 baht).

The prices on the page are for September 2018.

You should go to Thailand not only to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the sea, but also to visit the attractions of Samui.

All attractions on Samui island, described on the page, marked on a map in Russian.

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