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Attractions in Málaga

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This site compiles the attractions of Málaga – photos, descriptions, and travel tips. The list is based on popular guidebooks and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you can find the answers to what to see in Málaga, where to go and where the popular and interesting places of Málaga are located.

Picasso Museum in Malaga

Picasso Museum in Malaga (photo)

The Pablo Picasso Museum is located in Malaga, the city where the famous Spanish artist was born. Picasso’s relatives donated some of their paintings to the museum. Today you can see his early works as well as those he created in his later years in the Picasso Gallery.

Coordinates: 36.72154900,-4.41855300

Fortress of Malaga

The fortress of Malaga (photo)

Built in the 8th century, Malaga Fortress is one of the most powerful fortifications of the Moorish period.

It is a castle in the Classical Arabic style. Its construction was started by the ruler of Granada – Badis ben Abous. The main part of the castle was built in XI century. For its construction they used columns and capitals of destroyed theater, which was built in II century.

Surrounded by high walls, the castle consists of a labyrinth of courtyards decorated with fountains, palm trees and flowering trees. Once its walls were fortified by several hundred towers, most of which, unfortunately, have not survived. Nowadays, two main walls surrounding the inner area of the castle and several defensive towers remain.

Coordinates: 36.72054300,-4.41712100

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New bridge

New bridge (photo)

The New Bridge in Ronda is a three-span bridge with arches that connects the new and old city. Just like the Bullring, this bridge is a symbol of the city as it offers the best panorama of Ronda.

The new bridge was built between 1759 and 1793. Prior to that, a one-arch bridge of only 35 meters in length had been designed, but it failed and the bridge collapsed in 1740 after six years, killing fifty people. After that it was decided to build a new bridge. José Martín de Aldeniela was actively involved in the construction of the structure.

The bridge passes over a deep (up to 100 meters) ravine, at the bottom of which flows the river Guadalev n (Guadalevin). The height of the bridge at its highest point is 98 meters, but if you consider the depth of the gorge, it is more than 120 meters.

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Coordinates: 36.74065100,-5.16585700

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Central Café

Central cafe (photo)

The Central Café, somewhat reminiscent of the interior design and furnishings of the beloved “Friends” TV series, is a very cozy place decorated in American style.

Here you will be fed tasty and inexpensive, and polite and attentive waiters will lift your spirits even after a hard day.

The cafe is located on one of the busiest streets of the city, so it’s never boring.

There are a lot of Spanish dishes for all tastes. Orders come quickly, so you don’t have to wait. Menus are served in English and Spanish, and photos of the dishes are included. The menu is not all typical Spanish; you can also enjoy the salads, meat dishes and desserts.

Coordinates: 36.72117900,-4.42162200

Church of Saint Mary

Church of Saint Mary (photo)

St. Mary’s Church is recognized as the most important church in the city. It is located on the square of the Duchess of Parsent. By the decree of King Ferdinand II of Aragon it was elevated to the rank of a cathedral church. The church was built on the foundations of the old mosque.

The construction of the temple began immediately after the conquest of this territory from the Arabs in 1485. The church is not built in a single style. This is due to the fact that the construction was carried out over nearly two centuries. The gothic part is distinguished by the general plan. In the center of the church there is a two-story choir and in its center there is a pulpit.

The later part of the church is located in the eastern part, since the old one was destroyed in an earthquake in 1580. It was rebuilt already in the manner of Mannerism. Completely the church was completed only in 1720. In the XVII century, a three-story gallery was added to the church, from which it was possible to watch the performances on the square.

It was added to the list of Historic and Artistic Heritage of Spain in 1931.

Coordinates: 40.38851900,-5.77631000

Saint Sebastian Cathedral

The Cathedral of Saint Sebastian in Málaga (photo)

The Cathedral of Saint Sebastian is considered one of the most beautiful sites of Antequera. In all, there are about 40 churches here, which is quite a lot for a city of 38,000. Each of them has its own magnificent architectural features. The most beautiful bell tower has the church of St. Sebastian. Construction of the temple began in 1548, designed by the famous architect Diego de Vergara, and was not completed until the end of the 17th century. Schematically, it consists of two side aisles and a central nave. The architecture of the cathedral combines styles such as Plateresco, Renaissance, Neoclassicism and Baroque. The facade of the building is decorated with allegorical moldings of the sunset and sunrise, statues of the apostles as well as the world famous emblem of Emperor Charles V.

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Each year this place attracts thousands of tourists wishing to see the historical and cultural monument with their own eyes. Often sightseeing groups are brought here and they can not only enjoy the magnificent external view of the cathedral, but also visit the inside.

Coordinates: 37.01626900,-4.55930500

The Alcazaba

The fortress of Alcazaba (photo)

One of the historical monuments of Málaga is the Arab fortress of Alcazaba, located near the Roman bridge over the Guadiana River. It is considered one of the finest examples of fortifications built in Spain during the period of Islamic domination.

The fortress was built in 835 by ‘Abd al-Rahman II as a bastion intended to control public order in the city. The city was known for its rebellious character and there were regular revolts against the Muslim rule. It was the first Arab fortress on the Iberian Peninsula.

Coordinates: 36.72071500,-4.41689000

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Málaga Cathedral

The cathedral of Malaga (photo)

Like many Spanish churches, the cathedral of Malaga was built on the site of a former mosque, the predecessor of which was an early Christian temple. Now it is one of the central attractions of Málaga.

Construction of a new building of the cathedral began in the early 16th century, but due to financial constraints the project had to be postponed. A year later the talented and popular at the time Spanish architect Diego de Siloe was appointed to supervise the work. He created the draft of the cathedral in the Renaissance style, and the work resumed in 1527 successfully continued. By the end of the 1580s, the eastern part of the cathedral was completed, and religious services began to be held there. Construction work then continued for nearly a hundred years, but inspection revealed that there was a great danger of the collapse of the entire building. Another architect, José de Bada y Navajas, took over. Through the introduction of a new tax, a duty on wine, raisins and olive oil exported from the port, it was possible to secure money for the construction. In 1764 the old and new buildings were connected, but in 1782 there was another pause. So the part of a facade and the southern tower were incomplete. People named the cathedral “one-armed” because of it.

Coordinates: 36.72006100,-4.42000200

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The most popular attractions in Málaga with descriptions and photos for all tastes. Choose the best places to visit Malaga’s famous places on our website.

More attractions in Málaga

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The best sights of Malaga with photos and descriptions

Málaga with all the sights.

Málaga has been recognized by many as the “city of paradise” since ancient times and still is .

This amazing place in the south of Spain has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Málaga can delight tourists with a variety of attractions and entertainment as well as the peace and quiet of the sea and the beauty of nature.

In this story we want to introduce you to the best sights of Málaga with their photos and descriptions and help you choose the best route for your trip.

The city’s architecture

Most of the historic monuments of Málaga are very compactly located in the ancient city of Ronda . Ronda, one of the oldest Spanish cities, is located on both sides of the ravine and is divided by it into an Old and New Town. They are connected by the New Bridge, which offers the most beautiful view of the entire Malaga.

Ronda is one of the oldest Spanish cities.

When you come here, you are immersed in an atmosphere of mystery and antiquity. There are many ancient and very beautiful attractions, all worthy of close attention of tourists:

Note: If you have enough time, it is advisable to devote a whole day to get acquainted with the ancient Ronda.

Also in Málaga we recommend to see the Cathedral, built on the site where there was formerly a mosque. Construction began in the XVI century and for various reasons it took more than two hundred years! All this time in the already built part of the temple religious services were held. And for the fact that the cathedral was never fully completed, it was called the “one-armed”. Despite all this, the temple is indeed very beautiful and extraordinary, both outside and inside.

The cathedral is an ancient landmark of Málaga.

The Alcazaba Fortress, built in the eighth century, is also what most tourists want to visit. It looks like a classic Arabic castle with the rule: all the most beautiful things must be inside. Its location on a high hill makes it even more attractive because it offers a picturesque view of the whole town.

 The fortress of Alcazabu is a landmark in Málaga.

On the territory of the fortress there is Nasrid Palace, built in XI century, which is also very beautiful. The castle itself is surrounded by high walls and contains a labyrinth of courtyards and paths, decorated with flowering trees, palm trees and unusual fountains.

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Nasrid Palace is surrounded by high walls and houses a labyrinth of courtyards and paths, decorated with flowering trees, palm trees and unusual fountains.

Some other famous landmarks of Málaga:

  • Plaza de Toros (Paseo de Reding La Malagueta);
  • City Hall building (Casa consistorial de Málaga);
  • Gibralfaro Castle (Camino de Gibralfaro Gibralfaro, 11);
  • Church of St. Paul (Calle Jara, 14);
  • Roman theater (Calle Alcazabilla, 4);
  • Parroquial del Sagrario Church (Calle Molina Lario).

Here’s what else you can see near Malaga:

  • Puerta de Estepa Arch (Alameda, Málaga);
  • Saint Sebastian Cathedral (Antequera, Málaga);
  • Arch of the Giants (Antequera);
  • Church of St. Mary (Béjar, Salamanca).


Monuments in Málaga are not as numerous as other attractions, but they are all very beautiful and fit harmoniously into the surrounding area. They are mainly found in squares and alleys and give a sophisticated touch to the city. The most popular among tourists is the Plaza de Merced with its monument to General Torrijos and the Neptune Fountain (aka Genoese Fountain) which adorns the Parkway.

The most popular among tourists is the Merced Square.

Málaga Museums

One of the most popular museums in Málaga is the Pablo Picasso Museum located at 8, San Agustín. It contains both the earliest and late paintings of the great genius. By the way, in the square Merced is the house where the famous artist was born.

One of the most popular museums of Malaga is Pablo Picasso Museum.

Also in Málaga you can visit:

  • Gangster Museum (Calle Armiñán, 65);
  • Museum of the Holy Week (Calle Muro De San Julián, 2);
  • Branch of the Russian Museum (Edificio de Tabacalera, Av de Sor Teresa Prat, 15);
  • Museum of Wine (Palacio de Biedmas, Plaza de los Viñeros);
  • Museum of the New Puente Nuevo Bridge (Calle Arminan, Ronda);
  • Revelo de Toro Museum (Calle Afligidos, 5);
  • Episcopal Museum (Plaza del Obispo, Bishop’s Palace);
  • Meson de la Victoria Museum (vía Pasillo Santa Isabel 10 E);
  • Automobile Museum (Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 15);
  • Molino Blanco (Antiquera);
  • Lara House Museum (Calle Arminan, 29).

Natural attractions and parks in Málaga

One of the most popular places for walks in the city has become the Park Alley, which is very similar to a real botanical garden. This shady alley runs along the coast and not only protects visitors from the midday heat, but also introduces them to the rich Mediterranean and tropical flora.

You will also find some refreshing fountains of amazing beauty on the avenue. There is another botanical garden in Málaga, the “La Concepción”, created more than 150 years ago. Here you can see about 3 thousand species of tropical plants collected from Spain, Mexico, Australia and the East.

Botanical Garden - La Concepcion is an attraction in Málaga with tropical plants.

Along the coast also stretches a beautiful promenade full of cozy restaurants. Especially good in the evening – it is one of the favorite places in Málaga for couples in love, which will give you an unforgettable romantic candlelit evening overlooking the sea.

The ancient civilization of the Mayan people

The beautiful Waterfront of the city, is one of the favorite places in Málaga for the tourist.

Be sure to relax on the famous beach of Malaga – Malaguette . This is a wide beach, located 10 minutes from the city center. Here is a well-developed infrastructure, comfortable conditions and, of course, a warm gentle sea. Sand for the beach was specially imported from the desert – it is very fine, dark and pleasant to the touch.

Relax at Malaga's famous beach, the Malaguette.

Other natural attractions in and around Málaga:

  • Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park ;
  • Torcal National Park ;
  • Park of wolves (Antequera);
  • Guadalevin River ;
  • El Mirador del Puente Nuevo Lookout ;
  • Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens .

What to see in and around Málaga in 1 day?

If you only have one day to see Málaga, here is a list of the most important sights that you can visit on your own:

  • The Cathedral ;
  • Ruins of the Roman theater;
  • The Alcazaba fortress;
  • Pablo Picasso House Museum;
  • Plaza de la Constitución and the fountain of Guenuez;

Ronda's new bridge is a landmark in Málaga.

New Bridge of Ronda

Video about the most important sights in the city – Málaga

A great place to relax with the whole family. The city of Malaga is one of the best cities on the Costa del Sol. Enjoy the view!

Where to go in Málaga with children?

If you come to Málaga with children, the city can offer you and your children the following attractions:

  • Plaza Mayor Park Mall . Here you can go shopping, watch movies, and walk around the park area.
  • You can book a sightseeing tour on a Seagway .
  • See the city from the Ferris Wheel at the Port of Malaga.
  • The Picasso Museum and the Pompidou Center will be of interest to parents and older children.
  • Take part in the Laser Battles that are popular in Málaga.
  • The Airport Museum and the Automobile Museum will be fun for children interested in technology.

In the surroundings of Málaga your children may be interested in:

  • Sevo Marina Dolphinarium (Arroyo de la Miel);
  • Roman Baths (Vega del Mar);
  • Donkey Reserve ;
  • Tivoli World Amusement Park (Benalmaden);
  • Teleferico cable car (Benalmaden);
  • Center “Sea Life” (Benalmaden);
  • Dolphin Safari ;
  • Crocodile Park ;
  • Park of wolves (Antequera);
  • Isla Magica Amusement Park (Seville);
  • Golf (Fuengirol).

Sevo Marina Dolphinarium is an attraction in Malaga where you can have a great time with children.

Sevo Marina Dolphinarium

We hope that Malaga in Spain will please you with its attractions, and our photos and descriptions will be only a pleasant “aperitif” to your trip. And those who have already been to these ancient places can share their impressions in the comments.

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