The 28 best sights of Kronstadt – description and photos

Going for a day to Kronstadt: a walk along the most seaside suburb of St. Petersburg

Kronstadt is a small town on Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland. The city grew out of a fortress, which protected St. Petersburg from the Swedes. Here everything breathes with the sea and naval history: tourists come to see the forts, walk along the Petrovskaya embankment and visit the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral.

I recommend not to limit yourself to these iconic sights, but to spend a whole day in the city: to lie on a small sandy beach, visit the new public space “Island of Forts” and to study lighthouses in the museum “Lighthouse House”. I’ll tell you where to go in Kronstadt.

What to see in Kronstadt

The area of the city is 19,4 km², one third of it is occupied by the military units and factories, so that in one day you can walk around the entire island by yourself. You can start at the Anchor Square in the center of the city and go in any direction: the sights are on every corner here.

The port city differs from the other suburbs of St. Petersburg severity – you will not find here magnificent palaces and elegant park ensembles. But you will see warships, abandoned factory buildings and old forts. Agree, there is a special romance.

Kronshtadt has long been closed – people without a special pass first visited the island only in 1996. In the city and now once a year introduces a pass – on the Day of the Navy, July 26.

Lower Nikolaev lighthouse is located on the stone bank of the fort “Kronshlot”. This is the first all-metal lighthouse in Russia. In summer you can get to the pretty red tower by boat, but in winter – on solid ice

The wooden lighthouse is the most accessible, it is located on the pier, which separates the Merchant and the Middle harbor. You can only admire the outside, you can not get inside

St. Nicholas’ Naval Cathedral

The temple is located on Anchor Square, the symbol and one of the main attractions of Kronstadt, which is often depicted on magnets. It amazes with its scale: against the background of other city constructions 70 meters cathedral seems gigantic.

On the inside it is no less imposing. There are many details that suggest it is a maritime cathedral: at the entrance visitors are greeted by plates with the names of fallen sailors, and on the floor there is a mosaic of fish and ships.

Entrance to the temple is free, and it is possible to take pictures. There is a guided tour that takes you up to the second tier of the cathedral. It runs every 20 minutes. From the top you can not only see the dome up close, but also admire the panoramic view of the city – there you will see that it really is an island. An adult ticket costs 400 ₽, a children’s ticket costs 250 ₽.

The address is Anchor Square, 5a. 5а.

Open daily from 09:00 to 19:00.

Cast Iron Pavement

Look carefully under your feet on the sidewalk near Anchor Square – instead of asphalt or paving stones there are cast-iron checkers. As an experiment in 1860 such “snowflakes” covered a small section of the road near the Penny Bridge. Cast-iron sidewalk proved to be unusually durable, so soon there were more such streets.

From the XIX century only a small section of cast-iron checkers survived to this day, during the Great Patriotic War they were dismantled. The sidewalk on Anchor Square is a copy

Kronstadt History Museum

If you come in winter, when the weather is not favorable to walks, I advise to look here. The museum has two buildings: the main one and the one devoted to underwater archaeology. I took a single ticket for both expositions and I did not regret it.

The main museum space is small but very busy. I liked that here paid special attention to everyday life and stories of simple Kronstadt citizens. I was impressed by the detailed models, blockade room and stuffed penguin.

It was unexpected to see among the exhibits a poster of the film “Legend #17” – it turns out, Danila Kozlovsky graduated from the naval cadet corps, what they are proud of.

The blockade room makes a scary impression. It is even cooler here than in the rest of the museum.

The second building of the museum is a 10-minute walk away. On display are finds from the seabed. Mostly it is antique tableware: it is amazing how it was not broken during the shipwrecks. You can see the belongings of crew members and parts of shipwrecks.

Parts of the shipwreck of the London. Until recently it was thought to be the Portsmouth. I got to the museum just as the old plaque had been removed and the new one had not been put up yet.

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Tickets cost 300 ₽ adults, 150 ₽ preferential and 450 ₽ for a single ticket for two exhibitions.

Main exposition: 2a Anchor Square.

Underwater Archaeology” exposition: 2, Leningradskaya str.

Opening hours: from 11:00 to 18:00, closed on Wednesdays.

Exhibition “Art from Trash

Next to the building of Kronstadt history museum on Leningradskaya street there is an exhibition of eco-installations in the open air. Artists from Russia and abroad have created art objects from garbage from the shores of the Gulf of Finland.

“Lighthouse House”.

This museum opened in 2020, but it has already gained popularity among tourists. The interior is stylish, especially the work with light and attention to detail. Layouts of lighthouses and the city water area are made with museum-like meticulousness. The ticket price already includes a half hour tour. I think it is right: without it you can visit the museum in ten minutes.

After the tour you can listen to a gramophone, play with lighthouse lenses and take pictures.

Tickets cost: adult – 400 ₽, reduced price – 300 ₽, children under five years – free.

Address: 1 Kommunisticheskaya str.

Working time: every day from 12:00 to 20:00.

Layout of the water area of the island. Blue luminous fairways – sea ways, and multicolored bulbs – lighthouses.

“Island of Forts.”

It’s a new public space, reminiscent of Zaryadye Park in Moscow. On the territory of nine hectares there is a walking zone, an alley, sports fields, a food court, playgrounds and other entertainment. The park vividly expresses the spirit of the time: interesting architectural objects coexist with patriotic constructions in the style of Soviet memorials.

The central object of the park is the Alley of Russian Navy Heroes. It resembles a trench, along which there are 13 hollows with art objects. Each of them is devoted to a Russian navigator or admiral.

Children especially like it: you can take a picture with a sculpture of a penguin, hide behind a propeller and hang on the mines.

After the walk, it’s perfect to go swing on the panoramic swings overlooking the bay. This has become my favorite spot in the park. You can sit as much as you want without remorse: there’s plenty of room for everyone. There are binoculars nearby, so you can see the beautiful views and the Tolbukhin Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in Russia.

I recommend grabbing a bite to eat at the food truck area located in the main square at the north end of the park. A hot dog costs 170 ₽, a soft drink 100 ₽.

Kronstadt is going to be turned into the world’s largest island museum. “The Island of Forts” is the first part of this global project. In the next few years should be built embankment, cableway, yacht port, oceanarium and museum of naval glory, as well as reconstructing the forts. It will be something to see in Kronstadt. I advise you to follow the news and from time to time to find out what’s new in the city.

The park is open daily from 08:00 to 22:00. Admission is free.

Lutheran Cemetery

Next to the park is situated the old German cemetery. You can come here after the park and wander along the quiet paths. F. F. Bellingshausen, the discoverer of Antarctica, is buried here. The cemetery is in a semi-abandoned state, but it only enhances the mystical atmosphere of the place.

Western Kotlin Reserve

If you look at the map, in the western part of the island you will see a large green spit. In this reserve in summer you can spend the whole day: walk along the eco-trail, explore the forts, watch birds from a special tower and sunbathe on the beach.

The trail is lined with wooden decking, and from the tower you can not only see the birds, but also admire the Gulf of Finland

The length of the trail – only 1.5 km, take children with you. The route goes along the fort “Shants”, if you want you can walk to the fort “Reef”, but there is a fee (100 ₽). I think you can be quite limited to “Shantz” if you are not keen on military structures. There is an opportunity not only to look at the fort from the outside, but also to explore the inside. There is nothing interesting there, only empty crumbling casemates – will appreciate unless lovers of abandonment.

On a sandy beach there are free places for barbecues, a gazebo with grills, cabins for changing clothes and a toilet.

How to get there: take bus #2Kr, the stop is “Fort Shantz”.

Forts and lighthouses

Forts and lighthouses are best viewed on a boat tour. Prices range from 850 to 3000 ₽ depending on the itinerary and excursion program. Tickets can be picked up at the ticket booths at the Winter Pier. They may not be available before the ship’s departure, so it is better to buy in advance online at the website of the carrier, such as Nevatrip or Riberpan.

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The water navigation period is from May to October. Sailings take place every 30 minutes from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., schedules are subject to change.

The most popular route includes the forts “Kronshlot”, “Peter I” (“Citadel”), “Alexander I”, “Paul I”, “Milutin” and “Constantine”. Sometimes the program includes a landing at Fort “Constantine,” the only restored fortress that has a café, museums, and even a campsite. Admission is charged (150 ₽).

Standing apart from the other forts is “Alexander I”, where in the early 20th century Russia’s only laboratory for the production of anti-plague drugs worked. Since then it has been called the plague fort.

The very same plague fort. In 2004 a stalker found here an ampule with a serum that is now stored in the museum of the Institute of Experimental Medicine in St. Petersburg

Where to eat in Kronstadt

There are several restaurants and cafes in the center of the city, where you can have a delicious and interesting dinner. At the same time, there is no special local cuisine here. In summer at the weekend it is difficult to find free seats, you will have to stand in line, so it is better to book in advance.

“Dutch Cuisine. The concept of the restaurant is inspired by the cuisine of the 18th century, where the crews of the ships in Kronstadt harbor were cooked. Swedish, English, Dutch, French and Russian dishes were served there. That’s why you can see Dutch snappers, Russian solyanka and French bouillabaisse on the menu of the modern restaurant, and the waiters walk around in Dutch national costumes. I tried the navy pasta made by Dutch sailors (650 ₽) and the Murmansk grilled cod on a bed of spinach (650 ₽), which was very tasty. Average check: 1,500 ₽.

“Old Kotlin. The restaurant is decorated in the style of a medieval battleship and is therefore very popular with tourists. The cuisine is European, with a focus on grilled fish and meat dishes. Borscht costs 390 ₽, pork neck steak 670 ₽. Average check: 900 ₽.

“Tech Break. The gastropub serves burgers, pours craft beer and puts on techno. In reviews, diners praise the juicy cutlets in the burgers and note the friendly atmosphere. The marbled beef patty burger costs ₽390. Average check: ₽450.

“CHAOresto. A pan-Asian restaurant with democratic prices and a Chinese-style interior. Reviews recommend the spicy pork ribs (530 ₽). Average bill: 1,100 ₽.

“Unconventional Bakery. Not a bad place to grab a snack on the go or fresh bread. I got a sausage in dough for ₽60. They also serve coffee in an edible oatmeal cup, which I haven’t seen anywhere else. Average bill: 200 ₽.

When to go to Kronstadt

The city is located on an island and is blown from all sides by the winds, so it is always a little cooler here than in St. Petersburg. Most comfortable in Kronstadt in summer: sunny, warm and fresh. But my advice would be to dress a little warmer than you think is necessary in any season. A windbreaker in summer and a warm scarf in winter can help a lot.

The average temperature in winter is -3 °C and +19 °C in summer. The sea is warmest in August, with an average water temperature of +18.1 °C in this month.

How to get to Kronstadt

Kronshtadt is only 30 km from St. Petersburg. The easiest way to get to Kronstadt is by bus or shuttle bus.

Bus number 101 departs from the metro station “Staraya Derevnya”, the fare is 55 ₽ (from January 2022 will be 60 ₽). The desired stop is the terminus, “Grazhdanskaya”. Travel time is 1 hour and 10 minutes.

The marshrutka number K-405 goes from the metro station “Black River”, and number K-407 – from the metro station “Prospekt Prosveshchenie”, both go about 1 hour 20 minutes. The fare is 89 ₽.

In summer, you can take a ride on the high-speed boat “Meteor”, the round trip ticket costs 2,200 ₽. You can get on at the “Senate Wharf” or the “Winter Canal” in downtown St. Petersburg. It takes an hour to sail to the pier “Island of Forts,” and 1 hour 25 minutes to the Winter Wharf in downtown Kronstadt.

Whichever option you choose you can explore the sights of Kronstadt while en route: you can drive 14 km along the embankment dam across the Gulf of Finland and see the forts – the defensive buildings and naval fortresses of St. Petersburg.

How to get around the city

There are only three internal bus routes in the city: 1Kr, 2Kr and 3Kr. The fare is 40 ₽. From May to October there is a bike rental center Mykotibike.

Where to stay in Kronstadt

Kronstadt doesn’t have many options for accommodations yet. I recommend staying at Admiral Lazarev’s manor house in the center of the city. In reviews, guests note that the hotel can “feel the spirit of nautical romance” and “find yourself at the beginning of the twentieth century. A standard double room costs ₽3,600.

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What to bring from Kronstadt

The shelves of souvenir stores are full of undershirts, tankards and other souvenirs on the sea theme. If the seaside cities are exotic to you, you can take a gauntlet. An original gift from Kronstadt will be the wooden miniatures of lighthouses of the Gulf of Finland, sold in the “Lighthouse House”.

Attractions of Kronstadt

What can a tourist see in Kronstadt? This question is common among travelers who have come to the port city or are going to visit it. It will be interesting to visit here for adults and children, because Kronstadt is full of cultural, historical, entertainment and memorable places.

Kronstadt Attractions

What to see in Kronstadt in 1 day

Significant places are an important part of the city’s infrastructure. Monuments and parks, bridges, alleys in Kronstadt are popular among residents and tourists. They are a must-visit.

Summer garden

Those who do not know what to visit in Kronstadt should go to the historical park with architectural sights. In the Summer Garden there are two monuments – to the sailor Domashenko and the ship “Oprichnik”, which went missing in the Far East.

The Summer garden is located at Petrovskaya street, 6.

You can take bus 3 to stop “Petrovskaya”.

The garden is open 24 hours a day.

The tree of wishes

This monument is made of cast iron and was created in 2004. It is made in the humorous form and represents a smiling four meters long tree with a big ear and a branch protruding as a nose. Opposite the wish tree is a little deer. Under the tree’s crown are three owls, holding in their paws the tablets: “Success”, “Love” and “Health”. Whisper a wish in the “ear” of the tree.

Address: ul. Karla Marksa, 13.

Bus: “Gostiny Dvor”, 1Kr, 2Kr, 3Kr; “ul. Veleshchinskogo” 1Kr, 3Kr.

Incheon Square

A new square in Kronstadt that opened in 2018. This place is a symbol of friendship between the peoples of the Republic of Korea and Russia.

It is located on the street Zosimova, 46.

To get by car through the Ring Road, by bus 1Kr to the stop “Citadel”.

The park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

See other places of interest:




Blue Bridge

Bridge passes over the Kronstadt Obvodny Canal on Makarov Street. Intended for vehicular traffic and pedestrians. On the wall of the Obvodny Channel near the Blue Bridge in 2005 was established Monument to the blocked barbel fish.

Location: Makarovskaya Street. Go to it by bus 1Kr from Martynov Street.

Catherine Square.

What Kronshtadt is famous for are parks and squares. The Catherine Square is a narrow strip between Sovetskaya St. and the Bypass Canal, separating the park from the Kronstadt Admiralty. In this place you can take wonderful pictures and relax on the lawn.

Address of the park is Sovetskaya ul. 15.

Go from the Gostiny Dvor: buses 1Kr, 2Kr, 3Kr; route K-405.

Monument to the blockade sticker.

Opposite the Kronstadt Footstool on the wall of the Obvodny Channel tourists can see an interesting and original monument to the fish. It was eaten by people during the siege of Leningrad not to die of hunger. The memorial structure is included in the famous monuments of Kronstadt.

Address: 1/1 Karl Marx street.

To get to the monument you can take a bus 1Kr or 3Kr from Martynov Street.

Makarov Bridge

Hanging pedestrian bridge connects Anchor Square and Red Street. It was founded by the workers of the Naval Works. The bridge is located in the center, near the cathedral of Kronstadt. The elegant, openwork and light object is a favorite place for newlyweds, where they make memorable photos.

Go from Roshal Square on the bus K-405 and buses 1Kr, 2Kr.

Fort “Kronshlot”.

The monument of history and architecture of the XVIII century, built for the defense of the city during the Great Northern War.

Address: Water area of the Gulf of Finland.

To get to the fort is better from the winter pier from the bus stop “Petrovsky Park” or “Roshal Square. Buses usually go from 12:30 to 19:30 in the afternoon.

You can visit the fort from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 and on Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00.

Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Visitors who don’t know where to go in this city can go to the last and largest sea cathedral built in Russia. The grandiose object is a unique monument to the heroism and courage of Russian sailors. There are memorial plaques with the names of those who gave their lives defending the Fatherland at sea in the temple.

Address: Anchor Square, 1.

Transportation from Roshal Square: Bus 1Kr, 2Kr; minibus K-405.

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The cathedral is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00.

Kronshtadt fortress

Exhibitions of different themes (historical, orthodox).

Address: Makarovskaya Street, 3.

To get to the fortress you can take buses 2, 3, 175.

Every day from 11:00 to 18:00, except Mondays and Tuesdays.

Museum-apartment of the Righteous Father John of Kronstadt

Cultural place, where John the Archpriest (1829-1908) lived for more than 50 years. He was canonized as a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in 1964. In 1990 he was canonized as a saint in his native land.

Address: Posadskaya street, 21, apt. 13.

Transport from the metro station “Gostiny Dvor”: minibus K-405; buses 1Kr, 2Kr, 3Kr.

Takes visitors any day from 12:00 to 17:00.

Where to go in Kronstadt interesting places for tourists

For those who have seen the main sights, the city of Kronstadt makes a stunning impression, but after viewing the monuments often tourists want a carefree vacation in beautiful places. The city is worth spending time having fun at the beaches, tours of the forts, and horseback rides.

Petrovsky Park.

The central part of the park is famous for the monument to Peter the Great. There is a winter pier, from which you can see the powerful ships of the Baltic Fleet.

The sightseeing area is located at Arsenalny Lane, 5.

The way to get to this place is by car along the Ring Road, by bus K405 from the metro station “Chernaya Rechka”, K407 from the metro station “Prospekt Prosveshchenie”, 101 from the metro station “Staraya Derevenya”; in the summer tour boats go here from St. Petersburg.

The park can be visited by tourists any day of the week, except Wednesday, from 11:00 to 18:00.

Military-patriotic park “Patriot”.

The main attraction of the park “Patriot” is located in the center of this place – Kronshtadt Dock Admiralty, built in 1784-1786.

Address: Communist Street.

Get there by bus 48P from the stations “Golitsyno”, “Museum Complex №1”, “Patriot Expo” and “The Main Cathedral of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Transport runs from 7:40 to 18:30.

You are welcome to visit the park at any time of the day.

Chapel in honor of the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God

At the corner of Lenin Street and Sovetskaya street there is a small yellow building – Chapel of Tikhvin icon of Mother of God with a dome and a cross. It is made in classical style. It was built at the end of XIX century. The back wall of the structure is decorated with a mosaic icon.

Address: Lenin Avenue, 16a.

The temple can be reached from the metro station “Shabolovskaya” and go one stop by streetcar or walk from the bus stop on Listeeva Street.

Hours of operation are 24 hours a day.

Ovrazhny park

Those who are looking for something to see in Kronstadt, should pay attention to a cozy and green place, in which it is pleasant to stroll. Here tourists can take pictures on the suspension bridge, take their time walking along the paths and look into the houses. The view from the bridge over the cathedral and the ravine is impressive, and in the center of the park is a monument to Peter I.

Address: Manezhsky Lane.

From the center of Kronstadt take a car through Lenin Ave. From the center of Kronstadt by car through Lenin Ave. and Makarovskaya St.

Wakepark Kingwinch

Cult sports place near the city – there is a sandy beach, surrounded by historic structures of the Tsarist times and the majestic sea port. This place has everything for outdoor activities and water sports. Equipped with two helicopter landing sites and its own pier directly on the spit.

Location: fort “Constantine”.

How to get there from metro: from st. “Staraya Derevnya” to Wakepark Kingwinch by shuttle-bus 101; from st. “Chernaya Rechka” – by minibus 405; from st. “Prospekt Prosveshchenie” – by cab 407.

Opening hours from 12:00 to 20:00.

The active park “Kingwynch.

Historical sites such as Fort Constantine are desirable to visit in the summer. It has an active park, Kingwinch, with a volleyball court, two-story hookah bar, trampoline court, swimming pool, and barbecue pavilions.

How to get there from metro: “Chernaya Rechka” – by mini-bus 405; “Staraya Derevnya” – by regular bus 101; “Prospekt Prosveshchenie” – by mini-bus 407.

Opening hours from 09:00 to 21:00.

Equestrian-Sports Club

In the equestrian club tourists spend an unforgettable time. Here you can order guided horseback riding tours on the Gulf of Finland, photo shoot with horses or visit competitions in equestrian sports.

Address: 12 South Kronstadtskaya road, Bldg. 4.

You can get there from the metro station “Baltiyskaya”, 25 stops by bus 10 to the stop “Krestovsky Island”.

The club is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Dolphin Aeroclub

The club, where you can fly a plane, is based at Bychye Pole airfield. The flights are carried out with a professional instructor to admire the beauties during the flight. It is worth learning how to fly.

Address: Kronstadsky district, Bychye Pole airfield.

To get there by yourself: “Staraya Derechka” by bus, “Chernaya Rechka” by route cab 405, “Prospekt Prosveshchenie” by route cab 407, “Parnas” by route cab 402 (to the junction at Kotlin Island). Get off at the stop “Kvartal 19”. Then walk 10-15 minutes through the junction.

The hours are Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Ecological Route “Western Kotlin”

The length of the route is 1.5 km. The path covers all the interesting places, natural and historical beauties: the fort “Shants”, founded in 1706; the embankment of the railway line connecting Kronstadt with the forts “Shants” and “Reef”; sandy beaches and dunes; black-alder forests and coastal shallows – these are places of mass migration and nesting birds.

Address: 3, Malaya Posadskaya Street, 7th floor.

Go by car along the Kronshtadtskoye Highway to the “Korund” terminal and the fort “Shants”; by public transport from the metro stations “Staraya Derevnya”, “Begovaya”, “Chernaya Rechka” and then take bus 2Kr to the last stop “Fort “Shants”.

Visit “West Kotlin” at any time of the day.

Gostiny Dvor

A monument of history and architecture of the XIX century, located in the center of Kronstadt. There are 3 cafes and restaurants in the shopping center. Here you can go shopping, visit a beauty salon. On the territory there is a 24-hour restaurant Subway.

Address: Lenin Avenue, 16.

Working hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 20:00, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00.

SEC “Kotlin”.

Those looking for somewhere to go shopping in Kronstadt, we recommend visiting “Kotlin”. There are home goods, clothing, beauty salon and children’s products.

Address: 8, ul. Gidrostroiteley.

Go by buses 101, 175, 215, 2L.

Open every day from 9:00 to 20:00.

Store VLMK.

This place is called a meat-eater’s paradise. Store with an acronym of consonants is briskly selling products of Velikoluky meat factory, that’s why it got its name.

Address: 25, Lenin Ave.

How to get there: take a bus 1Kr or 3Kr to the bus stop “Velikoluksky”.

The store is open every day except Sunday till 21:00.

Canteen “Deck #2”

An institution where you can enjoy fine Russian or American cuisine. You can order lunch, dinner, brunch and drinks.

Address: Makarovskaya Street, 2A.

How to get there: by buses 211, 216.

Every day from 10:00 till 22:00.

Old Kotlin Restaurant and Bar

“Old Kotlin” is included in the gastronomic popular places of Kronstadt. It is located on Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland in the center of Kronstadt, next to one of the most significant and majestic buildings – St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral. Here the tourist may order dishes of Russian and European cuisine. Facility’s menu includes seafood, barbecue and bar list.

Address: Karl Liebknecht, 29.

Go by bus 407, 405.

The restaurant is open from 12:00 to 21:00.

“Dutch cuisine”.

A restaurant with the best European dishes. Brickwork, subdued light, fireplace, behind the window the sound of wind and waves – the atmosphere reminds of mysterious sea wanderings. The facility cooks cutlets by a secret recipe of the famous admiral Makarov. On the menu there are juicy German sausages side by side with famous Italian tagliatelle and fish with French sauce.

Address: Kommunisticheskaya Street, 1.

How to get there: Bus K-407, 211.

Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Museum of the History of Kronstadt

This place is included in the main attractions. Museum tells residents and tourists about the future, present and past of Kronstadt.

Address: Anchor Square, 2a, lit.

From Roshal Square: by buses 1Kr, 2Kr; minibus K-405.

Every day from 11:00 to 18:00.

Park “Patriot”.

The museum in the form of the park area is located in the open air Kronshtadt.

Patriot park

It is located on the pier near the Petrovsky park.

You can get here by buses 1Kr and 3Kr.

The park is open round the clock on workdays, on weekends from 11:00 to 15:00.

Maritime Museum

This place offers its visitors interesting historical expositions devoted to the Great Patriotic War, the blockade and the military history of Kronstadt. The exhibition area consists of two halls with exhibits. At the exhibitions – models of diving equipment of different years.

Address: 5 Andreevskaya street.

From the metro station “Gostiny Dvor” take the route cab K-405, buses 1Kr, 2Kr and 3Kr.

Opening hours: Wed, Fri, Sat and Sat from 11:00 till 18:00.

Baltic Fleet Drama Theater.

Arriving in Kronshtadt, should visit the Drama Theater. It has come a glorious way as a pioneer of new roads in patriotic art. For 80 years of creative activity the theater has produced more than 400 performances, received more than 7 million spectators.

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