The 28 best sights of Barnaul – description and photos

Sights of Barnaul

Barnaul by the standards of Russia is not such an old city. It celebrated its 290th anniversary in 2020, and today it is an interesting tourist destination, suitable for an informative vacation on the way to the natural beauty of the Altai. In Barnaul interesting museums, a variety of parks and architecture is one of the best in the Asian part of the country.

Attractions in Barnaul

What to see in Barnaul in 1 day

Among the places to visit, if you do not have much time, we should mention the historical center with the pre-revolutionary and Soviet architecture, the city’s theaters. It is quite possible to buy a ticket online and go to a performance after sightseeing.

Demidovskaya Square

One of the oldest squares in the historic center of the city. Its architectural ensemble was created in the middle of XIX century. The central element is Demidovsky pillar 14 meters high. The construction of this monument took 14 years, from 1825 to 1839, and the model was the Rumyantsevsky obelisk in St. Petersburg.

It is surrounded by other monuments of 19th century architecture – the building of the mining college and the Church of St. Demetrius of Rostov, built in 1829-1840 and originally in the form of a rotunda. The building of the Mining College was the first example of the eclectic style in Barnaul. It was completed in 1861.

Address: Krasnoarmeisky Prospect, 4.

How to get there: streetcars 1, 5, 7 and buses 2, 17 and 55 to the same stop.

Polzunov Street

One of the most interesting sights for tourists. It’s fascinating to walk and study the urban architecture of Soviet and pre-revolutionary years. The southern part reaches the bank of the river Barnaulka, and the northern part is the Museum of Literature, Art and Culture of the Altai near the bank of the Ob River and the Altairechflot building. First of all, you should walk from the intersection with Lenin Street from house 34 to 56. For example, house 56 is a beautiful wooden terem, a former manor of the city head of the early 20th century. House 41 is interesting because in the 1760s the inventor of the steam engine Ivan Polzunov worked there. Before the revolution the building was the office of Kolyvano-Voskresenskiy factory.

Address: Polzunov, 34-56.

How to get there: by buses 17, 57, 60, the stop “Freedom Square”.

The House under the Spire

One of the symbols of the city and one of the most interesting sights for tourists. The building was built in the mid-1950s in the style of Stalinist neoclassicism. On the first floor there are stores, and the building is crowned by a clock tower and a 15-meter high pointed spire with a weathervane. The building height is 46 meters. The house is mentioned in the poem “Barnaul” and the song “In Barnaul the maples, the poplars are green”. The building looks beautiful in the dark because of the backlight.

Address: Sovetskaya, 15.

How to get there: buses 2, 37, 75 and streetcars 1, 4, 7, the stop October Square.

See other places of interest:




Pokrovsky Cathedral

Since 1863 on this place stood a wooden Church of the Intercession. A stone cathedral in the Pseudo-Russian style was built in 1898-1904. At the beginning of XX century the area was one of the poorest in the city. It is noteworthy that the interiors of the church were created during the first years of the Soviet regime. Religious subjects of paintings by Mikhail Nesterov and Viktor Vasnetsov were the main ones for them. The cathedral was closed for a short period of time – from 1939 to 1943. During the war the authorities opened it to the faithful, so it became a cathedral.

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Address: 137 Nikitina Street.

Opening hours: 07:30-19:00, all days of the week.

How to get there: streetcars 4 and 5 to the stop of the same name.

Altai Regional Drama Theater

In Barnaul it is definitely worth visiting the oldest in the Altai and one of the largest theaters in Western Siberia, named after the writer V. M. Shukshin. The facility has existed since 1921, but the building on Molodezhnaya was built in the early 1970s. The capacity is over 700 seats. The roof of the building is decorated with sculptures of an actor couple, inside there is a small museum. The theater has 38 productions.

Address: 15 Molodezhnaya Street.

Visiting hours: 10-19, all days of the week.

How to get there: streetcars 1 and 7, buses 1, 10 and 19, stop Sovetov Square.

State Youth Theatre of Altai

The theater has existed since 1958. The building was built a little bit earlier, in 1937, in the style of Stalinist classicism with elements of Art deco. This is a notable monument of architecture of the central part of the city. The theater has three main stages – Large, Chamber, Small. They accommodate more than 700 spectators. The theater puts on the most popular performances for both children and adults – “Cinderella”, “The Cherry Orchard”, “Thunderstorm” and others.

Address: Kalinin Square, 2.

Visiting time: from 10 to 19 every day.

How to get there: by buses 2, 37, 75 and streetcars 1, 4, 7, the stop “October Square”.

State Philharmonic Society of the Altai Region

Among the things to visit in Barnaul from the cultural sites, you should also note the Philharmonic Hall. This building was originally built in 1898-1900 as a cultural and educational institution – People’s House. The architectural appearance displays features of classicism and Russian style. Inside there is the only organ in the region.

Address: Polzunova, 35.

Visiting time: from 8 to 19:30 every day.

How to get there: streetcars 1 and 5, buses 17, 57, 60, the stop “Freedom Square”.

Altai State Musical Theatre

Operational since 1960. The capacity is 680 people. It has an interesting repertoire and a lot of creative projects.

Address: 108, Komsomolsky Prospect.

Visiting time: 10:00-19:00, all days of the week.

How to get there: bus 134 and buses 78 and 120, the stop “Diagnostic Center”.

The Mir Cinema

The building was built in 1972 according to the standard Soviet project of those years. The halls are designed for 940 seats. In hall 3 there is a VIP-zone with sofas. There is also the largest screen in Barnaul. The cinema was turned into an entertainment complex with modern film equipment. In front of the entrance on Boulevard of Defenders of Stalingrad there is a T-34 tank on a pedestal, and on the other side of the building there is a sculptural composition of Charlie Chaplin’s movie characters.

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Address: Victory Square, 1.

Visiting hours: 08:30-02:00, every day.

How to get there: streetcars 1, 4, 7, the stop “Victory Square. Pobedy Square”.

Where to go in Barnaul tourist, interesting places

The main attractions of Barnaul are museums and a variety of park areas. Some of them are located on one of the most beautiful streets of the city – Polzunov, and others – a little further. Some of the city’s museums are unique, their analogues are hard to find in Russia and other countries.

Altai State Museum of Local Lore

Guests of the city must visit the oldest museum in the Asian part of Russia, which in 2023 will celebrate its 200th anniversary. In the 19th century, famous scientists Alexander Humboldt and Pyotr Semenov-Tyan-Shansky were among the visitors. In 1913, by order of Emperor Nicholas II, the building of the chemical laboratory was given to the exhibits. The exposition is interesting and varied – nature, archeology, military history, minerals of the Altai, rare books, ancient coins, stone carvers’ products.

30 places to see, for those who are looking for somewhere to go in Barnaul


Barnaul is the center of the Altai region, which is famous for the abundance of flowers and greenery, architecture and noble mansions. We will start our journey around Barnaul with a description of the main sights of the city, how and where to spend your day off, historical museums and places where you can find entertainment. All the things the capital of the Altai Krai is famous for.

Where to go in Barnaul by yourself

If you want to go on your own route, then first visit the famous museum “Autocargo”. As said this is an interesting museum, where I recommend to look at mini copies of many different cars. I also advise to visit “Three Heroes”, on the first floor there are coffee houses, to warm up with a delicious hot coffee on a cold winter evening. And afterwards walk to the monument “Unfortunate Lover”, take a picture near the monument to Viktor Tsoy and go to the theater.

Sights of Barunul

Barnaul at night with domes of churches looks very picturesque

Where to go with children

Well, if you want to go for a walk with the kids or a drive, for example, one way to have a good time is to go to a park and relax in nature. Or go to the zoo, which is located on the outskirts of the city at Entuziastov 10a. If you consider hiking in more detail, then I advise to go to the park “Sunny Wind”. In this park you can walk by yourself, as well as with children. It has rides, merry-go-rounds (including for the little ones). Or walk with children to the theater “Fairy Tale”.

Altai State Museum of Local Lore

The military-historical hall is represented by exhibits and reconstructions of military actions of World War II

The museum has various thematic halls in which you can get acquainted with the historical expositions of the ancient Altai.

It is known as the oldest museum of Barnaul. The museum consists of several departments: scientific library, history, military history, nature and work with visitors. For example, the military theme is represented by such compositions:

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Afghanistan Our Pain Soldiers of Russia In Labor and Combat

The history theme gives a little dip into the history of Altai, discern quite understandable compositions such as:

The ancient Altai mining industry.

Each year about 125 thousand people visit the museum. So if you want to raise your level of knowledge be sure to come and see all the compositions.

Barnaul River Station

You can not ignore the river station of Barnaul. It is located in one of the central districts on the bank of the Ob. At this station regularly carry out passenger and cargo steamship traffic. It was erected in 1985. Today at the station as carried out cruises and excursions.

Museum “City”

Museum City in Barnaul is located in the building of the former City Hall, which is a recognized architectural monument

As you know, Barnaul is proud of this place. It is probably the youngest museum in Barnaul. It was opened in 2007, and like its name it carries a lot of exhibits, namely about 6 thousand different items. Everything connected with Barnaul can be found in this museum. By the way, inhabitants of this city sometimes themselves replenish this museum with interesting things or photos. I think it is worth a visit.

The House under the Spire

Earlier in this house on the upper floors lived party officials from the higher ranks. It was also used for meetings and dates and for noisy youth groups. Today the first floor is used for stores and cafes. The other floors are empty, awaiting restoration. “The House Under the Spire” has interesting columns near which you can take pictures and visit stores and cafes.

Museum of History, Literature, Art and Culture of Altai

Directions of the museum focus more on music, theater and film, as well as folk art of the Altai. The expositions of this museum are located in 12 thematic halls. The museum puts a lot of emphasis on expanding culture in Altai. Also, the museum offers a lot of excursions that you can find exactly what you want.

Pokrovsky Cathedral in Barnaul

In the Intercession Cathedral are still held various ceremonies – weddings, baptisms and other

Perhaps every resident of Barnaul knows about this cathedral. This is the oldest Cathedral that operates in Barnaul. In it and to this day carry out church ceremonies such as weddings and baptisms. If they bring holy relics to the city, it’s in this temple. Such a temple is worth visiting at least because of its age and beauty.

Museum of auto theft named after Yuri Detochkin

For people who love cars or collect cars then this museum for you! You can find really interesting car exhibits there. On the walls of the museum you can see a lot of pictures that are devoted to cars, and on the shelves you can find mini-copies of rare cars and not only mini-copies.

Soviet Square – the center of the city

This is the central square of Barnaul. On the square are regularly held rallies, city celebrations and concerts. Also on the square there is a monument to Lenin, the Altai State University and a couple of residential buildings.

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Lenin Avenue is a beautiful historical street.

The street appeared the very first of all in Barnaul. The street was able to stretch its length for 8.5 kilometers. Throughout the distance of the street you can notice many architectural buildings, both of those centuries and to date.

Chaplin Monument or the sculptural group “Making a movie”.

This is such a funny monument, which was created by Edward Dobrovolsky. Looking at this monument you may recall a scene from a silent movie, where Chaplin is running away from a policeman. In summer people like to take pictures near this monument.

Monument T-34

The monument is located near the cinema “Mir”, it was built in 1995. There is a legend that this tank fought in the battle at the Kursk Bulge. There’s also a legend that it took part in the liberation of Prague. The T-34 tank is on Victory Square.

Monument to V. Shukshin

The monument to the famous Russian writer is located in a park, where in good weather literary readings are held

It is located in Leninsky district. The monument is in the park. Here are also held literary readings, which address the work of the writer.

Monument to Victor Tsoi

Near the monument of the famous singer, if you are lucky enough, you can hear his songs performed by street musicians.

This monument was opened only in 2010. It is located opposite the building of the Pedagogical University. Musicians often sing near the monument, performing songs by the group “Kino”.

Monument to the unhappy lover

This monument is dedicated to all romantics. Perhaps, the only monument that can seriously compete with the monument to Pushkin for appointments and meetings. It is located on Krasnoarmeisky avenue.

Demidovskaya Square

Demidovskaya Square is called a corner of St. Petersburg in Barnaul, its architecture is designed in the style of classicism.

This area is also called “Corner of St. Petersburg” because it is designed in the spirit of classicism. In the center of the square is a 14-meter obelisk – Demidovsky pillar. On the square are located the building of the Mountain Hospital and the Church of Demetrius of Rostov.

Park “Forest Tale”.

This is a place where you can go with children. There are a sufficient number of carousels, rides, trampolines, playgrounds. Also in this park is the only one in the whole Barnaul Zoo, which also has a variety of birds and animals. It should be noted that there are decorative elements that will help to make unforgettable photos.

Polyakov and Yakovlev House

Monument of federal importance. We can say that this house has taken something from St. Petersburg. The house is made in the Baroque, Art Nouveau and St. Petersburg Classicism style. To date it is used for rental offices.

Philharmonic Building

The building is located in the so-called People’s House. The building was built in the early twentieth century. Interestingly, in the past in this building balls were held. Today due to the excellent acoustics pleasant music is played here, and various creative teams and artists perform.

Shadrin House

Located near Spartacus Square. During the Soviet times there was a restaurant here. At the moment it is under restoration and plans to open a restaurant and a tea house thereafter.

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House of Nosovic

It was built in 1908. It was built by the famous Ivan Nosovich. At that time, the house was like a boyar’s tower. With its paintings and different patterns. There used to be a hospital for children with tuberculosis. Today it serves as an ordinary residential building.

House of the head of the Altai Mining District

Nowadays this old building, built in the middle of XIX century, is home to administration and state council.

The building was built in 1827. Today the building is used to house the administration and the city council. By the way, there is a legend that once there was a general in this house and he walled up his wife because of jealousy. After that, she began to come to visitors as a ghost.

Three Heroes

It was built in 2000. It has seven stories. It has fancy domes, which is where the name comes from. On the first floor are stores and offices. Many people come here to take pictures.

Art Museum

This museum has about 12 thousand different works of sculpture, drawings, paintings. Special attendance is a section of folk art. Also there are preserved costumes of old residents and immigrants of Altai.

Museum “The World of Stone”.

This museum is famous not only in Barnaul, but also in Russia. On the shelves of the museum there are about 1000 samples of natural stones and different Altai craftsmen. There is also an iron meteorite weighing 4 kilograms. There are also works that you can buy.

Altai Regional Drama Theater

One of the oldest theaters in Altai. The theater presents 20 performances not only of Russian classics, but also of modern drama. There is also a theater museum, which provides expositions about the history of the theater.

Altai Youth Theater

Altai Youth Theater is located in a building built in the classical style and named after the famous actor V. Zolotukhin.

This theater bears the name of Russian actor Valery Zolotukhin. The repertoire is based on productions for children and youth.

Theater “Fairy Tale”.

Local puppet theater. It is visited by both adults and children. This theater also tours in almost all cities in Russia. Located in the building of “Rodina” cinema.

Monument to immigrants

The opening of this monument was in 2012. It is believed that this monument is the first one in Russia, dedicated to the peasants and peasant labor.

Kilometer Zero

Altai people decided to make their own “kilometer zero” from which the distance in the region is counted.

One more monument in Barnaul. It was opened in 2003. The monument is a pillar more than six meters high. This is a kind of “point” to count up the kilometers from the capital to other cities of Altai.

St. Nicholas Church

The church was built in 1906 and consecrated. The church is visited by many parishioners and not only on holidays. Various relics and icons are brought to this church from different parts of Russia.

Znamenskaya Church

This is a female monastery of Znamensky. It currently has 20 sisters and a Mother Superior. Liturgy and divine services are performed regularly.

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