The 28 best sights in Tyumen – descriptions and photos

Tyumen guide: thermal springs and Tyumen embankment

Tyumen is the oldest city in Siberia. And if it used to be called the “capital of the villages”, today it is the capital of the Tyumen region and an important cultural center of Russia. The city, which was developed by merchants and patrons, today is landscaped and pleasant for walks and recreation. The historical monuments here are in harmony with the modern infrastructure, and after the thermal springs it will be a pleasure to taste the traditional Siberian cuisine.

What to see in Tyumen: sights of the city

Tyumen was founded in 1586 on the banks of the river Tura, on the ancient caravan route from Central Asia to the Volga region. For this part of the road, the so-called “Tyumen fiber” for centuries fought the nomads of Southern Siberia. In 1695 there was a fire in Tyumen, as a result of which the wooden city burned down and stone construction began. Merchant’s houses and noble estates, as well as notable churches, have survived to this day. In good weather, Tyumen is ideal for hiking.

Central Square and Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Start your acquaintance with Tyumen from Central Square. Here is a monument to Lenin, the Tyumen Regional Duma and the administration of the Tyumen region. If you cross Lenin Street, you will find yourself on Tsvetnoy Boulevard – the local Arbat, where the Tyumen Circus and monuments to legendary Soviet clowns Yuri Nikulin, Oleg Popov and Pencil are located.

In summer in the evening, pay attention to the colorful fountain “Four Seasons” – the main decoration of the square. Its jets spectacularly lit and perform a bizarre dance to the music. The whole truth,

Siberian Cats Square

If you turn from the Tsvetnoy Boulevard to the Pervomayskaya Street and walk on its odd side, then you can reach the Square of Siberian cats in few minutes. It is dedicated to the cats that saved the Hermitage from the invasion of rats after the blockade. Several hundred Siberian cats, who are considered the best rat catchers, were brought to Leningrad by train. In Tyumen is dedicated to animals: you can see the gilded sculptures of cats, mounted on granite pedestals.

Znamensky Cathedral

Along the Republic Street it is possible to reach the main religious monument of Tyumen – Znamensky Cathedral, built in the style of Siberian Baroque. It is characterized by piling structures: the higher they are, the smaller they are. The icon of the Sign of the Mother of God is stored in the cathedral. According to a legend, in 1848 she saved the city from a plague. The entrance to the church is free and is open daily from 07:30 to 19:30.

Particularly beautiful is the Znamenski Cathedral with its snow-white walls in the sunny weather, when the blue roof harmoniously combines with a cloudless sky. Aksenova Alyona Igorevna/CC BY-SA 4.0

The Kolokolnikov Estate

Another landmark on Respublika Street is the Kolokolnikovs’ estate, the only surviving classic merchant estate in Tyumen. Stepan Kolokolnikov was a merchant and a patron of the arts, a member of the State Duma of the first convocation from Tobolsk Province. Today the estate has a museum with a permanent exposition devoted to the history of his family and the family of another merchant, philanthropist, and mayor of the city in 1837-1839 Ivan Ikonnikov. One of the important events which took place in this house was a visit of the future emperor Alexander II to the estate in 1837.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00. The price of tickets for the main exhibition: adults – 100 ₽, for children, students and pensioners the visit is free. For more information, visit the museum’s website.

The museum is located in the original merchant’s house, built in 1804. Museum page “Kolokolnikov Manor” in VK

Embankment Tura

The multilevel 4-kilometer embankment of the Tura River is a favorite promenade of local residents. In winter evenings it is illuminated, and if it were not for the brisk wind, it would be as crowded at this time of year as it is in summer. Flowerbeds, lots of greenery, benches, a waterfall fountain and several monuments related to the history of Tyumen – no wonder that in summer the embankment really comes to life.

Go from one bank of the river to the other you can walk on the pedestrian cable-stayed Bridge of lovers, which has become a popular place for wedding photo shoots. Newlyweds traditionally hang locks on its railing.

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A view of the Tura riverfront and the cable-stayed Lovers’ Bridge, which connects the two parts of the city. DMyshkin/CC BY-SA 4.0

The multi-level Tura embankment is an unusual and picturesque promenade in the center of the city. Irina Kononova |

Holy Trinity Monastery

This monastery is one of the oldest in Siberia: it was founded on the banks of the Tura River in 1616. The first buildings on its territory were wooden and, alas, were burned in a fire in 1705. The main temple of the monastery is the five-domed Trinity cathedral built in the style of Siberian baroque. In Holy Trinity Monastery believers from all over Russia come to worship the Jerusalem icon of the Mother of God and the relics of St. Philotheus. Entrance to the monastery is free. The schedule of services can be found on the official website.

Slovtsov Museum

In the museum of Ivan Slovtsov, the Tyumen researcher and state councilor, there is one of the most important expositions of the Tyumen region. This modern museum complex occupies a building of 29 thousand square meters. The funds contain works by Aivazovsky, Repin, Shishkin and other prominent artists, as well as sculptures, icons and much more. Fans of art and painting can easily spend a whole day here.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00. Ticket prices: exhibitions from 60 to 250 ₽, there are free. Workshops and performances from 100 to 200 ₽. For more information, visit the museum’s official website.

Museum of Local Lore, City Hall

The museum is located near the Lovers’ Bridge, in a 19th century mansion with monumental columns at the front entrance. The exposition includes stuffed animals that live on the territory of Tyumen region, as well as ancient fossils. The main exhibit is the largest mammoth skeleton in our country. It is in this museum you can also learn the history of the chimes, created in 1857 by peasant Trusov by order of the State Duma. The museum is open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 and Thursday from 12:00 to 20:00. Tickets are on sale until 17:30 and cost: adults from 180 ₽, free for children, students and seniors. Learn more about the permanent and temporary exhibitions on the official website.

Tyumen Philharmonic Hall

The Tyumen Philharmonic Society is located in a beautiful building on Republic Street. Recent reconstruction has increased the capacity of the hall to 1229 seats and improved its acoustics. Also a new chamber and organ music hall for 240 seats was opened. View a schedule of events on the Philharmonic’s official website. Ticket prices start at 150 ₽.

Gilevskaya Grove

Gilevskaya grove is one of the favorite vacation spots of citizens. It is located on a high bank of Krivoy lake with the Voynovka river running through it. In summer, you can walk on landscaped walking paths or ride bicycles here. In winter the grove is popular with fans of skiing. The park has a gazebo, benches and toilets. Entrance is free.

Water park “Leto-Leto”.

The pride of Tyumen is its hot thermal springs, in which you can bathe all year round. Right in the city center is the water park “Leto-Leto” with a large outdoor thermal pool and a water temperature of 38-43 ° C. The water rich in calcium, magnesium, boron and other microelements is believed to have a revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on the body. In addition to the outdoor pool, the spa area of the complex has a spacious indoor pool, saunas and Jacuzzi. Active recreation lovers and visitors with children may also buy a ticket to the water park, which is located in a separate zone. By the way, there is a 4* hotel on the territory of Leto Leto, and its guests enjoy discounts to the spa and water attractions.

Working mode of the water park: every day from 10:00 to 22:00. Check the rates on the official website.

Large indoor pool with Jacuzzi and artificial river in the thermal complex “Leto Leto”. Lena Titok

Resort complex “Sosnovy Bor”.

This complex with thermal pools is about half an hour from Tyumen by car. Healing water combined with the forest air make this place popular with both citizens and tourists. You can come here for a day or stay overnight – there is a hotel in the complex. Daily schedule: on Mondays from 14:00 to 23:00, on Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:00 to 23:00. Ticket prices: adults on weekdays – 550 ₽, weekends and holidays – 700 ₽. For more information, visit the official website of the complex.

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Recreation center “Volna”.

The water of the hot spring “Volna” comes from a depth of over 1 km. It is believed that swimming in it has a beneficial effect on the skin and joints, helps normalize sleep and overcome fatigue, and strengthens the immune system. The length of the outdoor pool is 43 m, the depth is 1.7 m. The water temperature stays at +38 … +43 °C all year round. Tickets cost ₽, weekdays – 700 ₽ for adults, 400 ₽ for children from 5 to 11 years old. More information on the official website of the base.

River trips on the Tura River

In the warm season on the river Tura there are excursion ships and boats. The Viking boat runs every hour from 1 p.m. on weekends and from 5 p.m. on weekdays. A ticket for adults costs ₽300 and 200 ₽ for children. There is a coffee bar on board. On the boat “Peaceful” more often ride the company of 12-13 people. An hour-long trip costs 2,000 ₽. Most excursions start from the Lovers’ Bridge.

Where to eat in Tyumen

Traditional Siberian cuisine is hearty and varied. It has a lot of meat and fish, as well as mushrooms and berries. Restaurants in Tyumen offer to taste both time-tested dishes, characteristic of the region, and author’s recipes.


This place positions itself as a museum-restaurant. Once you come here you really feel that you are in the middle of local history exposition: elements of traditional Siberian way of life, stuffed animals and the restaurant’s pride – a large tent placed in the middle of the hall. The menu offers all the classics of the northern cuisine: stroganina, venison, bilberry, bear mushrooms, cloudberry and much more. Dessert in the form of a cute polar bear made of coconut cream is especially attractive. You’d better reserve a table for the evening in advance. Average bill: 1500-2500 ₽.

The interior of the restaurant “Chum” is another reason to come here, in addition to the classic dishes of northern cuisine.


This cozy Georgian restaurant regularly makes the list of the best in Tyumen. Inside there is a friendly atmosphere and traditional Caucasian hospitality. The best way to come here in a large company: you can order a selection of kebabs and enjoy the fragrant meat. Average bill: 1200 ₽.


The restaurant is located on the 14th floor of the Remezov Hotel, with a panoramic view of the city. The concept is built around the wealth of the Tyumen region – both cultural and gastronomic. It often hosts social evenings and various events. Try the dumplings with duck and Tuscan truffle, as well as tartar of Siberian muksun and Norwegian salmon. Average check: 3,500 ₽.


The first and only fish restaurant in Tyumen. Fish and oysters of unique species are brought here by planes, but there are also local products on the menu. Following the good Siberian tradition the guests will be offered to taste muksun, nelma and sterlet stroganina and muksun sugudai. The chef Alexander Galkin creates not only tasty but also very beautiful dishes and each serving is worthy of a separate Instagram post. Average check: 2500-3000 ₽.

Hobbit Hall.

This beer bar is sure to please fans of the Lord of the Rings saga. The interiors are styled like a hobbit village and the menu features dishes with distinctive names such as the Elrond Chicken Set, Baggins’ Grill, Saruman the Wizard’s Roast Beef Salad and more. This place has its own brewery. Average bill: 800-1000 ₽.

When to go to Tyumen

The climate in Tyumen is sharply continental, with a pronounced change of seasons. The best time to visit is late spring and early summer: dry, warm weather sets in during this period. The temperature stays at the level of +25-28 °С from June to July. Therefore, down jackets and warm clothes can be left at home.

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Autumn in the region starts strictly by the calendar in September. The first days of the month can please with good weather, but in the twenties it begins to rain. Autumn is the ideal time for bathing in thermal springs: the temperatures are the most comfortable for swimming in hot water under the open sky.

In winter Tyumen is the reign of a real Russian winter: the average temperature in January is -15 ° C, but there are also harsher frosts.

How to get to Tyumen

The easiest way to get to Tyumen is to fly. Flights to Roschino airport are included in the timetable of all major airlines in Russia and a number of regional carriers. The airport itself is half an hour by cab from the city center, the cost is 350-450 ₽. In addition, you can take buses running from 04:30 to 22:00 at intervals of 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the day of the week and time of day. The ticket price is 28 ₽.

Tyumen railway station is located in the center of the city – it takes 5-7 minutes to get to Tsvetnoy Boulevard from here. The fastest train from Moscow to Tyumen goes 1 day 9 hours. Ticket price is from 3450 ₽ (seat).

How to travel

Public transport in the city costs 28 ₽ for cash and 27 ₽ by card. For the convenience of moving around the city you can download the application Tyumen.Transport – it allows you to track the movement of buses in real time.

Rent a car of economy class in Tyumen will cost about ₽ 1200 per day. Keep in mind that most parking lots in the city center are paid – from 35 ₽/hour. There are cab aggregators in the city: Yandex, “Veset”, Maxim, “Let’s go”. You can call a car through the app. A trip around the city will cost 100-300 ₽. The cost of carsharing in Tyumen – from 6 ₽ per minute.

In the warm season, the city operates bicycle and scooter rentals. Rent a bike will cost 150-200 ₽ per hour. There are 40 bike sharing stations all over the city. The total length of the marked bike routes is 62 km. Renting a scooter costs 50 ₽ plus 5 ₽ for each minute of use. You can find a free scooter using the app of one of the current aggregators – all units are displayed on an interactive map. There is no single rental point. Scooters are taken for a ride and left at the city bike parks, which are marked on the maps with a “P” sign.

Where to stay in Tyumen

There are hotels of different classes in Tyumen, but the most popular among tourists are quite comfortable 3-4* hotels in the center. Staying in the area of Tsvetnoy Boulevard, you will be in close proximity to the main city attractions. Given the low cost of a cab you can choose hotels farther from the main tourist routes. Room rates start at 1,800 ₽ per night.

What to bring from Tyumen

Pussies . No, they are not Siberian cats at all, but warm women’s boots on deer fur. They are made by the local shoe factory “Voskhod”. The factory has a company store on Uritskogo Street. This souvenir is not cheap – kisy will cost about 10,000 ₽, but such boots are not afraid of any frost.

Fish . Nelma, muksun and sturgeon are, perhaps, the main gastronomic souvenirs from Tyumen. The best way to get them is to go to Mikhailovsky market: the choice is really huge. In addition to smoked fish we can recommend local farm cheeses and wild meat products.

At Mikhailovsky Market you can buy traditional Siberian products, as well as farm cheeses, sausages, and more. Mikhailovsky Market page on VK

Candy . If there are sweet lovers waiting for you at home, it makes sense to buy candy produced by the factory “Kvartet” in Tyumen. Candies called “Dreams of Ermak” are especially popular.

Pine nuts . Buy pine nuts and products made from them (e.g. pine oil) in Tyumen is profitable. You can buy nuts in stores or at markets. The average price of 1 kg is 1500 ₽. In Moscow, the same volume will cost 2000-2500 ₽. Choose nuts in vacuum packaging: it guarantees freshness.

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Bone products . Souvenirs made of bone are a popular gift from Tyumen. You can buy both functional boxes and pretty trinkets.

Tips for tourists

1. Tyumen has good roads, so you can safely rent a car here. So you can see not only the city itself, but also the surrounding area. For example, to visit various thermal springs.

2. Tyumen is a good starting point for a trip to Siberia. If you are here for a long time, do not miss the opportunity to go to the ancient Tobolsk. See its white-stone Kremlin, as well as the places associated with the last months of the imperial family’s life.

3. Walking the streets of Tyumen, look carefully to the sides – many merchants who lived in the city, not stingy on decorating their houses. On the facades of buildings on Dzerzhinsky Street you can see real wooden lace.

4. Take a walking tour accompanied by one of the locals: you can find a lot of author’s routes on the Internet. Tyumen people love their city and tell a lot of interesting things about it.

Attractions of Tyumen

The article presents a rating of the main sights of Tyumen with photos, descriptions and names, as well as an overview of entertainment and recreation in Tyumen. From the material you will learn where to go and what to see in Tyumen, and discover Tyumen for children. The city has collected unique temples, museums, parks, theaters, and hot springs Tyumen know in every corner of the immense motherland.

Tyumen is rightly a great and strategically important city, which for several centuries of existence has accumulated many historical, architectural, and religious sites. If you are in the city for the first time, you should start with a walk along the embankment of the Tura River. The picturesque landscape of the promenade is decorated by the famous Bridge of Lovers, from which you can admire for a long time the passing by of small pleasure ferries and boats. The bridge opens up the historic part of the city. Within walking distance of the bridge is the Tyumen local history museum “City Duma”, the “pearl” of which is a paleontological exhibition with a mammoth skeleton.

Walking along the embankment, it is impossible not to notice the Holy Trinity Monastery, the Church of the Exaltation of the Cross (Nikolsky Church in Tyumen) and the Ascension-Georgievsky Church. Among the must-see are also the Znamensky Cathedral, whose magnificent architectural ensemble delights even seasoned travelers. Znamenski Cathedral is one of the oldest in the area, the beginning of its construction dates back to 1624. Also within walking distance of the Tyumen waterfront is the “Geologist” stadium.

Every major city has a central pedestrian street, a kind of “Arbat” and Tyumen in this case is no exception. Tsvetnoy Boulevard gathers locals and visitors for long walks and a pleasant pastime with the family. The decoration of the boulevard is the fountain “Seasons”, made of natural stone, bronze and colored stained glass.

A new and already loved attraction of Tyumen – the Iva Park and Japanese Garden. The corner of Japanese nature is privately owned and you can walk around it only with a guide.

If you have only a few days to visit Tyumen, you should definitely see one of the largest expositions of the region – the Slovtsov Museum. The museum fund contains paintings by Aivazovsky, Repin, Shishkin and other famous artists, sculptures, exhibits of folk crafts, icons and much more.

Tyumen playbill is full of events all year round. Before visiting the city is worth seeing the program and repertoire of the Drama Theater Tyumen, Tyumen State Circus, Tyumen Philharmonic, or visit one of the cinemas Tyumen. If you come to Tyumen with a child, then, of course, the first place you should take him – the famous water park “Leto Leto”. The water amusement park opened quite recently, the first phase was commissioned in the summer of 2018.

Another item of the obligatory program is the Tyumen Zoo. The largest zoo is not located in the city itself, but in the village of Vinzili, which can easily be reached by car or by public transport. The second name of the zoo, “Sosnovy Bor”, comes from the nearby hot spring of the same name.

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In turn, the hot springs of Tyumen in itself are a landmark, because they attract thousands of tourists, both in summer and winter. Thermal waters of Tyumen are of natural origin and have a unique composition, which has a beneficial effect on health and rejuvenation. Hot springs Tyumen in many ways not inferior to the famous thermal resorts of France, Hungary, Czech Republic and other countries, this is why when traveling to Tyumen is not worth ignoring their visit. The most famous hot springs include “Upper Bor”, “Sosnovy Bor”, “Sovetsky”, “Avan”, “Volna” and “Yar”.

Top 40 attractions in Tyumen

Tyumen State Circus is located in the heart of the city on Pervomaiskaya Street. Thanks to the original architecture.

The new embankment of Tyumen is an ambitious project of the city authorities. This area, equipped on four levels.

The Bolshoi Drama Theater is the creative heart of Tyumen. It is known far beyond the city limits. Everyone.

Pedestrian Tsvetnoy Boulevard – one of the modern symbols of Tyumen, the most popular place of rest for children.

The square of Siberian cats – a unique in its kind place, often being included in the list of the most original.

Tyumen sights on the map

  • City information
  • Tyumen Weather
  • Map of Tyumen
  • Where to go
    • Spas, Springs (6)
    • Sights (65)
    • Amusement Parks (16)
    • Parks (16)
    • Lakes (6)
    • Beaches (8)
    • Temples, Cathedrals, Mosques (16)
    • Zoos (4)
    • Museums (17)
    • Bridges (1)
    • Theaters (5)
    • Squares (8)
    • Ski resorts (1)
    • Fountains (1)
    • Galleries (1)
    • Sports facilities (1)
    • Restaurants and Cafes (3)
    • Activity Centers (2)

    What to see in Tyumen by yourself

    Of course, walking around the city with a tour guide is an excellent thing to do. Experts will tell not only little-known facts about this or that object, but also share the urban legends. In turn, many people choose to explore the city on their own: you can walk at your own pace and enjoy the beauties of the city.

    If you come to Tyumen at the height of the ski season, it is worth visiting “Voroninskie hills” – a very popular resort among fans of active recreation. For children at the ski resort there is a trampoline center. In summer, Voronin slides are no less beautiful: tourists flock to the nature for a portion of fresh air and picturesque scenery.

    A favorite place for walks of citizens and guests of the city – the parks of Tyumen. In the shady parks you can relax, enjoy the sounds of nature and take a breath between visiting the iconic sights of the city. Alexander Country Garden is a place of attraction for holidaymakers from all over the city. The park is equipped with benches, fountains, and sculptures and is located near the Tura riverfront.

    The Aptekarsky Garden is a more modest square for walks. It is famous for the monument to Grigory Rasputin, who was treated in the local hospital after the attack. In addition, there are a lot of small parks around the city, so no matter what area you are in, you will always have an opportunity to visit one of the “green zones”: Gilevskaya Grove, Gagarin Park, Birch Grove, Komsomolsky Garden, Public Garden of Deputies, Rovnin public garden, Nemtsov public garden and many others.

    Perhaps the most famous and favorite walking area of the citizens is the Siberian cats’ square. The well-groomed long alley is “guarded” by twelve bronze Siberian cats which attract small children like a magnet. In addition to cats, one of the most popular monuments in Tyumen is the monument “Mother” next to the Church of All Saints.

    Pedestrian street Tsvetnoy Boulevard is surrounded by the main walking squares of Tyumen: City Square and the Tyumen City Park of Culture and Recreation, Sun Square, Central Square, Square of Unity and Consent. South of the boulevard is Tyumen 400th Anniversary Square and Memory Square, and closer to the Tura River stretches Fighters of the Revolution Square and Historical Square. Excellent photos can be made near the art space “12 Chairs of Wishes”, “The Tree of Happiness” or the monument to a steam locomotive.

    Very important is a monument to a stray dog. The monument is a large piggy bank, where you can throw a coin. The funds collected go to the shelter for dogs.

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