The 27 best attractions in Batumi – descriptions and photos

What to see in Batumi: top 25 places of interest

In this article you will learn about the attractions of Batumi: what to see during a few days’ stay in this resort town?

Now Batumi is the main resort of Georgia, the country’s government plans to make it the best on the entire Black Sea coast. A lot of money is being invested, skyscrapers are gradually growing in place of the old houses in the center, and people fill the spacious pebble beaches every summer. We remember the city primarily for its abundance of greenery, beautiful promenade and delicious food.

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Tourist information centers where you can get answers to any question about interesting places in the city, as well as get free maps can help you a lot. One office is located near the cable car station near the sea and is open 24 hours a day, the other is at the main entrance to Batumi Boulevard.

Whether you’re here for two days or ten, there’s always something to see in Batumi. Interesting places are mostly concentrated in the center and near the promenade – it’s easy to get around on foot. Plus there are a few places outside the city, which is also worth a trip.

Walking on the beach at sunset

Batumi Attractions

Map of Batumi attractions in Russian at the end of the post, marked all points there.

1. Sculpture “Ali and Nino”

One of the symbols of Batumi – moving 8-meter statues, telling the love story of Ali and Nino. The author of this sculpture is Tamara Kvesitadze, and it was opened in 2011.

Ali and Nino

The story of the lovers is described in the book with the same title, the authorship of which is not precisely defined Plot in brief: the descendant of a noble Azerbaijani family, Ali falls in love with the daughter of a Georgian prince – Nino. But the obstacle becomes their faith, because the guy was a Muslim and the girl was a Christian, and her parents forbade them to be together. All this history is reflected in the composition: sculptures of a man and a woman come together, then part, in one moment merging. We stood and watched this action for a few minutes, as if mesmerized. It’s especially beautiful in the evening when everything is lit.

Address: Syfront Promenade St.

How to get there: by bus line 1, 10, 15 to Gogebashvili str.

2. Batumi Seaside Park

The famous landmark of Batumi – was founded in 1881 by famous foreign gardeners of the time. Now it is customary to divide the boulevard into old and new parts: the old is approximately from the seaport and to the singing fountain, and all that is to the south is already the new boulevard. On the territory there are cafes, restaurants, playgrounds and sports grounds, in addition, at any time you can get to the beach. Very nice to stroll along the palm trees in the evening and breathe the sea breeze. What a great place!

Batumi Waterfront

Batumi Beach in October.

3. Cableway “Argo”.

One of the most popular attractions in Batumi is a ride on the cable car to the neighboring mountain with an observation deck, where you can see the whole city. The cableway is considered the longest in Europe (2,600 meters, and the height is as high as 250 meters). From the cabin you can look at Batumi from above – it is a great sight! I advise to come here in the evening when the sun is about to set, and then you will get good pictures. In the evening there are also shows with Georgian dances and songs, and the restaurant is open all day long.

Address: Gogebashvili Street, by the tourist information center

Price: 10 lari round trip

The cableway Batumi

Batumi from viewing platform

4. Piazza Square

Piazza reminds you of Venetian Saint Marko, such a quiet (by day) corner of Europe in the heart of old Batumi. Various events, concerts and festivals are held here, and in the evenings cafes and restaurants put tables outside. Live music is playing, the perfect place to come with your girlfriend, with your wife for a romantic dinner!

Address: 25 Parnavaz Mepe St.

Piazza Square

5. Georgian Alphabet Tower

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135 meters high tower is built in the form of spiral DNA in which all 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet are intertwined. You can get to the top only by elevator, there is a restaurant, rotating on its axis, and television studio.

Address: Park of Miracles, old boulevard.

How to get there: by bus line 1, 10, 15 to Gogebashvili str.

The alphabet tower is on the left

6. Chacha Tower

A 25-meter clock tower near the park of wonders and next to the sea station. An interesting feature of this tower is that there is free flowing chacha, which you can drink. True, it does not happen all the time, but at random intervals. We saw people waiting patiently on the stairs ;-)

The lighthouse and the Ferris wheel.

7. Summer Theater

Summer Theatre is located right on Batumi Boulevard – it is a nice building, but without windows for some reason. It reopened after reconstruction in 2013, the old one burned down. Performances are held here periodically, and the auditorium seats 1,200 people. I’ve seen pictures of the old theater, that was certainly a beauty – the new one is kind of heavy and massive.

8. Colonnades

White solemn colonnades are installed in Batumi boulevard, the same are at the entrance to the park on May 6. They used to be a kind of gateway to the embankment.

9. Wedding Palace

In Georgia they support the beginnings of the young. This building was designed by a young Georgian architect in the form of a dolphin, although we did not immediately understand what it is ;-) Nevertheless, it is a beautiful and unusual building, where you can really get married day and night. True, the documents will only be valid in Georgia. The cost of the ceremony is 150 lari.

Address: Batumi Boulevard

10. Europe Square

The most romantic and European part of Batumi, is located in the central part of the old city. There are many festivals and celebrations on the square, there is a fountain as well as a tall statue of “Medea with the golden fleece”.

11. astronomical clock

Tower with a clock is located in the center at the intersection of Abashidze and Gamsakhurdia streets, and you can see it even from the embankment. By this clock you can find out different astronomical data.

12. Fountain “Neptune” and Drama Theater

The fountain was installed in 2010 right on the square in front of the Drama Theater. It is an exact copy of the fountain in Italian Bologna.

Address: Rustaveli Street, 1.

13. Park on May 6

Cool place to relax in the heart of the city. In the middle of the park is Lake Nurigel, where you can take a boat ride. In the park it is nice to sit on the bench in the shade and take a break from the Batumi heat, and somewhere at the edge there is a small zoo – children will be happy!

Address: Between Rustaveli and Melikishvili Streets

How to get there: by buses 1, 10, 15

14. Dolphinarium

One more famous sight of Batumi is located close to the park on the 6th of May. This is the first dolphinarium in the Soviet Union, here you can go to the fairy show for 40 minutes for 15 lari. There is also an opportunity to swim with dolphins!

Address: 49, Rustaveli str.

How to get there: by bus 1

15. House of Justice

The House of Justice is already in a new part of Batumi Boulevard – it is such an unusual white building in the shape of an upside down bottle. It is also a new landmark of Batumi, was opened in 2011 and the architect was Michele De Lucchi.

Address: Khimshiashvili Street

How to get there: by bus lines 1, 3 and 17

Batumi Courthouse

16. Dancing Fountains

In the evening on Lake Ardagani there is a light and laser show with music. This entertainment is available only during the season. For example, at the end of September, the fountains were no longer working.

Address: Khimshiashvili Street

How to get there: by bus lines 1, 3 and 17

17. Colosseum

The building in the shape of the Roman Colosseum is also located on the New Boulevard on the waterfront. It’s Colosseum Marina Hotel and if you want you can get a room there for 200 GEL per night ;-)

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18. Aquapark

You have a chance to have fun in the water park, which is located on the new boulevard. It itself is small, several water slides, pools, sunbeds, cafes and even a hotel.

Address: 12 Khimshiashvili str.

How to get there: by buses 1, 2, 3, 10, 17 and by routes 32 and 52.

Entrance fee: 40 GEL

Working time: every day from 10 am till 8 pm

19. The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin

A very beautiful cathedral in neo-Gothic style on Chavchavadze street. Built in 1897, is also the diocese of Batumi. At the time of the Union it was used as a storehouse and the Catholics fought for the return of the cathedral to the church.

Address: Corner of 25 Chavchavadze St. and 51 Tavdadebouli St.

20. Armenian Church

The church was built in 1885 by Austrian architect Manfred and the money was collected by all Armenians living in Batumi at the time. During Soviet times, as usual, the church was used as a storehouse, and since 1959 it was given under the observatory.

Address: 25 Gamsakhurdia Street

21. Ortajame Mosque

As you can see, every community and confession has its own temples in Batumi. The city has been Turkish and Muslim for a long time, but nevertheless, many mosques have not survived. Only one has survived to this day: Ortajame Mosque, built in the late 19th century. It is hidden among the alleys in the center and looks more like a house. But the minaret is visible even from the embankment.

Address: Chkalova street, 6/Kutaiskaya street, 19

22. Church of St. Nicholas

Located directly opposite the Piazza – this is one of the oldest temples in the city, it is 150 years old. The construction was initiated by the Greek community, at that time the head of the city was Greek by birth. Now the church is attended by hundreds of parishioners every day, services are held in Georgian and Russian.

23. Gonio-Apsaros fortress

The fortress was built by the Romans in the 1st century AD, and has managed to survive until today, although very destroyed. It has been repaired, a small museum has been opened, you can still climb the stairs and walls.

Address: 12 km from Batumi, on the highway to Turkey.

Entrance fee: 3 lari

Opening hours: from 10 am till 6 pm

How to get there: by bus 16 (GEL 0,8), any shuttle bus to Sarpi (GEL 1). Cab (15 GEL).

24. Botanical Garden in Batumi

If you are already on vacation and wondering “What else to see in Batumi?”, I have the answer. Be sure to go to the Batumi Botanical Garden. There are many plants from all over the world, divided into 21 geographic zones. And the picturesque Green Cape and the railroad along the sea – will not leave you indifferent.

Address: 9 km from Batumi, Green cape

Working time: from 09.00 till 19.00

Entrance fee: 8 lari

How to get there: by bus 31 (1 lari)

Botanical Garden at Green Cape

25. Church of the Holy Trinity

The Church of the Holy Trinity is located on a mountain high above Batumi. We didn’t get a chance to go here, but locals told us that the view of the city from here is better than from the cable car observation deck. The church is located 250 m above sea level. It was built in the second half of the 19th century and recently renovated.

How to get there: better by cab, but I think there are yellow buses from Batumi Plaza shopping center that go to Salibauri (2 lari).

Tsminda Sameba Church and Batumi Sea Port

This is not all the attractions of Batumi – interesting places here literally at every step. There are also Peter’s fortress, museums, theaters and much more. Come and check for yourself ;-)

Batumi sights on the map

Marked all the spots that I told in the post on the map.

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Batumi Attractions

Batumi’s best sights, what to see and where to go first, addresses and map in Russian In our guide. The city of Batumi is one of the main seaside resorts in Georgia, located between the Black Sea and the mountainous terrain. This primarily creates convenience for holidaymakers making holiday varied. Tender subtropical climate allows you to vacation at the Black Sea resort for six months. Batumi is not limited only to seaside recreation, because here you can find many attractions, both historical and entertainment character. Let’s take a closer look at the attractions of Batumi with photos, names and descriptions in this article.

Batumi Attractions

Top 19 Batumi Sights

Piazza Square

Piazza Square is the epitome of an Italian square among Batumi neighborhoods, because the word piazza itself means square from Italian. It is a modern square with attractive architecture, café-bars, restaurants and just a great place for walking, especially in the evening when everything is fabulously illuminated. The live music playing on the square is perfect for romantic dates. Address: King Parnavaza Street 25.

Batumi Piazza Square

Ferris Wheel in Batumi

The Ferris wheel is one of the main entertainment spots in Batumi. After all, it is on the Ferris wheel you can get a thrill, capture the view of the city or the sea and just take great pictures. Wheel is 55 meters high and makes a full circle in 10 minutes. The cabins are modern, well maintained and open. In summer it opens at 10:00 and runs until late at night, and in winter it closes at 5:00 pm. The price for 1 round per person is 5 GEL, the entrance is free for kids up to 7 years old.

Batumi Ferris Wheel

Dolphinarium in Batumi

Dolphinarium in Batumi is one of the main visiting cards of the city. It was opened back in 1975 and it was the first entertainment center of this kind in the whole Soviet Union. Today to visit the dolphinarium is to get a huge positive energy, regardless of age. Prices to visit are always different depending on the season, and also differ among themselves depending on whether you just want to see or swim with dolphins. The dolphinarium is located next to the park on May 6, which in turn is a good place for entertainment and recreation. The park has a corner for animals and fish in aquariums, you can take a boat ride on the lake, sit in the shade of trees. The park is easily recognizable because of the prominent fountain in the form of a large stone floating in the air over a stream of water.

Batumi Dolphinarium

Argo aerial tramway

The Argo aerial ropeway – was opened in Batumi in 2013 and immediately became the longest aerial ropeway in Europe. Its track length is 2,600 meters, and the height reaches 250 meters. During the entire climb there are breathtaking panoramic views of Batumi city, which lasts 10-15 minutes. Fans of good photos are recommended to come here during sunset. Climb the cable car to Mount Anuria, which is an observation deck of the entire city. The site is also equipped with a cafe, a souvenir store, a wine store and a couple of binoculars. In the summertime this place often hosts show programs with Georgian singing and dancing. Address: Batumi, Gogebashvili Street. Coordinates: 41.64754, 41.64548.

The Argo cableway in Batumi

Neptune Fountain

Neptune Fountain is another landmark of Batumi, which is a copy of the fountain in Italy, namely in Bolonia. The majestic sculpture of Neptune with mermaids and angels decorates the Theater Square. There used to be a monument to the writer and father of the Georgian people Ilya Chavchavadze, but in 2010 it was moved and a fountain was built in its place. This fact angered the local population, but soon the fountain began to attract the attention of tourists from all over the world and it must have remained there.

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Neptune Fountain in Batumi

Statue of Ali and Nino

Statue of Ali and Nino is a 7-meter sculpture of a man and a woman facing each other. The sculpture tells the story of the impossible love of Azerbaijani boy Ali and Nino, a Georgian woman. The reason is the parents on both sides who are against it because of differences in religion. The sculpture got its name from the characters of the novel Ali and Nino, which was written by Kurban Said and was published in 1937. The story is about the tragic love between a Muslim boy and a Christian girl. The main feature of the sculpture is that the figures made of metal plates are set in motion in the evening. At a certain point, the figures become one, and then they go their separate ways, heading toward each other. It is this uniqueness that made the sculpture famous all over the world. Ali and Nino is a top attraction of Batumi, which seeks to see every visitor. The author of this sculpture is Tamara Kvesitadze. Address: at the end of the seaside boulevard

Statue of Ali and Nino in Batumi

Batumi Boulevard

Batumi Boulevard is the soul of the resort which stretches along the seafront for 7 km. Back in 1881 a decree was issued for the construction of a park on this place, which is why the park can be considered one of the oldest landmarks of the city. Today, the entire boulevard can be divided into two parts, the old and new. In general, it is a palm-lined boulevard on which the paths stretch. One path is designed for walking and the other for bicycles, scooters, rollerblades, scooters, etc. Also walking along the boulevard in large numbers you can notice different kinds of art-objects, architectural compositions, cafes, restaurants, singing fountains and even its own park of wonders. Address: Batumi, Batumi Boulevard.

Batumi Boulevard

Miracle Park

Wonderland Park is a part of Batumi Boulevard, which is located on the Black Sea embankment. Beautifully landscaped park Miracles Park can be considered part of the new boulevard, which is actively built up since 2008. The park is a combination of multiple art objects and attractions. For example there is a huge Ferris wheel on which you can climb and see the whole city. The park also has an old 20-meter lighthouse, a high viewing tower of the alphabet and at the end of the sculpture Ali and Nino.

Batumi Wonderland Park

Botanical Garden Batumi

Botanical Garden is a huge territory with a collection of 5000 varieties of plants. The Botanical Garden of Batumi was opened in 1912 and it was one of the largest botanical gardens in the country. Here was the main institution for the development of citrus and tea in the former Soviet Union. The botanical garden represents the vegetation of most continents of the world, as well as countries with unique climates such as Japan or Tibet. And the geolocation factor, which adds a lot to the already gorgeous garden, is that it is located on the hills from which there is an indescribably beautiful view of the Black Sea. In the botanical garden you can buy locally grown plants. Address: Botanical Garden Batumi Coordinates: 41.69173 41.70735.

Botanical Garden in Batumi

Old Town of Batumi

Old Town Batumi is a historical part of Batumi, which was established in the 19th century. It is located near the coast and perfectly harmonizes with the ultra-modern part of the city. Here are the interruptions of all the most popular sightseeing routes, because it is here that the ancient temples and monuments are located, as well as the newly built Piazzo and Europe Square.

Batumi Cathedral

Batumi Cathedral is an active cathedral in the old part of the city in honor of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was built in the early twentieth century, originally as a Catholic church. The cathedral was built with light stone in the neo-Gothic style. During the Soviet Union there was a laboratory for the study of electricity. Later the building was transferred to the Georgian Orthodox Church. Address: Demeter Tavdadebuli 51.

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Batumi Cathedral

Europe Square

Europe Square – got its name after joining the Assembly of European Regions. But this is not the only reason. The buildings on the square with their architecture and bas-reliefs are truly reminiscent of Europe. On the square you can find other sights such as a monument to the Colchis queen Medea, holding in her hand a golden fleece. The beautiful fountain and astronomical clock, which can not be passed by, deserve special attention. Piazza Europa is often the site of concert performances, Jose Carreras and Andrea Bocelli have performed here. If you want to try traditional local food you can also do so in one of the cafes or restaurants that are located on the Square of Europe.

Europe Square in Batumi

The Alphabet Tower

Alphabet Tower is a 130 meters high viewing tower. The Georgian alphabet letters are wrapped around the construction. The architect of the tower Alberto Kabo got his inspiration from the unique and one-of-a-kind Georgian letters. At the top of the tower there is a sphere inside which there is a cafe, a store with souvenirs and an observation deck.

Batumi Alphabet Tower

Statue of Medea

Statue of Medea is a high marble pole on which stands a bronze sculpture of Colchis Queen Medea. The sculpture is located on the Europe Square and it is so high that it looks down on the roofs of the surrounding buildings. Architect David Khmaladze unveiled the 40 meter high statue of King Medea in 2007 as a reminder of the ancient times when the Colchis Kingdom was in touch with the rest of the ancient world.

Statue of Medea in Batumi

Waterpark in Batumi

Water park is an entertainment water park built on the shores of the Black Sea in 2008. Here you can find different extreme slides both straight and spiral, both open and closed. There are pools of different types – wave pool, children’s pool and even water aerobics pool with 5 pools in total.

Water Park in Batumi

Chacha Tower

Chacha Tower is a 25 meter high tower with a clock and 4 fountains in the style of the Ottoman Empire. The main feature of the tower is a special installation which once a week for 15 minutes served Georgian fortified drink, namely, Chacha. Because of that the tower got its name. Also at the top of the tower there is an observation deck with breathtaking views. Nowadays the mechanism that serves chacha doesn’t work and the tower is closed, but you can admire it as a beautiful architectural creation, especially at night with the colorful illumination.

Chacha Tower in Batumi

Singing Fountains

Singing Fountains is the most beautiful evening show that the city can present. It is a whole show of music, countless water jets and illumination. Splashing jets of water to the music, powerful streams of water soaring in the air enthrall the audience. Singing Fountains in Batumi were opened in 2009 and they are one of the biggest fountains in Georgia.

Singing Fountains in Batumi

Church of the Holy Trinity on Mount Sameba

The Church of the Holy Trinity on Mount Sameba is located 10 km from Batumi, at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. Sameba in Georgian means Trinity and therefore the temple was erected in honor of the Holy Trinity. The temple was built in 2004 by donations. Climbing up the mountain Sameba in addition to viewing the temple you can go to the observation deck of the temple and enjoy Batumi and the Black Sea coast.

Holy Trinity Church on Sameba Hill

Gonio Fortress

Gonio Fortress – the oldest fortress today in Georgia. It is located 15 kilometers from Batumi. The first mention of the fortress by a Roman writer dates back to the I century AD. In the II century there was a Roman town which was well fortified. Later this area had already come under the power of Byzantium. According to legend, in the fortress of Gonio is the tomb of Matthew the Apostle, who was chosen to be one of the apostles of Christ, after the betrayal of Judas.

Gonio Fortress in Batumi

Batumi sights on the map

All sights of Batumi on Russian interactive map.

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