The 24 best sights in Fukuoka – descriptions and photos

The 24 best sights in Fukuoka – descriptions and photos

Still untouched by the glut of mass tourism, Fukuok is attractive for its pristine nature, snow-white beaches, calm, peaceful atmosphere and a certain provinciality. Here you can hide from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the beauty of tropical landscapes and appreciate the first-class service of the hotel industry. Fukuok is a must-see for travelers who have had their fill of South East Asia’s hyped resorts but have yet to lose interest in the region.

Biosphere Reserve

A large part of the territory of Fukuoka is a biosphere reserve. Hiking along the routes of the national park is a real adventure: the impassable jungle with exotic plants, waterfalls, lakes, picturesque coast, covered with an even layer of milky sand. In some places there are convenient walking paths and viewing platforms for visitors. If you want, you can ride a mountain bike or a motorcycle along the nature trails.

To fully enjoy the beauty of the national park, you need to spend at least a day in it – that is the time designed for tours that agencies offer. Also, do not forbid to explore it on your own: swim in the cool lake water, climb the mountain Nhuithua (its height about 600 meters), to visit the village of Ganh Dau, where Vietnamese peasants live, and listen to the measured murmuring of waterfalls.

Address: Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

    Biosphere Reserve

Dinh Cau Night Market

One of the most popular attractions in Phu Quoc is visiting the night market in Duong Dong (Vo Thi Sau, TT. Duong Dong, Phu Quoc, tinh Kien Giang). It is small, but on the stalls you can find everything your heart desires: clothes, souvenirs, jewelry, embroidered silk thread paintings, Vietnamese vodka with a snake or scorpion inside the bottle and other local curiosities.

Most tourists come to the night market not for shopping, and in order to taste the delicacies of the sea – every day around 17:00 fishermen bring there their catch of the day: the huge shrimp, lobster, morays, squid, crabs, scallops and other creepy things. All this is cooked on a grill or steam on request and served with a light Vietnamese beer or carbonated beverages. The pleasure of eating seafood inexpressible, the more so because the prices are quite democratic.

Address: Phu Quoc, Duong Dong.

    Din Cau Night Market

Coconut Jail

Tourism has been developing in Phu Quoc not so long ago. Just a few decades ago, the island was a gloomy place – a prison and torture camp. Casemates were built by French colonizers and were used heavily by the Americans during the Vietnam War. At that time there were several hundred barracks where prisoners of war from the North Vietnamese army were held. The prisoners were abused, and many died of disease, exhaustion, and at the hands of the guards.

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Today the site of the former prison is home to a museum-memorial consisting of an exhibition center and an open-air area. Its main exhibits are mannequins of warders and prisoners, depicted in action: scenes of sophisticated torture and mockery are recreated.

The Cocoanut Prison is a living reminder to every Vietnamese of the tragic milestones of history, designed to ensure that people do not forget the cost of the country’s independence. Entrance to the complex is free.

Address: Phu Quoc, Nha lao Cay Dua.

    Coconut Jail

Long Beach and Bai Sao Beaches

Fukuok’s main attraction is its gorgeous beaches, for which you can endure hours of flight and acclimatization. The most popular is Long Beach, which stretches for 20 kilometers along the ocean. It is located on the western part of the island near the airport and is a strip of golden sand framed by tropical vegetation. It’s the region’s most tourist spot, full of hotels, restaurants, bars and all kinds of amenities.

Bai Sao has gained a reputation as one of the most picturesque beaches in Vietnam. It has pure white sand, gently sloping water (making it a must for travelers with kids), and the clear turquoise ocean lets you see the minutest details of the sea floor even through the two-meter deep water.

Coordinates: 10.169674, 103.969722.

  • Long Beach.

Wynperl Land amusement and attraction park.

Here you can spend time with the whole family. The complex includes an oceanarium, water park, dolphinarium, area with a variety of carousels and slot machines, restaurants and cafes. In the evenings in the park hold a colorful fountain show. There is a free scheduled bus service from Duong Dong town or a cab service.

The address is Dong Dong.

    Wynperl Land

Pearl Farms

Pearls are one of the most popular purchases in Vietnam. There are farms scattered all over the country that grow this organic mineral. There are two farms in Phu Quoc worthy of tourist attention, an Australian farm and a Japanese farm. Both are located about 5 km from Zuongdong on the west coast. If you want, you can book tours with an interpreter, but with the knowledge of the basics of English, an independent visit is justified. The staff will tell you everything, show you and advise you on what to buy for yourself or as a gift.

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Address: Phu Quoc, Duong Tran Hung Dao

Coi Nguong Museum

A private collection that showcases the history and culture of the island and the diversity of its flora and fauna. The exhibits on display at the museum cover the period from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. There are more than 500 items in the permanent collection: antique furniture, ceramics and traditional Vietnamese paintings (149 Tran Hung Dao, Khu pho 7, Thi tran Duong Dong).

Address: Bao Tang Coi Nguon.

Pepper Plantations

Phu Quoc grows the best pepper in Southeast Asia for export to many countries. Plantations are located all over the island, but the largest ones should be looked for in the north and central part. During a tour of the farm, tourists can see how the harvesting, drying, and processing of the fruit takes place. After completing the tour, one can purchase a jar of the spicy spice for a reasonable fee.

Cao Dai Temple and Sung Hung Pagoda

Different religions from Catholicism to lesser-known exotic religions coexist peacefully in the country. Cao Dai Temple (40 Nguyen Trai, TT. Duong Dong, Phu Quoc, tinh Kien Giang) in Duong Dong is a center of Cao Daism, which combines elements of Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. The building resembles a toy house painted in bright colors. It looks quite unusual against the traditional facades of residential buildings.

Sung Hung (7 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong) is a classic Buddhist pagoda with a beautiful inner garden, statues of deities and a pond with pink lotuses in bloom. If you suddenly want to spend a couple of hours in peace and meditation, it is definitely worth a visit here. Even walking all over the visitors do not disturb the harmony reigning on its territory.

Address: Bao Tang Coi Nguon, Phu Quoc.

    Cao Dai Temple

Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Located 10km northeast of Duong Dong in the southeastern direction, Haem Ninh has long ceased to be the main source of income for the local people. The tourist industry is the main source of income. But fishermen continue to go out to the sea every evening for their catch, following the example of their fathers and grandfathers, and rest during the day in small huts made of improvised material. In this village, travelers can see the everyday life of common people, enjoy the beautiful scenery and buy seafood and unusual souvenirs such as seahorse tincture or seashell handicrafts.

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Address: Ham Ninh, Phu Quoc (by the ferry pier to Cambodia).

What to see in Fukuoka – pops and secrets

What to see on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

Find out what to see in Fukuok, from famous sights to hidden gems. We’ve explored the entire island up and down and compiled a list of the most interesting spots.

Phu Quoc Island is synonymous with beach vacations in Vietnam. It really is the best beaches in the country, but after a week of seal rest will bore everyone. What to do? Go and explore the island.

What can I see on Phu Quoc? Be warned: the sights are the weak side of the island. Almost all of them are pretty impersonal, many of them not even worth seeing. There are no beautiful landscapes (as in Halong Bay), no ancient temples and palaces (as in Hue) or mountains (as in the vicinity of Nha Trang). In Phu Quoc everything is much more prosaic. However, even among the fresh sights are really impressive.

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What to see in Phu Quoc

Hidden gems of Fukuoka

There are a few places in Fukuoka that impressed us. If you’re tired of the standard waterfalls, commercial factories, and boring museums, then this is the one for you!

Starfish Beach Bãi Rạch Vẹm (Rush Vem)

We think Rush Vem is the best beach in Fukuoka! We advise you to see it for sure. We hope it never suffers the fate of Bai Sao. The beach is amazing: crisp white sand, azure water, and most importantly – red starfish. There are hundreds of them in shallow water. And what sunsets here!

People come here by bikes and cabs. The road is unpaved, with bumps. There is no infrastructure. There are 4 gazebos and a covered pavilion – a former cafe, now it’s empty. There is no shade on the beach. In the sea goes a platform, which leads to a restaurant with seafood. Mostly natural debris, but there is also plastic – no one cleans up here.

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We spent half a day on the beach at Rush Vem, we didn’t want to leave such a beautiful place. We watched the sunset and shot the area with a drone, and were the last to leave with the sounds of the lively jungle.

Tip: Rent a bike or take a cab to see the sights.

What to see in Phu Quoc

Beautiful places in Fukuoc

Beautiful places in Fukuoc

Rạch Vẹm Floating Village

We found the village by chance on the MAPS.ME map – no information on the Internet. It is located at the left end of Rush Vem Beach. Poverty and devastation reigns here, but how many picturesque details of Vietnamese life you can see! Locals come here to eat fresh seafood in floating restaurants.

Starfish Beach Rush Vem in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

What to see in Phu Quoc

What to see in Phu Quoc

Another starfish beach is Bãi Thơm

We were lucky enough to arrive on the right side of Bãi Thơm beach at low tide – and we saw large starfish, coral, nimble crabs and slow-moving clams. Our amazement was boundless, because we knew nothing about the beach. By the way, you can see Cambodia from the shore.

But the left side of the beach is better not to visit – very dirty coast.

Where to go on Fukuoka

Where to rest on Fukuoka

The port of An Thoi

We advise to come here for those who love the romance of ports: nets and tackle, fishing boats and longboats, drying squid and fresh catch. I love ports and everything to do with them to the point of puppyish delight.

What to do on Fukuoka

What to do on Fukuoka

Safari Park and Wynperl

We visited the Wynperl in Nha Trang – it’s great! The rides are cool. We advise both adults and children. Safari tourists like it. We also wanted to go, but it did not work. Information about safari in Russian is on the official site.

Road through the reserve

Rent a bike and ride on free asphalt roads! By the way, there are only two. It’s especially nice to ride at dusk, bursting through the humid and suffocatingly sweet scents of tropical nocturnal flowers.

Where to go on Fukuoka

Popular Fukuoka spots: what to see?

Some will find these places interesting, but don’t rush to criticize us for being biased. Everything is learned in comparison: we have toured almost all of Vietnam, and these sights for us are boring. Most of them we did not even visit.

Here is a list of famous attractions in Fukuoka, which tourists tired of lying on the beach:

  • Coconut Tree Prison (Nha Lao Cay Dua / Coconut Tree Prison);
  • pepper plantations;
  • pearl farm;
  • fish sauce factory (Phu Quoc Fish Sauce);
  • bee farm;
  • Coi Nguon Museum with observation deck (admission 20,000 dong);
  • lighthouse and temple;
  • Ho Quoc Pagoda;
  • night market;
  • Vinpearl Land amusement park;
  • Ridgeback dog kennel;
  • Suoi Tranh and Suoi Da Ban waterfalls (best to visit during the rainy season);
  • Duong Dong Lake;
  • Bai Sao and Long Beach.
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Tip: to the prison, factories and farms take tours – full buses of Russians and Chinese. If you do not want to wander in the crowd, come in advance. Best excursions in Fukuoka →

Let’s tell more about the places we visited from this list.

Night Market

It’s open from 18:00. Tourists write that you can eat cheap seafood here. Well, we do not know, in some city restaurants is cheaper. The market is big: there are clothes, souvenirs, street food, seafood restaurants. We are interested in such places because you can take colorful photos and portraits. We tried sea urchin, local hot dog, mussels, spring rolls and fried ice cream here.

food at fukuoka night market

Fukuoka pearl prices

Bai Sao.

That-some-paradise beach that all the brochures shout about. It’s in the top 5 places to see in Fukuoka. The situation is like with Nha Trang Zoclet: you come here for the clean white sand and solitude, and you get hell. The southern part of the beach, to which a separate road leads – a dump. You can make at least a raft out of the trash there. The landscaped northern part was occupied by the Vietnamese and the Chinese, and all of them, wretched communists, crowded in the center of the beach. But if you walk to the sides, it’s much freer.

The approach to the beach is a separate story. A narrow concrete road leads to it, and everyone – huge sightseeing buses, bustling cabs and nimble bikes – are eager to get to Bai Sao. The Vietnamese are very impatient drivers. Can you imagine what’s going on?

The pros of Bai Sao: white sand, shallow clear sea, beautifully bent to the water with palm trees. At sunset, the sky and sea are painted in pastel colors.

Paradise Beach Bai Sao in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

What to do on Fukuoka

Long Beach

The beach as a beach: clean yellow sand, clean sea, well-developed infrastructure. Sunsets are gorgeous.

Suoi Da Ban waterfall

The waterfall leads to it turned loose dirt track – we hardly passed on a bike and soiled the clay shoes. The waterfall itself in the dry season is not interesting. It’s shady and cool, and the Vietnamese come here for picnics.

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