The 20 best sights of Varadero – description and photos

Varadero sights

Cuba by its very nature is created for serene rest and eternal holiday. Russian tourists are especially fond of the resort of Varadero. On the world map, it is just a small peninsula recognized by UNESCO for its beautiful beaches. But in the city and the surrounding area there are other interesting places to see, resting in the resort.

Local attractions

Cuba is famous for beach holidays, but the monotony can tire even in Varadero, what to do for bored guests? The resort is worth getting to know it better, there is somewhere to go.

So, the sights of Varadero:

  1. Iglesia de Santa Elvira Church, the oldest monument in the city, built of wood and stone. On the crest of the roof rises a stone cross, below it in an archway is equipped with a bell tower.
  2. Varadero Museum – white-blue two-story building with an open gallery, built in the early 20th century. Among the exhibits are paintings, cultural and household items, antique furniture, stuffed animals. Especially impressive is the hall, where ancient artifacts, found during excavations, are displayed.
  3. A monument to the noble knight Don Quixote, as a symbol of protection for all oppressed people. He is followed by Sancho Panso’s constant companion.
  4. Villa Dupont, the first large mansion in the city, was built in 1930 and housed 11 bedrooms, a rich library, as well as living rooms, offices and a spacious dining room. The building now houses a museum and restaurant.
  5. The Varasub submarine looks like a bathyscaphe. Through the transparent bottom, you can perfectly see the colorful underwater world and its bizarre inhabitants. The ship is in port on the beach in Varadero, for tourists spend excursions, serve rum. It is worth to go here if you do not dare to do full-fledged diving, but want to dive into the abyss of the sea.
  6. Dolphinarium in the open sea, where there are exciting shows and the audience can interact with intelligent animals in their natural environment.
  7. Retiro Hosone Park is a blooming oasis in the heart of Varadero with lush gardens and a lake. The local “highlight” is a cactus known for its longevity. Its age is more than 50 years Tired tourists are offered lunch in one of the restaurants, shoot at the shooting range or play bowling.
  8. Varaikakos Natural Park is a nature reserve under state protection. It includes 15 archaeological sites with caves, beaches and a lagoon where mineral salts were mined.
  9. Ambrosio Cave is 250 m long. It served as a refuge for the ancient Indians. On the walls are pictograms and drawings depicting ceremonies and pagan rituals.
  10. The village of Guama, 40 km from the city, is surrounded by mangroves and the waters of the lake. The first settlers of the pre-Columbian era lived here. Tourists will see Indian huts, sculptures, protected area with rare animals, birds and reptiles.
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The sign with a welcoming inscription in front of the entrance to the city deserves tourists’ attention. Every visitor considers it his duty to take a memorable photo as a memory of the resort.

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Cuba is of great interest for its history, customs, natural and cultural monuments. What to see in Varadero? The first thing to do is to visit the beautiful beaches and walk around the city. You can go to the capital and other resorts. Cubans are going to meet the wishes of tourists and organize excursions around the country:

    . The historic center of the capital is declared a heritage of humanity and is protected by UNESCO. Therefore, any tour begins with a visit to the chapel of 1828. This is followed by a walk through the Armory, Cathedral and Old Square. Tourists climb to the observation deck, see the Capitol, the Presidential Palace, the Hemingway House Museum. In conclusion, everyone is invited to a tobacco factory where the world’s best cigars are made. The three cities are not like each other, each one is unique. Santa Clara is the revolutionary capital of Cuba, closely associated with the name of Che Guevara. Trinidad – a medieval city (1514) with cobblestone streets and buildings in the Creole Baroque style, marked by UNESCO as part of the cultural heritage of world significance. Sienfuegos – a French gem founded by colonists, the city is stunning with exquisite architecture. – A natural park with unique landscapes. The valley is surrounded by huge hills with steep slopes, pierced by caves and underground rivers. You will go underground, walk through narrow paths, take a boat trip on the river. Local highlights include an orchid garden, waterfall, and tobacco and sugar cane plantations. You will drive from Varadero through local villages and palm groves to the Saturno Cave. After a swim in the underground lake, you head to the beach. Next, you will have lunch at a Creole restaurant, go horseback riding, and take a river ride on a scooter. If you have a license, the client himself gets behind the wheel of a jeep. From the airport in Varadero you will take a flight to the south (30-40 minutes). Upon arrival, guests are transferred to a boat and taken to the islands of Cayo Larga. You will feed iguanas, communicate with dolphins, swim in the open sea, try the local cuisine, walk around the deserted island and realize that such a fine, white sand and azure sea you have not seen even in Varadero.
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Reviews left by tourists assure that the expensive excursions are worth the money spent.

For independent tourists.

Public transportation in Cuba is uncomfortable. Buses are overcrowded and run intermittently. So it’s better to take a cab or hire a private person from the locals. They will tell you what to visit and where to buy the cheapest souvenirs. What to see in Varadero on your own?

  1. A sugar factory 30 km from the city. Visitors will be shown the process of making sugar, take a steam train to the sugar cane plantations, offer drinks and rum.
  2. House of Rum – museum, with tasting and selling the best varieties of rum and cigars. Interesting stories with Cuban music, pleasant interior, delicious coffee.
  3. Jose Uturrio Park is a botanical garden with rare plants. On the artificial lake visitors ride on boats, bathing is allowed.
  4. Cayo Piedras del Norte Marine Park . In 1990, old ships and an airplane were sunk near the barrier reef. The coral-covered sites love to be explored by snorkelers.
  5. Park de Diversiones is a great place for families with children, with rides, carousels, electric cars, children’s cafes.

What to do at the resort in the evenings? Tourists are offered interesting entertainment – evening shows in the Tropicana cabaret, nightclubs in hotels with live music and disco. Cubans amazingly dance. They hone their skills in dance schools, and watching them – a pleasure. If you want for a small fee you will be offered a dance lesson by local professionals.

There is no need to overpay for tours, when you can go to the places of interest to you privately. You will need a map in Russian and a phrasebook for the trip.

What to bring home

All good things come to an end, and it’s time to think about what to bring home, the prices of souvenirs are screwed to the limit. Cuba makes money on tourists, but if you get off the tourist route and walk through the market or small local stores, the same goods can be bought for a reasonable price.

Experienced tourists know what to bring from Cuba, Varadero offers a wide range of local goods. From here they bring:

  • factory and handmade cigars, as well as accessories for them – ashtrays, mouthpieces, coasters;
  • light and dark rum, from grocery stores and factory shops (not more than 3 liters per person);
  • coffee of special roasting with rich black color and unique bitterness;
  • medicines made of natural ingredients – shark cartilage, sugarcane, propolis, spirulina algae;
  • leather goods – belts, bags, purses (an export license will be required);
  • Cosmetics for women – creams and perfumes made of local plant extracts;
  • jewelry – earrings and bracelets, hairpins and necklaces made of black coral or tortoise shell.
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National Cuban clothing in conventional stores you can not buy. But in the souvenir shops you will be offered a shirt in the style of “guyabera”, linen light dresses, Cuban straw hats. To buy a quality product, not a cheap fake, study the reviews, tips of your compatriots.

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Useful tips

What a tourist planning a trip to Liberty Island needs to know? Cuba is a poor country, the shortage of goods in stores catches the eye. Even in a major city the choice will be small, and in the tourist villages it is customary to keep a high price for everything. Tips for tourists: Bring small items to exchange or make contacts. Ballpoint pens, pantyhose, chocolate, canned food will come in handy.

What to bring to Cuba

  1. Driver’s license . A safari through the Cuban countryside will be a fascinating adventure. You may want to drive a Jeep yourself.
  2. Scuba mask and snorkel . Equipment for diving in Cuba is expensive and of questionable quality. It is better not to risk your health and take care of everything in advance.
  3. Vocabulary and phrasebook to communicate with locals, waiters, drivers, hotel staff. I usually download the desired language in Google-translator, which you can use offline.
  4. It is not superfluous to bring an adapter for rozetto k from 110 to 220 volts.

Be prudent: keep receipts, print all documents. In the evening, not all streets are lit, not interfere with a pocket flashlight.

Almost all tourists leave excellent reviews. Domestic trivialities do not prevent guests from enjoying their holiday in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Varadero sights

Dolphinarium Monument Don Quixote Beaches Varadero Sugar Factory Dolphinarium Varadero Airport Varadero Cave Ambrosio Submarine Varasub

The site contains Varadero attractions – photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you can find answers to what to see in Varadero, where to go and where the popular and interesting places of Varadero are.


Dolphinarium (photo)

The dolphinarium in Varadero is not exactly an ordinary dolphinarium. It is more like an oceanarium, where dolphins live in their natural environment, since a small body of water connects directly to the sea. The dolphinarium is located on a vast territory, and the animals feel quite comfortable here.

Every day there is a show with dolphins, who perform incredible tricks: twisting somersaults, dancing and even drawing. For a nominal fee you can swim with these amazing and kind animals after the show. Dolphinarium inhabitants are very sociable and take people almost “at home”.

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Coordinates : 23.18451100,-81.17658700

Monument to Don Quixote

Monument to Don Quixote (photo)

Many monuments are dedicated to the wandering knight and cunning hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha and his faithful squire Sancho Panza in Russia, Belgium, Spain, Bulgaria.

The popular literary character and endless romantic Don Quixote also has a monument in the city of Varadeo on Cuba. The monument is a rider of Don Quixote with a spear on his horse, next to him is a sculpture of his faithful friend Sancho Panzo. This itinerant traveler became a kind of emblem of the defender of the poor and destitute. The monument to Don Quixote de la Mancha attracts many tourists every year.

Coordinates: 23.15907100,-81.23686700

Which Varadero sights did you like? Next to the photo, there are icons that you can click on to rate this or that place.

Varadero beaches

Varadero beaches (photo)

Varadero is a resort town in northern Cuba, located in Matanzas Province on the Icacos Peninsula, 134 km from Havana. The first mention of Varadero is recorded in 1555, and the resort at this site was born in 1872.

Varadero beach has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the cleanest beaches in the world. Such an enviable award, as well as first-class hotels, unparalleled entertainment, 20 specialized diving centers, numerous fish restaurants (and not just fish restaurants), the cave Ambrosio with cave paintings, Varadero Park attracted a host of characters craving for an impressive vacation and turned Varadero Beach into one of the most popular resorts in the world.

However, the Cuban authorities clearly are not enough of the above beauty, so, in order to make the tourist vacation even more attractive, they isolated the resort area from the locals or vice versa. Now the local color is not found here, but do not be bored.

You can take an exciting yacht trip and visit various diving centers, go to the protected area Varaikakos and touch a 500 year old cactus, walk through the Dupont house-museum with its historical restaurants. Or you can just enjoy the clear sea and bury yourself in the white sand, and at night give in to Cuban music and dancing.

Coordinates: 23.18707600,-81.18936500

In photo mode, you can view the sights in Varadero by photo only.

Sugar Factory

Sugar Factory (photo)

Cuba is fed and watered by sugar cane. The country exports sugar, and sugar molasses is used to make rum. All visitors to the Sugar Factory are told about this, as well as about the technological process of turning cane into sugar. Guests can also visit the sugar cane plantation. A refreshing cane drink and rum will be offered at the end of the tour.

Coordinates: 23.05209300,-81.21128100

Dolphinarium Varadero

Varadero Dolphinarium (photo)

The dolphinarium in Varadero is located on the outskirts of the city. Here, a flock of trained dolphins live in a bay of the open sea, almost in their natural habitat. Every day in the dolphinarium arranged 40-minute shows, during which the dolphins show everything they can do.

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The main feature of the Varadero Dolphinarium is the opportunity to swim with dolphins. For a small amount of money, you can realize your childhood dream and get to know these graceful animals better. Dolphins are extremely sociable and are happy to make contact with humans. For better communication a local instructor is always at your service.

Coordinates: 23.18336700,-81.17740300

Varadero Airport

Varadero airport (photo)

Varadero International Airport is located on the coast of the Straits of Florida just twenty kilometers from the city center.

It is the second largest airport in Cuba after the main airport Jose Marti in Havana.

The airport has flights to the Caribbean, as well as to Europe, Canada, and the Americas.

Transportation between the airport and the city is well established and you can get to the center or the main resort areas without long waits by cab or public transportation.

Coordinates : 23.04166700,-81.42911900

Ambrosio Cave

Cave Ambrosio (photo)

In 1961, 72 cave paintings were discovered in Ambrosio Cave, recreating the solar calendar. The walls are decorated with black and red pictographs, which are concentric circles. The cave itself was formed by underwater waters that washed out niches in the rock. The cave is one of the most important natural caves in the Caribbean.

Coordinates: 23.19449200,-81.16424600

Are you curious to know how well you know the sights of Varadero?

Submarine Varasub

Varasub submarine (photo)

The Varasub submarine is a small vessel with a completely transparent bottom like a bathyscaphe, from where you can perfectly see the entire underwater world and its inhabitants. Sea tour on the boat – a great alternative to diving and diving in the bathyscaphe, because you do not need a suit, nor the desire to overcome fear before diving. In addition, the boat will offer drinks like soda, tea or coffee and, if you’re lucky, rum.

The base port of the sub is in a small harbor near the Superclubs Puntarena Hotel, which, in turn, is located on one of the beaches of the country’s most popular resort, Varadero. Cost of the tour: 35 convertible Cuban pesos (“cookies”) for adults, 25 for children.

Coordinates: 23.13113000,-81.30660700

The most popular attractions in Varadero with descriptions and photos for all tastes. Choose the best places to visit famous places in Varadero on our website.

More Varadero attractions

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