The 20 best sights of Tampere – description, photos, map


Tampere (Finland) – the most detailed information about the city with photos. Tampere top attractions with descriptions, guides and maps.

City of Tampere (Finland)

Tampere – city in southern Finland in the province of Pirkanmaa. It is the industrial capital of the country and one of the main cultural centers. Tampere is a modern city and considered one of the most attractive for living in Finland. It was founded in the 18th century, 170 km north of Helsinki, and for a long time it has been one of the largest industrial cities in Scandinavia. Today Tampere is a major center for information technology, research, education, sports and business.

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Tourist information

  1. Population – 230 thousand people.
  2. Area – 689,59 km 2 .
  3. Language: Finnish.
  4. Currency – euro.
  5. Visa – Schengen.
  6. Time – UTC +2, in summer +3.
  7. The international airport is located 17 km from the city center. Tampere has regular flights to Helsinki and Stockholm, as well as some other European cities.
  8. Shopping centers – Koskikeskus and Ideapark (the largest in the province of Pirkanmaa).
  9. Tampere is famous for blood sausage – mustamakkara.
  10. Inexpensive local fast food chains – Hesburger and Kotipizza.

Best time to visit

Tampere is located in the southwestern part of the Lake District in the region of Western Finland. The city is located between two lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Tammerkoski River divides Tampere into two parts and connects the two lakes. The climate of the city is maritime continental. Winter in Tampere is quite cold and snowy, while summer is short and cool.

Panorama of winter Tampere

Panorama of Tampere in winter


Tampere was founded in 1775 by the Swedish King Gustav III as a trading village Tammerforce that four years later was granted city status. In 19th century Tampere was a part of Russian Empire like the rest of Finland. During this period it grew into a major industrial city, which even earned the nickname “Manchester of the North”.

Panorama of the city

City panorama

Tampere was one of the most advanced cities in Scandinavia. The first pulp and paper mill was started here as well as the first electric lighting of any Scandinavian country. Tampere remained a major industrial center until the mid-20th century. Subsequently, heavy industry declined, the city switched to high-tech manufacturing and research, and the old factory buildings were converted into offices, museums and art objects.


The city center is the oldest part of Tampere, where almost all the attractions and stores are located. The old town is famous for its historic 19th century buildings and brick factory buildings, which give it a special charm.

Tampere’s industrial heritage



Finlayson is a collection of historic factory buildings of the textile factory of Scotsman James Finlayson, located in the northern part of Tampere. This factory was founded in 1820 and has long been one of the most important industrial sites in Scandinavia. The oldest building here dates back to 1837.

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Tampella is an old factory, founded in 1844. First a small blast furnace was built here, which later grew into one of Tampere’s largest industrial facilities. Now the district of Tempella is a popular place for culture and business. Many factory buildings have been converted into offices and museums. Also here is the highest factory chimney (104 m), which belonged to the steam power plant.


Kalevsky Church

Kalevskaya church

The Kalev Church is a concrete minimalist, modernist building built in 1966.

Old Church

Old Church

The Old Church is Tampere’s oldest structure, built in the 15th century long before the city was founded. The church is unheated and operates only during the warm season.



The cathedral church is an imposing stone church in Finnish national style, designed by architect Lars Sonk and built in 1907.

Alexander Church

Alexander Church

Alexander Church is a beautiful red-brick neo-Gothic building. The church is surrounded by a small park with old tombstones.

Old wooden church

The old wooden church

The Old Wooden Church is the oldest religious structure in Tampere’s historic center, built in 1824.

Finlayson Church

Finlayson Church

Finlayson Church is a religious building in the Gothic brick style built for the workers of the factory of the same name in the late 19th century.

Other sights and interesting places in Tampere



Vaprikki is the largest and most interesting museum in Tampere, located in the old Tamppella factory building. There are exhibitions on the natural history of Finland, the hall of Finnish hockey fame, the postal museum and the mineral museum.

Pünikki Lookout Tower

Pyunikki Lookout Tower

Pyunikki Lookout Tower is a 26-metre round stone tower with a beautiful view of the city built in the 1920s on a hill of the same name.

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20 Tampere sights not to be missed


The city of Tampere in Finland, the attractions of which we will consider in our today’s review, tourists often simply do not notice. Many of them, once in this country, do not leave Helsinki at all. But, it must be said, Helsinki is not the whole of Finland. To better understand this northern country, to feel it, we advise to leave the capital at least once. Just a few hours away, you will see a lot of new places and have a lot of new experiences.

Vapriqui Museum & Exhibition Center

Vaprikki Museum and Exhibition Center

Vapriikki Museum and Exhibition Center | Photo: Museokeskus Vapriikki / Flickr.

This modern exhibition center occupies the renovated building of the Tampella textile factory and regularly hosts all kinds of exhibitions. It is almost impossible to predict the theme of the next exhibition; it could be anything from bicycles to Buddhism.

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There is also a permanent exhibition devoted to the history of the city, as well as an excellent museum of minerals, a museum of natural history and a museum of shoes (Tampere was known for its shoe industry). There is even a small in area but has a lot of interesting exhibits of ice hockey – the main sports passion of Finland.

Address: Museokeskus Vapriikki, Alaverstaanraitti, Tampere, Finland.

Tampere Cathedral

Tampere Cathedral

Tampere Cathedral.

Tampere Cathedral is a typical example of the national romantic architecture in the Art Nouveau style that was erected in 1907. The frescoes and stained-glass windows for it were created by Hugo Simberg. Looking at his works, you realize all their ambiguity: the procession of apostles in the form of naked children, carrying a “garland of life”, skeletons in dark robes, tending plants in the “garden of death”, a wounded angel, carried on a stretcher by two children …

No less confusion will be caused by a rather unusual altar: there is a similarly styled painting “Resurrection” by Magnus Enkel, another Finnish symbolist painter. The snake in the vault of the dome adds to the sense of strangeness and ambiguity that lingers from the moment you cross the threshold of the cathedral.

Address: Tampere Cathedral, Tuomiokirkonkatu, Tampere, Finland.

Museum “Amuri Workers’ Quarter

Working Castle Museum

Museum “Amuri Workers’ Quarter”.

Five one-storey houses with 32 apartments, a bakery, a shoe shop, a public sauna, two department stores and a cafe – all of these wooden buildings are exhibits of the Museum “Amuri Workers’ Quarter”. The interiors of the 1880s-1970s were recreated in the residential and public buildings (in 1882 this workers’ quarter was built, in 1973 it was resettled and turned into an open-air museum).

The explanatory plaques describe the lives of the fictional tenants of these apartments, and although these people are fictional, their fates and stories are quite typical of these historical periods. Different times, different people, different fates… It is as if you are taking a trip back in time. A visit to this museum complex will be not only informative, but also interesting.

Address: Amurin Museokortteli, Satakunnankatu, Tampere, Finland.

Särkänniemi Amusement Park

View of Särkänniemi Amusement Park

View of the amusement park of Särkänniemi. | Photo: Toni Syvänen / Flickr.

At the Särkänniemi Amusement Park, located on a sandy beach, you’ll find an observation tower, art gallery, planetarium, aquarium and a mini zoo for farmers.

Some of the most popular attractions include the Tornado roller coaster, the super-fast High Voltage ride, a speedboat ride on the lake and the Angry Birds area for younger children. The park’s covered rides are open all year round.

Address: Särkänniemi, Laiturikatu, Tampere, Finland.

Espionage Museum

Spy Museum

Museum of espionage. | Photo: wikimedia.

The unusual Spy Museum, part of the Finlayson Entertainment and Exhibition Center, will be appreciated by those who go on a trip with teenage children. Here you will learn the stories of famous Finnish and foreign spies, see a well-chosen collection of all kinds of devices used by international spies of the Cold War era and numerous gadgets from James Bond’s arsenal.

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For an additional fee, children aged 7 years and older can try to pass the KGB cadet school exam. Those who wish can take a lie detector test.

Address: Spy Museum, Satakunnankatu, Tampere, Finland.

Werstas Labor Museum

Werstas Work Museum

Labor Museum Werstas.

The Werstas Museum is home to frequently changing temporary exhibitions which depict various industrial sectors in the region and the lives of Finnish workers in different historical periods.

However, the museum also has three permanent exhibitions. The first focuses deeply on weaving and is essentially a textile museum. The second is a reconstruction of typical workplaces – a store and a print shop – in different periods of history. In the third room you can see the huge steam engine that powered the machines in the Finlayson factory in the 19th century.

Address: TYÖVÄENMUSEO WERSTAS, Väinö Linnan aukio, Tampere, Finland.

Sarah Hilden Art Museum

Sarah Hilden Art Museum

Sarah Hilden Art Museum.

This museum, located within the Särkänniemi Amusement Park, features a collection of works by contemporary Finnish and international artists and sculptors assembled by Sarah Hilden (1905-1993), a local businesswoman and art collector.

Temporary exhibitions are held here periodically. The museum café offers beautiful views of the surroundings.

Address: Sara Hildénin taidemuseo, Laiturikatu, Tampere, Finland.

The Moomin Troll Museum

Moomin Troll Museum

The Moomin Troll Museum | Photo: John Kannenberg / Flickr.

Immerse yourself in the world of the incredibly popular Moomin Trolls at this impressive museum in Tampere Hall. You’ll find original drawings by Tuve Jansson and gorgeous three-dimensional installations depicting scenes from the whimsical stories. If you are travelling with children the Tampere Moomin Trolls Museum is a must-visit destination.

Address: Muumimuseo, Yliopistonkatu, Tampere, Finland.

Finlayson Center

Finlayson Center

Finlayson Center | Photo: Hans Birger Nilsen / Flickr.

The industrial era of Tampere began with Scotsman James Finlayson who established a textile factory in the city in 1820s. Later, in 1882, this factory building became the first industrial building in Scandinavian countries with electric lighting.

Today the building has been transformed into a shopping center. Besides the cafes and stores you can find a cinema, a beer bar and several interesting museums.

Address: Finlayson, Haarlankatu 4, 33210 Tampere, Finland.

Näsinneula Lookout Tower

Näsinneula Lookout Tower

The Näsinneula Lookout Tower. | Photo: Leo-setä / Flickr.

Näsinneula Lookout Tower is 168 meters high and is located in the Särkänniemi Amusement Park. It is the highest tower not only in Finland but in all of Scandinavia, and this alone makes it worth a visit. And at a height of 120 m there is a restaurant located on a rotating platform. From there you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the surrounding lakes.

Address: Näsinneula, Laiturikatu 1, 33230 Tampere, Finland.

Pyunikki Lookout Tower

Piunikki Lookout Tower

Pyunikki Lookout Tower | Photo: Ville .fi / Flickr.

This stone observation tower is located in Pyunikki Park of the same name. If you find yourself there, be sure to stop by the cafe inside, which serves delicious freshly made doughnuts.

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Address: Pyynikin näkötorni, Näkötornintie, Tampere, Finland.

Church of St. Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky Church

Church of Alexander Nevsky.| Photo: wikimedia.

Next to the train station stands an ornate Orthodox church with onion-heads, the main temple of Tampere’s Orthodox parish. During the civil war in 1918, its building was severely damaged in the battle that broke out when the whites besieged the church, which was occupied by the Reds.

Address: Pyhän Aleksanteri Nevalaisen ja pyhän Nikolaoksen kirkko, Tuomiokirkonkatu, Tampere, Finland.

Finlayson Church

Finlayson Church

Finlayson Church | Photo: Robert Andersson / Flickr.

The Neo-Gothic-style church, built in 1879, is made of the same red brick as all the industrial buildings in the area. This is not surprising and, moreover, predictable, since it was built specifically for the workers of the Finlayson cotton textile company, right on the factory grounds.

Finlayson Church is now a citywide Lutheran parish. The organ placed inside was brought here from St. Petersburg in the same 1879.

Address: Finlaysonin kirkko, Kuninkaankatu, Tampere, Finland.

Kalev Church

Kalev Church

Kalev Church. | Photo: wikimedia.

If you’ve walked the city up and down and don’t know what else to see in Tampere, go to Kalev Church. We assure you, you won’t regret it. Designed by architects Reim and Riley Pietilä, this church was built in 1966. Ten years ago the building was recognized as an architectural monument protected by the state.

The exterior of the church is difficult to describe in words. From the outside it looks like a huge concrete elevator. People have a nickname “the Storehouse of Souls” firmly attached to it, not coincidentally.

The first thing you will notice once you get inside is an abundance of light. The walls, which join each other at odd angles, have windows extending from floor to ceiling. Both the location of the windows and the interior corners are perfectly chosen to emphasize the light and shadows within the room as conceived by the authors of the project. All details of the interior, including the attractive organ case, were designed by the architects themselves.

Address: Kalevan kirkko, Liisanpuisto, Tampere, Finland.

Finland Hockey Hall of Fame

Finland Hockey Hall of Fame

Finland Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Hockey Hall of Fame, part of the Vaprikki Museum complex, documents the history of Finland’s most popular sport. On the subject of popularity: hockey was first played in Finland in the 1920s, but spectators didn’t really care about the game until the first indoor arena was built in 1965. Over the past 50 years the Finnish national team has won everything from World Cup cups to Olympic medals – and not just once.

Take a look at the evolution of hockey equipment and training methods, and the memorabilia of star players and entire teams. If you are a fan of the game, you can pay tribute to famous Finnish hockey players, including Stanley Cup winners Ville Nieminen and Esa Tikkanen.

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Address: Suomen Jääkiekkomuseo, Alaverstaanraitti, Tampere, Finland.

Hatanpaa Arboretum Park

Hatanpaa Arboretum Park

Park Hatanpaa Arboretum. | Photo: Stefan Jürgensen / Flickr.

A few kilometers south of the city, the Hatanpaa Arboretum is the best place for a relaxing walk along the lakeside on a nice summer day. Lushly blooming tall old trees, a path running along rose and crocus flower beds… Lake Pyhäjärvi is an integral part of the park. You can go down to the shore to enjoy the tranquility of the water and admire the waterfowl.

Part of the arboretum is occupied by Hatanpaa Manor, a stately neoclassical house and the adjacent English-style grounds.

Address: Hatanpäänpuisto Arboretum, Hatanpään puistokuja, Tampere, Finland.

Island Vikinsaari

Vikinsaari Island

Island of Vikinsaari.| Photo: Aapo Haapanen / Flickr.

Viikinsaari Island is one of the favourite holiday destinations of Tampere residents. This is partly due to the fact that the city regularly organizes games, workshops and other events there to promote an active lifestyle.

It can be anything from dance lessons for children to live music evenings for adults. You can also rent anything you might need for outdoor recreation from board games to badminton, fishing rods, and rowing boats moored off the pier at the island office.

In the summertime you can get to the island in the middle of Lake Pyhäjärvi by taking the all-day ferry from Laukontori Harbour. In the winter, it’s even easier, because you don’t depend on the ferry schedule – you can walk or ski on the ice of the lake.

Address: Viikinsaari, 33950 Tampere, Finland.

Duck Park

Duck Park

Duck Park.

The Duck Park, located next to the Moomin Trolls Museum, gets its name from the lake that the wild ducks love. This park is a great place to relax, whether you’re picnicking or just strolling through the sculptures all around. Children love to feed the ducks in the lake and the pet birds in the aviary in the park.

The address is Liisanpuisto, Liisankatu 1, 33500 Tampere, Finland.

Mineral Museum

Mineral Museum

Mineral Museum. | Photo: wikimedia.

The Mineral Museum at Vaprikki Museum-Exhibition Complex has an enormous collection of minerals, stones, jewelry, shells and corals brought here from all over the world. Fragments of meteorites, dinosaur eggs, fossils and carved stone figures are considered particularly valuable. This museum will appeal to anyone with an interest in both natural history and art.

Address: Museokeskus Vapriikki, Alaverstaanraitti, Tampere, Finland.

Indoor Market

Indoor Market

Indoor market. | Photo: kahvikisu / Flickr.

Covered markets have been an inseparable part of Finnish life for the past 100 years, serving locally produced as well as imported goods. No trip to Finland is complete without a visit to one of these markets.

The Tampere indoor market, which is the largest in Scandinavia, was opened in 1901. Here are a lot of food shops and cafes. Both residents of the city and its guests choose this place to have lunch or meet with friends.

Address: Tampereen Kauppahalli, Hämeenkatu, Tampere, Finland.

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