The 20 best sights of Simeiz – descriptions and photos

Simeiz: attractions and amusements

Simeiz is a small resort village on the southern coast of Crimea, located 18 kilometers from Yalta at the foot of the Cat Mountain. It’s famous for its numerous beaches, mild subtropical climate, warm and clear sea and a lot of unique nature sights. There are a lot of attractions of natural landscapes and natural gems, which attract thousands of tourists during the holiday season.

What can I see in Simeiz on my own?

There are a lot of pictures of Simeiz and its surroundings, including a lot of places to see on your own.

Cat Mountain

One of the attractions of Simeiz, which is considered the calling card of the village, is Mount Cat. It can be seen from anywhere in the settlement, and the mountain’s curves resemble a cat lying in the sun. Although the name came, not from the animal silhouette, but from the Turkic word “Kosh-Kaya,” which is the official name of the mountain, and is translated as “mountain doubles.

The height of Koshka reaches 254 meters above sea level. The slopes of the mountain are covered with rare plants for this area. Here you can find blunt-leaved pistachio, pansy and pontic needle, and tall juniper. At the tail of the rocky cat there is an observation deck that offers a beautiful view.

  • Address: Cat Mountain, Simeiz.

Rock Diva

One of the most beautiful natural sights is not only Simeiz, but the whole Southern Coast of Crimea. The Diva rock is depicted on the coat of arms of the city. It is a small piece of limestone that was separated from the shore by the winds and waves.

It is always full of tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the rock and take memorable photos. On the cliff also often meet fans of hidiving, who practice jumping from the head of the Diva, which is ideal for this activity. Less extreme vacationers can swim at the foot of the cliff, where there is a small beach.

  • Address: Cliff Diva, Simeiz.

Kharax Fortress

Charax fortress is considered to be the largest surviving Roman fortress of the Crimean peninsula. In a small village Gaspra you can see the excavation of an old fortress Haraks and one of the best palaces of the 20th century, which was designed by architect Krasnov, which is surrounded by a beautiful landscaped park in the style of 19-20xx centuries.

The landmark is located on an area of 4.5 hectares. Unfortunately, during the excavations, many fragments of the fortress have been looted, but after visiting the site, you can feel the atmosphere of the old Roman settlement.

  • Address: Highway 13, Alupka, Gaspra, Big Yalta.

The cave Trehglazka

One of the few caves of the Crimea that are open for tourists. It is located on the plateau of Ai-Petri mountain; it is of karstic origin. Its name is not coincidental; there are three big holes, looking like eye sockets, leading into the cave. The air temperature in Trehglazka not rise above 10 degrees above zero, but most of the time is equal to zero.

A special feature of the cave is that in the great hall you can see the snow drifts, which sometimes reach a height of two meters, and the floor is covered with ice. Even in the summertime, the ice and snow remain here, this is because the location of the cave coincides with the ancient glacier.

  • Address: Trekhglazka Cave, Ai-Petri Plateau, Simeiz.

Miskhor Park

Miskhor Park is located in the small settlement of Miskhor, which is located in the Simeiz area. Despite its small area, Miskhor is rich in sights, and Miskhor Park is especially beautiful and popular. It is located in the center of the village, not far from the central promenade.

The park was founded in 1880, when the summer residence of Count Witte was built. On its creation worked simultaneously several architects for 10 years. The work was completed in 1891, then the park acquired its final form. The area of the park is 21 hectares, which has more than 100 species of different trees and bushes.

  • Address: Miskhor Park, Miskhor village, Koreiz, Simeizsky district

Panea Rock

Panea Rock, or Genoese Rock, as it is also called, is located on the South coast in front of the Diva Rock. The rock reaches a height of 70 meters above sea level, and an ancient path leads to the top. The side facing the sea is inaccessible to humans, represented by rocky walls.

The eastern side is more accessible to humans, it is on the old paths, which can be used to climb to three separate sites. The middle path can be climbed to the ancient stone steps that lead to the guard post located at the top.

At the bottom of the site you can see the ruins of a temple that was built back in the 19th century. Panea is very popular with tourists because of the beautiful views from the top.

  • Address: Panea cliff in the village of Simeiz.

Simeiz Park.

The most admirable and beautiful park of the Southern coast of Crimea is Simeizsky Park. It lies between the Diva rock and the Cat Mountain. This is one of the most popular places in the Crimea. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the variety of nature, hiding from the sun while strolling through the shady alleys.

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In the evening the park gathers most of the holidaymakers, because here you can not only take a walk, but also visit various cafes and discos placed in the park.

During the day the park is considered a great place for walking with children, because there is a modern playground, there is a bike rental, rollerblades and similar equipment for outdoor activities.

  • Address: intersection of Sovetskaya Street and Lenina Street, Simeiz village

Avenue or Cypress Alley (Apollo Alley)

In 1930, during the reign of Soviet power, it was decided to create in Simeiz beautiful parkland, comfortable for walking and recreation of citizens, at that time the idea of designing the Apollo Alley was laid. Since then it has been considered the main avenue of the city.

Cypress Alley leads from the Yunost Sanatorium to the Villa Xenia. Cypress plantation creates the illusion of a continuous green corridor, in the middle of which there are copies of ancient statues.

Today there are three statues left, most of the original sculptures were destroyed during the war and revolutions. It is a favorite place for evening walks among tourists and locals, so it is quite crowded in the evening.

  • Address: Lenin Avenue, Simeiz village.

Villa Dream

One of the most famous sightseeing spots in Simeiz is Villa Dream. The villa was built in 1911, and its construction took 4 years. You can see the Dream from any point of the village, but the best view of the villa is from the top of Diva cliff.

Despite the fact that the villa is in disrepair and can not be seen from the inside, many tourists still come here to appreciate the external elegance of the building.

In the post-revolutionary period, it served as a sanatorium for working peasants, at which time 4 additional rooms were completed. The sanatorium was closed in the 1990s. Today the building is in need of reconstruction.

  • Address: Sovetskaya street, 64, Simeiz.

Crimean Astrophysical Observatory

Crimean Astrophysical Observatory was opened in 1945 and operates to the present day, as a branch of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. It was built as a private observatory of Nikolai Maltsev and is located on Mount Cat. Today it is a popular place among tourists and locals. They come to observe the starry sky, to see a shooting star or a comet.

The observatory workers tell many interesting facts about the cosmic world, because they give most of their lives to their work and are truly dedicated to their work. Having visited the observatory once, you will want to come back again to enjoy those beautiful views that telescopes open up to us.

  • Address: 19 Shileikina Street, Katsiveli

Villa Xenia

One of the oldest estates in Simeiz village is Villa Xenia, which is the most mysterious structure of the village. It was built in 1911 in the Scottish chalet style with Gothic and Art Nouveau elements.

The beauty of the villa is of interest not only to tourists who want to take unique memorable pictures, but also to filmmakers who want to shoot fascinating pictures in the Villa Xenia.

Despite the fact that the building has long been in a derelict condition, it does not cease to attract a large number of tourists, the number of which increases every year. On the territory, local photographers hold photo sessions, because the pictures are mysterious and beautiful.

  • Address: 62 Sovetskaya Street, Simeiz

Water Park “Blue Gulf

Water park “Blue Gulf” is not only a standard set, which includes 8 of the city and 6 swimming pools, but also services for outdoor activities on the open sea, car camping and a unique VIP-zone for private time. The water park opens with the arrival of the summer season – in early May, and continues to operate until the end of October.

On the territory there are slides, both for fans of extreme relaxation, as well as for children. There is also a cascade, wave, children’s and other pools, among which everyone will find what they need for a comfortable holiday. This is a great place to diversify your relaxing holiday.

  • Address: Sovetskaya St., 78, Simeiz

Wild Beach

There is a resort area named “Pioneer” that is located closer to the Eastern part of the central beach of the village. Now it is a wild beach of Simeiz. The beach is mostly covered with stones and boulders and covered with concrete slabs, which occupy most of the area. An element that reminds you of civilization, there are several cafeterias, located on the slabs.

There are no changing rooms, showers or other amenities on the beach, which is not strange, because no one has looked after the area for a long time. The access to the beach is open to all comers, but it is not crowded, so it is an excellent place for those who do not like to relax among the crowds of noisy tourists.

  • Address: Baranov Street, Simeiz
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Vorontsovsky palace and park complex

There are many sights of the Crimea, including the palace of Vorontsov, or as it is usually referred to by the locals, the Alupka Palace. The style of the building belongs to the period of Romanticism, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Construction of the palace took about eight years, and lasted from 1840 to 1848.

Along with the construction of the palace, work was carried out on the landscaping of the surrounding area, which today is an excellent park area.

The architecture of the palace combines elements of the Far East and aristocratic England. Now it is a museum and is open to all comers. And the surrounding area is a great place for long walks.

  • Address: Palace Road, 18, Alupka

Shaan Kaya.

One of the most popular and at the same time the most difficult routes for climbers on the Southern coast of Crimea is Shaan Kayah. The remoteness of the Shaan Kaya from the Crimean mountains, its beauty and height, attracts tourists who love hiking, and fans of extreme climbing. It is located not far from Alupka in Gaspra village.

The height of the mountain reaches 870 meters. It broke away from the mountain range of Crimea several million years ago, as a consequence of tectonic movements and continues to move to the sea. Due to the fact that the process of movement takes a large number of years, it will be able to reach the coast before long.

When coming to Simeiz, you should spend some time to see the beauty of this mountain.

  • Address: Alupka Highway, Gaspra

Maltsov Manor

The house was built in the late 19th century in the neoclassic style. It belonged to Ivan Sergeyevich Maltsov, the grandson of I. A. Maltsov who was the first to buy land in Simeiz. On the southern, sea-facing side, between the two protruding wings was built a balcony, built up in Soviet times.

The facade was decorated with Doric columns, parapets with carved stone balusters and forged details of entrance doors. The house was surrounded by a magnificent park, laid out by the Maltsovs. The southern balcony overlooked the sea and the Diva rock. After the Soviet regime came to the peninsula, the house was nationalized and soon became a part of one of the sanatoriums.

Currently it is disfigured by all sorts of additions and glazing. Only the northern facade is preserved in its original state.

  • Address: 2 Paustovskogo Street, Simeiz.

Vorontsov Wine Cellars

This is a wonderful place to get an idea of the Massandra wines. During the visit, you can tour the wine cellars to see the entire technology of wine storage. The branch of the famous wine-making complex employs wonderful professionals that are ready to tell a lot of interesting facts about the unique wine production. Especially recommended for lovers of sweet and liqueur grape wines.

It is a good introduction to a good Port, Sherry and Muscat, after which the rest will be brighter. In total there are 3 kinds of dry wine, which will pleasantly surprise visitors with their taste characteristics. There is also a store with below retail prices and a great selection.

  • Address: Alupka, Yalta region

Cafe “Plate”

A great place to eat, the atmosphere that reigns in “Tarelochka” is relaxing, because it is located a few steps from the sea. The view opening from the windows and terrace can not fail to charm, the sea, the sound of waves, a pleasant addition to a delicious dinner.

The cafe offers European cuisine, and the menu is marine, vacation. There is a piano at the entrance to the restaurant, despite the fact that the instrument is upset, it adds a nice touch to the interior. The waiters are very responsive and will help you to make your choice and advise you if you doubt something. Accommodation is possible on the outdoor terrace and inside the cafe.

  • Address: Morskaya street, 23, Simeiz

Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin

Despite the fact that the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin, was built not so long ago, in 2008, its beauty captures all who come to Simeiz. The temple can be seen from any point of the village. It was built in the style of Russian temple architecture, the facade is decorated in the Byzantine style and abundantly decorated with stucco.

The interior of the church is decorated in the modern style, especially the oak iconostasis with revered icons. The bell tower was completed and consecrated only by 2010. Services are regularly held there. The doors of the church are open to anyone who wants to visit it and that is why it is a popular place for Sunday morning pilgrims.

  • Address: 37 Gorky Street, Simeiz.

Restaurant “Parus”

One of the most prestigious and famous restaurants in the settlement is “Parus”. It is located on the seashore. The cuisine of this restaurant will impress admirers of fish and seafood. The menu is based on dishes of national cuisine.

The interior and the atmosphere of the restaurant are suitable both for a romantic dinner and for a noisy banquette. The service is on the high level, competent waiters will help to solve any problem or to solve any arisen questions, cooks will please you with tasty and unique specialties.

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If you want to have a delicious meal and have a pleasant time, Sail will solve these problems perfectly.

23 Best Sights of the Crimean Simeiz

Simeiz embankment

Regardless of the season Simeiz is happy to host its guests. The southern coast of Crimea is a picturesque place where you can not only relax, but also plunge into an unforgettable adventure to explore the local sights. The village is remarkable for its steep cliffs, white beach, excellent climate. Monuments are the hallmark of the South Coast.

What interesting sights to see in Simeiz in one day

If you hurry, you can go around and see all the architectural monuments in the vicinity in one day. However, you should take your time and stroll along the cypress alley. Nearby is the Miskhor Park, which strikes the imagination with its picturesque scenery. To finish the trip you can visit the Villa “Xenia” and walk to the mountain “Koshka”.

Simeiz as seen from above

The name of the village is of Greek origin.

When you have only a couple of days at your disposal, you should not miss the chance and hurry to explore the palace of Count Vorontsov. The park of the castle has its own atmosphere that will charm any tourist. A. P. Chekhov’s house is always open for visitors. There are a lot of beautiful things in Ai-Petri Mountains, and the cableway will give you an unforgettable experience.

What entertainments are there in Simeiz?

Both children and adults will love the little adventure in the water park “Blue Bay”. For those who do not like to sit still and chase the taste of life in the settlement opened “Dreamwood”. There are recreational areas and restaurants within the parks. Horseback riding and boat tours are popular in town.


Even since the 1950s, “wild” beach near Simeiz was fond of vacationers nudists who came here from all over the USSR

Simeiz is considered an independent year-round resort town, which stretches from the Crimean mountains to the coast, there is always fun and there is somewhere to go.

Many people come here to improve their health. There is a pleasant climate, wildlife and memorable places of interest. Active recreation charges the guests with positive emotions.

Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin

The building is a rectangular, the central volume of which is completed with a drum with a gilt cupola

The exact date of the temple is unknown, it is assumed the framework of the beginning of the XXI century. The first service was held in the unfinished cathedral in 2008. In 2010 they built a belfry and lit the hung bells. The cathedral is in the style of strict classicism. Today, the church has an oak iconostasis, the walls are decorated with luxurious hand-painted paintings, icons and frescoes of the divine face. On church and state holidays, as well as Sundays, the bell is heard ringing.

Surveyor’s Pillar

The pillar is preserved in good condition; there used to be a tablet with Vorontsov’s saying, which was stolen in the 80s of XX century.

Before the resort Simeiz belonged to Milyutin. In the XIX century between Alupka and the village pole hammered, thus defining the boundary of the domain of Vorontsov and Milyutin.

Water Park “Blue Gulf

On the territory of the water park in Simeiz there are several sea-themed bars and cafes

In 2001, the administration of the village opened a water park in the most picturesque place Simeiz. This beautiful place was crowded with extreme attractions, recreation areas, children’s camps. The water park is open from May through October and is always full of tourists. The peculiarity is that the water in the pools is new every day. There are 8 rides, 6 pools and car camping with VIP-zone.

Kharax Fortress

Apparently Harax was founded by the forces of the Squadron of Ravenna of the Meusean Fleet and the Vexilli of the XI Claudius Legion

The first mention of the fortress dates back to the second century in the records of Claudius Ptolemy. The Romans twice abandoned the fortress. Since 244 the fortress was abandoned forever. The structure has been destroyed by time; only ruins have survived to this day. Haraks was impregnable from the sea and on the land side it was enclosed by a stone wall. In 1960, the wall was destroyed. The artifacts found were sold to collectors.

Mermaid Sculpture

The sad story of the Sea Diva in love tells of boundless love and devotion, of betrayal, loneliness and heartache.

Not far from the shore there is a monument to the Mermaid. There are many legends about this statue. They say that an unknown girl and her baby jumped into the water from the fortress wall, others say that there was a mermaid in the waters and saved children. The exact year of installation is unknown and the statue is in shabby condition. The author of the monument is Amandus Adamson.

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Vorontsov Wine Cellars

Today, the taste and quality of wine from the Vorontsov Cellars make it necessary to continue researching the history of viticulture of the Southern coast of Crimea

Erected in 1820. A decade later, the Vorontsovs opened the first winery. Since 1982, there has also been a tasting room. At first, the tourists are offered a tour around the rows of wine barrels to get a sense of the importance of the process. Then they have a tasting of the best wine samples. The restaurant is considered an architectural monument, but people under 18 years old are not allowed in. Also connoisseurs of wine products are advised to visit Inkerman.

Geophysical Cave

In the cave leads 28-meter vertical shaft well, at the bottom of which opens 100-meter horizontal gallery, richly decorated with stalactites

A natural enigma, located in the Ai-Petri Mountains. The townspeople consider the cave to be the abode of evil spirits. The cave occupies almost the entire mountain cavity, it looks like a well. On the walls there are fanciful outgrowths of stalactites. Once upon a time there was a miraculous spring with the purest water. The peculiarity of the cave is revealed at sunset – the accumulations of stalactites shimmer in fanciful shades.

Tsar’s Path

The trail is decorated with decorative sculptures and plantings of rare exotic trees and shrubs, original benches for resting

Before the purchase of the Livadia Palace, the Romanov family purchased the Oreanda. Now the Tsar’s trail connects the 2 estates. Nicholas II used the trail as a health hike. In Soviet times, the authorities renamed the trail from Czarskaya to Sunny. Currently, the trail is being restored and protected from landslides. When the place is restored it will be included in the list of architectural monuments of Yalta.

Swallow’s Nest

First wooden building was built for a retired Russian general after the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878.

It is a symbol and a pearl of historical architecture of the Crimea. The castle was erected in 1912. During the WWII there was a hospital. At the end of XX century the castle was opened for tourists. Nowadays there is restoration works in the halls. At a regular time Swallow’s Nest exhibits collections of artifacts from different time periods of history. From the castle there is an observation deck, which offers a marvelous view over the sea and the nature of the Crimea.

A. P. Chekhov House-Museum

Here were written such famous works as the story “Lady with a Dog”, plays “Three Sisters” and “The Cherry Orchard”, and the story “In the ravine” and stories “Bishop”, “On Christmas Eve” and “The Bride.

When the writer moved to Yalta, a house with an outbuilding was built on Kirov Street in 1898. Chekhov moved into the house only in 1899. The museum was opened after restoration works in 1980. The collection presents the original handwritten works of the author: Lady with the Little Dog, My Life, On the Big Road, Three Sisters. Here you can also see the author’s personal belongings and antique furniture. The pearl of the exhibits is the philatelic collection of Chekhov’s stamps with the rarest specimens from foreign countries.

Miskhor Park

It is an example of aesthetic gardening. The last owner Prince Naryshnikov made some changes in the architecture of the park. The area occupied by the object is 20 hectares. During its existence in the park collected rare and exotic species of plants and trees. Because of the constant climate and temperature in the park began to breed new crops. There are nineteenth-century homesteads and alleys of pyramidal cypress trees on the property.


Thus, during the construction of the park’s landmark used heavy-duty modern materials, mainly fiberglass, all the rides are regularly checked for serviceability

The park complex is divided into a number of thematic departments, which makes staying there diverse and not boring

On the territory of the hotel “Mriya” opened a children’s park. Dreamwood is famous for its unusual children’s attractions and strict safety rules, the violation of which leads to expulsion from the park. Wonderland Park is divided into play areas for children of different ages and training. In the center of the park are the main play areas, where you can leave your child under the supervision of a counselor. The marine and mountain world departments are also worth a visit.

Diva Cliff.

The cliff was formed as a result of a strong landslide, after which most of the edge of the Yailinsky massif slid down to the sea.

Protruding into the sea the cliff looks like a girl with long loose hair.

It consists entirely of limestone. The cliff was given the name “Jiva” by the Crimean Tatars, which is translated into Russian as “Diva”. The cliff face resembles the profile of a girl with her head thrown back. It is from this cliff was painted “Rocks Diva and Monk. The cliff attracts high divers, who jump into the water without any insurance. There is a legend among the locals and the beautiful maiden who appeared to the monk, when he wanted to break the back of a cat, but in time he came to his senses.

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Villa Dream

It was built at the beginning of the 20th century. The name of the architect remains unknown and the origin of the name is shrouded in mystery. The architecture of the building has traces of the Eastern style. The walls inside are decorated with carved patterns, the domes are made in the Moorish style. At the moment the monument was purchased by a local businessman and closed to the public.

The Ai-Petri Mountains

Mountains that are enveloped not only by clouds, but also by a variety of legends. At the top of the main peak are the ruins of St. Peter’s Cathedral. In fact, the mountains were named after the monastery. On the expanse of the mountains grow medicinal herbs, which you can collect yourself or buy ready-made collection. There are also organized mountain climbing trails that attract fans of rock climbing.

Cypress Alley

Cypress Alley, or Apollo Alley, as they call it, stretches from Villa Xenia to Yunost sanatorium.

Unfortunately, the original statues have not survived to this day – the war, rains, snow and tourists have done their work.

In 1930 in Simeiz created park recreation areas. A few years later it was decided to create a main avenue. Planted an alley in the center of the village became an architectural landmark. Exotic trees, flower beds, and statues of Roman gods were planted along the path. Thanks to the cypress trees there is a green corridor. Currently, only 3 statues have survived, while the rest are damaged by the war, snow and rain and can not be restored.

Livadia Palace and Park Museum Reserve

In 1911 by the design of the Yalta architect Nikolai Petrovich Krasnov the new White Palace was built for Emperor Nicholas II

The building was constructed in the late 19th century. In the architecture of the building is present in the Italian style. The palace was given the status of a museum in 1993. The exhibition is divided into time events. On the second floor is a collection of exhibits devoted to the Romanovs, and to the life and times of political figures who used to live there. It is worth having a walk around the picturesque park and getting acquainted with other buildings of the complex.

The cableway Miskhor-Ai-Petri

The cableway from Miskhor to Ai-Petri has been under construction for over 20 years. The way is almost 3 kilometers long. There are 3 stops: Miskhor, Sosnovy Bor, and mountains. The uniqueness of the ropeway is in the steep climb between Sosnovy Bor and Ai-Petri. It takes 15-20 minutes to walk along the rope, but during this time you can see all the beauty and uniqueness of the nature around.

Villa Xenia

The architectural ensemble of this “Scottish chalet” in the Northern Art Nouveau style was conceived by tsarist palace architect Nikolai Krasnov

The villa was built in 1911. The estate was named in honor of the granddaughter of the owner. The villa had several owners, but no one lived in this house longer than a few years. There are legends among tourists about the ghost of the landlady’s daughter out of wedlock Chukevich. The girl did not die a natural death and wanders through the rooms of the villa in search of peace.

Fairy Tale Zoo

The private zoo with rare species of animals opened its doors to guests since 1990. Until 1995 the zoo was inhabited by yaks, squirrels, bears and peacocks, but after the change of owner the territory of the zoo expanded. In 2007, the aquarium was additionally opened.

Cat Mountain

The monument was created by the nature itself. The mountain is unique because every year it moves to the coast for a few millimeters. On the territory of Koshka open plant reserve, some species of plants are included in the Red Book. Burial graves and structures have also been found here. The found exhibits are partially represented in the local museum.

Vorontsovsky palace and park complex

The palace was built in the English style in the mid-19th century. The castle is surrounded by a picturesque park, which was planted by Kar Kebah. It is secluded, quiet and peaceful. Guests of the palace were Pushkin, W. Churchill and many other important figures in history. In the palace are the collections of Count Vorontsov who used to live there. The castle still keeps a lot of secrets and mysteries, surrounded by the legends of local residents.

Yalta Cave

On the arch of the cave predominate small-sized stalactites, which are jokingly nicknamed “macarons.

One main hall is equipped for visiting, the way to the lower hall lies through a vertical 40-meter deep well

Consists of 2 rooms, the walls are teeming with colonies of stalactites and stalagmites. The unusual accumulation of living organisms form bizarre forms, which locals have nicknamed macarons. The cave was officially opened in 2007. Adventurers find unforgettable emotions here. Many go down into the rift to a stipulated height. At sunset and dawn, the cave shimmers with unusual colors of nature.

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