The 18 best sights of Belokurikha – descriptions and photos


Belokurikha is a resort, which is called no other than the Russian Davos. The town is famous for its unique nature, climate (here you do not feel the variations of atmospheric pressure) and radon waters, which have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

First inhabitants of Belokurikha bathed in the lakes, getting rid of various ailments, and worshipped spirits, allegedly inhabiting this place. Not understanding the real reasons of the healing process, the inhabitants deified the place and made legends about the living water.

In 1907 it was found out that Belokurikha water contains radon, and that changed considerably the idea of Belokurikha thermal waters. Since then, scientists began to conduct various studies at the resort, developed methods of using radon hot springs. This gave a new life to the resort.

The first settlers in Belokurikha appeared in 1803. They were attracted by the steppe black earth, rich hayfields, abundance of honey-bearing herbs in the foothills. Almost immediately, the settlers noticed unusual thermal springs several kilometers away from the village. There were about 70 of them in total, the largest was a small but deep lake with clear and warm water, at the bottom of which fountains of sand and pebbles rose.


breakfast (included)

The guests have at their disposal the whole infrastructure of the sanatorium, including therapeutic base, Wellness center, as well as a wide range of offers for active recreation and tourism.

The hotel is located in the mountain gorge, near the ski track. Additional services: sauna and swimming pool, phyto-pant barrel, billiards, barbecue area.

The hotel is located next to the famous water park “Belovodye”, all the infrastructure of the city and the resort – a 5-minute walk away.

The complex is located near “Sibirskoe podvorye” shopping mall, 18 km from Belokurikha. The rooms are equipped with kitchen sets with necessary equipment and tableware.

From Belokurikha to “Siberian farmstead” organized trasnfer from resorts – “Katun” (str. Slavskogo, 44) – daily at 14.15, “Siberia” (str. Slavskogo, 67) – daily at 14.20, “Belokurikha” (str. Slavskogo, 9) – daily at 14.30. Cost – 150 rubles.

ROOMS: from 2800 rubles to 4200 rubles. Check-in time: from 12.00, settlement time – 12.00


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This serpentine road is considered the most beautiful in the Altai region. Its length is 8 kilometers. The road is equipped with sightseeing platforms with car parking. It is situated at the entrance to Belokurikha-2.

To get to the source is better by car, as there is a “Snake Well” in 15 km from the old Radonolechebnitsy. Address radonolechebnitsy: Slavskogo street, 19. Radon spring – a symbol of the whole resort Belokurikha. Outwardly it looks like a chapel. They say that in the warm wells (water temperature is +28 ° C) once a long time ago gathered whole balls of snakes – the name of the source is connected with this.

The length of the elevator is 2050 meters. Tourists are lifted up on a cable car to the mountain Tserkva. The advantage of the elevator is that tourists don’t have to take off their skis or snowboards. The trip along the ropeway is mesmerizing. It runs among the age-old pine trees. In the summer below you can see the stones, overgrown with moss, and wild thickets of ferns. And in the fall – an unusual riot of colors. Climbing time is 25 minutes. Located on Slavskogo street. The nearest stop is Katun Sanatorium. Then you have to walk another half kilometer. Working hours: Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. (all year round).

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It is one of the most legendary attractions of the city. In winter the slopes are used for skiing and in summer Czerwka is a place of tourist pilgrimage. There is a chair elevator to get up the mountain. From the top there is a picturesque view of the Biyskaya plain and the city-resort Belokurikha. The panorama is fascinating. After admiring the surroundings you can take a walk on the ridge of the mountain.

A local landmark of the mountain is a large wooden cross, mounted on a rounded rock, shaped like a church dome. There used to be a chapel in this place, but in the twenties of the twentieth century, it was burned, and now there is only a cross left of it. Since then, the mountain is called Church.

The nearest stop is Katun Sanatorium. Then you have to walk another half kilometer to the elevator.


Katunskaya street. Slavskogo, 35. Tel.: (38577) 31-256, 8-983-388-2138. From 10 a.m. to 00 a.m. Cuisine: European and Italian. Average bill: 650 rubles.

The restaurant is a family place so the personnel focus on communication, create an atmosphere where nothing should distract people from an unhurried conversation and enjoyment of the meal. And the menu is designed so that people of all ages could find a dish to their liking. By the way, taking into account the resort lifestyle of the guests, breakfasts are served here at any time.

30, Slavskaya str. Slavsky, 30. Tel. 8-913-269-6267. Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. Cuisine: European, Italian, Oriental, Japanese, Russian. Average bill: 1000 rubles.

This place was founded 15 years ago as a birthday present to my beloved woman. There are chamber halls, children’s playroom, open kitchen, summer terrace, hall with view of the resort town and the mountain Tserkova. The bar has a wide range of wines, champagne, spirits, cocktails, juices, freshets. Large selection of coffee and tea. There is a vegetarian menu.

ul. Slavskogo, 44/1. Tel.: 8 (38577) 38-900, 8-905-984-1867. Opening time: from 12.00 to 00.00. Cuisine: European, Russian. Average bill: 1500 rubles.

This place is based on the idea of the Alpine chalet where the tired travelers can have a rest after climbing. The interior is subdued to this idea: log walls and ceiling, wooden furniture and a real wood-burning fireplace. Every evening there is live music and a fireplace is lit.

ul. Slavsky, 22. Tel.: 8-913-272-1404, (38577) 37-772. Opening time: from 8 a.m. to 00 a.m. Cuisine: European. Average bill: 700 rubles.

The restaurant is located in the center of the resort town. The interior reminds of America of the fifties. The menu is laconic and universal. There is a good wine list and a choice of author’s drinks. You will also be offered a wide range of cheeses.


“Resort Passage”

ul. Myasnikova, 2/1. Tel. 8-905-067-1010. Opening hours: every day, 10.00 – 21.00.

– Basement floor: “Beauty and Health” spa salon, a hairdresser. – Floor 1: Shop of souvenirs and cosmetics “Tatiana and K”, handmade souvenirs store, pharmacy, honey shop, clothing stores: “Versavia”, ELEGANCE. – 2 floor: natural products store “Siberian health”, clothing stores: designer clothing store of natural fabrics, “Knitwear Kuzbass”, “Biyskiy knitwear”, Gusto, linen products store. – ATMs: In the next building is a branch of “Sberbank.


The club is located at 4 and 4 Myasnikov St. Myasnikova 4 and 4a. Tel. 8-800-700-1113 (around the clock). Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 1 pm to 11 pm; Saturday, Sunday from 10 am to 11 pm. Cost: adults 540 rubles/hour, children 270-390 rubles/hour.

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The water park has two swimming pools (large and children’s). The area of the large swimming pool is 180 sq.m. The water temperature in the children’s pool is 32 ° C, and 30 ° C in the large pool. We continuously perform purification (without chlorine), disinfection and addition of fresh tap water. It uses special reagents, a system of filters and ultraviolet radiation; different water attractions: geyser, master massage, waterfall, aeromassage plateau. Directed water streams and air jets have a beneficial effect on the muscular system and have a massage effect; two slides: “Toboggan” – 47 m long, made in the form of serpentine; “Kamikaze” – 9 m long, made in the form of a pipe; solarium; water equipment rentals and sales of related products.

This is one of the main entertainment centers in Belokurikha. Contests, discos, the beginning of the ski season with the saturated and dynamic show-program of the best DJ’s and actors are spent here. Fairs of artisans are held in front of the center. Inside the center there is a large hall with tables, a large stage and a dance floor in front of it. The hall is equipped with modern equipment which allows you to hold a light-laser show.

Blagodat” ski resort is by right a popular place in Siberia for active winter holidays. The complex has a developed infrastructure:

– a network of interconnected trails: 5 rope tow elevators and cable car “Tserkovka”; – rental points; – ski school; – hotel (a few steps from the elevators); – restaurant; – ski cafe “Varezhka” at the top of the slope “Katun”.

The state of the slopes is monitored by a staff of qualified specialists, who use a whole park of various specialized equipment. Belokurikha slopes are an ideal place both for those who only plan to get acquainted with mountain skiing or snowboarding, and for experienced sportsmen, striving to improve their skills.


Sanatorium “Russia” – a modern, multi-purpose sanatorium complex, which provides services of European level: treatment, recreation, spa-recreation, active tourism. On the territory of “Russia” there are probably the best restaurants of Belokurikha! A chamber restaurant “Trapeza” and a family restaurant complex “Fifth wheel”.

Belokurikha sanatorium is a modern medical and health-improving complex. It is a place where good treatment, good rest and homelike atmosphere are successfully combined.

It is situated in the heart of Belokurikha resort area near “Katun” ski track. Perfect for a quiet rest in Belokurikha with children and family couples. The sanatorium has its own hydropathic facility.

A special feature of the Katun sanatorium is the development of a new direction for the resort – treatment of patients with diseases of the digestive system. The main factor of resort treatment of this category of patients is drinking mineral waters.

In February 2016 the sanatorium passed state certification and confirmed the level of classification “three stars”. “Siberia” is located in a picturesque valley of the mountain river Belokurikha. From three sides of the sanatorium is surrounded by a majestic panorama of mountains up to 1000 meters high, which are covered with coniferous forest. Complex rehabilitation and treatment of respiratory diseases, urogenital system of men and women, diagnostics and treatment of snoring are carried out here.

The work on the project was done by Olga Vedernikova, Tatiana Zastrozhnykh, Alexei Kucheryavykh, Kristina Bocharnikova and Dmitry Inyushin.

Photos of JSC “Belokurikha resort”, Oleg Ucladov, Alexey Salamatov, as well as from,,, were used in the make-up.

Corrector: Lilia Nefedkina, Irina Semirikova.

Layout: Dmitry Inyushin.

Responsibility of the publisher: The information was carefully checked during the preparation of the edition, but the publisher does not guarantee the absence of inaccuracies in the reference information. The information on institutions, transport timetables, museums, and availability of goods and services may change over time. We recommend that you check the information you need for your trip before you travel. The authors and editor of the texts have tried to adhere to the generally accepted point of view on the interpretation of the historical events mentioned in the publication, the significance and material condition of the cultural and historical sites and acknowledge the existence of different points of view on the aforementioned information. The authors and editor of the texts report that they have not accepted any remuneration, additional discounts, or other miscellaneous favors in the writing of the positive information. This information has been compiled on the basis of their own opinions at the time of writing.

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Map+photo. TOP-40 interesting and emblematic places of Belokurikha.

We have prepared a list of the main places of interest of the resort town and its surroundings for the visitors of Belokurikha. If you want to find something easier, use the map with their location.


Park of Miniatures “Stone island”

Scale model (1:1000) of Belokurikha foothills with miniature houses indicating the location of nearby villages. The idea of creation belongs to native Belokurikha resident Maxim Ermakov. Entrance by tickets. Ulitsa Sovetskaya, 92


Sculpture of a copper horse

The copper horse, made of car parts and copper, is located near the car dealership. It is located on Sovetskaya street 34/1.


The Church of the Holy Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon.

Small temple with a spring on its territory, popularly called “The Eye Spring.” Ryabinovaya st., 32.

Museum of village life “Water Mill”.

This open air museum was created by the artist and sculptor Vladimir Voychishin. On the territory there is a working mill with a dam and various household items. Slavskogo street, 23, p. 1.


“Terminator with a guitar”.

Sculpture of humanoid robot assembled from car parts. It is located at the intersection of Nagornaya Street and Obzgzdnaya Street, on the right near the garages.

Photo: Anna Nasedkina

Monument to the glory of medical workers

The sculpture is installed in one of the main streets of Belokurikha. The monument is symbolic for the city that owes its existence greatly to medics.

Photo: Piotr Pasyukov,

The monument to Efim Slavsky near the restaurant “Michel”.

Thanks to him Belokurikha became a city. Efim Slavskiy was the head of the USSR Ministry of Medium Machine Building, the department that was engaged under the unassuming name of creation of a nuclear shield of the country and its space branch. It is located near the restaurant “Michelle”, 9 ul. Slavskogo, 9a.


Walnut Alley

This place is a favorite place of Belokurikha citizens and guests, it is even somewhat symbolical: a famous “Walnut alley”, a cozy pedestrian zone in a shadow of majestic Manchurian nuts.



A symbol of the resort town, and that says it all. Slavskogo street, 29 to 1.

Health Center “Water World

The health center “Water World” is an analogue of the best European water centers, one of the few in Siberia. The project of the center was brought by spa doctors from Baden-Baden. The center has hit and novelties of the world water treatment. 9 Slavskogo str.

Cafe Mulino (Mulino)

It is impossible to pass by and not take a picture against the background of an unusual cafe, built in the style of European medieval mills. We recommend taking Sancho Panza for company. 35 Slavskogo Street.


Zerkovka Hill

Another absolute symbol of Belokurikha. The mountain, the top of which is crowned with a cross. The name is given because on top there is a rock, similar in shape to the church dome.


You can also climb to the top of Cerkova on foot if you do not fear the climb to 815 meters. You can travel this distance comfortably by cable car and contemplate the surroundings imposingly.

A knight in the restaurant Michel

Fans of medieval tournaments, knights and unusual carnival costumes should go straight to the restaurant “Michelle”. In the lobby you can find thoroughly polished armor of a conqueror of ladies’ hearts and dragons. At the same time you can have a delicious meal. 9A, Slavsky street.

Church in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Lake Skadar in Albania

The Church in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is located on the hill in front of the sanatorium “Russia”. It was built in 2003 and consecrated by Bishop Maxim of Barnaul and Altai. Bishop Maksim said that the church is one of the most beautiful in the Altai Diocese. 32 Slavskogo Street


Belokurikha City Museum. S.I. Gulyaev in the building of the old water cure clinic

Here you can find all the information about the history of the resort, peculiarities of local therapeutic factors and specificity of all health resorts. The building with 25 bathtubs was built in 1938 and for it a brick factory had to be built. In addition to the therapeutic baths in the Radon clinic there were rooms for honored guests. The writer Paustovsky liked to rest here and the academician Myasnikov worked. Slavskogo street, 19


Museum of blacksmithing in Altai.

The founder of the museum is Anna Biletskaya, the only woman blacksmith in the Altai. Museum collection consists of household items XIX – XX century, blacksmith tools, forged items. Stroiteley Street 72

photo: Kirill Kukhmar/TASS

Phyto Bar

A phyto-bar at the Belokurikha sanatorium. A glass of herbal drink not only invigorates and lifts your spirits, but is also a rich source of vitamins and biologically active substances.

photo: Elena Novoselova

Old Mill

“Old Mill” is the final route of the therapeutic and health trail of the same name (terrenkur). It is not the “mill” itself that is of interest, but the hiking trail to it. It is about 3 km long, with a hiking trail, clean air, and suspended bridges – an ideal place for a leisurely walk. The trail begins at the end of Slavskogo Street.

Shisha creek

The picturesque brook flows at the end of the route “The Old Mill”, it will take about a kilometer from the mill itself.

Monument to Stepan Guliaev

It is located near the sanatorium Katun. You can read about the extraordinary history of this man here.

Round Mountain

The route of the health path #3 starts from the helipad, where you can enjoy the panoramic views over the city, and ends up on Mount Kruglaya. The length of the route is 5 km, the altitude is 801 m. Solnechnaya Polyana Street, 3

Photo: Valeria Serbinova,

Four brothers

The rocks are of unusual shape. Granite massif looks like four men standing shoulder to shoulder. If you go a little further, you can see another rock formation – the rock “Gates of Love.


Snake well

One more familiar place of Belokurikha. The building that looks more like a chapel than a well. Exactly here in 1867 was built the first baptismal font, the very first Belokurikha resort construction. The well was created before the construction of the city hydropathic hospital. This place got its name due to the fact that the water retains a year-round temperature of about 30 degrees, so there was a large number of snakes. Slavskogo street, 19.

Photo: Elena Popova

Museum of silver

There is an art gallery “The Museum of silver” in the “Belokurikha” sanatorium. There are 17 compositions of the famous sculptor-jeweler Vladimir Voychishin. Slavskogo street, 9.


“FotoLand park”.

The park with art objects by Victor Gordienko called “FotoLand park” is located on the outskirts of Belokurikha, near the road leading to Danilovka. A gallery “Time Machine” and a giant billiard, a Terminator motorcycle and a bottle of bottles – there is nothing else here. More about this place we wrote here.

Photo: Maxim Tyryshkin

Bridges over the river

Belokurikha river flows right through the city, so besides the utilitarian transport bridges there are more than a dozen charming bridges, from which you can watch the flow of the unfrozen river.

Belokurikha-2 and neighborhood

“Sibirskoye Podvorye”.

A huge in area complex with one of the best hippodromes in Siberia “Altai”, stables, where the champion racers live. Here is located the Museum of Peasant of XIX-XX centuries, park “At Lukomorye”, poultry yard, turkey farm, tavern “Dilijance”. Such events of regional and federal level as the youth management forum ATR, gastronomic festival “AltaiFest”, large-scale festival “Siberian Shrovetide” are held at “Sibirsky Podvorye”. Updated: Since January 2020, the complex has stopped hosting tourists, focusing on agricultural production. Read more here.

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One of the most beautiful roads in the Altai region is the road to “Belokurikha-2”. There are 12 serpentine sections with the length of almost eight kilometers and height difference of 420 meters, viewing platforms with gorgeous sights for selfies. The road is always kept in perfect condition.

Biker’s axe

The big – two meters high – biker’s axe that is very popular among the motorcycle owners is placed on the serpentine to “Belokurikha-2”. Vladimir Voychishin, the creator of the axe, is a sculptor:

The very spirit of Altai is the drive, the thirst for life and fresh blood, which is akin to the ideas of motorcycle fraternity. My work “Biker as an icon” is devoted to it, it uses “Harley-Davidson” brand.

Column of versts

Another curious object on the serpentine. Made of two types of granite by masters of Kolyvan stone-cutting plant named after I. Polzunov.

The Thinker

The chair is five meters high and is the starting point of all Belokurikha-2 routes. Initially, on the chair, modestly seated on the edge, sat a deeply thoughtful person. Then a miracle happened – there is no other way to say it: the thinker disappeared. Probably, he went to look around with the thoughts about what else can be done on the developing “Belokurikha-2”.

The painter’s glade

Before the turn to “Andreevskaya Sloboda” there is a whole cartload of huge color pencils, and near it – the same big easel. A tribute to all people with a rich imagination, the creators of the new.

Andreyevskaya Sloboda

The historic and architectural complex “Andreevskaya Sloboda” is a large open-air museum. The exhibits are not just arranged on racks – they are inscribed into the interiors of peasant huts, each of which has its practical purpose: a smithy, a barn, a distillery, a real peasant house, found in the outskirts of Barnaul and transported to the sloboda. Here is another absolutely authentic house – the mansion of the merchant Andreev. It is home to the tavern “Gogol”.

Chocolate Museum

Little oasis of South America in snow-covered Siberia. Each visitor is given a taste of real chocolate brought from Colombia. Vladimir Voychishin also makes hollow and solid sculptures from it for the museum. There is so much chocolate, you can’t help but divert your eyes.


The spacecraft, which has landed straight from the planet Pluk, is a bit further from “Andreevskaya Sloboda”. All fans of “Kin-dza-dza” must have a tête-à-tête, crimson pants and a bell in your nose!

“Misha Mountain.”

A ski complex with all the necessary infrastructure: rope tow elevator, cafe, pub, rental, stable Wi-Fi, warm toilets and tubing track for children.

Tungsten mine

The most distant of the suggested places in the review. Tungsten is a valuable metal that is added to high-value alloy steels, tank armor, and parts of mechanisms requiring special strength. With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the mine became a strategically important site for strengthening the defense of the country. In 1954 it was closed, ruined and now is being restored by efforts of Belokurikha Resort JSC.

Deer near the ski and biathlon complex “The Altai Mountains”.

Belokurikha symbol – reindeer – can be met not only in the town. Near the modern training complex “The Altai Mountains” on a large boulder stands another noble deer, staring into the distance.

Stupa and Medicine Buddha

Onyx statue of Buddha was given by His Holiness Yeshe Loda Rinpoche, doctor of Buddhist philosophy, the founder of Buddhist scientific center of practice and meditation in India, from his personal collection in honor of the 150th anniversary of Belokurikha resort. It is located at the end point of the health-walking path of 1800 meters.

You can find all the listed sights (except for bridges over the Belokurikha river – they are not hard to find on your own) on the map below.

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