The 18 best sights of Alupka – descriptions and photos

Photos of Alupka.

Alupka is a small seaside town on the Southern coast of Crimea, one of the most popular resorts on the peninsula. It is situated in 15 km from Yalta at the foot of the mountain Ai-Petri. Thousands of tourists annually come here to enjoy the clean mountain air, swim in the warm sea and enjoy the picturesque natural scenery.

What can I see in Alupka on my own?

Beautiful places and main attractions of the city and surroundings: photos with descriptions, tips where to go, where to go by car, what to see in one day.

Vorontsov Palace

The Palace of Count Mikhail Vorontsov is the main attraction of resort Alupka. The elegant complex is built in the Neo-Moorish style with elements of English architecture. The project was designed by British architect Edward Blore. The palace had been built for 20 years, starting in 1828.

During the Soviet rule the complex was nationalized. Thanks to the creation of a museum on its premises in 1921, the entire interior and the decoration of the walls, facades and surrounding areas have been preserved.

In the exposition of the museum there are 9 state rooms, guest wing, park pavilion, library, as well as a number of exhibitions, which reflect the styles, manners and tastes of a bygone era.

  • Address: Crimea, Alupka, Dvortsovoye Shosse, 18

Vorontsov Park

This masterpiece of landscape gardening was created by the botanist and horticulturist Karl Antonovich Kebakh. He began to landscape the area during the construction of the Vorontsov Palace. He planned and planted unique plants for 25 years. His work became the basis for the further development of the park area.

Today the park, which surrounds the palace of Mikhail Vorontsov, is a cultural heritage and is protected by the state. It is part of the exposition of Alupka museum. It occupies an area of over 300 square meters.

The pavilion “Tea House” is a cozy place, where there are exhibitions of paintings of famous artists, devoted to the sea history of the country and the Crimea peninsula.

  • Address: Crimea, Alupka, Dvortsovoye Shosse, 18

Cross Mountain

One kilometer away from the town stands the mountain called the Cross Mountain. Before the revolution, there was a wooden cross, which was laid by Empress Alexandra Feodorovna in 1837. In addition to the memorial sign, archeological findings were found on the mountain.

Earlier there was an ancient Taurian settlement, and a bit later the medieval fortress Alupka-Isar protected the mountain passes and trade routes from nomad raids. The ruins of these historical objects, as well as a small cave and ruins of the church can be seen on the Cross Mountain. During the Soviet era, the cross was removed, and it was restored only in the 1990s. Now it is metal.

  • Address: Crimea, Alupka

Museum apartment of Arkhip Kuindzhi

The famous Russian painter Arkhip Kuindzhi liked to come to Alupka for rest and inspiration. In memory of the great artist in the premises of his Crimean apartment was founded a museum dedicated to the life and work of the master. It took a long time for Arkhip Kuindzhi to reach his success.

At the beginning of his career, he was a pupil of Ivan Aivazovsky, but he did not go beyond mixing colors for his teacher. Then Kuindzhi himself became a master of unusual artistic techniques, which to this day cannot be repeated by many artists. He brought up his students, including Nikolai Roerich, Arkady Rylov, Konstantin Bogayevsky.

  • Address: 24 Rosa Luxemburg St., Alupka, Crimea

Naryshkin manor Sofievka

The estate was built in the 30s of the 19th century. The author of the project was the architect K. Elishman. The building has been wonderfully preserved up to nowadays. It has characteristically sharpened windows and a red tile roof. Around the building there is a park, which resembles a natural virgin forest.

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Here one can learn about the farming habits of that era, including the example of the surviving dairy farm. A huge greenhouse, vineyards and stables are also well preserved. There is an olive grove on the estate’s territory that used to bring a lot of profit to its owners.

  • Address: Crimea, Alupka, Koreiz, Alupka highway, 15B.

Museum of test pilot Amet-Khan Sultan

The museum has been working since 1993. Its exposition is dedicated to the life and heroic deeds of the Soviet test pilot of the Crimean Tatar origin Amet-Khan Sultan. The hero went through the war and participated in tests of the newest flying machines of the USSR. He died in 1971 while testing another plane.

The museum is located in a historically significant building, built in the 19th century. The museum is constantly enlarged due to the donation of unique testimonies that were sent not only by the residents of the former Soviet Union but also by the pilot’s friends from abroad. Ametkhan Sultan was a significant figure of the world aviation fraternity. He is revered in Dagestan and is an honorary pilot of France.

  • Address: 22, Yaltinskaya street, Alupka, Crimea

The temple of the Saint Archistratigus Michael

In 1820 in Alupka was built by Count Vorontsov and the Orthodox Church. Soon it was destroyed by a landslide. For a long time the city remained without a Christian monastery, until in 1903 by decision of the City Assembly began construction of a new stone parish. To avoid suffering the same fate as its predecessor, the place was carefully chosen.

As a result, the temple was built in the city center, not far from the pogost. Regular services started in the church in 1912. They continued for 20 years, until the Soviet government closed the parish. The church was completely looted. From 1990 to 2008 there was restoration work. Now the church is completely restored.

  • Address: Crimea, Alupka, Lenin Street, 4.

Alexander Nevsky Temple

The temple was built in 1913 by the architect NP Kozlov. He is a unique example of architecture of the late 19 – early 20 centuries. It was not just a church but the unique health-improving complex intended for spiritual and sanatorium rest for the teachers of parochial schools.

In Soviet times there was a sanatorium for railroad workers. Today there is a rest house for pilgrims near the temple. They are provided with rest and trips to the holy places of the Crimean peninsula. The building has been fully restored and is a functioning temple. It is surrounded by a park with century-old trees.

  • Address: 60 Lenina Street, Alupka, Crimea

Museum of Crimean Tatar Culture

The Museum of Crimean Tatar Culture began as a gallery, displaying the artworks of prominent masters of Crimean Tatar origin. The exposition was constantly supplemented with new exhibits, and in 1992 the museum, devoted to the everyday life, culture and history of this people, was opened.

There are paintings, sculptures, works of arts and crafts, household items of prewar period and modern items. The exhibition is composed according to the historical milestones of cultural development of the people. Employees are doing a lot of research work in this area.

  • Address: 30 Roza Luxemburg Street, Alupka, the Crimea

Art museum of Basov

Yakov Basov is an honored artist of Ukraine. The Art Museum, which opened in 1997, is dedicated to his 50-year career. The artist praised the beauty of Crimean landscapes, varied landscapes, and maritime beauties. Maestro has conveyed the uniqueness of Simferopol, Gurzuf, Yalta, Bakhchisaray, and, of course, Alupka.

The exposition of the museum consists of more than 600 works of the master. Along with watercolors there are portraits of Crimean residents and famous guests. Basov has shown himself not only as a “singer of the Crimea”. His works are devoted to other picturesque places of Russia, Ukraine and other countries he was lucky to visit.

  • Address: The Crimea, Alupka, 15 Govyrinykh Street
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Massandra tasting hall

The first wine cellars in Alupka were founded in 1820 by Count Vorontsov. A tasting room of the legendary Crimean wine is now open on their basis. To be more precise, there are 4 halls in total. They differ from each other by the capacity of visitors. The tastings are held during the year.

The most intense is the summer period. In summer there are 5 tastings a day. In fall, winter and spring there are four. During the 45 minutes spent in the wine room, the sommelier will not only give you a wonderful wine to try, but will also tell you about the history of the Crimean winemaking. You can buy the wine you like in the store that is located nearby.

  • Address: 26, Dvortsovoye Shosse, Alupka, Crimea

Theater of Sea Animals “Aquatoria

Visiting the dolphinarium – it is always a holiday and good mood. After the presentation with the sea animals, you can swim with them or take pictures. In the dolphinarium an innovative method of treatment and rehabilitation of mental disabilities in children is practiced dolphin therapy. On the territory of the dolphinarium there is also a large aquarium, where the representatives of the sea depths live.

On a unique turtle farm you can look at the most ancient representatives of the Earth. Another amazing object is located here. This is the exhibition “Upside Down House”. An unusual feeling of an upside down interior and a fun photo shoot attracts tourists from all over the Crimea.

  • Address: Crimea, Vinohradnoe village, Bakhchisarayskoe highway, 17A

Uchansu Waterfall

The highest waterfall in Europe is located not far from Alupka, in the region of the protected cliffs of Yalta Yaila. It is located near Alupka and near the protected rocks of Yalta plateau. The total height of its two terraces 95 and a half meters. On the lower terrace is a statue of a soaring eagle, which is the mascot of the waterfall.

The waterfall is especially beautiful when meltwater descends from the mountains. Then it seems more powerful. In winter, the water mostly freezes and turns into icicles, with thin shiny streams flowing between them.

In the fall, there is not so much water, but the waterfall does not dry out and continues to delight tourists. There is an observation deck with a panoramic view of the waterfall and the surrounding scenery.

  • Address: Crimea, Yalta State Reserve

Ai-Petri Mountain

The highest peak of the Crimean mountains, Ai-Petri, towers over the Black Sea coast of Crimea. Its distinctive jagged peaks are visible from different resort areas around Yalta. Organizers of active recreation suggest climbing the mountain to admire the surroundings. The cableway starts in Miskhor.

From Alupka you can get there by boat or by highway. In winter it is the only way to reach the observation platform located on the mountain. There are lovers of hiking ascents. Hikes are also organized for them, but the organizers recommend climbing up by cable car and descending on foot or by bicycle.

  • Address: Miskhor village, Crimea

Shaan-Kaya Mountain and Lake

Not far from Alupka is “a paradise for climbers. This is the name of the cliff with a steep slope of the Shaan-Kaya. During the Soviet Union, this route was considered the most difficult, and here had trained world-famous climbers. The rock itself is not high, only 871 meters. But, having a so-called negative slope, the rock was first conquered only in 1966.

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The ascent lasted a full week. Now there are several routes of varying difficulty. At the foot of the cliff is a lake with the same name. This is a place for a quiet vacation in the wilderness of the Southern Crimea.

  • Address: Crimea, Alupka

Aivazovsky Cliff and observation deck

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky visited Alupka in 1838-39. His favorite place of rest and inspiration was a small rock, projecting into the sea. It is located on the descent to the sea from the Palace of Mikhail Vorontsov. Aivazovsky made this place famous in his art, and grateful descendants named the rock after him.

Now there is a memorial plaque with an inscription in three languages. Aivazovsky’s Rock is not only a historical place. Amorous couples like to make a date here. And creative types seek solitude here. Romance of the area disposes to unhurried lyrical conversations, and the murmur of the sea waves casts imaginative solutions in the creative search.

  • Address: The Crimea, Alupka, Palatine Highway, 10, the lower part of the Vorontsov Park

Big and small Chaos

Going down to the rock of Aivazovsky, you will have to pass by the stone ruin. This natural attraction is called the Little Chaos. Big Chaos is located in the upper part of Vorontsov Park and is also a picturesque pile of stones, which nature has been collecting for millions of years.

Karl Kebach, the developer of the park’s landscape design, was able to fit the stone blocks picturesquely into its upper part. Little Chaos is a labyrinth of stone paths, buried in the greenery of Crimean plants. There are many secluded corners, benches are set up everywhere. A beautiful place for a secluded vacation from the city and resort life.

  • Address: The Crimea, Alupka, Palatine Highway, 10, the lower part of the Vorontsov Park

Karst Caves of Ai-Petri Yaila

There are unique natural sights in the neighborhood of Alupka – 10 karst caves. Some of them are accessible to all visitors. There are prepared hiking routs with paved paths, steps and bridges. Underground world of the Crimean plateau admires its primeval beauty.

Scientists believe that the mountain Ai-Petri itself and the plateau adjacent to it used to be a reef. With this information becomes even more interesting to explore the cave world of the Crimean coast. Each of the caves has its own peculiarities and each of them has its own name. Their visit will diversify your leisure and give you new impressions.

  • Address: Crimea, Alupka

Taraktash trail

Fans of hiking will love this natural attraction. A picturesque trail leads from Ai-Petrinskaya Yaila to Uchan-Su waterfall. The trail goes through the unique pine forest. Hiking trails in the Crimea are not only hiking trails, but also therapeutic walking trails that help with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Taraktashsky trail is considered to be “salvation for the lungs”. It was founded by Dr. Dmitriev, who was cured of tuberculosis by walking around the area. The path is very comfortable for walking: the firm, even surface of the ground does not let your shoes slip, and there are carved steps on the rises. A walk between the rocks and pines will improve your health and present a wonderful mood.

  • Address: Crimea, Alupka

Night walks on a boat

Alupka, like any resort town, thinks about the entertainment of its guests at any time of day. Night walks on a boat will be a kind of adventure for romantic couples and groups of friends. Many firms and individuals provide this service, and you can find trip organizers on the beaches of the city.

This form of leisure suits lovers of night swimming or fishing. The boat will be able to deliver wishing to any sticking out of the water cliffs, which are enough here to the sea slowly admire the lights of the night town.

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Alupka (Crimea) – the most detailed information about the city with photos. The main sights of Alupka with descriptions, guides and maps.

City of Alupka (Crimea).

Alupka – a small town in the south-west of Crimea, 17 km from Yalta. It is situated on the Black Sea coast at the foot of the picturesque Ai-Petri peak. Alupka is one of the most popular resorts of the southern coast of Crimea, which is famous for its clean sea, beautiful nature, small comfortable beaches, as well as a calm and measured atmosphere. The famous Vorontsov palace with a gorgeous park is the main attraction of the city, which attracts tourists from almost all surrounding area.

What to do (Alupka):

Stroll along the Old Alupka

4000 rubles for the tour.

Walk around Old Alupka

Immerse yourself in the pre-revolutionary atmosphere of the resort, and learn its history

Geography and climate

Alupka is located on the far south-west of the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea coast at the foot of the picturesque Ai-Petri mountain (1234 m). The city is located near Yalta, 100 km from Simferopol and 70 km from Sevastopol. Alupka has a warm Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by very mild winters and warm summers.

Ai-Petri view

A view of Ai-Petri

Alupka beaches

  1. Vorontsov Swimming Pools are considered to be the city beach of Alupka. They are located directly under the Vorontsov Park.
  2. There is a little aside from Vorontsovskie swimming pools, near the Teahouse. It is formed by huge stones and is divided into two parts. Here there is a shallow entrance to the water, shallow depth and comfortable small pebbles. Therefore, the sea is always a little warmer here.
  3. Azure Coast is located in the center of Alupka, not far from the bus station. This beach is known for its beautiful sea water with a turquoise tint.
  4. Zelenyi Mys is an excellent natural beach with small pebbles.
  5. The most remote beach of Alupka is named after the rock, which resembles this amphibian. It is considered one of the most beautiful and comfortable beaches of the city.

Tourist information

  1. The population of the town is 8 thousand people.
  2. Area – 4 km².
  3. Height of the center – 90 m.
  4. Time – UTC +3 (Moscow time).

Best time to visit

Alupka is an excellent seaside resort. Bathing season here lasts from June to October. The best time to visit is August and September.


The first mention of Alupka dates back to Byzantine times (late 10th century). In the 14th – 15th centuries there was an outpost of the Genoese. Then up to the 17th century on the southern coast of Crimea ruled the Ottomans.

The streets of Alupka

Alupka streets

In the 18th century (after Crimea was annexed to the Russian Empire) there was a settlement of Crimean Tatars. At the beginning of the 20th century Alupka began to develop as a climatic resort. In 1938 the settlement got the status of a city.

How to get there

The nearest airport is located in Simferopol, which has direct connections with Moscow and St. Petersburg. The nearest railway station is in Sevastopol, where trains go from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and many other cities.

How to get to Alupka:

  • From Simferopol: get first to the railway station in Yalta.
  • From Yalta: take a bus №132 (from the city center) or a bus №102 (from the bus station), and also buses 107 and 115 from the bus station in Yalta to the bus station of Alupka.
  • From Sevastopol: take a Sevastopol-Yalta bus to the bus stop ‘Pyatnik’, then transfer to the other side of the road and take bus #1A to the bus stop ‘Alupka Bus Station’ or take a direct bus to Alupka.
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It’s worth trying local fish and seafood (barbel, rapan), Tatar cuisine (manty, chebureks, yantyki), local wines and fruits in Alupka.


Vorontsov Palace is the main and the most famous sight of Alupka. It is an architectural monument of the mid-19th century with a beautiful English park. It is a whole complex of buildings that harmoniously combine the classical English castle style, Neo-Moorish and Neo-Gothic architecture.

The palace

Vorontsov Palace

Vorontsov Palace consists of five buildings, which, due to towers, gates, stairs and passages, resemble a medieval castle. It was built of natural diabase stone, mined in quarries nearby. The main facade of the palace faces the sea, where there is the famous Lion’s terrace and a beautiful white marble staircase made by an Italian master.

The Upper Park

Upper Park

The Vorontsov Palace was part of the Alupka Museum-Reserve and includes a large picturesque park, an example of gardening and park art. It consists of two parts: Upper Park and Lower Park. The Lower Park is designed in the style of the Italian Renaissance with shady alleys. It once included many sculptures, fountains, vases, and columns. The upper park is planned in the traditional English style with picturesque rock debris and several ponds where swans and ducks live.



Ai-Petri is one of the most picturesque peaks of the Crimean peninsula. It is 1234 meters high and is seen from Alupka almost everywhere (of course, if it is not cloudy). Ai-Petri is the most windy and foggy place in Crimea. You can get to the top of it with the help of the cableway, which begins in Miskhor.

You can find the prices, work schedule and the map at the official site –

How to get to Miskhor:

  • From Yalta take shuttle buses 102 (from the bus station) and 132 (from the flea market)
  • By car from the South Coast of Yalta go to Miskhor (turn next to the gas station TES). On the roundabout take the second exit, then turn right at the first crossroads, go along the main road until you see the lower station of the cable car on the right.

You can get to the top of Ai-Petri by your own car. The way from Alupka will take about 40 minutes (30 kilometers).

Uchan-Su, the highest waterfall in Crimea, is located on the southern slope of Ai-Petri (98 meters).

The Saint Michael Temple

Saint Michael’s Temple

The Church of St. Michael is the main church of Alupka. It is a beautiful building of the early 20th century, built in the Neobyzantine style. The temple is crowned with five golden domes and is recognized as a monument of history and culture.

Another famous religious building is the Church of Alexander Nevsky, built in 1913 in the traditional Russian style. During the Soviet era the church was part of the sanatorium.

Amet-Khan Sultan Museum

Amet-Khan Sultan Museum

Amet-Khan Sultan museum is dedicated to the famous Soviet pilot, twice a hero of the Soviet Union and a native of Alupka. Here you can learn not only about the life and deeds of the famous ace, but also study the exhibits dedicated to military aviation.


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