The 17 most beautiful places to visit in Indonesia

10 beautiful, interesting places in Indonesia

10 of the most beautiful places in Indonesia

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country of more than 17,000 thousand volcanic islands with long white sand beaches, pristine tropical jungles, unique diving sites with hundreds of coral species, and friendly and smiling locals.

Indonesia is a big country. Because of its size, you need to plan your trip properly to have a pleasant time seeing the best that Indonesia has to offer. Indonesia is a unique and diverse country, located on thousands of islands in the ocean. Here you can lie on the beach, hike through the jungle the next day, and then explore the volcanoes and each region of the country offers something unique. There are many wonderful and outstanding places in Indonesia, for travelers alone or with friends and family.

1 Bali ( map )


Most tourists begin their trip in Indonesia on the country’s most famous island. One of the most famous vacation destinations in the world, which will make your trip absolutely unforgettable. Called the “Island of the Gods”, Bali is full of breathtaking natural beauty. Relaxing on the white sand beaches, gorgeous waves, clear water that reflects the bright blue sky and tropical weather are reasons why everyone should visit this place at least once in their life. Bali has a rich culture and widespread Hindu religion with many temples.

2 Komodo Island ( map )

Komodo Island

Here you can see the ancient reptile Komodo the Ram (Komodo dragon). Also present here are many blissful sandy beaches where you can explore their beauty and relax. If you get tired of the beaches, dive into the depths and see the colorful, diverse marine life. The underwater life around Komodo Island is known to be one of the most interesting for divers in the world!

3 Bunaken Island ( map )


Another piece of paradise on earth. Bunaken is one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia that you should not miss when visiting. The Bunaken National Marine Park is world-renowned. For maximum effect, try diving near the island.

4 Mount Bromo, Java Island ( map )

Mount Bromo, Java

If you like hiking – do not miss a visit to Bromo Volcano. Located in the east of the island of Java and is part of the Bromo-Tenger-Semeru National Park, currently an active volcano. Visiting this mountain is organized very easy and cheap, an ideal place for nature lovers who like to climb mountains.

5 Jakarta City, Java Island ( map )

Jakarta, Java

Jakarta is the capital and largest city in the country, a historical mix of cultures – Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arabic, Indian and European – has influenced its architecture, language and cuisine. We recommend visiting the impressive temples, the National Museum, which boasts a large collection of relics and artifacts, Kota Tua, the historic city center, which is home to Dutch colonial buildings, Glodok, Jakarta’s Chinese quarter, and the old Sunda Kelapa port, where traditional wooden schooners are moored.

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6 Kelimutu Volcano Lakes, Flores Island ( map )

Lake Tiga Warna, Flores island

The lakes of Kelimutu Volcano are widely known, one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia. Kelimutu volcano is located near the small town of Moni on the central island of Flores. In the mouth of the volcano are three lakes, next to each other, with water of different colors – the red Enchanted Lake (Tiwu Ata Polo), the blue Lake of Elderly People (Tiwu Ata Mbupu) and the green Lake of Young and Women (Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai)

7 Bunaken National Park ( map )

Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken Marine Park is a spectacular diving spot to explore the rich underwater part of the country. More than 20 dive sites you can visit in the park. In addition to the dive sites, the park offers beautiful beaches to relax after a thrilling swim.

8 Tangkuban Volcano, Java Island ( map )

Tangkuban Perahu, Java

Another mountain that we recommend to visit during your visit to Indonesia. An interesting place that is famous for its unique shape of an inverted boat. The panoramic views of the volcano and the forests behind it are beautiful.

9 Gili Islands ( map )

Gili Islands, Lombok

White sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, a ridge of three beautiful, isolated islands, namely Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, boasts unique tropical scenic beauty. In addition to water activities such as snorkeling, diving, surfing, you can kayak or watch the motley fish in a glass-bottomed canoe. Of course the best beaches and night parties.

10 Krakatoa Volcano ( map )

Krakatau Volcano

Another beautiful place in Indonesia is Krakatoa Volcano. The volcano exploded in 1883 and it was a huge disaster that destroyed most of the island. The entire surrounding region, was drowned in ash, or went under water. Now it is a popular tourist destination.

Indonesia is a country with a charming environment, rich in tradition. Predominantly Muslim country, but where people of different religions and races coexist. Friendly locals, annual festivals and numerous places of interest make the country a great place to visit for hundreds of thousands of tourists.

The 17 Best Islands to Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagos in the world and consists of at least 17,000 islands, so if you’re looking for an island adventure, you’ve surely come to the right place. Some of the islands make up the major provinces of Indonesia, such as Sumatra, Java, Lombok and Bali, and many of the smaller islands are uninhabited. The islands are perfect for a relaxing beach vacation and perfect for those who want to dive and explore the underwater delights of Indonesia in 2022.


Bali Photos


The 17 Best Islands in Indonesia

Here are the 17 best islands to visit in Indonesia …

Bali is by far the most popular and world-famous of the Indonesian islands. Although it can be crowded during high season, it remains one of the best islands in Indonesia to visit. Also known as the Island of the Gods, Bali boasts a diverse landscape, incredible beaches and an intriguing Hindu culture.

One of the most interesting places on the island is the town of Ubud, where there are forests filled with monkeys, artists and galleries. In Bali you can explore Hindu temples, walk on the foothills of an active volcano called Mount Batur or see the traditional rice terraces still cultivated by locals. Surfing, kayaking, fishing, yoga and diving are just a few of the countless activities you can enjoy on the big, picturesque island of Bali.

Nusa Penida – a hidden paradise near Bali

The island of Nusa Penida, 20 kilometers from Bali, offers beautiful fabulous nature and beaches, but most of the island is attracted by its spectacular cliffs hundreds of meters above sea level, from where you can admire incredible views. Waterfalls, caves and natural beaches await you

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Lembongan.

Despite its proximity to Bali and Lombok, visitors often overlook Nusa Lembongan, which means it still maintains a serene atmosphere and quiet pace. If you like diving, this is a much better choice than most areas of Bali, as visibility is clearer and you have a good chance to see sharks, rays and turtles.

Nusa Lembongan Island

Nusa Lembongan Island


East of Bali is a lesser known but no less beautiful island called Lombok. The island is very popular with travelers and is home to several small towns. The largest town, Mataram, is where you can find the stunning 18th-century palace of Taman Mayura and Taman Narmada, a Hindu temple-turned park where locals, travelers, and even kings come to relax and unwind.

Lombok is also home to Kuta, a thriving beach destination where surfing is the biggest pastime. Kuta is a tourist paradise, with incredible beaches and a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere.

The Water Palace of Mayura Lombok

Mayura Lombok Water Palace

Gili Islands

One of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Indonesia is a place known as the Gili Islands, which are located near the coast of Lombok. The largest of the Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan, is the perfect place to try snorkeling, relax with a week-long yoga retreat or surf. Gili Meno Island is known as the most romantic of the Gili, and it is popular with couples on their honeymoon. The third island, Gili Air, is very popular with serious scuba divers who want unprecedented conditions without much crowding in the water.

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Gili Islands

Gili Islands.

Sumatra is the sixth largest island in the world

Orangutans, tigers and elephants hide in the rainforests of Sumatra, a place with a great diversity of vegetation and fauna around the island that has made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The world’s sixth-largest island is full of undiscovered national parks that hope to welcome adventurous nature seekers to see rhinos and tigers in Gunung Loiser National Park in the north of the island.

What else is there to see in Sumatra? Lake Toba, which was created by a volcanic eruption, is the largest lake crater in the world. Amazing and wonderful nature!

Lake Toba

Lake Toba

Bangka-Belitung Islands

Not far from the coast of the main island of Sumatra are the islands of Bangka-Belitung. These islands are a fantastic place to visit if you are looking for some of the best beaches in the world. Many of the beaches stretch for several miles and are mostly uncrowded and boast clean white sand and clear water.

You can also explore some of the many Dutch lighthouses, most of which were built in the 19th century when the islands were part of a much larger trade route. The Dutch colonial buildings on the islands also hint at the region’s past.

Belitung Island

Belitung Island

Sulawesi is an island of orchids

If you look at Sulawesi Island on a map, you will see that the shape of the island seems unusual. Sulawesi has a volcano that caused this strange shape. The island’s volcanic activity has also created a real treasure for divers in the northern part of the island. Bunaken National Marine Park is one of the best places in Indonesia for diving. Here you can see sharks, sea turtles and coral reefs, as well as incredible beaches, it is a vacation paradise.

Sulawesi Island

Cabins on the island of Sulawesi


Suitable for those who want to explore Bunaken National Marine Park. When you discover that this marine park is home to 70% of all fish species in the Indo-West Pacific, it’s easy to see why Bunaken is such a popular diving and snorkeling destination. In general, dive sites are geared toward advanced divers with strong swimming skills. However, a growing popularity is snorkeling on shallow coral reefs closer to the shoreline. After a day of activity, be sure to try the local liquor, which is served with lemon and is called Cap Tikus.

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Bunaken Island

Bunaken Island

Isle of Flores

One of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia is called Flores. Although the island offers much to see, it is known as the gateway to Komodo Island. Labuanbajo of Flores is a common place for ferries to pick up passengers bound for Komodo National Park, where you can see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. On Flores, the most fascinating attraction is the collection of crater lakes on Mount Kelimutu, which often change color due to mineral and chemical changes due to volcanic gas.

Kelimutu Colored Lakes

Komodo Island Dragons

Komodo Island is one of the most famous islands in Indonesia. The clue is in the name, as this island is home to the formidable Komodo Dragons.

Dragons are actually not as scary as they seem, and are actually a type of large lizard, although they have toxic saliva, so it’s worth being wary of them. Fortunately, there are plenty of guides on Komodo Island who will take you to various places where you can safely observe dragons, and they have a large split stick that is said to keep dragons from getting too close.

Varans Komodo Island

Komodo Island Varans

Lembeh Island.

Many of the islands in Indonesia offer you the opportunity to go scuba diving, but Lembeh Island is a little different, as it is known for its diving opportunities. The waters around Lembeh are full of natural sediment, which is home to an amazing array of underwater creatures, and if you love macro photography, this place will suit you perfectly.

Just some of the species you’re likely to find here include holodermen, crabs and cuttlefish, and you might even spot whale sharks or dugongs while diving.

Dugong Sea Cow

The dugong is a sea cow

Java – Welcome to the capital, Jakarta

I could not forget Java, belonging to the Great Sunda Islands along with Sumatra, Sulawesi and Borneo, here is the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Very rich in cultural heritage and incredible national parks, you can get to this island from Bali and the flight is very cheap or, if you prefer, you can take a ferry.

Nature lovers will lose their breath when they discover Kepulauan Seribu National Park on the coast of Jakarta. This marine national park has a great variety of views as well as dream beaches. Borobudur is one of the temple complexes in Southeast Asia, so you can’t miss it.

Seram Island.

Seram actually means “scary” in Indonesian, but don’t let the name distract you from visiting this island. Located in Maluku, it is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the archipelago, known for its hiking.

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Much of the island consists of lush forests, and there are several trails throughout the island that allow you to enjoy the local flora and fauna. You’ll need to put a little more effort into visiting Seram than other places in Indonesia, but it’s more than worth it for the relaxed atmosphere and pristine vistas over the water.

Seram Island

Seram Island

Wakatobi Islands.

In the far southeastern corner of Indonesia is the province of Sulawesi Tengara, home to the Wakatobi Islands. This small archipelago is known for one thing: diving. The Wakatobi Islands are the collective name of four islands that form a mini-archipelago in southern Sulawesi and consist of Wangi-Wangi, Kaledup, Tomiya and Binongko.

The Wakatobi Islands are considered one of the best diving spots in all of Indonesia, but there are far fewer people here than in some other tourist destinations. Many of the local resorts and hotels cater directly to divers, offering deals that combine diving and accommodation. Two of the best places in the Wakatobi Archipelago for diving include Pulau Tomia, known for its marine life, and Pulau Hoga, known for its colorful coral reefs.

Map of Islands

Map of Indonesia’s islands

Ternate Island.

The Maluku Islands, once known simply as the Spice Islands, were the only place on earth where nutmeg, cloves, and several other valuable spices were grown. Today they are largely in the wilderness for visitors. One of the most interesting islands in the Maluku islands is Ternate, a small island that is now the provincial capital. Because Ternate once had such a lucrative spice trade, the island is home to several forts, many of which are now ruined.

History buffs will definitely want to take a trip to Fort Oranje, built by the Dutch, and Fort Tolucco, which was built by the Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish. There are also many beautiful places to swim, including the clear waters of Sulamadaha Beach.

Jakarta District of a Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands District Jakarta

A thousand islands.

So not a thousand, but north of Jakarta there are 128 islands, each offering a slice of paradise – crystal clear sands, turquoise waters and palm trees – for city dwellers, and if that’s enough for Jakarta residents, it’s enough for us. ,

Although 45 islands are open to tourists, only six offer accommodations: Ayer, Bidadari, Putri, Kotok, Sepa and Pantara. You can island hop or stick to one. Just make sure you dive, disco, water ski and canoe your way through this stunning part of the country.

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