The 15 best sights of Teriberka – description and photos

15 Teriberka sights worth seeing


A sparsely populated and sparsely visited village beyond the Arctic Circle – this was Teriberka not long ago. Everything changed in 2014, when thousands of tourists rushed to the village. The “provocateur” of the unexpected and unplanned development of tourism was Andrei Zvyagintsev’s film “Leviathan”, the shooting of which took place in this strange, wonderful and beautiful place at the very edge of the earth.

Teriberka, the attractions of which were appreciated after the release of “Leviathan”, is famous for its incredible atmosphere and exoticism.

Numerous tourists are attracted to the polar village to enjoy the cold silence of the sea, vast tundra expanses and harsh, pristine beauty of northern nature. And, of course, the natural “scenery” of the Oscar-nominated and Grand Prize-winning Cannes film tempts.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Northern Lights.

Fantastically beautiful natural phenomenon, unique and inimitable – northern lights. The sky, like a painting by an avant-garde artist, is colored in bright and colorful flashes. The only thing that can prevent you from enjoying the beauty of natural “linen” is high cloudiness. “Coloring” of the sky takes place from September to April, and the best time for admiring the lights is the polar nights in December and January.

After Teriberka appeared on the world tourist map the village has experienced a mass pilgrimage of Chinese tourists. It turns out that there is a belief among Chinese people that those who saw the northern lights are very lucky, and children conceived under the color flashes will be lucky in life.

Battersea waterfall

Battersea Falls

Battersea Waterfall.

Between the steep cliffs, on the creek that starts in the Small Batarey Lake, there is an amazingly beautiful sight – the Batarey Waterfall. Heavy strata of water rush down from the top of about 20 meters and, sliding along the rocky ledges, disappear into the Barents Sea.

The natural attraction has a “fickle nature” – in early spring the water runs quietly and serenely, by summer, when the lake is full of water, it rushes downhill noisily and impetuously. The waterfall does not freeze completely even in frosty weather. In summer, when the water warms up a bit, daring hikers swim here. Recently, the place has become a landmark – one of the most important scenes of the “Leviathan” movie was shot there.

Address: Batareisky Falls, Teriberka, Murmansk region, Russia.

Graveyard of ships

Graveyard of ships

Graveyard of ships.

Creepy, surreal place – the cemetery of ships at the entrance to Teriberka. Once upon a time big ships docked at Teriberka, fishery was prospering, there were ship-repair shops on shore. But in the middle of last century fishing activity practically came to naught. And unnecessary ships were abandoned and found their last resting place near Teriberka.

On the shoreline “rests” the remains of large and small wooden boats, built in the first half of the 20th century, the remains of a barge. At low tide you can not only walk close to the ships, but also climb inside the most solid ones.

Address: Ship cemetery, Teriberka, Murmansk region, Russia.

Best excursions in Teriberka:

Teriberka River.

Teriberka river

Teriberka River.

Teriberka is a typical for the Russian North river with a whimsically varying relief, almost unrecognizable. Over the course of almost 130 km Teriberka appears first as a wide, high-water basin, then as a rushing, rapids river, then thinning to barely visible stream, eventually giving its waters to the Barents Sea.

In its mouth the river “sheltered” the settlement of the same name, the first settlement on the Kola Peninsula, nowadays a famous and attractive place for tourists. In the settlement, a modern bridge connects the Teriberka banks, it offers magnificent views of the surrounding natural scenery.

Address: Teriberka Teriberka river.

Rocky beach “Eggs of Dinosaurs”

Rocky beach “Eggs of Dinosaurs”.

In the northern part of the village there is an incomparable stone beach, a marvelous sight of Teriberka, which tourists hurry to see in the first place. The beach owes its unofficial name to an original, fantastic covering – almost all the seashore is studded with huge, perfectly oval stones, resembling eggs in appearance. The giant sizes of egg-stones imply that they are large “producers. That’s why the locals nicknamed them “dinosaur eggs.

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In addition to the quirkiness of the coastline, the beach is famous for its atmosphere and the most magnificent views of the mountains and the ocean in the area. The sunrise and sunset views are especially spectacular.

Address: Stone beach, Teriberka, Murmansk region, Russia.

Sandy beach

Sandy beach

A sandy beach.

Atypical for the rocky shores of the Arctic Circle is a sandy beach stretching almost two kilometers into the Barents Sea. The beach as if personifies a perfect “edge of the earth”. It is really the last piece of land, behind which there is boundless ocean.

The beach is set benches, there is a restaurant, equipped with a place for tents. Clean white sand and clear blue water as if inviting to water procedures. But swimming is only for experienced swimmers, the water is too cold. Fascinating landscape is complemented by an ancient ship buried in the sand and a huge swing, the best place for beautiful pictures.

Address: Sandy beach, Teriberka, Murmansk region, Russia.

Coastal Defense Artillery Battery

Coastal defense artillery battery

Artillery battery of coastal defense.

One of the brightest historical and memorable places in Teriberka is the artillery battery of coastal defense. During the war on the Kola Peninsula the gunners of the 199th Coastal Battery defended the approaches to the village, repelling the attacks of German aircraft and submarines. One of the most serious battles was fought in August 1941.

Since then four 100-mm guns, mounted on concrete pedestals, have remained forever on the high hills above Cape Dolgiy. Despite the destructive course of time, the guns are quite well preserved. Although, of course, they are rusted and have lost their small and fragile parts.

Address: Artillery battery of the coast guard during the Great Patriotic War, Teriberka, Murmansk region, Russia.

Abandoned school

Abandoned school

Abandoned school.

Another surreal, gloomy and sad place in Teriberka is a former school building in the southern part of the village. Long time ago here sounded trills of a bell, children’s voices were heard, the lessons were going on. But a new school was built, and the building which was once a “temple of knowledge” has fallen into disrepair.

In a not badly preserved building there is still school furniture, stacks of textbooks and library books lying on the desks and floor, scattered laboratory equipment. The “fresh” decoration of the ghost school is all kinds of modern graffiti.

Address: Abandoned school, Teriberka, Murmansk region, Russia.

Meteorological station

Weather station


Meteorological station in Teriberka, founded in 1889, is the first on the Kola Peninsula and the only one still in operation. For its more than 130 years of activity and work the meteorological station is marked with the appropriate badge of honor – the Certificate of Honor of the centenary observation point.

At the station you can not only look at the meteorological instruments, which are many years old, but also talk to people who have been working at the station since time immemorial. A nice bonus is picturesque photos against the backdrop of lush nature and authentic local buildings.

Address: Meteostation, Teriberka, Murmansk region, Russia.

Zavalishina Bay

Zavalishina Bay

Zavalishina Bay.

Zavalishina Bay is a picturesque bay on the Murmansk coast of the Barents Sea, which is part of the large Teriberka Bay. The bay is beautifully fringed by steep, rocky formations, at low tide exposes a long strip of sandy shore. In winter, the water in the bay freezes, the bay is covered with ice and covered with snow.

Bay is named in memory of the Russian naval officer Nikolai Zavalishin, who participated in the expedition to explore and describe the Kola Peninsula on the ship “Novaya Zemlya” as a navigator.

Address: Zavalishina Bay, Teriberka, Murmansk region, Russia.

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Orlovka River

Orlovka river

Orlovka River.

Orlovka river, shallow, noisy, stony, flows in the eastern part of Teriberka Bay. The river is surrounded by picturesque, endless tundra. In summer months the banks of Orlovka are covered with lush greenery, from which the modest and shy northern flowers look out. At the mouth is a small colorful waterfall.

Despite its remoteness from Teriberka, Orlovka is quite accessible for tourists. You can get there rather quickly by unpaved road, which goes over the rocks. There were plans to use the road as an access road to a plant for processing liquefied natural gas. But the construction was mothballed, and the road turned out to be useless, except for tourists.

Poklonnye (trip) crosses

Poklonnye (Wayfinding crosses)

Poklonnyi kross.

There are a lot of Worshipful crosses can be seen near Teriberka. Small part of them are ancient, last century and the century before that, most of them are of modern constructions. Some of them were not spared by the time, others did not manage to survive safely during the Soviet regime. But it seems as if descendants are paying tribute to the past by actively putting up new crosses.

According to the old Pomor tradition, the crosses had several functions at the same time. First of all, they were places of worship. Their role as navigational signs is also important – such crosses are standing on the uplands along the waterways. In addition, some of the crosses – “vow” – set sailors who have miraculously avoided trouble, or even death, in the harsh sea.

Address: Poklonnyi Cross, Teriberka, Murmansk region, Russia.

Archaeological sites

Archaeologists found sites of ancient people in the vicinity of Teriberka: large half-ground dwellings (about 100 square meters) with several hearths, ritual buildings, outbuildings (presumably workshops), burial sites. The finds belong to the period of early metal, their age is approximately 3000 years. Most of the historical objects are located in Zavalishina and Korabelnaya guba and on the banks of the Orlovka river.

Excavations and archaeological surveys are difficult, the soil here is heavy, mostly stone. Even experienced, having seen a lot archeologists call Teriberka “the most perilous place in Primorsky region”.

Tundra landscapes

Tundra landscapes

Tundra landscapes.

The surroundings of Teriberka are distinctive and extremely picturesque largely due to the surrounding landscapes. The rugged beauty of “low-growth” treeless tundras with steep slopes, the silver smoothness of numerous lakes and the changing, depending on the season, whimsical “pictures” of high marshes arouse delight and admiration.

You can admire the unique views from any high point. The most optimal and convenient place from the west is the top of the ridge near the radio relay tower, which can be reached by cross-country vehicle road. On the east side is a low hill in Lodeynaya Guba, from where, in spite of the modest height, you can enjoy wonderful views of the tundra and the sea.

Whales and killer whales

Teriberka Orcas

Teriberka whales.

Wild animals – whales and killer whales – can be seen in the cold waters of the Barents Sea. Sea giants rush to the Kola Peninsula in April and May, following packs of fish. At other times of the year, there are few chances to observe marine mammals.

Locals say that whales and killer whales in season can be spotted even from the shore, but to be sure, it is better to go on a boat trip. In this case, there is a chance to meet other inhabitants of the depths – sperm whales, narwhals and stripers. In addition, you can always go fishing. Thanks to the never-frozen sea, fishing year-round is delightful and famous for rich catches.

Top 15: Best places to visit in Teriberka

Teriberka village, Murmansk region

Teriberka is an ancient village above the Arctic Circle. It is located on the Kola Peninsula in Murmansk region. Seasonal settlements of fishermen appeared here in the 16th century, and in 1869 the first Russian colonists arrived here. Teriberka consists of the old village and a new settlement Lodeynoye, which appeared next door during the Soviet era. Until the mid-twentieth century the village flourished, but now it is a semi-abandoned place.

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In 2014, the mysterious landscapes of the village appeared in Andrei Zvyagintsev’s film “Leviathan” and made it famous. The village hit the pages of National Geographic magazine, and was recognized as one of the best places to travel. Now tourists from all over the world come here to admire the harsh and unique beauty of this region.

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Where to go and what to see in Teriberka in 1 day by yourself?

The most interesting and beautiful places, photos with descriptions.

1. Restaurant of Teriberka Bereg Recreation Center

In a secluded corner on the coast of the Barents Sea there are comfortable red cottages of the tourist complex “Teriberski Bereg”. Cabins have bunk beds, showers and large windows overlooking the sandy shore. Nearby there is a huge swing, and near the water’s edge there is a lonely wooden bench. A motorboat and two boats take tourists for walks on the sea.

The recreation base has a restaurant serving delicious dishes of fresh seafood and venison. Here you can taste sea urchin caviar – natural elixir of youth and cure for cancer. Panoramic windows of the restaurant allow admiring beautiful sceneries.

Address: Teriberka, Krasnaya ul.

Teriberka Bereg Recreation Center Restaurant, Teriberka

2. Small Batarey lake

There are lakes on the shore of the blue sea among the rocks at different levels. One of them is very picturesque Small Batarey lake. There is a path leading along it toward the artillery battery, after which the lake was named. It is very clean and shallow, and in summer, his water has time to warm up well.

Coordinates on the map: 69.20375032374002, 35.06855593299941.

Small Batarey lake, Teriberka

3. Waterfall of the Small Battersea Lake

A small river flows out of the Little Battersea Lake. Its waters rush down the rocks, form thin streams of waterfall, and then flow down a narrow gorge into the sea. In summer, when the lake gets more water, the waterfall becomes very violent. In winter, it freezes and hides under ice and snow. From the hills near the waterfall you can enjoy the stunning views of the high red rocks and the waters of the Barents Sea.

Coordinates on the map: 69.20375032374002, 35.06855593299941.

Waterfall of the Small Batarey Lake, Teriberka

Teriberka lighthouse

In the second half of 19th century Teriberka was one of the largest fishing villages on the Murmansk coast. In summer a lot of fishing vessels were gathering there. It was on the way to becoming a major port city. To provide navigation for ships in 1896 a lighthouse was built on Teriberian cape. A white metal lantern was placed atop an iron tower painted yellow. The light of the lighthouse spread for a distance of about ten miles and was 37 meters above sea level. Next to the lighthouse, a house was built for the workers and a pneumatic siren with a kerosene engine was installed. In 1925, the lantern structure was equipped with a new lighting apparatus, which simplified maintenance and increased the visibility range of the light.

During the war the lighthouse continued to operate. In 1960, the building burned down, and ten years later a new building with a reinforced concrete tower was erected in its place. The lighthouse has a rotating apparatus that shines with flashing red and green lights, as well as a radio beacon and electromagnetic sound emitter.

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Coordinates on the map: 69.2514601274984, 35.155293507803684

Teriberka lighthouse, Teriberka

5. Artillery battery of coastal defense

Four 100 mm guns B-24BM are rusting on the shore near the village. They are the remnants of the coastal artillery battery’s position. The cannons were installed during the war to protect the coast from bombing and possible landing of German landing troops. In 1941 the German submarine U-571 was hit by shots from the cannon. It was damaged, but managed to escape.

Coordinates on the map: 69.20983938820835, 35.04933433453911

Coastal defense artillery battery, Teriberka

6. The graveyard of ships

The main attraction of Teriberka is the cemetery of ships. It appeared in the middle of last century, when a fishing industry was established in the settlement. According to the old tradition sailors left there vessels that were in disrepair. At the entrance to the old part of the village among the beautiful scenery rests the wooden remains of the old barges, covered with moss. Nearby lie newer metal ships. Some of the remains resemble the skeletons of huge fish. The cemetery has become a popular place for photo shoots for most of the tourists who come here.

Coordinates on the map: 69.16921973747056, 35.122039057685555

Graveyard of ships, Teriberka

7. Barents Sea

Many tourists come to the coast to see the Barents Sea. This is the only way to get to the coast of the Arctic Ocean by car. The road from Murmansk to the village runs through the Arctic tundra.

Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream water in the Barents Sea never freezes completely. All year round you can go underwater fishing, diving and freediving. Even beginners can make a breath-hold dive. In the clear water of the cold body of water you can clearly see the seascapes. Among the reefs you can see a variety of sea creatures and underwater vegetation. On the camp sites are offered to rent equipment and tourist tools.

From locals can rent a boat or barge and go fishing. April and May are considered the best times for cod fishing. At the same time beluga whales and killer whales often come to Teriberka. And once a blue whale was seen here.

Constant strong winds make it possible to go kiting. In the village there is a kite-school, where in winter one can learn how to kite-skate on snowy slopes with a huge guided kite.

For several years in the sea are Arctic swims – athletes swim across the bay or swim around the cliff. The water temperature in summer does not exceed +8 °C.

Barents Sea, Teriberka

8. Sandy beach

There is a real beach with surprisingly clean sand in the bay near the village. At high tide it has majestic waves, and after low tide opens a sandy isthmus on which you can go deeper into the sea. In summer tent camps appear here, and during the festival “Teriberka” events are held: sand sculpture contest, sports events, crafts master classes.

Coordinates on the map: 69.16855922264303, 35.161999408297916.

Sandy beach, Teriberka

9. Northern Lights

The polar night lasts in Teriberka from the beginning of December to January 10. During this time you can see the northern lights – bright bursts of light in all colors of the rainbow. This mesmerizing natural phenomenon takes place a few days after the sunbursts. Transparent air and the absence of extraneous lights in the village allows you to see Aurora in all its glory.

Many tourists from China come to the village to see the natural attraction. According to Eastern beliefs, the northern lights bring good luck and even help to conceive a son.

Northern Lights, Teriberka

10. Stone beach “Eggs of Dinosaurs”

At the edge of the village on the road to the waterfall is a beach covered with huge, perfectly smooth stones. Locals call them dinosaur eggs. Polished by the sea and whitened by the northern sun, the stones really look like the eggs of large animals. Closer to the shore, the stones are colored green by algae. This beach is also called Hyperborean. Perhaps, this place was once inhabited by representatives of an ancient extinct civilization.

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Coordinates on the map: 69.20477650587256, 35.09121315606132

11. Abandoned school

Abandoned Soviet school stands in the center of Teriberka. After the residents began to leave the village, the school was closed. It was sold together with the furniture and school supplies. The new owners were going to turn the building into a hotel, but that did not happen. Now it is empty and valuable items were gradually removed. Piles of unnecessary books were left lying on the desks and floors of the former classrooms.

Coordinates on the map: 69.16513197410806, 35.150336802437245.

Abandoned school, Teriberka

Abandoned school, Teriberka

12. Teriberka Sentinel

At the entrance to the village, tourists are greeted by the village guard, a man-made scarecrow the size of a man. It is believed that if you share something with him, he will fulfill any wish of the giver. So the local guard got reflective uniform, phone, glasses, skis, sword, badminton racquet and other accessories.

Map coordinates: 69.154 077, 35.98 237

Teriberka sentry, Teriberka

13. Meteorological Station

Meteorological station was opened in the village in 1889. The site was located near the Red Cross hospital, and the first observers were apprentice healers. Since then, work at the station has not stopped. During the war it was bombed and was moved to the other shore – to Cape Zhiloy. The staff lived in dugouts and continued working. Now the staff of the station is working in a new building, and the old place has retained its equipment.

Coordinates on the map: 69.20157145919762, 35.107523727879006.

Weather station, Teriberka

14. Poklonnye crosses

According to Christian tradition worship crosses are placed in memorial or holy places. In the north of Russia they were placed as navigational signs. Often they were placed by sailors who escaped death at sea. There are many bowed crosses in Teriberka and its environs: near weather station, at the entrance to Teriberka near the sentry, near waterfall, at the place of ruined church.

Poklonnye krosses, Teriberka

Poklonnye krosses, Teriberka

15. Tikhvin church and museum “Spiritual heritage of Teriberka”.

In the XIX century thanks to the donations of fishermen two churches were built in the village. The one-domed Ilyinskaya church in the form of a ship with a bell tower and a church in honor of the Georgian icon of the Mother of God. Both buildings have not survived.

In 2014, the Church of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God was opened in Lodeynoye. It is located in a two-storey house of Soviet construction. A dome with a cross was placed on the roof of the building. Nearby was built an octagonal wooden chapel in honor of the icon of the Georgian Mother of God, which belonged to the old temple and was lost.

In 2017, a local history museum was opened at the temple. It contains exhibits devoted to the spiritual history of the peninsula. Among them are fragments of the bell, found at the site of the chapel of Nicholas the Wonderworker, built in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

Coordinates on the map: 69.18862621677721, 35.11589367268758

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