The 15 best sights of Belek – descriptions and photos

Belek – attractions and excursions

Belek is a small town of 6,000 inhabitants . If it did not have luxury all-inclusive hotels on its territory, it would not stand out among thousands of other Turkish villages.

It was founded less than a century ago, and the first tourists here began to appear only in the mid-1990s. For this reason, the village has not had time to get any man-made attractions. There are no natural monuments either. All interesting places are outside the village.

In addition to the two water parks, golf club and mosque in the village are no longer any attractions. Also they are not in the surrounding area.

All attractions of Belek with photos, descriptions and comments from tourists

Almost all of the described places are located within a radius of 18-30 km from the city.

Water park “Land of Legends” (Turkish Disneyland)

The only significant landmark of Belek. This is a huge water park located on 63,000 hectares of land belonging to the Rixos Hotel. It is divided into several thematic zones, which are made in an environment of eastern fairy tales and some historical places in Turkey.

There are such objects on the territory of the park:

  • 43 water rides;
  • 72 water slides;
  • Luna Park stylized as a Turkish town. There is a food court area, a replica of the Ottoman castle with an 80-meter high tower attraction, as well as a landscape park, a souvenir store area and a children’s animation center;
  • dolphinarium;
  • water zoo with sea animals;
  • tiger zoo;
  • wave surfing pool;
  • sea pool;
  • aquarium pool with tropical fish, for snorkeling and walking on the bottom in a special helmet suit;
  • several shopping streets with boutiques of famous international brands;
  • a spa center;
  • Two fashionable hotels.

Opening hours and entrance fees

May through October, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Adult ticket $45, children’s ticket $35. A wristband for a no line attraction pass is $30.


On the territory of Rixos The Land Of Legends Hotel. Coordinates on the map: 36.876343, 31.005282. Official website.

Troy Waterpark.

Water park made in the environment of the legendary city sung in the Iliad – Homer. Located in the territory of another Rixos hotel and occupies an area of 12 000 hectares. The number of slides and attractions is modest, only 25 pieces. But there is a huge figure of Trojan horse, which once served as a prop for the shooting of the movie “Troy”.

Entertainment and objects on the territory:

  • A 25 meter high figure of a horse surrounded by 5 slides. 2 of them are made with chutes, and 3 are made in the form of an enclosed corpse. Down the slides descend on rafts;
  • Kamikaze slide with an incline of 40 degrees;
  • wave surfing pool;
  • a water cannon that tosses a watercraft onto a 12-meter-high slide;
  • a 14-meter tower with 3 slides for rafting
  • a playground with children’s slides, made in the form of a Greek trireme;
  • slow pool, where you move on boats, looking at the ancient columns and “ancient” buildings on the shores;
  • dolphinarium;
  • food court area.

In the evening after closing the water park on its territory begins a party, which lasts until morning.

Opening hours and entrance fees

May through mid-October, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Adult ticket is $45, children’s ticket is $35.


On the territory of Rixos Premium Hotel. Coordinates: 36.844217, 31.096661

Kadriye City Mosque

Belek - sights and sounds of the resort

The mosque is a new construction . It was built in the 1990s but is nonetheless interesting both architecturally and in terms of its size, which is almost unnecessary for such a tiny village.

It is made in the form of a three-story square building with a dome and two minaret towers. The entrance is made in the form of intersecting arches decorated with carved columns. Inside you can see the tiles, openwork carvings on stone and wood, as well as floral ornaments on an oriental motif.

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Opening hours and entrance fees

Round the clock and free of charge.


Map coordinates: 36.885744, 31.010955

Belek National Golf Club

Belek is the golf capital of Turkey. It is the largest golf club in the country and one of the largest in the world. It is a huge landscape park, consisting of 8 courses with 9,18,27 holes. In addition to the courses, there are cypress groves and artificial ponds.

Even if you don’t know which side of the golf club to hold and have no sympathy for the game, it is still recommended to visit this place. It’s great for picnics, thoughtful walks and photos in the spirit of the Windows XP splash screen, Serenity.

Opening hours and entrance fees

All year round from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is free, play is paid.


The club is located just behind the hotels in the shoreline . It stretches for 14 km along the entire resort area of Belek. It is simply impossible to miss this landscape structure.

Antique city of Side

Belek - sights and sounds of the resort

Side was founded in the 6th century BC by Greek colonists from the polis of Kim in western Turkey. They left it in the 6th century AD as well, after the devastating raid of the Arab barbarians who sacked and burned the town.

The site also remembers the conquest of Alexander the Great and the battle between the Rhodesian and Syrian fleets (the latter was commanded by the legendary Hannibal of Carthage), as well as the Roman general Pompey, who drove the Cilician pirates from here.

The following structures can be seen on its grounds:

  • Ruins of the Temple of Apollo and Athena. They are foundations, fragments of walls and a few surviving columns. Admission is free;
  • Fragments of the fortress wall and towers. Well preserved. Admission is free;
  • Triumphal Arch. Admission is free;
  • The fountain dedicated to Emperor Vespasian. Admission is free;
  • a well-preserved amphitheater for 20,000 spectators, with an entire stage and facade. Admission 15 lire;
  • Remains of the colonnade of the Roman agora, a place for commerce and public meetings;
  • remains of the state agora, a municipal building;
  • Ruins of Roman thermae;
  • streets with colonnades;
  • the ruins of the consul’s house;
  • The ruins of a Byzantine hospital.

Belek - sights and sounds of the resort

Opening hours and entrance fees

From 9:00 to 19:00. The entrance fee is 40 lire.


Located in Side city, 30 km east of Belek. Coordinates: 36.768123, 31.390337

The ancient city of Aspendos

Aspendos is a very ancient city founded in the 13th century BC by the Trojan war. It belonged to the Greeks, Persians, Lycians, Macedonians, Romans and Byzantines. The locals, who grew rich by trading and raising Aspendian horses (famous throughout the ancient world), minted their own coinage.

It fell into decay and was abandoned in the 6th century AD after numerous Arab raids. This city fell at the same time as Side.

The following structures can be seen on its grounds:

  • Zeno’s amphitheater with a capacity of 17,000 spectators. It is one of the most beautiful and best preserved ancient theaters in the world. The bowl, stage and facade of the theater have reached our contemporaries in its entirety;
  • the ruins of the 15 kilometer long aqueduct that stretched from the Taurus Mountains to the city;
  • the ruins of a Byzantine basilica;
  • the ruins of the Roman agora;
  • the Lycian necropolis;
  • A 13th-century Seljuk bridge built on the site of an older Roman bridge.

Belek - sights and sounds of the resort

Opening hours and entrance fees

From 8:00 to 19:00. Entrance to the theater is 20 liras. Access to the other ruins is free.


18 km north of Belek. Coordinates: 36.939163, 31.172690

Keprülü Canyon National Park

Köprülü National Park, is located in the spurs of the Taurus Mountains, north of Belek. Its main treasure is Keprücay Mountain River, whose canyon-like channel was formed over the millennia. In some places, its depth is up to 30 meters.

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On both sides of the canyon are mountains, hills and dense pine forests. The forest grows more than 600 species of plants, and there are wild animals: wild boars, roe deer, moose, lynx and wolves.

Opening hours and entrance fees

Round the clock and free of charge.


Located 30 km north of Belek. Coordinates: 37.125253, 31.206974

Keprücay River

Stormy, full-flowing and deep mountain river with numerous rapids. You can go rafting on it, which is a very popular (and the only) entertainment in Kepryülü Park. For this purpose, in the valley at the end of the canyon there is a recreation center, several rafting stations and rafting hotels.

The cost of rafting starts at $20.

At one point, where the canyon turns into a deep gorge, across the river threw the ancient Roman bridge Oluk, which was built in the 2nd century AD It is in excellent condition. Not far from it you can see the ruins of the ancient city of Selge.

Zeytin Tash Cave

A small cave of natural origin. Inside it one can see the finest crystalline stalactites that hang from the ceiling like thousands of fringes. At the sides, they run up against the walls, forming thick columns of bizarre shapes. At the bottom of the cave small lakes of pure spring water gleam.

The length of the cave reaches 233 meters. But only a small part of it is open to the public, where it is easy to penetrate without ducking. Inside there are bridges and diffused lighting.

Opening hours and entrance fees

From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Entrance fee is 5 liras.


Coordinates: 37.047009, 31.110264

Which places are suitable for self-exploration?

All of the above mentioned places are suitable for self-study . However, in order to better see all the beauties of Kepryülü Canyon, you will have to book a rafting excursion along the Kepryüchai River.

Where is the best place to go on a tour?

To Aspendos and Side. A tour to these ancient cities will cost an order of magnitude cheaper than a cab ride.

Of course, you can get there by bus, but the way with the change is a very tedious and nerve-racking procedure that takes 2-3 hours just one way. It is better to free up this time and spend it on sightseeing.

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15 attractions of Belek worth seeing


Belek is a resort town with a population of 6 thousand people, who hospitably welcome all visitors. There are luxurious hotels with the system “All Inclusive”, and service by Turkish standards is at a high level. There are many sights for an active tourist in Belek – in the city itself there is something to see and walk around, and in the surrounding area.

Most of the natural monuments and landscapes are located outside of the city, but definitely worth a look. Antique theaters, national parks with unique flora and fauna, beautiful rivers, waterfalls, and much more. We have compiled a list of the most interesting objects in the city and its vicinity, which will allow you to diversify your leisure time during your vacation and learn something new.

Land of Legends Water Park

Land of Legends Waterpark

Land of Legends Water Park.

A water park with such an exciting name is rightly considered a Turkish “Disneyland”. It is located directly within the city, occupying no less than 63 thousand hectares of land. The famous hotel Rixos owns the entertainment complex.

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The entire area is divided into thematic zones, each of which is furnished in such a way that allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of eastern fairy tales, or find yourself in historic places of Turkey. There are 43 incredible water rides, 72 waterslides and even your own Luna Park, which is also designed in the style of a Turkish town. There is a zone with food courts, an authentic replica of an ancient Ottoman castle with an attraction in the form of a tower 80 meters high, a landscape park for walks and picnics, animation center for children, swimming pools.

But that’s not all. Those who wish can visit the zoo with tigers and sea creatures, dolphinarium, SPA-center, etc. A special interest is the aquarium with fantastic fish, where you can swim with a mask and snorkel, and walk along the bottom in a helmet-skuller.

Address: Kadriye, The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel, Serik/Antalya, Turkey

Troy Waterpark

Troy Waterpark.

The complex is also located on the territory of the Rixos Hotel, but this hotel is in a different location, and the water park occupies only 12 thousand hectares. However, it is fully stylized as the legendary Iliad, praised by Homer in his works.

On the territory operates 25 attractions, including slides, on which you can go down on rafts. The highlight of the place is the giant figure of the “Trojan Horse”, which was once a prop for the filming of the movie “Troy”. The figure is surrounded by slides, including the famous “Kamikaze,” which has a 40-degree incline.

Children will appreciate the water cannon that tosses the swimmer onto the 12-meter-high slide. There is a wave pool for surfing, a children’s playground in the style of a Greek trireme, a slow boat pool, a food court and a dolphinarium. After the water park closes (at night) there are “all night long” parties.

Address: Tem Turizm Yatırımcılığı A.Ş, Belek, Troy Aqua & Dolphinarium İleri Başı Mevkii, 07500 Serik/Antalya, Turkey.

Kadriye City Mosque

If you think you are in for an old and dilapidated mosque you are mistaken. The Kadriye Mosque was built in the 1990’s for local worshippers. But still the architectural realization and size it just strikes, especially against the background of a fairly modest town of Belek.

The mosque is a square 3-story structure with two minaret towers and a large dome. The entrance is preceded by intersecting arches with intricately carved columns.

Inside the mosque is decorated with delicate wood and stone carvings, tiles and oriental floral ornaments. This is a great place to enjoy the local color and take delightful pictures.

Address: Kadriye, Kadri Mosque, Deniz Caddesi, Serik/Antalya, Turkey.

National Golf Club

National Golf Club

National Golf Club.

This is where the male population takes their hearts out, especially if they manage to get away on a long-awaited vacation. So you know, Belek is the unofficial golf capital of Turkey. Here is the largest golf center in the country (and one of the largest in the world). The landscape park is represented by 8 giant courses, which have 9, 18 or 27 holes.

Those not into the popular game can stroll through the cypress groves and enjoy the coolness of the artificial ponds.

If you have never played golf, then feel free to come to local instructors and experience the beauty of the game on a wild natural expanse. In between you can have a picnic on the grounds and take great pictures in front of the green fields.

Address: National Golf Club, Kadriye, Çamlık Cd, 07525 Serik/Antalya, Turkey

Keprülü Canyon National Park

Located north of Belek in the picturesque Taurus Mountains. There are mountain rivers and on both sides of the canyon there are mountains and hills, as well as pine forests. There are over 600 species of plants, among animals one can meet elk, roe deer, wild boar, wolf and lynx.

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Address: Bozyaka Mahallesi, Köprülü Kanyon Milli Parkı, Manavgat/Antalya, Turkey.

Zeytin Tash Cave

Zeytin Tash Cave

Zeitin Taş Cave.

The small cave is of natural origin and has preserved crystal stalactites of extraordinary beauty. For thousands of years they have been hanging from the cave ceiling, looking like an exotic fringe. On the sides they encircle the walls in the form of thick, bizarre columns. The cave floor is lined with the sparkling small lakes, the water in which by its purity is equal to spring water.

The cave length is 223 meters, but for all that only its small part is open to the public. There are bridges and diffused lighting.

Address: Zeytintasi Cave, Akbaş, 07500 Serik/Serik/Antalya, Turkey.

Bellis Zoo

Bellis Zoo

Bellis Zoo.

A great place to spend time for families with young children. Kids will love the wildlife that inhabits the local zoo at the Bellis Deluxe Hotel. There are species from different climatic zones: the savannah, the tropics, the Australian expanses, etc.

The zoo is home to zebras and kangaroos, monkeys and donkeys, pelicans and flamingos. There are pony rides for children, and the older kids can take part in feeding the ostriches.

Address: Kadriye, Bellis Deluxe Hotel, Serik/Antalya, Turkey

Kadriye Market

Kadriye Market

Kadriye Market | Photo: Thomas Wenger / Flickr.

Not far from Belek is the village of Kadriye, which is famous for its huge market. Here you can find the most delicious seasonal fruits, oriental desserts and sweets, as well as souvenirs for every taste and color.

Remember that haggling is a valuable skill in Turkish markets. Walk through the motley aisles a few times and price before you give money for the first thing you like.

Address: Kadriye Town Center, Kadriye, 07525 Serik/Antalya, Turkey.

Kursunlu Waterfall

Located near Perge in the Kursunlu National Park. The waterfall is 18 meters high. It falls into compact natural ponds, which change color depending on the weather and time of day.

The path to the waterfall goes through pine groves, where you can see strange animals, including turtles. In the clear water of the lakes below the waterfall, colorful fish and wild ducks swim.

There are also small caves and grottoes on the way to the waterfall.

Address: Kurşunlu Waterfall, Kursunlu Şelalesi, Aksu/Antalya, Turkey.

Pamukkale Thermal Springs

Pamukkale thermal springs

Thermal Springs in Pamukkale,

One of the most famous attractions of Turkey and the unofficial wonder of the world. Located near Belek, Pamukkale is definitely worth a whole day of your vacation. Hot natural springs have led to the formation of white travertine – a unique material which looks like salt deposits.

Pamukkale looks like a conglomeration of shallow pools of warm water, where everyone can swim. Such a place on earth is not to be found anymore.

Address: Pamukkale, Pamukkale/Denizli, Turkey.

The Ancient City of Perge

The Ancient City of Perge

Ancient City of Perge | Photo: Orçun Edipoğlu / Flickr.

The city, located 30 kilometers from Belek, was founded by the Achaean Greeks who fled after the fall of Troy and were looking for a suitable place to establish a colony. As a result Perge was born, which rather quickly became an economic and commercial center. In the 4th century BC the city was conquered by Alexander the Great and became part of the Roman Empire.

In the complex well preserved buildings such as a Roman amphitheater that could accommodate up to 15 thousand spectators, agora and Byzantine basilica, the ancient Hellenistic gate, the colonnade with a triumphal fountain. You can also visit the ruins of the ancient cemetery and the acropolis. We recommend paying special attention to the ruins of one of the largest ancient stadiums in Asia Minor, which could simultaneously hold on the tribunes up to 12,000 spectators.

Address: Perge, Perge Yolu, Aksu/Antalya, Turkey.

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Antique city of Side

Apollo Temple in Side

Temple of Apollo in Side.

After a short walk in Belek, you can gather strength for a little longer trips to the surrounding area, where there is clearly something to see.

Nearby is the town of Side, founded in the VI century BC by ancient Greek colonists from the western regions of the country. The city remembers the conquests of Alexander the Great, survived the battle between the Syrian and Rhodesian fleets, and met the famous Roman general Pompey. There are traces of famous personalities of the world, so history lovers should definitely visit Side.

We recommend to see the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and Athena for free. Externally, they are the surviving fragments of walls, columns and foundations in the ancient style. Nearby are parts of the fortress wall and the defensive tower and the triumphal arch, which have been well preserved to this day.

Walk through the ancient, dilapidated streets and see the remains of the state and Roman agora, where trade deals and public meetings took place. Walk through the ruins of the Roman thermae, see the ancient house of the consul and what remains of the Byzantine hospital. The amphitheater with a stage and facade that once held 20,000 spectators is very well preserved. Well, and at your leisure, get to the fountain built in honor of Emperor Vespasian.

Address: Side, Side, Manavgat/Antalya, Turkey.

The ancient city of Aspendos

Theater of Aspenda

Aspendos Theater | Photo: Moody Man / Flickr.

The ancient settlement was founded during the Trojan War (13th century BC). At one time it was conquered by the ancient Greeks and Persians, Lycians, Romans, Byzantines and many other belligerent nations. Well and local inhabitants were not lost, they cultivated famous in the whole antique world aspen horses, traded them and on it earned the living. And the inhabitants of the city minted their own coinage, which not all nations could afford.

The city gradually declined and was abandoned in the sixth century AD.

There have remained unique constructions, such as the most beautiful amphitheater Zeno, which could accommodate up to 17 thousand spectators. The facade, stage, and bowl are absolutely intact.

Also in Aspendos you can admire the remains of a 15-km aqueduct that stretches from the city to the Taurus Mountains. There are the ruins of a Byzantine basilica, a Lycian necropolis, a Roman agora, etc. It is also interesting to visit the Seljuks’ bridge of the 13th century, which was built on the site of an ancient Roman bridge.

Address: Sarıabalı, Aspendos Antik Tiyatrosu, Aspendos Yolu, Serik/Antalya, Turkey

Keprücay River

Seljuk Bridge

Seljuk bridge.| Photo: Alexander van Loon / Flickr.

It is worth visiting the park for the mountain river, which has formed a canyon thousands of years deep. The turbulent river rushes at great speed and has many rapids, so it is beloved by rafters from all over the world. So, at the end of the canyon in a small picturesque valley is a recreation center, where you can sign up for rafting and other types of rafting, costing from 20 dollars.

At the point where the great canyon is a deep gorge, the most ancient Roman bridge of the Oluk was built across the river. According to preliminary data, it was built in the II century BC, but it is perfectly preserved. Nearby are the ruins of the ancient city of Selge, where we also recommend a walk.

Address: Köprüçay, Turkey.

The ruins of Sillion

Ruins of Sillion

The ruins of Sillion.

The remains of this ancient city are not far from Aspendos and Perge. Take a walk through the ancient ancient ancient streets, see the ancient stadium and amphitheatre, the dilapidated agora and odeons, temples, the necropolis as well as fragments of columns.

Address: Eskiyürük, Silyon Ancient City, 07500 Serik/Antalya, Turkey.

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