The 14 best sights of Koktebel – description and photos

15 best sights of Koktebel

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Koktebel is one of the most popular resorts in the Crimea. Here come hundreds of tourists who want to relax on the beaches of the Black Sea. Beautiful nature and many other interesting objects make this area suitable for visiting and exploring. The main attraction for guests will be exactly Karadag and the sea rock Golden Gate. Our experts have compiled a rating of Koktebel attractions and tried to make it as detailed as possible. Enjoy the reading.

Rating of the best sights of Koktebel

Nomination place name Rating
Best architectural sights of Koktebel 1 The Starfall of Memories 5.0
Best natural attractions of Koktebel 1 Karadag Natural Reserve 5.0
2 Mount Karadag 4.9
3 Golden Gate 4.8
4 Silent Bay Park 4.7
5 Cape Chameleon 4.6
6 Klementyev Mountain 4.5
7 Echki-Dag 4.4
The best religious attractions of Koktebel 1 Kiziltashsky monastery 5.0
Best cultural attractions of Koktebel 1 Voloshin House-Museum 5.0
2 Karadag Nature Museum 4.9
3 Koktebel Winery 4.8
4 Antelope Park 4.7
5 Koktebel Dinoterium 4.6
6 Koktebel Water Park 4.5

Best architectural sights of Koktebel

The Starfall of Memories

Starfall of Memories

Photo: / Author: imuzurov

The main architectural landmark of Koktebel is the observation deck in the classical style, called “Starfall of Memories”. It is located between the top of Klementiev Mountain and Karadag. The landmark is situated higher than all the other hills. It is separated from the sea by almost 320 meters.

You can see it from afar, looking around for the rotunda in the Greek style, which includes 3 columns. It was built in 1956 and was originally called the Pavilion of the Winds. On the floor was the traditional image of a rose. And not far from it is a sports center. From this area you can see a huge number of objects in the Crimea, and all of them are very interesting. You can get there by bus between Sudak and Feodosia.

Best natural attractions of Koktebel

Karadag Natural Reserve

Karadag Natural Reserve

The first position in the rating of natural attractions of Koktebel is occupied by the nature reserve, which is located on the southeastern coast of the Crimean peninsula. The second name of this object is “Vyazemsky Scientific Station”. It is located on the territory of the Karadag volcanic range.

All guests are welcomed to visit and take a walk on the territory of the ecological sight; there are 4 routes for that. The cost of entry and activities is up to 600 rubles. Tours are conducted by appointment. And on your own you can visit a small museum dedicated to the nature of Karadag.

Karadag Mountain

Mount Karadag

The second position in the ranking of attractions is occupied by Karadag. Its other name is the Black Mountain, and it is the most beautiful peak on the entire peninsula. Several million years ago it was an active volcano, and at the moment the area around Karadag is a protected area.

In order to prevent the destruction of this landmark, walks in this area are allowed only in a group with an instructor. Around the mountain is a unique nature, which was formed due to non-standard conditions. There are almost 125 species of animals, most of which are in the Red Book.

The Rock of Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Photo: Alexander Ilyin; uploaded to ruWiki by Uncle Sasha; uploaded to Commons by Janmad, CC BY-SA 3.0

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In the coastal part of Koktebel, near the mountain range Karadag, there is a small rock in the form of an arch. Its name sounds like “Golden Gate”. It occupies the third position in the ranking of the best attractions of Koktebel. In the lower part of the small ridge is divided into two columns, which come together in the upper department. From this area you can even see the Karadag mountain.

You can get here as part of the excursion route, which is organized in the reserve. A visit is allowed only in a group with the staff of the institution. And all excursions are formed in advance by phone or mail. The visit can be organized as a walking and sea route.

Quiet Bay Park.

Silent Bay Park

The fourth position is occupied by a small landscape park, located near Koktebel. This attraction has a large area, more than fifteen hundred hectares, and mainly the area is famous for its beauty and purity. The main objective in creating a landscape park was to create optimal conditions for the conservation of flora and fauna.

This also increased the value of Koktebel for tourists and attracted additional funding. In addition, this area is often filmed movies. The complex includes two bays: Quiet Bay and Provato. The territory of the water surface is almost 218 hectares.

Cape Chameleon

Cape Chameleon

Photo: / Author: Ekaterina I

This sight of Koktebel is a small cape, which is characterized by complex outlines. Creative types can really see the reptile lying there. It was named after the change of color on the slopes. And watching the gradual change of hue on the promontory is very interesting. However, they are in the warm spectrum.

Such a feature appears because of the characteristic geological features of the cape. It consists of a complex rock of shale clay, which can reflect light in one spectrum or another. Unfortunately, Chameleon is gradually deteriorating due to strong winds. And in a few years there may not be an opportunity to explore the landmark.

Klementiev Mountain

Klementyev Mountain

Photo: / Author: GuestHouseOrdzho

On the border between the mountain and steppe regions of Crimea there is another attraction of Koktebel. Exactly here you can create a full-fledged upward flow of air. And on this territory is the Uzun-Syrt Ridge. One of his mountains and added to the rating. Its name is associated with a tragic event, when the hang-glider P.N. Klementiev crashed in flight.

At the moment, the sport is much better developed, and a sports club has been placed on the mountain. Everyone can spend time here learning how to fly hang gliders and have other fun. The altitude of the mountain is 268 meters above the sea level, and it offers a beautiful view of the steppe Crimea.



Photo: Bardano, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This place of interest in the Crimea is another landscape park formed around the Echki-Dag Mountain. The name is translated from the local language as “Goat Mountain”. And it is situated very well in the territory of Fox Bay, so there are almost no strong winds.

Several plains and mountain ridges as well as steppes converge in the area of the ridge, which forms a beautiful panorama. And if you climb to the top, you can explore the views of the sea, as well as see the ancient parts of Kara-Dag and observe the beauty of nature. Near this attraction is located several wild beaches, which are very interesting to visit all tourists.

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The best religious attractions of Koktebel

Kiziltashsky Monastery

Kiziltashsky monastery

The first and only position in the ranking of religious attractions of Koktebel is a male monastery, hidden in the gorge Kiziltash-Tash, near the village of Kamenka. It is a part of the UOC. This attraction was founded in 1852. And the first of the abbots was Arseniy.

At the moment it is a wooden structure, which has experienced many problems. During the Soviet Union it was turned into an agricultural artel. And then the monastery was transformed into a sanatorium and even a place of refuge for partisans. Later it was razed to the ground and nuclear weapons were stored there. And only in 1997 it was restored. The easiest way to get to the site is by bus.

Best cultural attractions of Koktebel

Voloshin House-Museum

Voloshin House-Museum

The house-museum of Maximilian Voloshin occupies the first position among the cultural attractions of Koktebel. Earlier this building was used for meetings of intellectuals and discussions of various issues. People used to come here, traveling long distances to get a break from the noise in the capital. M. Gorky, M. Bulgakov and many others visited Voloshin’s house complex.

And at the moment the house is an important museum. There are a lot of different interesting objects here. In addition, there is an old interior, which dates back to the era of the Silver Age. Voloshin’s widow played an important role in its creation, as she managed to save the most of the items. The museum was opened in 1948.

Karadag Nature Museum

Karadag Nature Museum

Every year more than 25,000 people visit the museum dedicated to the nature of Mount Karadag. The history of the attraction Koktebel began in 1914, almost simultaneously with the appearance of a small scientific station in the city. The first of the exhibits on the territory of the museum were placed in the cabinets, placed in the laboratory complexes.

But a few years later the museum was visited by researchers from Yekaterinburg, and since that time the active development of the site began. Later the storage facility was filled with a huge number of exhibits. The area of the institution is approximately 103 meters, and it is divided into several sections, including those devoted to the geology, history and biosphere Karadag.

Koktebel Winery

Koktebel Winery

The third position in the rating of cultural attractions of Koktebel is occupied by a small vineyard, which is one of the most important areas for the production of drinks. The area is mainly known for its high-quality varieties of plants, which are used to make the best alcohol of Crimea. The production has been going on for over a century. During this time, the traditions and methods have almost never changed.

In addition, the quality is influenced by the unique conditions of the area, which make it possible to grow the best varieties. For anyone who has seen this area will not be difficult to confuse it with the French or Italian productions. And the total number of medals received by this establishment exceeds 170. You can also get here on foot.

Antelope Park

Antelope Park

Photo: / Author: Dasha1712

The fourth position in the category is the antelope park, named “Safari Ranch”. This is a small improvised zoo, which is home to a huge number of different animal species. This is a unique attraction of Koktebel, which has an individual technology of keeping. Inside there are no aviaries or traditional cages.

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Visitors often linger here for a long time to appreciate all the charms of the animal world. And near Kozya Balka there are rare species of fauna. This is a large number of antelope imported from Asia, America, and even ostriches from Africa. In addition, there are other rare species of birds. The total area of the park is about 4 hectares.

Dinotherium Koktebel.

Koktebel Dinoterium

Penultimate position in the ranking of attractions of Koktebel is occupied by a small dinotherium. It can be found by its huge pavilions that have a complex shape, which many tourists compare to that of alien ships in the old science fiction. The attraction is great for children.

Older visitors may find it boring inside, as the displays are very poor. The Dinoterium’s private collection contains a small number of items that will allow you to delve into the past, learning about ornithology and other sciences, as well as numismatics. You can get to the foot of Karadag by bus or by car. Public transportation goes every 45 minutes.

Koktebel Water Park

Koktebel Water Park

The last position in the category of cultural attractions of Koktebel is occupied by the water park of the same name. It was opened in 2007 in the resort town by the sea. This is one of the largest water parks on the peninsula. The total area is 4.5 hectares, and most of it is occupied by pools and slides. Many of them are for children.

This attraction will be interesting for its clean air and plenty of attractions. In addition, there are several Jacuzzis, where tourists will be able to rest and heal. The site is open from early June to September. Among the infrastructure is the Food court and other traditional elements. There are also extreme attractions.

Attractions of Koktebel and the surrounding area (description, photos + map)


Today we will travel to the southeast of the Crimean peninsula to a small cozy village Koktebel to explore the sights of Koktebel and the surrounding area.

The village is only 20 kilometers from Feodosia. Koktebel is considered a creative place, at one time it attracted poets and artists with its atmosphere. Today the house-museum of the poet Voloshin, which you can look at on a tour, is preserved here.


In addition to beach holidays, visiting the water park, dolphinarium and walks on the waterfront of Koktebel, in the vicinity of the village there are many other interesting things. In this article I will tell you what to see in Koktebel and the surrounding area.

Important: Do not forget to tick the box “I travel for work”, otherwise the booking service will not show any options (read more about how to book a hotel in the Crimea→).

What to see in Koktebel?

Sights of Koktebel and the surrounding area photos with descriptions. In Koktebel we were passing through, but we still had time to see something. Now I will tell you what to see in Koktebel and surroundings on your own.

Karadag Reserve and the Golden Gate rock

Crimea Koktebel attractions. Definitely advise to visit the Karadag Reserve. This is one of my favorite places in the Crimea, it is incredibly beautiful and unusual – bizarre mountains, dotted with flowers valleys, divine air and an amazing view of the sea.

In the reserve you can see rare species of plants, under your feet if you are lucky, you can find semi-precious metals. There are also many photogenic weathering rocks.

In addition, there is a panoramic view of the famous Golden Gate rock. If the Swallow’s Nest is the symbol of the South Coast, then the Golden Gates are the visiting card of the Eastern Crimea.

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Important information: just do not get into the reserve, visit Karadag allowed only on a guided tour. Some people try to break this rule, but in the national park are constantly on duty rangers and catch violators. Violation threatens a fine, and if rare plant species are thwarted, up to and including court proceedings.

There is a museum of Karadag history and Karadag Dolphinarium.


Visiting time: during the season groups on the route are formed daily at 9:00 and 13:00, pre-booking is not required. Prior to May (i.e. out of season) groups are formed by prior applications. I advise to call the Reserve in advance and specify the actual time of the visit.


Cost: You can buy an entrance ticket at the Karadag Museum of History and Nature:

  • 600 rubles. – adult
  • 400 rubles – children 7 to 14 years old
  • children under 7 years old free of charge

How much time will it take: the tour lasts for 4 hours

How to visit: there is a pedestrian ecological path “Great Karadag” 7 km long on the territory of the reserve. You have to buy a ticket in advance at the ticket office. It is possible to take a boat trip from Koktebel along the Karadag Reserve (800 rubles per person). Some of the boats may even pass through the Golden Gate (this rock arc in the sea from the height of Karadag seems quite tiny – see photo).


What to bring: water, comfortable shoes and hats, the lion’s share of the way goes through the open countryside.

How to get there: the walking excursion route begins from territory of biological station in settlement Kurortnoe (street of Science, 24) On a return way you have a choice: to return back on territory of biological station or to finish walk in Koktebel.

Official site:

Phone for information: + 7-(36562)-26-287, +79787561454.

The best way to see all the beauty of the Crimea is to go on a trip to the Crimea by renting a car. I advise to rent a car from or Economybookings – they are reliable aggregators, and the prices are adequate. Our experience of renting a car in the Crimea and reviews →

Klementieff Mountain and paragliders

Koktebel attractions and entertainment. Not far from the resort village of Koktebel is a very picturesque place – Mount Klementieva (plateau Uzun-Syrt). It is a long plateau and attracts its scenic beauty and views.

But the beauty of the place is that there are perfect conditions for paragliding, in this area there are strong currents of air, helping paragliders and hang-gliders to take off. At one time famous Soviet pilots and aircraft designers practiced here.


Nowadays there is a paragliding club “Briz”, Gliding Center, and gliding museum on the mountain. You can either try to fly, or come here for a few days to master the gliding course in detail.

The cost of the full gliding course is about 35 thousand rubles for 10 days – during this period you learn to fly on your own. One-time flights will cost about 2500 rubles and will last 10-15 minutes.

Personal experience: There is a tasty cafe with panoramic windows next to the Breeze gliding club – you may have lunch and watch other people flying.


The peculiarity of the mountain is that light objects here do not fall, but take off. Try an experiment and toss something up, like a hat.

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Also the 45th parallel (Golden mean of the planet Earth) passes through the mountain Klementyev.

How to get there: you can easily get to Klementieva Mountain by private car from Koktebel or Feodosia. You can also take the highway Sudak-Feodosia to the village Nanikovo or the highway Simferopol-Feodosia through the village Otvazhnoe.

A Starfall of Memories

Koktebel sightseeing photo. Next to the mountain Klementieva there is another hill – the mountain Koklyuk, just there is an excellent viewing platform “Starfall of Memories”.


This white rotunda itself is not particularly remarkable, the main thing is the view that opens from it. From the top you can clearly see the Barakol valley and salt lake Barakol.


Personal experience: In the spring near “Starfall of Memories” poppy fields are in bloom, it looks very beautiful. And in August here you can often observe such a natural phenomenon as meteor showers.

Recommendation: I advise you to see the sunset on this mountain, the sun sets very beautifully and effectively here, lighting up the poppy fields.


There are also photogenic rocks nearby.



How to get there: you can get to Zvezdopad Memories by car along unpaved paths, but the quality of the road leaves much to be desired – potholes, bumps and potholes. If you want you can drive an ordinary sedan (not too low) to the colonnade, but you have to be very careful and choose the best of the paths. If you are not sure about your car, leave it a little lower and walk another 1.5-2 km. You can also visit the observation deck as part of a car tour of the eastern Crimea.

Cape Chameleon

Koktebel attractions. Cape Chameleon or Toprach Kaya is a very interesting sight in the vicinity of Koktebel. Cape received such a nickname among the people for a reason. The fact that he can several times a day to change their color. In addition, from a height of the cape shape resembles the outlines of a lizard.

What is the secret of this rock’s ability to change color? It’s simple, Cape Chameleon is composed of clay shale, and as we know, this rock has the ability to reflect light. During the day, the sun falls at different angles on the cape rocks and by reflecting, Chameleon acquires new colors. Also, the color of the cape is affected by cloud cover.

Where is it: it is located a few kilometers from Koktebel.

How to get there: it is better to drive a private car, there is no public transport to Hameleon, you can walk from Koktebel in 1.5 hours (about 6 km).

On a cape it is possible to walk, but to the edge of Hameleon not to approach it is advised, because of clay structure of a cape here quite often there occur cavings. In general, the rumor is that the cape is gradually destroyed.

Koktebel attractions on the map

For convenience, all sights of Koktebel and the surrounding area put on the map.

And finally still photos of the embankment of Koktebel.


At this point I have finished, I hope that I was able to convey to you the atmosphere of Koktebel and its surroundings and tell you about the most interesting and non-trivial attractions of the Crimea in this region.

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