The 13 best things to do in Blackpool, UK



Tourists who find themselves in the region of Northwest England, must see Blackpool – a town that is located in the territory of the ceremonial county of Lancashire, on the coast of the Irish Sea. It is a famous resort, so travelers can not only see the sights, but also improve their health here.


Blackpool was the first electrified town in Britain. From 1885 the electric streetcar, one of the few in the world and the only one in England, ply its course here. The settlement is considered one of the oldest resorts in Britain. Wealthy Britons came here to rest since the early 19th century. They liked to walk along the waterfront and hold social gatherings.

Towards the end of the XIX century they decided to clad the promenade with stone and protect it from the unforeseen floods. Blackpool is a fairly quiet town, there is no port and you do not feel the constant noise.

History of the city

Blackpool’s sights

Tourists who have decided to visit this city are recommended to get acquainted with the following interesting objects:

  1. Blackpool Tower , which is a historical value, because for more than two centuries it stands on this place. It is surprisingly well preserved.
  2. Grand Theater . This structure was opened in 1894 The first play that was staged here was “Hamlet”, today the repertoire has been greatly expanded.
  3. Blackpool Zoo . The facility covers an area of about 13 hectares and is all covered with greenery. The zoo opened in 1972, now it has about 1500 animals from all over the world. There are spacious aviaries for the animals, complemented by natural plants.
  4. St. John’s Church, located on the Saint John’s Square, was built in 1821.
  5. Pleasure Beach amusement park with a huge range of attractions. The best option for children would be to take a ride on the mini-train and play with the animators. The park also offers more extreme recreational options – American races with different looping options and several types of catapults. There are also water rides and working fountains.
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Blackpool Hotels

There are a lot of hotels in Blackpool. Some of them are in large buildings with historic value. Among the most popular hotels are the following:

  1. First-line hotels such as the Norbreck Castle Hotel & Spa, Hampton By Hilton Blackpool, and Lyndene Hotel. They have a beautiful view of the seafront. The rooms are decorated in a modern style, and there is a bathroom with a shower, a TV, a work desk and an area with tea facilities.
  2. Options where the beach is nearby , while the price for the rooms is affordable. These hotels are The Metropole Hotel, Birchhouse. These hotels serve breakfast for guests. The interior design of rooms is laconic. All rooms have a flat-screen TV, a spacious bed, a desk, and a private bathroom. Guests can park in the parking lot.

Blackpool’s Restaurants

The town has a huge selection of establishments that serve delicious food. Restaurants specialize in Mediterranean, British and Italian cuisine. Here you can taste delicious pizza, steaks, English bacon and egg sandwiches. In Blackpool you can eat at places like Nuvo, McHalls Bistro, Yorkshire Fisheries.

Blackpool Restaurants

Where is Blackpool?

The settlement is located in close proximity to the city of Preston. From the capital, a great option to get here would be the train. Travel time will take 2 hours (from London to Preston), then change and another half hour to Blackpool.

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