The 13 best sights of Olenevka – description and photos

Olenevka’s 13 sights worth seeing

Olenevka .

Olenevka village is located on the west coast of the Crimean peninsula. Every year tourists come here to lie on the beach and swim in the Black Sea. The water here is very clear, so it’s perfect not only for regular swimming, but also for diving. If you are planning to visit this popular resort of the Crimea, the sights of Olenevka from our list will help make your holiday a rich experience.

Cape Tarkhankut

Cape Tarkhankut

Cape Tarkhankut.

Just several kilometers from Olenevka’s center is the westernmost point of the Crimean peninsula – Cape Tarkhankut. Its interesting relief makes it a popular tourist attraction: the coastline is cut with arches, grottos and bizarre rocks. There are no rivers flowing into the Black Sea in this area, so the water is clean and clear along the coast.

Why to visit:

In the vicinity of the cape it is easy to find a comfortable place on the sandy beach: thanks to the hot steppe climate, the water here warms up quickly and the season is long enough. The area is also great for hiking.

You can explore Cape Tarkhankut not only from land, but also from sea. You can rent a cutter or a boat and sail along the coast, admiring the picturesque grottos, bays and cliffs. Local waters are also popular with divers, because they are well suited for underwater diving.

Address: Cape Tarkhankut, Crimea.

Tarkhankutsky lighthouse

Tarkhankutsky lighthouse

Tarkhankutsky lighthouse.

Lighthouse at Cape Tarkhankut appeared in the early XIX century. The weather at the sea is often stormy; therefore, sailors, sailing near rocky shores, need additional landmarks. For the construction of lighthouses used white inkerman’s stone, the total height of the structure is 38 meters. From 1816 to the present day, the building was improved and rebuilt, withstood the great earthquake of 1927 and is well preserved to this day.

Why to visit:

The lighthouse, which has survived more than two centuries, is an interesting historical monument. Tourists also come here to take a walk on the surroundings and have a look at the panorama of Cape Tarkhankut and the Black Sea.

Address: Tarkhankutsky lighthouse, Olenevka, Crimea.

Big and Small Atlashe

Malyi Atlesh

Small Attlesh.

The natural boundary of ATlesh is situated to the South from Olenevka. It includes two capes – Big and Small Atlesh and several kilometers of coastline bordering to them. The coasts here are rocky and picturesque with great height differences.

Why to visit:

Near Big Atlas cape there is a tourist infrastructure: cafes, dolphinarium, a small hotel and camping. From here you can go on a boat trip along the coast or on a hike. There are several interesting sights in the area:

  • The Arch beneath Cape Big Atlas. You can see the arch, which is 30 meters high, from the shore or sail under it.
  • The natural tunnel under the Little Atlesh is a long grotto, through which you can swim under the cape. In the central part of the tunnel there is a through well, next to it is also an underwater cave.
  • Many other grottoes and arches, which will be a great backdrop for photos.
  • A unique museum, “Alley of Chiefs,” located underwater next to the shore.

Address: Malyi Atlesh, Crimea.

Bowl of Love

Bowl of Love

Bowl of Love.

The “Bowl of Love” is called by locals and tourists a natural body of water located near Cape Tarkhankut. The bowl is about 8 meters in diameter and is separated from the sea by a series of rocks, the water enters it through an underwater tunnel.

Why to visit:

The coast near the Bowl of Love was formed by volcanic activity, so there are many beautiful landscapes. You can admire the surroundings and swim in the unusual reservoir: the water inside is clean and clear. You can reach the site by car (the road is unpaved, so an off-road vehicle is best), on foot or by bicycle.

There are many legends about the Bowl of Love, which explain its romantic name. This is why it is a popular sight for lovers. It is believed that if a couple jump into the water holding hands, their union will be strong and long-lasting.

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Address: Bowl of Love, Olenevka, Crimea.

Crocodile Rock

Crocodile Rock

Crocodile Rock.

In the area of Cape Tarkhankut there are several coastal rocks of unusual shape. One of them resembles the head of a crocodile, for which it got its name.

Why to visit:

Crocodile Rock is only 4-5 kilometers from Olenevka, so you can walk here even on foot. There is a hole in the rock – “eye” crocodile, in which the rays of the setting sun fall, creating a beautiful optical effect.

The waters at the foot of the mountain are a popular place for diving. There are several caves and underwater tunnels just under the rock that are interesting to dive. There is also an above-water grotto that can be approached by boat.

GPS coordinates: 45.342000, 32.491000.

Love Grotto

Grotto of Love

The Grotto of Love.

South coast of Cape Tarkhankut, not far from the Bowl of Love, is another “romantic” attraction: Love Grotto. This place is beloved not only by tourists, but also by pigeons, so it is also called the Pigeon Cave.

Why to visit:

The beautiful grotto, located near popular underwater trails, is often visited by divers. The water here is cool even in the heat, and the depth is shallow – only about two meters. The inner hall is heart-shaped and has a small “beach” at one of the walls, which accommodates 1-2 people.

GPS coordinates: 45.329225569436474, 32.58129080014277.

Beach “Miami”.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach | Photo: wikimedia.

“Miami” is the main beach in Olenevka, one of the main tourist attractions of the village. The sandy strip, which is located between Karadzhinskaya Bay and the Liman Lake, stretches for about 2 kilometers. The water near the coast warms up to +28 degrees in summer. Entrance to the sea is gentle and comfortable.

Why to visit:

The beach has all the necessary infrastructure for recreation:

  • awnings, deckchairs and umbrellas for holidaymakers;
  • Locker rooms, toilets and shower boxes;
  • cafes and a bar, where you can eat;
  • a point to rent swimming equipment;
  • trampolines and other attractions for children.

Surfing and scuba diving enthusiasts also come to “Miami”. From here you can go for a walk along the coast, rent a boat for fishing. In summer, sports competitions and other events for tourists are held on the beach.

Address: Sandy beach, Olenevka, Crimea.

Karamrun Cape

Cape Karamrun

Cape Karamrun.

Cape Karamrun (also spelled Kara-Mrun) or Priboyny is located on the Tarkhankutsky peninsula, very close to Olenevka. The width of the cape is about 2.5 kilometers and the coast is rocky.

Why to visit:

There are few buildings on the coast of the cape – only a small lighthouse – so this area is suitable for secluded walks. From here you can enjoy picturesque, “postcard” views of the sea.

Nearby are several recreation centers, where you can stay for a few days. One of the guest houses is located in a historical building – the former manor of V.S. Popov.

GPS coordinates: 45.39658799517013, 32.48084542369905.

Ocheretay Bay

Ocheretay Cove

Ocheretay Bay.

Ocheretay Bay is located between Cape Karamrun and Karaganda Bay. Although the coast has a beach, it is not officially a tourist attraction: there is a gas pipeline next to the shore, so it is not safe to swim here.

Why to visit:

Despite the proximity to the gas pipeline and the lack of infrastructure for recreation, Ocheretay Bay is visited by tourists who come here for the beautiful views and fresh sea air. The advantage of this place is its seclusion: even in high season there aren’t many people here. Moreover, there is a well with fresh water right by the shore.

GPS coordinates: 45.406502056098404, 32.49146614468559.

Liman Lake

Lyman Lake

Liman Lake.| photo: wikimedia.

Salt Lake Liman (another name – Karadzha) is a bay near Olenevka, which is separated from the Black Sea by a narrow strip of sand. The average depth of the body of water is only about a meter, length – just over 1.5 km, width – about 1 km.

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Why to visit:

The main value of the lake, which makes it an interesting tourist attraction is the healing muds that cover the bottom of the reservoir. They are used to treat skin diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Valuable silt, which is mined here, delivered to several Crimean resorts.

Because of the high concentration of salts and mud in the pond, its water is turbid and has a characteristic odor, so it is not suitable for swimming. However, there are gobies, shrimps and mullet, so you can see fans of fishing in the lake. Liman is also used for kitesurfing.

Address: Liman Lake, Olenevka, Crimea.

Underwater Museum Alley of Chiefs

Underwater Museum Alley of Chiefs

The underwater museum “Alley of Chiefs”.

Near the Cape of Great Attlesh, at a depth of about 12 meters, is an unusual underwater museum. The first exhibits showed up here back in 1992, when the museum founder Vladimir Borumensky placed a monument to Lenin, brought from Donetsk, underwater. Later, busts of other Soviet party figures and famous poets were added to it, as well as many other interesting exhibits.

Why to visit:

For divers looking for something to see in Olenevka, the underwater museum is almost a must-see. Local dive clubs often include it in the routes of underwater expeditions held in the vicinity of Cape Tarkhankut. To visit the museum you need a scuba gear and diving skills.

Now the museum has over fifty exhibits and new ones are added every year. Although the monuments are regularly cleaned, because of the constant exposure to water they look “ancient”. Museum’s unusual atmosphere is augmented by the crepuscular light that comes from the surface.

Address: Underwater Sculpture Museum “Avenue of the Leaders”, Crimea

Popov Manor

Popov homestead

Popov Manor.

At the end of the XVIII century Count Popov, advisor to Prince Potemkin, received a plot of land next to Olenevka, on which was built a large estate. On the territory was the main house with outbuildings, garden and park. Although the buildings were repeatedly rebuilt and partially destroyed, the main buildings of the estate have been preserved to this day.

Why to visit:

The main building of the manor now houses the boarding house “Sun Valley”, where tourists stay. The large two-storey house has original architectural features: it is decorated in the neoclassical style, with columns and pseudo-balconies. The building also features features of Moorish style.

Although the estate is located in the steppe zone, the area around it is still very green and preserves the traces of parks and gardens that were laid out here in the XVIII-XIX centuries.

Address: Solnechnaya Dolina, Eliseeva street, Olenevka, Crimea.

Dzhangul tract

Dzhangul tract

Dzhangul tract.

Dzhangul tract is situated in the west of Tarkhankutsky peninsula. The area has the status of landscape reserve: here are preserved areas of the coast, formed by landslide activity.

Why to visit:

Scientists involved in the study of landslide processes, consider Dzhangul unique object, interesting from a scientific point of view. However, the place is popular among ordinary tourists who come here for the mesmerizing scenery: cliffs-cakes, clear sea, overgrown with green terraces.

At the same time, even in summer, it’s not crowded: you can easily find a comfortable place for a tent and relax alone with nature. The coastal cliffs have several grottoes and half-submerged caves, which are perfect for underwater expeditions.

25 Best Sights of Olenevka

Olenevka sights

Olenevka, or Crimean Greece, is an azure sea and white sand, and local attractions created by nature itself.

Located in the western part of Crimea, tiny Olenevka is famous for its natural sights, including underwater ones. Here love to be divers – both experienced, and beginners: the lack of strong currents makes the development of the sea safe. Relaxed beach lovers will love the picture postcard beaches.

Natural attractions

Dzhangul tract

25 best sights in Olenevka

One of the most picturesque places in Crimea, Dzhangul tract, is situated in the western part of the Tarkhankut peninsula. From Turkic the name is translated as “soul”. Local beauty can hardly leave anyone indifferent and literally take the soul. Esotericists call Dzhangul a place of power. They believe that positive energy is concentrated here.

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In the material world Dzhangul is a reserve and a landscape park with the length of almost 5 km and the area of 100 ha. Here scientists study the unique relief formed by landslides.

The tract is not crowded, so the rest promises to be pleasant. After contemplative pleasures you can go and explore the flooded caves.

Cape Tarkhankut

25 best sights in Olenevka

Cape Tarkhankut is the westernmost point of the Crimea and one of the most visited attractions near Olenevka, where there are plenty of attractions for all tastes. Its unusual relief has brought its popularity to the cape. In the rocks, corroded by salty winds, there are numerous grottos, caves and tunnels. Available as a walk in the neighborhood, and water – on a boat.

At this point, freshwater rivers flow into the sea, forming a spectacular spectacle. Nearby there are many clean beaches with soft sand: the water is clear and well heated. Besides swimmers, there are a lot of divers, studying motley ichthyofauna.

Tarkhankutsky lighthouse

25 best sights in Olenevka

The lighthouse appeared on the cape in the 19th century, when trade flourished in this part of the peninsula. Ships’ traffic in the bay was rather heavy, and the weather was extremely changeable: ships often ran aground or crashed on sharp rocks. Not without reason in the century before last Tarkhankut was called not other than Cape Storm.

The snow-white 38-meter-high lighthouse from Inkerman’s limestone served as a reliable landmark for sailors. It survived the destructive earthquake of 1927.

Love Grotto

25 best sights in Olenevka

One of the main attractions of Cape Tarkhankut is the Grotto of Love. If you stretch your imagination, this rock formation can be mistaken for a big heart.

Nearby is a miniature beach, which accommodates no more than two people – an ideal proposal from nature for a romantic couple.

The water next to the rock is always cool and clear, and the maximum depth is no more than 2 meters. Excellent conditions for scuba diving. The grotto is also loved by birds, so another name for it is Pigeon.

Karamrun Cape

25 best sights in Olenevka

The small cape, only 2.5 km wide, can be reached on foot. This stretch of rocky coastline is famous not only for its beautiful natural views, but also for its lighthouse. It is often chosen as a starting point for secluded walks.

Popov Manor

25 best sights in Olenevka

Once upon a time at Karamrun Cape there was an estate of Popov, the personal secretary and attorney of the Prince Potemkin, surrounded by the landscape park and garden. In the 18th century, the Prince gave his advisor a piece of land near modern Olenevka. Soon a manor, surrounded by a park, several outbuildings and a garden appeared on the rugged relief.

The buildings have been reconstructed and destroyed many times, but the main building has preserved its authentic look. It was built in the neoclassical style with Moorish motifs. The facade is decorated with columns, false balconies and arched terrace.

Now the architectural complex has been restored and is a part of the “Sun Valley” sanatorium. The green area around keeps the traces of the park once laid out here.

Ocheretay Bay

25 best sights in Olenevka

A picturesque bay is hidden behind the Karamrun cape. When you come here you should not expect to rest on the usual relaxation with sun beds, umbrellas and bars. The beach is completely wild – and that is its charm. The lack of infrastructure is due to the close proximity of the gas pipeline – a dangerous and at the same time strategic facility.

The advantage of this place is the seclusion and lack of crowds of tourists, even in high season.

An interesting place in the bay is a fresh water well. They say at the bottom of it there are still munitions from World War II. Then the naval dolphinarium used the bay as a training base: the mammals were taught to look for sunken objects.

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Liman Lake

25 best sights in Olenevka

Small salt lake Liman, also known as Karadzha is a small bay separated from the Black Sea by a narrow sandy ridge. The depth of the lake is about 1 m, the width does not exceed one kilometer.

The bottom of the lake is covered with healing mud. It is used to treat skin diseases and diseases of musculoskeletal system. A significant disadvantage of the procedure is an unpleasant muddy smell.

Bathing in Liman is not practiced, but fishing is. Another popular entertainment on the lake is kitesurfing.

Crocodile Rock

25 best sights in Olenevka

Within walking distance of Olenevka (about 4 km) there is a chain of coastal rocks. One of them looks very much like a crocodile’s head – hence its formidable name.

In the thickness of the rock is a hole of natural origin. Because of its characteristic shape, it is called the “eye. At certain hours at sunrise and sunset, the sun’s rays fall into the hole, they are beautifully refracted and create interesting visual illusions.

At the foot of the rock is often visited by divers. There is also a whole labyrinth of terrestrial and underwater caves. One of the tunnels leads straight to Neptune’s grotto.

Sanctuary Cove

25 best sights in Olenevka

The name of this bay completely reflects the atmosphere prevailing here. The place is located at a distance from civilization, deeply hidden behind the steep cliffs of the Small Attlesh. Beautiful deserted shore can be compared to a refuge from worldly problems and daily routine.

Lovers of wild camping will enjoy the Sanctuary. Fishermen used to live in the bay – simple wooden houses are a reminder of that. There is also an old well with drinking water.

Bolshoy Kastel Gully

25 best sights in Olenevka

Between the villages Chernomorskoye and Olenevka you will find a 3 km long gully called Bolshoi Kastel. Since the mid-1980s it has been a nature reserve, which is why it is always quiet and peaceful. The beach is covered with snow-white sand that was formed by the erosion of coastal limestone rocks. Landscape is complemented by the tents of wild campers.

Kipchak Bay

25 best sights in Olenevka

This secluded bay is very popular among those tourists who prefer wild recreation and denial of civilization, even if it’s just for a short time. In summer tent campsites emerge on the rocky shores. The mood in the temporary shelter is peaceful.

The main feature of the bay is that there is no cell phone reception. None of the office colleagues will be able to disturb your rest. There is a downside of this advantage: to get a signal will have to run through the Crimean steppes. But the coast is clean, the water is transparent, and the bottom can be seen even in deep water.

Cultural sights and entertainment

Tarkhankutsky Dolphinarium

25 best sights in Olenevka

Olenevka can boast not only natural attractions, but also entertainment for children. There is a dolphinarium in a fishing camp Atlesh near the village. From May to October there are exciting shows with the participation of sea animals, which enthuse little spectators. Among the additional services: swimming with dolphins and dolphin therapy.

The dolphinarium is located in the protected area that is equipped with clean beaches with snow-white sand, umbrellas and deck chairs.

Varvarinskaya Church

25 best sights in Olenevka

This small church was built in the early XX century by the patron of arts Pavel Popov not far from his family estate. When the Bolsheviks came, the church was closed and in the mid-1930s the bell tower was torn down.

The building was given to the village club, then it was turned into a warehouse, and during the Great Patriotic War the structure was almost razed to the ground.

The church was later rebuilt, but the modern architecture is far from the original. The church is still functional and regularly conducts services.

Tarkhankutskoe settlement

25 best sights in Olenevka

Olenevka sights are varied, and among the must-see sights is the Tarkhankutskoe settlement.

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Archeologists believe that the first inhabitants of Tavria (which is how Crimea was called in ancient times) were Greeks. In favor of this version indicate findings: pottery, jewelry fragments and tools dating from the III-II centuries BC. But the weapons scientists have not found, which led to the conclusion that the ancient people of this area were engaged exclusively in agriculture, gathering and fishing.

The ancient settlement has not been studied up to the end yet. This fact attracts enthusiasts and fans of everything mysterious.

Olenevka beaches


25 best sights in Olenevka

Olenevka main beach pompously called “Miami”. Length of the sandy strip of about 2 km, the entrance to the sea is comfortable, the bottom is shallow, so in July the water warms up to almost +30 ° C.

The infrastructure is well developed: there are sun loungers and umbrellas, cafes, bars and restaurants, attractions for children. There is a dive center and rental of sports equipment. Excursion and pleasure boats depart from the pier “Miami”.


25 best sights in Olenevka

Among all the beaches tract Atlesh descent to the water at this beach is the most pleasant. Hence the name – “lazy”. A part of the coastline is located in the rocks, the entrance to the sea is comfortable, but the depth increases sharply, so do not forget about safety. The water is clean and clear. There is practically no infrastructure.

Choosing a place to settle, you should pay attention to the stones, which can hide shallowly under the sand and cause discomfort.


25 best sights in Olenevka

For its beauty and inaccessibility this beach is called the “Crimean Maldives”. The way to it goes through dangerous rocks along narrow paths. Persistence of travelers will be rewarded: there are few places to see such beauty, when the snow-white line of sand meets the purest azure sea.

Entrance to the water is shallow, with a gradual increase in depth. There is no infrastructure here, as well as the crowds of tourists.

The landmark of the beach is the sculpture “The Thinker. Heart of Tarkhankut . It consists of stacked stones on top of each other. From a certain angle you can see a person sitting in the lotus position. In the central stone of the composition is a round hole, through which the rays of the setting sun pass – a rare and beautiful sight.

What to see in Olenevka in 1 day

Most of the interesting places in Olenevka are the creations of nature. And they are located at a respectful distance from each other. This factor must be considered when creating a route.

Natural boundary Atlesh

25 best sights in Olenevka

There are two small and large capes on the territory of the tract: Bolshoy and Malyi Attlesh (the epicenter of tourist life with developed infrastructure). From here you can take hiking trails for walks in a picturesque area. From a small wharf regularly sail boats inviting you to make a voyage along the rocky shores.

Under the Big Atlas cape there is a 30-meter arch, under which you can swim or look at it from the shore.

The highlight of the Small Atlesh – a natural tunnel in the rock, which regularly peek miniature boats. Nearby are several caves, available for viewing with experienced guides.

Alley of Chiefs

25 best sights in Olenevka

A must-see for divers is the “Alley of Chiefs” underwater museum, located at a 12-meter depth near the Big Atlas cape.

The first exhibit took place in 1992, when the diver V. Borumensky lowered a bust of Lenin from Donetsk to the sea bottom. Nowadays, there are more than 50 statues of different size in this unusual exposition: these are sculptures of politicians, poets and historical figures.

Bowl of Love

25 best sights in Olenevka

The next stop is the Bowl of Love. It is a natural pool surrounded by rocks on all sides. The diameter of the reservoir is about 8 meters, the water flows into it through an underwater tunnel. The Bowl is located near the Cape Tarkhankut, so if you have time, you can explore its natural attractions.

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