The 13 Best Beaches in Barbados

12 Best Beaches in Barbados

Barbados is known around the world for its charm and hospitality, as well as its breathtaking natural beauty with gorgeous beaches that make this island a paradise. But there’s more to Barbados than just sunbathing and dancing by the fry (although both activities are very welcome). The easternmost country in the Caribbean, Barbados is not protected from ocean currents like other places in the island chain, so it breaks east of Fiji. Fortunately, there are beaches suitable for beginners and experienced surfers alike, as well as plenty of options for beach bums.

Butts Rock Beach, St. Michael Parish

Butts Rock Beach is popular with snorkelers and is near Bridgetown, home to the popular Bajan Resort. The waves are gentle, perfect for beginners looking to test their hang ten skills. We recommend signing up for a lesson at Burkie’s Surf School. The founder, Alan Burke, is the first professional surfer from Barbados. Afterwards, order a cocktail at La Cabane’s trendy outdoor beach bar.

Paynes Bay Beach, St. James Parish

Address Paynes Bay Beach, Barbados Get directions

Head out to the open sea on a sunset catamaran right off the coast of Paynes Bay Beach in St. James Parish. The sandy coastline offers beautiful sunset views, and we recommend booking a room at the unusually elegant The House Barbados. This boutique hotel is known for its top-notch service on the island, and we suggest taking advantage of the Beach Ambassador program while you’re there to get the most out of your time and leisure while lying on the beach in this Caribbean sun.

Animal Flower Cave, St. Lucie Parish

Address North Point, Conneltown, Barbados Route Phone +1 246-439-8797 Internet Visit Website

Barbados is more than just sandy beaches, and Animal Flower Cave is a perfect example of that. The coastline from above looks like the spectacular cliffs of Ireland, where waves crash on the rocks below. Buy a ticket for a tour underground at the mouth of the cave. (Wear sneakers for this trip!) Swim in the reflecting pools overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and imagine you’re Rihanna – after all, this is where the Bajan native shot one of her music videos.

Crane Beach, St. Philip Parish

Crane Beach, which used to be a harbor, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Barbados, but in the whole world. We suggest taking advantage of this legendary surf and boogie boarding while visiting the sandy shore. But if you’re feeling a little less active, there’s no better way to spend the day than relaxing on its blissful shores.

Bottom Bay Beach, St. Philip Parish

Just south of Crane Beach is the strikingly beautiful Bottom Bay Beach. The shoreline is famous for its pink coral cliffs, which make the beach perfect for sunbathing and drinking in the tropical light. Travelers should be warned that the surf is quite strong, so visitors should plan their surfing lessons and swimming excursions elsewhere. Be sure to keep an eye out for turtles crossing the sand and whales breaking out near the shore in the distance.

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Harrismith Beach, St. Philip Parish

Address Barbados Route online Visit website

Harrismith Beach is accessible to travelers on foot and is a short walk from the sandy beach of Bottom Bay Beach. This idyllic shoreline is well known for its beauty, so head there early and mark your favorite spot before the rest of the world (read: tourists) wake up and head down to this gorgeous shoreline.

Archer’s Bay Beach, St. Lucie Parish

Travelers looking for a little peace and quiet will love the seclusion of Archer’s Bay Beach. The isolated nature of this beach means that the shoreline is a little narrower, and there’s really only room for a few visitors at a time. So, potential sunbathers are advised to get up early and claim their spot for the day. Given the small size of this beach, there are no lifeguards on duty, and visitors are advised to take precautions when swimming in the ocean.

Silver Sands Beach, Christ Church Parish

Address Silver Sands Beach, Barbados Get directions

The beach at Silver Sands in Christ Church Parish is as beautiful as its name suggests, though Silver Sands Beach has more than just a picturesque shoreline. Get out on the water for world-class windsurfing and kitesurfing – the waters off the coast of Silver Sands Beach are considered ideal conditions for both activities. Who needs to hang ten when you can fly a kite? (Metaphorically and aquatically, of course.)

Miami Beach, Christ Church Parish.

Don’t let the name mislead you: the Barbados version of Miami Beach is much more modest than its American version in South Florida. This place, also known as Enterprise Beach, is perfect for shelling out. Take the narrow road to the South Point Lighthouse, the beach will be to the west. Visitors should also be sure to check out the vendors selling rum punch – after all: in Rome, do as the Romans do. Or: In Barbados, drink like the Bajans do.

Oistins Beach, Christ Church Parish

Address Oistins Bay, Barbados Get directions

Oistins Beach is within walking distance of Miami Beach. Visitors should visit to enjoy Friday night fish fry with the locals. Catch fire dancers on the beach and enjoy the local atmosphere of seaside bonfires and live music. Oistins is just the perfect place to start your weekend in Barbados. Just remember to admire the sunset over the water before you join the festivities.

Cattlewash Beach, St. Joseph Parish

Cattlewash Beach boasts a rugged shoreline that will appeal to nature lovers and discerning island jumpers alike – the views are spectacular. However, because of the wilder conditions in this part of the island, the beach is ideal for those who sunbathe, but less so for swimmers.

Bathsheba beach, St. Joseph’s parish

Address Bathsheba, Barbados Get directions

Batsheba Beach is the best surfing beach in Barbados (a favorite of Kelly Slater, who is a frequent vacationer here) and is home to the legendary wave, Soup Bowl, beloved by surf fanatics the world over. Bathsheba’s pools have invigorating qualities for swimmers, and legend has it that King David’s wife (after whom the beach is named) once bathed in these waters. This shoreline is also home to Bath Beach, perfect for travelers who want to relax in the calm waters of the soft surf. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these beaches.

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The 18 Best Attractions in Barbados

Barbados is an island with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, cozy nature parks and nature preserves, many interesting museums and colonial-era architecture.

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Who should go to Barbados and why

Holidays in Barbados are appealing for their diversity. One of the main attractions is, of course, the beach area. The high waves of the eastern seaboard make it a favorite destination for surfers. The quieter western part suits those who want to go scuba diving and snorkeling. Cricket and golf are also well developed in Barbados. These are not quite typical entertainments which the island inherited from the British rule.

The mild climate and tropical beauty will please nature lovers and quiet walks. Exotic flora and fauna are represented in the unique nature reserves and botanical gardens. Excursion routes also include visits to caves and gorges. Well, and beyond all praise in Barbados rest by the water – the beaches are very clean and picturesque.

Get acquainted with the historical and architectural cultural heritage of the island can be in the big cities. For example, in the capital Bridgetown there are interesting museums, cathedrals and churches. In Speytstown, you can visit an art exhibition. In Barbados, there are preserved mansions and mansions of the colonists. And for some you can visit a sugar cane factory or a rum factory (with a tasting, of course).

If the above activities do not seem enough, Barbados provides a lot more fun: sailboat tours, submarine dives, helicopter rides. The bravest and most resilient will please the beach attractions and night discos. We should mention the cultural events of the island. The sugarcane harvest carnival in July, the jazz festival in January and October, and the Celtic festival in May will all sparkle.

Beaches and Natural attractions in Barbados

Crane Beach.

pliag krein

This beach area in the southeast of the island is recognized as not only one of the best in Barbados, but also one of the top 10 resort areas in the world. It’s a good place to swim and sunbathe in the shade of coconut trees, walk peacefully on the white sand, admire the surrounding rock massifs and turquoise water.

You can go snorkeling, windsurfing, boogie boarding and other activities. The beach is always clean and tidy, and a police patrol monitors the order.

Bathsheba Beach

pliag virsavia

Named after the beautiful wife of King David. Perhaps because the waters here remind one of the warm milk baths that Bathsheba loved so much. It is also said that bathing in this place is beneficial.

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The water on the shores of the beach is said to be healing due to the minerals that make up its composition. But the beach is best enjoyed by surfers who can simply ride the waves or take part in the annual “Soup Bowl” championship.

The coastline of Bathsheba is dotted with ancient coral reefs that resemble huge mushrooms. And around the beach there’s entertainment for all tastes: tourist sites, a fishing village, botanical gardens and an observation deck with a beautiful panoramic view.

In the neighboring fishing village there are not many attractions – except for a few unusual churches. But here you can buy the freshest fish fresh from the sea.

Harrison’s Cave

peshera harison keiv

At 350 meters above sea level there is a natural cave with a thousand-year history. It was created by the water erosion of limestone. Today there is a 2 km long tourist route to its bowels. You do not have to walk because there is an electric streetcar line inside.

In the most interesting places one makes stops. You can see the huge stalactites and stalagmites, admire the underground waterfalls and streams. The best place tourists consider the majestic “Great Hall” with a height of the vaults of more than 25 meters.

Wechmen Hall Gully.

uechmen holl

A small canyon though it takes up little space, it has just an amazing collection of exotic plants and animals. Unique flowers are found here, including several varieties of orchids and carnations, as well as palms, baobabs, and bamboos.

In the morning you can feed bananas to the local green monkeys. Also, nature has created many natural caves, gorges, and hollows in the canyon. It is recommended to combine the tour with a visit to Harrison Cave and Flower Forest Flower Forest. The latter is home to hundreds of rare plants.

Animal Flower Cave

peshera animal flowers

This is just the perfect place to spend a few quiet hours admiring an unusual natural “structure.” The cave is marine and to get into it you have to go down the coral steps.

Once inside, consider the unusual walls of green-blue, brown and admire the oceanic landscape, which is visible from the holes in the rocks. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit. Animal Flower is Barbados’ only open-access sea cave where you can swim in natural pools.

Not far from the cave you’ll find the Pirate Tavern, which offers the best lemonade in the world and, of course, rum.

Barbados Nature Preserves and Parks

Andromeda Botanical Gardens

sad andromedi

With or without a guide, a walk through the vast grounds of the Andromeda Botanic Gardens (over 26,000 square meters) will be fascinating. Especially if you have something to do with botany or are interested in nature. The garden is located on a picturesque hillside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Among the wide variety of flora here you can find the famous bearded fig trees. According to one of the main versions, it was in their honor that the island was named. The gardens are beautifully landscaped with many scenic paths and bridges.

Barbados Wildlife Sanctuary

sapovednik givoi prirodi

To the north, St. Peter’s County used to be home to a primate research center. In 1985, it was turned into a nature reserve.

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In addition to green monkeys, you can meet large turtles, deer, iguanas, raccoons, otters, other exotic animals and tropical birds here. There is no shortage of greenery, either. Walking through the reserve helps you make friends with nature, take a quiet walk, and relax.

Bridgetown Royal Park

korolevski park

It is located in the capital of the island and is a national treasure. This is the former residence of the British Commander-in-Chief, which in 1909 was converted into a tourist park. What there is not to see here! There are fun places for children, fountains and gazebos for lovers, and a cricket ground for daily cricket games.

In the park you will find a baobab 17 meters in circumference, which is more than 1000 years old. Creative types are encouraged to visit the theater or art gallery located on the grounds.

Hunt’s Gardens

sadi hanta

You can’t be in Barbados and not visit this exotic garden area. The painter Anthony Hunt, who created the local beauties, is a creative and unconventional person. Speakers are placed throughout the grounds to accompany your walk to music. The gardens are arranged in ascending levels, each with its own natural “wonders.”

The area with a pond and fountains, the flowerbeds, then the tourists see a real jungle with tropical fauna and flora. On the final level is Hunt’s mansion, where you can meet the artist and buy his paintings if you want.

Folkestone Marine Park

folkstounski morskoi park

Located in the town of Holtown, this is considered one of the best places in the world to experience the underwater world and its inhabitants. Here divers and their instructors dive to the depth of 37 meters to the depth of a sunken Greek ship in 1976. You can go surfing or just snorkeling here.

The main attraction of the park is the maritime museum. In it you will find a huge aquarium, photos of sea creatures and souvenir shops. The park area has playgrounds and sports fields, cafes and picnic areas.

Museums and Cultural Attractions

Historic Museum of Barbados

istor musei

It allocated a lot of space for exhibits of military subjects. This is probably due to the fact that the museum is located in the building of the former prison. Also, history buffs will find more than 300,000 cultural treasures of Barbados from different eras.

The museum exhibits collections of maritime subjects, geological and decorative monuments, artworks. There is a special room for children, where they learn about the history of the island in the most accessible and interesting form. There is also a library with rare books. In memory of visiting this museum, you can buy an unusual piece of jewelry or handmade by local craftsmen.

If you want to imagine yourself as a Boeing pilot, visit the Concorde Museum. There you will learn a lot of interesting things about the history of aviation.

Gay Rum Factory

romova fabrica

Rum is practically the national drink of Barbadians. There are many rum distilleries on the island, but the Gay-Rum Factory is the most famous. The factory is located near the capital and has its own museum.

Ajman Resort

During the tour you will learn the history of the creation of this drink and the development of the industry itself, get acquainted with the technological processes and taste the best rum at the tasting.

Morgan-Lewis Sugar Factory.

saharni savod

This is a museum where visitors can view artifacts and photographs pertaining to the history of the sugar industry in Barbados. The mill itself is an architectural treasure – no other stone windmills for sugar processing remain on the island.

In 1999, the mill, then listed only as a museum, was put back in operation. During harvest time, the mill operates on Sundays. It is one of the last two operating sugar mills in the world.

Planter’s House.

dom plantatora

An old, elegant 17th-century mansion that was once home to the island’s elite who owned large sugar cane plantations. Today it is a museum open to the public.

It is interesting to stroll through the many rooms and rooms furnished in 17th- and 18th-century colonial style. Here you will discover everyday items, decorations, furniture, engravings and other historical treasures from that era. The premises are periodically restored and maintained by the local authorities.

Architectural landmarks in Barbados

St. Nicholas Abbey

abbatstvo sant nikolas

This building, though it remains privately owned, welcomes many tourists from all over the world. Its stately exterior architecture and beautiful interior with grand staircases, coral fireplaces, and antique furniture are both attractive.

A guide will introduce you to the lives of the former owners, including Colonel Beringer. Rumor has it that his ghost still roams the rooms of the mansion.

The shops around the abbey offer excellent rum and the produce of the surrounding sugar plantations. And a nearby café offers local cuisine.

St Michael’s Cathedral

kafedralni sobor

The 1665 building was built in the English architectural tradition. What attracts tourists here is the cathedral’s exterior beauty: the elaborate lancet windows, the colorful coral turrets, and the majestic three-tiered bell tower. The interior halls with their curved ceilings, artistically painted walls and gilded iconostases are no less beautiful.

The Gothic Church of St. John

gotisheski sobor

Among the religious sites on the eastern side of the island, this amazing Gothic-style church stands out. Hurricanes damaged the building more than once in the 17th century, and it had to be rebuilt virtually from scratch in 1836.

The church is fascinating for its architecture and interior decoration. It was also the place of burial of famous figures of the island. And on its territory undamaged sundial was preserved.

Parliament Building


The island’s capital, Bridgetown, delights visitors with its rich architecture. On National Heroes’ Square, which replicates London’s Trafalgar, the local Parliament building stands out. The neo-Gothic structure adopts the English tradition and is even complete with its own Big Ben.

The building’s exquisite stained-glass windows depict British rulers. There is a museum of Barbados on the territory, the tour route of which includes a visit to Parliament.

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