The 12 most beautiful places in Washington, D.C. that will amaze the imagination

Washington sights

The capital of the United States is a city with an amazing history, which brings delight and makes you admire the strength of will of a proud nation. The result of the long struggle for independence is well traced on the example of Washington: here you can trace the main historical milestones in the life of the country. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world come to the United States to see the famous sights of Washington. This article tells us about the most striking of them all.

What to see in Washington?

The main and most interesting sights of the city with photos and descriptions.

1. the White House


The White House is the main attraction of Washington and the whole America, which is a symbol of power, authority and prosperity for Americans. Construction began in 1792. The mansion is made in the style of early classicism in accordance with the strict principles of Italian architecture. The history of this incredibly beautiful building is rooted in the past, symbolizing the strength and unity of the nation. The building acquired its famous name during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt and has been firmly established ever since. It is known that each subsequent president had the right to reconstruct the house at will. The White House is the only functioning presidential residence in the world that is open for visits and tours. The rooms vary in color, shape and function. For example, the oval blue room, considered the most beautiful, is reserved for receptions for the president and first lady. The green room is used for tea parties, the red room is a music hall, and the porcelain room contains the best pieces of porcelain.

2. Capitol


The Capitol Building is located in the heart of Washington, DC. This is where the U.S. Congress, America’s main legislative body, works. Noteworthy is the fact that Capitol Hill was chosen to build the building, hence the name Capitol. Historically, it is known that George Washington laid one of the stones in the foundation of this white-washed building. The congressional building has its own subway and provides transportation for politicians. The area around the Capitol is a favorite stroll destination for locals and tourists. The Capitol will not leave indifferent and art lovers: there are many paintings depicting the main events from the history of the country, as well as sculptures of famous people. It is very easy to get to this landmark in Washington; all the main streets of the city lead here.

3. National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., part of the Smithsonian Institution complex, is the most visited museum of its kind in the world. The striking, boise-ar style building with its eye-catching green dome houses more than 126.5 million exhibits. Some of them have a fascinating history. The museum’s collection is unique and has been collected since 1846. This includes plants, stuffed animals, butterflies, gems, meteorites and numerous artifacts. The best part is that the museum is free to visitors and is open every day until five o’clock. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by a huge stuffed elephant, which has become its real symbol. The exhibition of one of the greatest museums in the world covers different geological eras, and the exhibition halls are grouped by theme. The most beloved by visitors is the Dinosaur Hall, which features skeletons and models of these ancient reptiles. This is a must-see place to visit in Washington.

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4. International Museum of Espionage

Attractions in Washington

The International Spy Museum is one of the most popular museums in Washington, D.C. It began its work in the summer of 2002. It is the only museum in the world that sanctifies the methods of espionage. The place is filled with an atmosphere of mystery and enigma: the best experts in the intelligence community were involved in developing the concept of the museum. The largest number of spy artifacts, weapons and tools are collected here. The collection is regularly updated and has more than 600 exhibits, many of which were shown to the public for the first time. The main goal of the museum is to educate and promote understanding of the importance of the influence of espionage on the course of history. Anyone can try his or her hand as a spy here: interactive games and even spy lessons are held for visitors.

5. National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art is Washington’s best attraction for art lovers. This richest art museum has a huge collection of art masterpieces from major private collections. It contains works by both European and American masters: sculptors, painters, illustrators, and photographers. The idea of the gallery dates back to the 1930s. The museum was created thanks to one of the richest men in America of those years – Mellon. He began to collect valuable sculptures and paintings, and after his death he bequeathed everything to the gallery. The museum is housed in two buildings near the Capitol: the east building and the west building. The eastern building contains works of modern and 20th century artists. The western building features works by American artists and masterpieces by European masters, including Botticelli, Da Vinci and Van Gogh. Russian tourists can find works in the gallery that once tragically left the Hermitage.

6. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Attractions in Washington

The Museum of Conscience is a memorial to the millions of people who passed away. The main purpose of the museum is to study the accumulated documents and preserve the memory of concentration camp prisoners. In addition to the horrifying exhibitions, extensive research and educational work is being done. There are audio and video recordings, photographs and models that allow you to understand the horror of those times. When visiting, everyone receives a passport of a real person, and during the tour it is as if they are living their tragic experience. Visitors walk across the bridge, from where they can see the ghetto, the crematorium and the “Tower of the Faces of the Disappeared”. The Holocaust Museum features many horrifying items that are forever intended to preserve the memory of the victims, and to prevent a repeat of the terrible tragedy.

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7. Washington Supreme Court

For a time, the city’s Supreme Court stayed in the Capitol until Congress approved the construction of a separate residence. The famous U.S. House of Justice building is neoclassical in style and was built in the 1930s. It is a very beautiful architectural landmark in Washington. Gilbert designed the building to resemble the Parthenon. The facades and interior are made of marble imported from several states. And the main meeting room is adorned with expensive Sienese marble requested for this purpose from Mussolini. The building is lavishly decorated with sculpture, and statues of famous public figures serve as the main decoration of the temple of justice. Of particular interest is the courtroom, truly impressive in its opulence: gold, heavy velvet curtains and majestic columns. The Supreme Court is guarded by its own police department, which is not subordinate to the city authorities.

8. Lincoln Memorial.

This symbolic architectural structure was erected in 1922 to honor one of the nation’s most respected presidents, whose presidency fell during the hard years of the Civil War. Lincoln went down in history forever as the person who succeeded in freeing the country from slavery. It is known that over 50 thousand people gathered at the opening of the memorial. This landmark of the U.S. capital is fascinating in its beauty and size: the grandiose structure is very similar to the Greek Parthenon. The memorial is surrounded by 36 marble columns that symbolize the number of states of America during the Lincoln administration. At night the monumental complex, illuminated by spotlights, appears in its full grandeur. Inside the memorial is an elaborate statue of Lincoln that stands almost six meters tall.

9. National Museum of Aviation and Astronautics

Attractions in Washington

The National Air and Space Museum is one of the most popular places in Washington among tourists. Officially opened in 1976 with its own special building, the museum is currently the most popular technology museum in the world. This research center has amassed the largest collection of aircraft. Most of the exhibits are unique and are true historical rarities. The collection vividly introduces the history of flight, from Chinese kites to manned ships. The first specimen on display was the Stringfellow aircraft steam engine, still in the museum. There is also the Wright Brothers glider, which they used to make their first flight. A lot of military equipment was received by the museum after World War II and the Korean War. Admission to the museum is free and you can touch almost every exhibit with your hands.

10. Washington Cathedral

Attractions in Washington

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul is the main religious landmark in Washington, DC. It is a structure dominated by neo-Gothic architecture that, at first glance, makes you proud of your country and the people who live in it. It took the city 83 years to build the cathedral, and the foundation stone was laid by Theodore Roosevelt. The building material was sandstone that was shipped from India. Numerous fragments of the cathedral are made of stones imported from various parts of the world. What impresses visitors more than the scale of the building are the mosaic windows, which create amazing, mesmerizing patterns. Standing out against the general background is the “space window,” dedicated to the landing of a man on the moon and containing a fragment of moon rock in the center. The walls of the cathedral are decorated with 112 gargoyles, among which is a very unexpected sculpture – the head of Darth Vader.

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Hillwood Museum and Gardens

Washington sights: Hillwood

Another attraction that will be interesting to visit in Washington is the Hillwood Museum and Gardens. Many of the most valuable works of art have found a permanent home in the collection of Madjorie Post, who founded this museum by buying the mansion on Rock Creek for this purpose. Even then, Post planned to make a museum inside and a beautiful garden around it, bringing together the traditions of different countries. Many of the exhibits, including porcelain pieces, Romanov jewels and Faberg√© eggs, were previously in the Hermitage. The museum’s collection is impressive in its diversity. In addition to a large collection of items from Russia, the Post collected some works of art from France. The doors of the museum were opened in 1977. The mansion’s stunning gardens were laid out in 1950, at which time Post hired the best experts to style the existing gardens.

12. U.S. Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

Located near the Capitol, the garden is a beautiful landmark in Washington, DC, where those who truly love the beauty of nature can enjoy their time. The complex is divided into themed areas and will appeal to everyone: ordinary tourists and botanists alike. There is really something to explore. You can find out what grows in the desert and what grows in the tropics. Especially popular with visitors are the reconstruction of the primitive landscape, the orchid garden and the area with endangered species. The saturation of the garden with plants has been slow to progress, but a U.S. research expedition has helped considerably. Live plants and seeds from the expedition became the core of the Botanical Garden. Subsequently, seeds for the collection were brought from all over the world. Now the garden has over 60 thousand plants.

Top 12 Sights of Washington State

Washington State is endowed with landscapes created by nature or people that are not only scenic but also perfect for outdoor recreation, but that’s not all the Evergreen State has to offer. Whether you like the view from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle or shopping at the bustling Pike Place Market, Washington State has something for everyone. Here’s a list of the top 12 attractions in Washington.

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Explore Olympic National Park


The Olympic National Park, which is a unique and diverse wildlife sanctuary, is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. While visiting the park, you can experience a number of different ecosystems, including alpine mountains, temperate rainforests, and rugged ocean beaches. Hurricane Ridge Park can be visited on a day trip from Seattle. If you want to explore several sections of the park, plan to spend at least three days on a multi-day loop around the Olympic Peninsula.

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Drive along the Baker Mountain Highway


Mount Baker Highway begins in Bellingham on State Route 542, passes through charming countryside, then enters Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Along the way, you’ll enjoy 60 miles of beauty and recreation. Be sure to stop by the U.S. Forest Service ranger station at Glacier for a map, rest area signs, and updates on road and trail conditions. There will be many places to stop and enjoy scenery, hiking or picnicking, including Horseshoe Bend, Nooksack Falls, Heather Meadows and Artist Point. If you plan to hike to Artist Point (which, along with Heather Meadows, is the reason Mount Baker Highway ranks so high on this list), you should choose August or September.

Hike (or Drive) to Mount Rainier National Park


The stunning beauty and dominant presence of Mount Rainier demands that anyone who sees it on their horizon will want to visit in person. And the closer you get, the more beautiful the view. Mount Rainier National Park is accessible to everyone; even if you’re not going camping, much can be gained by driving with frequent stops at scenic lookouts. Those who want to explore the mountain landscape up close will find hikes that range from easy to challenging, from a few minutes to several days.

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Manage the Cooley Corridor.


The Cooley Corridor National Scenic Byway runs from Omak north through Moses Lake to Othello. Along the way, you’ll encounter stunning scenery, both natural and man-made. Grand Coulee Dam is the main attraction where you can spend most of the day. Dry Falls Visitor Center, Banks Lake, Steamboat Rock State Park, Sun Lakes Dry Falls State Park, Lake Lenore Caves State Park, Potholes State Park and Columbia National Wildlife Refuge are all worth a stop along the Cooley Corridor.

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Take pictures of the perfect scenery on the scenic North Cascades Highway


North Cascade Scenic Byway follows State Route 20 from Sedro-Woolley to the Meadow Valley, passing through parts of both Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and North Cascade. Along the way you’ll see sharp snow-capped peaks, historic dams and power plants and blue-green lakes. There are plenty of places to get out and stretch your legs on a scenic lookout or hiking trail. Must-see stops include a boat tour of Lake Diablo, the North Cascades National Park Visitor Center and the charming western-style town of Winthrop.

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See an active volcano


Mount St. Helens and the lands preserved in Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument are interesting places to visit for several reasons. First, getting up close to an active volcano provides a special experience Driving through the monument, you’ll see evidence of the tremendous devastation after the 1980 eruption, but you’ll also see signs of fantastic recovery in plant and animal life. Each of the visitor centers does an excellent job of informing about different aspects of Mount St. Helens before, during, and after the events of 1980 with photos, videos, models, and interpretations.

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Store at Pike Place Market


Seattle’s Pike Place Market has plenty of stalls, stores and eateries for you to explore in just one visit. Or even several. But that’s one of the things that makes Pike Place Market a favorite among visitors and residents. You know you’ll see lots of seafood, produce and flowers every time, and you’ll also find great crafts, hear interesting street musicians and see lots of interesting characters. Along with these old favorites, you’ll find something new and unique to the Northwest.

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Immerse yourself in “Modern” Seattle


A legacy of 1962’s 21st century exposition, Seattle Center combines open park spaces with a number of attractions and performance venues. Many of Seattle Center’s major annual festivals are held at Seattle Center, including the Northwest Folklife Festival, Bumbershoot and Winterfest. Space Needle, Pop Culture Museum, Pacific Science Center, KeyArena, McCaw Hall and Intiman Theatre are just some of the places you can visit during your day at Seattle Center.

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Cross Puget Sound by ferry


Washington State Ferries, part of the Washington State Highway System, take people and their vehicles to points around Puget Sound. Not only are these ferries one, and often the only, way to reach the many island communities scattered throughout the Sound, they are also a fun and relaxing way to experience the beauty of the region. Major ferry docks are located in downtown Seattle, Edmonds, Mukilteo, Clinton, Kingston, Bainbridge Island and Anacortes.

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Relax at Spokane Riverfront Park


World’s Fairs and Expos have left Washington with beautiful community spaces and unique structures that have become treasured landmarks, and Riverfront Park is a stunning example. Expo ’74 transformed Spokane’s downtown train stations into beautiful green spaces dotted with interesting buildings. Some of these structures have survived, along with such interesting landmarks as Sky River Spokane Falls, the historic Loff Carousel, an amusement park and a seasonal ice rink.

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Admiring the incredible art of glass.

No artist is more synonymous with Seattle than Dale Chihuly. The artist’s colorful, spiraling works can be seen all over the world, but Seattle’s Chihuly Garden and Glass is a striking showcase of Tacoma’s Chihuly-born work. The centerpiece of the garden is the 40-foot Glasshouse, which houses a mesmerizing 100-foot sculpture.

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Marvel at the science behind aviation at the Museum of Flight

The Seattle Flight Museum is home to one of the most extensive aviation and space collections in the United States and attracts more than 500,000 visitors each year. In addition to the ever-changing exhibitions, the museum’s permanent collection includes the 1929 Boeing 80A-1, Lockheed M-21 and Boeing VC-137B. One of the museum’s unique exhibits is a fully functional interactive air traffic control tower, which gives visitors a chance to experience the work of an air traffic controller.

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