The 12 best exotic destinations for travelers

12 places that are popular with travelers, but can severely deceive expectations

Guidebooks and ratings of ideal vacation destinations often advise travelers of the same places. Many listen to the advice and end up getting nowhere near what they wanted. The beauties from the Instagram-pages of popular bloggers often do not live up to expectations, so it is worth preparing for such cases in advance.

Today ADME shows what to expect from visiting vaunted attractions.

1. Rue Crémier, Paris

Rue Kremier in Paris is extremely picturesque: neat houses in bright colors, paving stones, and flowers. Tourists and bloggers love it for that. But the locals are very disturbed by the crowds of visitors: they almost climb into the houses, taking pictures in strange poses, some bring a lot of equipment and whole closets to shoot. There is even an Instagram account of a man who lives on Rue Kremier, who unvarnishedly shows what people do in pursuit of a catchy picture.

2. Antelope Canyon, USA

The colorful cliffs of Antelope Canyon attract more and more visitors every year who were willing to pay the local Navajo Indian guides $200 each for a vivid experience. But there were so many willing to get them that many began complaining about the crowds. As a result, the number of photo tours has now been reduced, and tripods and monopods are also banned.

3. Fjadrarljufur, Iceland

After the filming of Justin Bieber’s music video in 2015 and the seventh season of Game of Thrones, this corner of Iceland has dramatically gained popularity among tourists. Many visitors ignored the forbidding signs for the sake of spectacular pictures, so the nature of the canyon was severely damaged and the authorities had to close it.

4. Raccoon Rock, USA

The rock, which to many resembled the head of either a platypus or just a duck, was popular with photographers until a group of vandals destroyed it in 2016. They claimed to have done the work of local officials because they protected people from the injuries they might have sustained during the shooting. Allegedly a friend of the vandals thus broke his leg. The rock, however, was fenced off and marked with warning signs.

5. Hobbiton, New Zealand

Many fans of Tolkien’s work look forward to visiting Hobbiton, where the Frodo and Bilbo films were filmed. However, the village of nondescript people can be very disappointing: it is small, you can not look in all the buildings, so you mainly have to admire the other fans on the green lawns, but the entrance fee is $ 80.

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6. Cherry Blossoms, Japan

Cherry blossoms attract millions of people every year. But don’t expect to thoughtfully admire the falling petals on a park bench – here it’s a traditional mass entertainment, which is attended by families, friends and work collectives. Many people drink and play noisy games, music is often loud, and the best seats are taken hours or even days in advance.

7. Arch Mesa, USA

The magnificent view of the canyons can be seen from here at any time. But tourists prefer to arrive at dawn to admire the play of sunlight on the inner surface of the arch. It’s so popular that you have to arrive an hour or two before sunrise to get to the best vantage points.

8. The Great Wall of China.

In the off-season there are relatively few tourists at China’s main attraction, but during festivals, for example, it is literally jam-packed. So when planning your trip be prepared for that.

9. Everest

The environmental situation on Everest deteriorates every year. Thousands of tourists leave on average 3 kg of waste per person, but it is very difficult to collect and bring the waste down, so the mountain has long been nicknamed the highest landfill in the world. It is necessary to fight pollution with legislation. For example, an official regulation from 2014 requires every climber who climbs Everest to remove at least 8 kilograms of trash from the slopes.

10. Prekestulen, Norway

Although you have to walk 8 km up the mountain to the cliff, thousands of people are willing to do it. So those who have made the trek have to line up for a photo at the edge of the cliff.

11. Niagara Falls, USA

With the famous Niagara Falls everything is simple: the closer you get to it, the wetter it gets, so tourists all wear raincoats and hide their equipment so as not to damage it. Although the situation is logical, many find themselves unprepared for it.

12. Hog Beach, Bahamas

Pig Beach is famous for its clear water and the friendly inhabitants it is named after – pigs. People come here for them. However, popular blogger Michelle Levin was unlucky: she received a bite so strong that it left a bruise, and this case is not the only one.

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This is largely the fault of tourists, who pamper animals, feed them junk food, teach them to extort it, drink alcoholic beverages and ride them.

What famous attraction disappointed you and why?

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The most exotic countries to visit

What do you know about New Zealand, Myanmar and Costa Rica? Amazing corners of the earth, where you need to visit at least once in your life.


The best exotic countries. Mnyama

Myanmar is an undiscovered piece of exotic compared to its famous neighbor Thailand. It is a land of pagodas and amazing rivers where tomatoes are grown. What about tomatoes: the whole villages are built on the river!

Dominican Republic

Best exotic countries. Dominica

The Dominican Republic is a fertile land which is spread out on the island of Haiti. Chic beaches and coconut palms, the clearest turquoise sea, starfish and great diving. Benchmark mountains and the cradle of rocking merengue. The Dominican Republic is loved by the rich, who come from all over the world to relax in luxury hotels and splash in the turquoise waves.

The Dominican Republic is famous for its national parks of incredible beauty.

From Ukraine to the Dominican Republic you can book a tour. The cost starts from $ 2400 for a week for two.


Best exotic countries. Mexico

The incredible Caribbean Sea, the tropical thickets, the cries of colorful parrots and the mysterious Mayan pyramids. All this is Mexico. So unusual and culturally distant from us. Exoticism is on every corner here and under the water. Diving surrounded by colorful fish, which seem to be painted in gouache. Loud parties at discos in Acapulco, Mexican tapas, bright ponchos, juicy exotic fruits. And only in Mexico can you rejoice in life at the Festival of the Dead. The festive carnival with skulls, reminiscent of the spooky Halloween.

The cost of a vacation in Mexico from $2400 for a week for two.


Best Exotic Countries. Bhutan

A mysterious kingdom that most will never see. Simply because the country is closed. The doors of ancient monasteries are reluctant to open to strangers. It’s a country of happy people: that’s how Bhutan is described. And indeed, most of the locals once replied that they are happy! And it is the only place in the world that has a Ministry of Happiness!

Tours in Lavrik, Norway

Bhutan opened its world to foreigners only recently: a little over 30 years ago. Its neighbors, India and Tibet, are not as closed as this small kingdom. What sets Bhutan apart from other countries is its complete isolation. So once you find yourself here, you find yourself out of time and space. The colorful outfits of the inhabitants, Buddhist monasteries and pristine mountains encourage tourists to seek a visa to the kingdom. Photos of Bhutan’s unique rock monasteries are among the most prominent on social media. This is the place to heal with Tibetan medicine and enter another dimension.

But there is a rule that a foreigner must have at least $200-300 a day in this country. Cheap and economical such a trip will not come out.


Best Exotic Countries. Nepal

The spiritual capital of the world, soaring in a haze of Himalayan peaks. Everything here is imbued with tranquility and wisdom of centuries. Nature is mesmerizing in its beauty. This is the spiritual center of Asia, where the monasteries flow a measured life. People from all over the world come here for meditation and enlightenment. And of course, to admire the incredible ancient temples. Climbers from all over the world dream of conquering those incredible Himalayan peaks. And to make the main ascent in life – to “take” Everest. Most of Nepal is mountainous, the highest peaks of the Himalayan Mountains rise into the sky here. It is hard to breathe for an untrained person.

Cost: Nepal is an inexpensive country. But the flight will eat up your budget: it will be long and with connections.

You’ll need: 55-liter backpack for hiking Osprey Ariel 55.

Down sleeping bag Sea to Summit Talus Ts1. The cost is about 10.5 UAH.


Best Exotic Countries. Jamaica

In life came the black stripe? It’s just a zebra! In Jamaica you will understand it. Reggae rhythms will not leave anyone in grief. Slow and measured life, where unity with nature is the main thing. Magical beaches, festivals, sun and partying. And of course, this is the birthplace of Bob Marley and Rastaman culture. The trip to Jamaica is more for couples without children, because the flight is quite long and with changes: it’s sure to tire them out. But the Ukrainians don’t need a visa to Jamaica.

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The tour costs from $2300 per person for 9 days.

New Zealand

Best exotic countries. New Zealand

Who wants to go to the hobbits? New Zealand became especially famous after the movie “Lord of the Rings. It is finally talked about in Ukraine, because for our people it is somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The nature is marvelous, the amazing landscapes of mountains and verdant meadows. It strikes with its pristine splendor, even near large cities. Here you can watch the whales, admire the fjords and thousands of years of glaciers, enjoy the lush greenery and unique natural beauty.

The minus of such a trip is the cost of the flight to New Zealand. And the prices in New Zealand itself are quite high.

The cost of a week’s tour starting at $2500 plus flight.

Costa Rica

Best exotic countries. Costa Rica

What can be more exotic! It is a kingdom of wildlife and relic forest giants. The lakes, haze lurking at the bottom of extinct craters and surrounded by impenetrable jungle. This is the No. 1 destination among adventurers in all of Central America. Here is where you are sure to leave with tears in your eyes from parting!

The cost of the tour – from 2 thousand dollars plus airfare.


Best exotic countries. Australia

Land of crocodiles and kangaroos. Did you know that here you can buy an inverted globe! Yes, it has the South Pole on top! After all, this continent is practically our antipode.

Why go to Australia? The most incredible barrier reef is just off its shores. It attracts diving enthusiasts from all over the world. Australia means dangerous white sharks, huge spiders and killer snakes. But it’s also wide beaches with the steepest waves for surfers, plush koalas, funny duckbills and cool metropolises. What without the famous Sydney Sailboat and the incredible Harbour Bridge!

The cost of the tour for a week starts at $4200 plus flight.


Best exotic countries. Vietnam

There is an opinion that Vietnam is practically the same Thailand, but not as invaded by tourists. They are completely different countries, each of them has its own chips. Just in Vietnam you will find resorts with the most advanced infrastructure. Ancient temple complexes, delicious food and the world’s cheapest diving attracts tourists here. Moreover, this Asian country still retains the European charm, because Vietnam was a French colony.

In Vietnam you can take a package tour, the cost will be from $ 1200 per person.

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Best exotic countries. Chile

A mysterious country where the giants and icicles have been guarding the island of Easter, which was cut off from civilization for thousands of years. Exotic Latin America, which is ahead of the entire continent in quality service and decent hotels. The mysterious Patagonia and glaciers. In summer in Chile you can also go to ski resorts, of which there are many. Skate can be from June to October when in Europe is no longer the season.

The cost of a tour – from $ 3 thousand plus airfare.

Best exotic countries. Laos

One of the most mysterious countries in Southeast Asia. Country of a million elephants and white gold. Numerous ancient temples, rich traditions and pristine tropics in combination with mountainous landscapes make it attractive to visit.

It has a distinctive culture and friendly people, although the country is actually quite cheap.

The cost of a trip – from 1 thousand dollars.


Best Exotic Countries. Morocco

A country with an Arabian flavor, one of the most developed among the North African countries. On the one hand it is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and on the other laps the Mediterranean Sea.

Morocco neighbors with sultry Spain. It is separated from the neighboring continent by just the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a mixture of African and Arab exoticism, Atlantic beaches and the warm Mediterranean Sea.

Ancient cities, traditions and incredible blue Chefchaouen, Meknes, which has been dubbed the Moroccan Versailles – this is all Morocco.

The cost of the tour is from 700 euros per week.


Best exotic countries. Brazil

The most dangerous river in the world, the Amazon, surrounded by impenetrable jungle is just in Brazil. Those scary movies about anaconda and piranhas come from these hospitable places. The inhabitants of the Amazon are always happy tourists).

But it is also a country of carnivals, golden beaches, thundering waterfalls and warm sea.

The cost of the tour – from $ 1 thousand plus airfare.

Bolivia .

Best Exotic Countries. Bolivia

Such a distant and original country about which we know very little. We don’t often see women in cloaks and jumpsuits, and there national costumes are still everyday clothes. Cozy colonial streets, exotic birds in the Amazon jungle, “Road of Death” and the main highlight of this region – the Uyuni salt desert. There seems to be no one but you and the sky.

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