The 12 best beaches in Brittany, France

The best beaches in Brittany

The hilly peninsula is home to well-equipped and widely visited beaches with all kinds of amenities. Popular are the small ones, lost in cozy coves where the contrasting tides give gatherers a wealth of seafood. Even the wild beaches near small picturesque fishing villages are comfortable, they are loved by surfers and tourists with children of all ages. Where to go for a spectacular vacation by the azure waters, choose from our ranking.

Grand Plage du Sillon.

Located in the northern part of Brittany in close proximity to the city of Saint-Malo, a major tourist center of France. This popular resort attracts many tourists not only with its endless sandy beaches and the famous thalassotherapy center, but also with the unique centuries-old history of these places. The city is surrounded by an ancient fortress, which served as a safe haven for the pirates, who ruled the English Channel in the Middle Ages. And thanks to a major seaport that connects the west coast of France with England, Ireland and Spain by ferry. Saint-Malo is visited by more than two million people annually.

  • 4 Charming Restored House
  • ,
  • 4 Golden Tulip Saint Malo- Le Grand Be


Located in the western part of Brittany on the Crozon Peninsula. One of the most picturesque beaches in the department of Finistère. Nearby is the resort village of Morgat, which until two centuries ago was an inconspicuous fishing village. In the late 19th century there was organized a balneological resort, which became a favorite place of rest of the French elite. Nowadays, the town still attracts tourists with its well-developed infrastructure, convenient marina and beautiful beaches.

  • 3 Appartement Fontaine Morgat
  • ,
  • 3 Hotel de la Baie

This appartement is located in the south-west of Brittany next to Benaudet, at the mouth of the Haudet River. The river, flowing into the sea, forms a wide bay protected from strong winds and cold Atlantic currents. This has created a unique microclimate that attracts many tourists in these places. The always calm waters of the bay have also been favored by the yachtsmen, who have organized here the largest marina in Finisterre.

  • 5 Benodet Breaks – Port de Plaisance
  • ,
  • 4 Camping du Poulquer
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Grand beach du Damgant

Located in the southern part of Brittany in the province of Morbihan. Damgan is the main town beach of the resort village of the same name and attracts many tourists every year with its soft white sand, endless sea and beautiful surroundings. Nearby, the mighty river Peenerf winds its way around the village from the northwest and into the sea, forming an imposing bay of fantastic beauty.

  • 3 Hotel De La Plage Damgan
  • ,
  • 2 Hotel l’Albatros

Grand beach du Rosaires.

Located in the north of Brittany in the Côte d’Armour department. It has a regular bus service to the main towns of the region and the capital of Saint-Brieuc.

  • House Martin
  • ,
  • 3 Studio des Rosaires.

La Minne d’Or

It is located in the department of Morbihan in the immediate vicinity of the southern border of Brittany. Near the beach is the resort village of Penestina, famous not only for its picturesque golden colored rocks surrounding the village from the sea, but also for its unique mine, where gold was actively mined in the 19th century.

La Torche

It is located in the southwest of Brittany in the department of Finistère. It is one of the five best beaches in Europe for surfing. International competitions of the highest level are often held here, such as the French Cup or the European Championship. Its northern edge La Torche (translated from French as “torch”) rests on a spit, on which the remains of ancient dolmens have survived to this day. During strong winds and seasonal storms, it is not safe to be here, and the local police are vigilant about it.


Ecluse is the main beach of the French northern resort town Dinard. It is located northwest of the city, at the confluence of the Rance River into the English Channel. A spacious promenade leads to Ecluse beach, and it is surrounded on both sides by beautiful buildings (mostly casinos) and stylish villas. Hécluse is the perfect weekend getaway, where you can enjoy sun and sand without leaving civilization.

  • 5 Castelbrac
  • ,
  • 4 Ferienhaus am Strand in Dinard
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Cap-Coz is a long strip of sand on the southern coast of the Brittany peninsula in Fouinand. It is quite a popular beach, attracting in the high season many tourists and fans of yachting and other water sports.

12+1 beaches of Southern Brittany, Bretagne Sud – Golf de Morbian

The beaches of Southern Brittany (France, Morbihan Gulf area) there are for every taste: sea and river, city and nude, wild and protected, for sports and lazy holidays, for athletes and disabled, for lonely adventurers and quiet family holidays. The Morbihan area leads in the number of beach holidays, with 179 of Brittany’s 267 beaches. Below are brief descriptions of thirteen of them, but even a small part gives an idea of all the splendor and variety of French beaches in Morbihan.

1. Club Nautique du Rohu, Southern Brittany, France

Rohu Beach and Sea Club

Rochoux Beach and Sailing Club: Lying on the sand and playing a sport

Rohu Beach and Sailing Club will please everyone, from sportsmen and sea-wolves to the handicapped. It combines the convenience of a beautiful beach with the excitement of sailing in the southern part of Morbihan.

Club Nautique du Rohu on the Peninsula du Rhuis in Saint-Gildas de Jois will introduce you to sailing (windsurfing, catamarans, sailing yacht 8m) as well as sea kayaking. For confident athletes and beginners, as well as children from 4 years old. The sailing school is a member of the French Federation of Sailing.

Payment: cash, by card, gift vouchers.

Facilities: disabled facilities.

Address: Club Nautique du Rochu 70 Rohu Road 56730 SAINT-GILDAS-DE-RHUYS

Phone: +33 06 76 05 36 55, +33 02 97 45 37 05

2. Plage Les grands sables, Southern Brittany, France

Great Sands Beach (Brittany, France, Morbihan Region)

These sands are really grand .

Grands Sables beach is located between the tip of Spernec and Pointe de la Croix on the beautiful island of Groix. Gorgeous and huge beach, which is important for safety – observable. The amazing sand on the beach combines all shades of garnet with white.

Payment: cash, by card, gift vouchers.

Service: lifeguard station, drinking water

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Address: Plages de l’île de Groix 56590 GROIX

Phone: +33 02 97 84 78 00

3. Plage du Magouëro Southern Brittany, France

Beach du Maguero (Southern Brittany, France) photo

A wild beach with its own library! Only in Brittany!

A wild beach in the town of Ploinec. Spread out in the middle of a wild landscape, between the dunes and the ocean, the spacious beach of Magouëro is perfect for meeting a lady. It’s not as crowded as its neighboring Kervegant Beach. Here you can stroll along the coastal strip of sand for 8 km. It’s not bad at all if the lady will share your hobbies – surfing, kayaking, diving, available in July and August. In summer the “read on the beach” fun is offered – at the entrance to the beach there is a special area for reading books and magazines, offered right there in the library.

Service: Parking, showers and toilets. The beach is equipped for disabled guests.

Address: Plage du Magouëro, Quai Jean-Jade 29 780 , 56680 PLOUHINEC

Telephone: +33 06 12 51 43 81

4. Plage de Saint-Colomban Southern Brittany, France

Beach de Mens-Colomban, Southern Brittany, France (photo)

A beach for those who love speed and wind!

Observable beach in Carnac. Open to prevailing winds, Saint-Colomban is the westernmost beach in Carnac and a gathering place for kitesurfers and windsurfers. This 500m long strip of sand is also suitable for swimming, even if the waves are frequent.

Services: Parking, lifeguard station, kids club, showers, toilets, drinking water

Address and telephone: Plage de Saint-Colomban 56340 CARNAC

Tel: +33 02 97 52 13 52

5. Plage de Locmiquel, Southern Brittany, France (Bretagne Sud – Plage de Locmiquel)

Beach Lochmiquel, Southern Brittany, France (photo)

Locmiquel is a luxurious, unobservable, sandy beach in Larmour-Baden.

Unobserved beach in L’armor-Baden. L’armor-Baden’s Lochmikel beach is a luxurious sandy beach where you can relax on warm summer days.

Address: Plages Larmor Baden 56870 LARMOR-BADEN

Phone: +33 08 25 13 56 10

6. Plage de Port Blanc, Southern Brittany, France

Port Blanc beach in Saint-Pierre-Ciberon (Southern Brittany, France) photo

Dunes and cliffs, winds and ripples on the sea: this is the wild beach of Port Blanc.

A wild, unseen beach in Saint-Pierre-Quiberon

Along the famous brutal coastline of the Quiberon Peninsula lies the wild beach of Port Blanc. Dunes and cliffs, winds and sea ripples, possible sharp rock edges at the bottom. For those who are not afraid of it and who are tired of urbanization Port Blanc beckons fans of natural landscapes in the heart of breathtaking scenery.

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Address: Plage de Port Blanc 56510 SAINT-PIERRE-QUIBERON

Phone: +33 02 97 30 88 86

7. Plage de Kervillen, Southern Brittany, France (Plage de Kervillen – Plage surveillée à La Triniste Sur Mer)

Kerwijen beach (Southern Brittany, France) photo

Plage de Kervillen – cozy, safe, unbelievably beautiful.

This observable family beach is without doubt the most beautiful in La Triniste. The beautiful sandy beach, sheltered by dunes, is protected from the east winds by the “top of Kerbihan”. There is a water fun club.

Facilities: disabled facilities, lifeguard station, parking, bar, restaurant, kids club, showers, toilets, public transport

Address: Plage de Kervillen Plages la Trinité-sur-Mer 56470 LA TRINITÉ-SUR-MER

Phone: +33 02 97 55 72 21

8. Plage de la Falaise, Southern Brittany, France

Beach de la Falaise (Southern Brittany, France) photo

This is not the sea, but the mouth of the River Lyte! Plage de la Falaise.

An observable beach in Guidèle, a famous place for surfing. Falaise is a very large beach, located at the mouth of the River Lyte. Caution is required – there is quite a strong river current. However, swimming is allowed and supervised during the summer. In the summer there is a maritime club, which offers a variety of equipment for sailing and kayaking.

Service: lifeguard station, parking, showers

Address: Plage de la Falaise La Falaise 56520 GUIDEL

Phone: +33 02 97 84 78 00

9. Plage de Kerminihy, Southern Brittany, France

Beach de Kerminichy, Southern Brittany (photo)

Plage de Kerminihy. No nudists in sight. But they are!

A wild nudist beach in Erdevain. Bordering a dune ridge, the wildest of Erdevain’s beaches is as unique in its length as it is in its beauty. It is suitable for nature walks and natural sunbathing. Bar Étel has a very strong tidal current and it is officially forbidden to swim there.

Facilities: parking, toilets.

Address: Plage de Kerminihy 56410 ERDEVEN

Telephone: +33 02 97 55 64 60

10. Grande plage in Ile aux Moines, Southern Brittany, France

Grand Beach in Ile-aux-Moines, Southern Brittany, photo

The Ile aux Moines beach is a humble embrace of the French bourgeoisie.

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The large, unlooked-for beach at the Ile aux Moines is located 300 meters from the port. Dominated by beautiful villas, charming bathing cabins remind you that lying on the sand can also be luxurious.

Service: Drinking water, toilets.

Address and phone: Grande Plage Plages île aux Moines 56780 ÎLE-AUX-MOINES

Phone: +33 08 25 13 56 10

11. Treac’h er Goured beach, Southern Brittany, France

Wild beach Trekker Garde Southern Brittany photo

An idyllic wild beach on the island of Ile d’Haut

A wild uncontrolled beach on an island. Located on the beautiful island of Ile d’Hua, Treac’h Goured beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brittany with its amazing water clarity. Treac’h ar Goured dune stretches in an arc more than 2 km long and protects this paradisiacal abode from the prevailing westerly winds. You will appreciate the soothing atmosphere of this idyllic place.

Address: Plage Treac’h er gored Plages Île d’Houat 56170 Île d’HOUAT

Phone: +33 02 97 30 68

12. Plage du Pradic, Southern Brittany, France

Beach du Prady, Southern Brittany, France (photo)

The beach at the mouth of the river is not only about relaxing on the sand, but also about fishing!

This small uncontrolled beach, located along the mouth of the River Ethel, has a wonderful view of the estuary and the bar. A privileged spot for fishing from the shore and relaxing on the shore. The water area of Prady beach is crossed by strong currents and is less suitable for swimming, at least with unsupervised children. A nearby sea club offers diving, sailing and kayaking.

Address: Plage du Pradic 56410 ÉTEL

Phone: +33 02 97 55 23 80

13. Kervegant Beach, Southern Brittany, France (Plage de Kervegant)

Beach de Kervegan, Southern Brittany, France (photo)

Dunes, ocean and fine sand overlooking the south, nearby parking and toilets – a choice for families

A very popular family observable beach. Dunes, ocean and fine sand facing south 3km from the village, Kervegant Beach will be the perfect spot for your lazy day. Supervised swimming, parking and toilets nearby – that’s why Kervégant is chosen by a large number of families with children.

Services: lifeguard station, parking, disabled facilities, showers, toilets

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