The 11 best beaches on the Costa Blanca. Spain

Beaches and hotels on the Costa Blanca: 11 best places for a vacation at sea in Spain

Almost 200 kilometers of the Costa Blanca in Spain, along which picturesque coastal cliffs alternate with excellent sandy beaches, and the beautiful Mediterranean climate and inexpensive hotels and apartments make a vacation at sea in these parts almost ideal. Spend your summer on the beautiful beaches of the Costa Blanca – the dream of many vacationers.

When best to go to Spain on the Costa Blanca

Beaches of Alicante in March

The beach season lasts from March to October. But in March the sea is still cold, although the sunbathing and walking is ideal weather, the days are sunny. In addition, at this time prices are very low, there are few tourists, rest comfortably (see photos of Alicante in March). In April, much warmer, prices start to rise, the people arrive. The warmest sea on the Costa Blanca – from July to September – but also the highest prices and the most people.

In the photo: the beaches of Alicante in March are spacious and quiet

How to get to the Costa Blanca inexpensively?

The easiest way to get to the beaches of the Costa Blanca is to fly to Alicante airport. Airfare prices are not high: From Russia – from 10700 rubles round-trip. From Ukraine – from 5500 UAH round trip. It’s cheaper to fly from Poland (from 45 euros round trip). From Lithuania – from 72 euros round trip, the cheapest way from Kaunas (direct flight by low-cost Ryanair). From Latvia (Riga) – from 180 euro roundtrip

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You can easily get from Alicante to Benidorm, Calpe and other beaches of the Costa Blanca by train.

It remains to choose a beach or make a route of several places.

Which beach to choose on the Costa Blanca

Let’s figure out which resorts and hotels on the Costa Blanca are the best to choose. Which beaches have a comfortable entrance to the sea and the most pleasant sand? Let’s list all the best beaches on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Beaches of the Costa Blanca on a map, Spain

Map of the best beaches on the Costa Blanca

All resorts and beaches in this list are sorted by distance from Alicante.

1. Postiguet town beach in Alicante

City beach Postiguet in Alicante

In the photo: City beach in Alicante

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Postiguet City Beach in Alicante has a “Blue Flag” beach classification. For most tourists who come to the Costa Blanca for a vacation at sea, this beach will be enough. Comfortable, clean, well-equipped, sandy beach with a picturesque view of the mountain and the famous Santa Barbara Castle. What else does a normal beachgoer need:) A hotel with a stunning view of the sea. The best of the nearby hotels, of course, is Melia Alicante on the first line. Not cheap? But what views! The main thing is not to forget to choose a room with the “sea view” option. Among budget hotels, choose Tryp Ciudad de Alicante – great location next to the Santa Barbara Fortress and 5 minutes from the beach.

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2. Albufereta Beach, Alicante

A small and cozy beach Albufereta is hidden in a secluded cove, sheltered from the waves. The beach is close to Alicante, there is a streetcar stop that goes to the city.

Apartments overlooking the sea and the beach of Albufereta

Apartments overlooking the sea and the beach of Albufereta

Near this beach is best to rent an inexpensive apartment with a sea view, and for a large family – a townhouse with its own terrace.

Tip We know, when booking an apartment, keep in mind that most rent for at least 5 nights. And watch what’s listed in the description: taxes or cleaning fees may apply in addition.

3. San Juan Beach on the Costa Blanca – for families with children

Blue Flag, golden sand and gentle entrance to the sea, which is safe for children. This is one of the youngest beaches on the Costa Blanca. The Spaniards themselves began to develop it more recently, with the expansion of the suburbs of Alicante. Tourists like the beach for its size and transport accessibility – you can easily get here from Alicante by streetcar to the stop “Londres”.

The beach of San Juan is 7km long and the entrance to the sea is clean and shallow. The beach is a real pleasure for kids and adults alike! Near the beach is a beautiful promenade. If you are in the mood for a ride through the neighborhood, you can easily go to the neighboring towns – Villajoyosa and Benidorm.

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This place is good to visit in the off-season – in March, April, October and November. Hotels and apartments are inexpensive, there are few people, the beach is almost empty, you can listen to the sea for hours – a total relaxation!

View of San Juan beach from the apartment

View of San Juan Beach from the apartments

The best inexpensive hotel on San Juan beach is the Hotel Castilla Alicante, located on the first line. If you want cheaper, we recommend renting budget apartments from individuals – the view on the sea (see photo above) and there is everything you need.

4. Villajoyosa – a little-known beach on the Costa Blanca

City beach in Villajoyosa

On the photo: town beach in Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa is suitable for those who want to get away from the crowded tourist cities. The beach here is sandy, with a gentle entrance to the sea. On the first line there are authentic apartments, from which you get out and go straight to the beach! In the northern part of the beach there is a yacht club, you can rent a boat or kayak and sailing leisurely along the beach. In the south there are colorful fishermen’s houses:

Villajoyosa in Spain

Pictured: Villajoyosa in Spain

For those who like not only a beach holiday, but also something to see, walk through the picturesque streets, eat good food and visit the most famous chocolate factory in Spain – all this is Villajoyosa, about which we have already written in detail here.

5. Cala De Finestrat beach, Benidorm

Cala de Finestrat beach, Benidorm

Pictured: beach on the Costa Blanca – Cala de Finestrat, Benidorm

This beach is not quite Benidorm, – administratively it is already the town of Finestrat. Finestrat beach attracts its more secluded location – the surrounding capes quite well protect the bay from wind and waves. The beach is sandy and has a comfortable entrance to the water. On the coast there are many excellent playgrounds for children.

Apart-hotel Ola Blanca - the best apartments on the Costa Blanca

In the photo: Ola Blanca apart hotel – Best Apartments on the Costa Blanca

Best hotel: Apart-hotel Ola Blanca – in fact, you do not live in a room, but in a spacious apartment with a kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine and all amenities. There is a swimming pool and garden. Perhaps this is one of the best hotels on the Costa Blanca for couples and families with children. There are apartments with several bedrooms.

Michael: “Despite its location in a big city, the place is quite quiet and peaceful. There are two beaches within walking distance. Our apartment had a very large terrace with private access to the street. “

From this aparthotel the Levante beach is also within walking distance:

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6. Levante in Benidorm – the best beach on the Costa Blanca according to tourist reviews

View of the Levante beach, Benidorm

In the photo: window view of Levante beach, Benidorm

The beach of Levante is an example of a successful combination of a good beach and comfortable urban infrastructure. If you dream to live for a couple of months in these apartments with a gorgeous view of the sea, and swim – just walk across the street, then you are certainly here – in Benidorm. Accommodation is better to book in advance – cheap frontline apartments in Benidorm are sold by Europeans six months in advance.

Best hotel in Benidorm: Hotel Boutique Villa Venecia

Irina: “Very nice small hotel, very well located. Near the old town and the promenade. All rooms have a great view of the sea. I had a room with a panoramic window instead of a wall and felt like I was sailing on a cruise ship. Rooms are small but very comfortable and have everything you need. Breakfast was very good and the staff was friendly. Rooms are very nicely furnished and light and airy, not too shabby.

The best inexpensive hotels in Benidorm: Hotel Primavera and Rosabel – there are small flaws, but the price pays off – from 40 euros!

7. Albir sandy beach, Altea

This beach is especially good in the off season:

Albir Beach on the Costa Blanca

Albir Beach on the Costa Blanca

And in the summer there are a lot of tourists here:

Albir Beach, Costa Blanca

Pictured: Albir beach in the summer season

The town of Albir is a couple of kilometers from the more respectable Altea. However, in the summer beach lovers do not stay long in Altea where the beaches are pebbly – in a day tourists surely migrate to the sandy beaches of neighboring Albir, settled in a cheap hotel “Cactus” on the first line to the sea and enjoy the sea and the sun on a full program.

8. La Fossa, Calpe – the best beach for families with children on the Costa Blanca

Beach De La Fossa in Calpe

In the photo: the famous beach of De La Fossa in Calpe

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The sandy beach de La Fossa is popular not only in Calpe, but all along the Costa Blanca. Thanks to the recognizable landscape with the imposing white rock of Peñal d’Ifac, this place is known by everyone. During the season, the beach is crowded – not only the inhabitants of Calpe, but also many tourists and visitors from neighboring towns. Along the beach stretches a wide beautiful promenade and there are many cafes. La Fossa is also fancied by the fishermen. During the summer in the local harbor you can always rent a good fishing boat and try your hand at the sea.

In addition, Calpe for a family vacation with children – perhaps the best resort on the Costa Blanca – because there are many inexpensive apartments from private individuals (from 35 euros) with a kitchen, washing machine and everything you need. The most advantageous rental period – at least 7 days.

Apartment in Calpe, Costa Blanca

In the photo: Apartments in Calpe, Costa Blanca

The best hotel on the beach of La Fossa in Calpe: AR Diamante Beach Spa Hotel is a modern hotel where even champagne is served for breakfast (breakfast is already included in the price). Perfect hotel for value for money.

9. Beach del Portet, Moraira

Portet Beach in Moraira

In the photo: beach in Moraira

The small but cozy sandy beach of Portet in Moraira is a great place for a relaxing holiday at sea. The people in Moraira are laid-back and respectable year after year, so if you want a break from the bustle of the big cities you’re here. Rent one of the nearby villas or an apartment in a picturesque neighbourhood and get some beach breeze:)

10. The secret beach of El Moraig

Beach El Moraig, Costa Blanca

Pictured: El Moraig Beach, Costa Blanca

The small and beautiful beach of El Moraig is hidden among the rocks near the village of Benitachell. This place is not known by tourists, but it is well known by locals. If you want to snorkel or scuba dive or see the mysterious underwater caves, then you are here. From minuses – there are no hotels near the beach, it is crowded around the beach and in a season there is always a problem with a car parking. But very close to the beach there are a few villages and the prices for accommodation are not very high. For example, a villa Fabulosa with three bedrooms will cost about 180 euros a night, and a room in a budget hotel Casa Montgó – from 50 euros.


11. Ambolo beach, near Habia

Ambolo Beach, Habia, Spain

In the photo: the beach of Ambolo is not the most famous among tourists

The most remote from Alicante, picturesque and quite inaccessible to tourists beach near Habia. This place attracts primarily experienced swimmers – swimming at the cliffs of Descubridor Island is not an activity for beginners. A car is needed to reach this beach, so we recommend renting a car in Denia or in Alicante or staying somewhere more popular and coming here to swim and enjoy the views. For example, from the nearest town of Javea to the beach of Ambolo by car is only 15 minutes, and from Calpe about an hour.

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By the way, to personally try all the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Blanca, it is best to plan your vacation so that to stop at the three most important resorts on the Costa Blanca – Alicante, Benidorm, Calpe – from these cities you can go to the neighboring beaches by streetcar or city buses, or take a rental car for a couple of days. For those who do not like crowds of tourists, we recommend instead of Alicante, Benidorm and Calpe to choose the resorts of Villajoyosa (4), Albir (7), Moraira (9).

Itinerary for an ideal first vacation on the Costa Blanca (15-20 days):

  • Fly into Alicante and stay 3-4 nights. Go to the local beaches, walk around town, visit the famous Santa Barbara Fortress.
  • Then go to Benidorm for 5-6 days, stay in the apartment on the top floor overlooking the sea, enjoy the views and swim until you get bored.
  • Take the streetcar to Albir for a couple of days to take beautiful pictures in the picturesque town of Altea and swim in the beach of Albir.
  • Then move to Calpe for 5-7 days, one of the days to rent a car and drive to the farthest beaches of the Costa Blanca.

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