The 10 most picturesque villages of Liguria, Italy

Best Villages and Towns of the Ligurian Coast

The Ligurian coast is one of the most attractive in Italy, both in terms of investment and simply. It stretches along the sea for 350 km. These regions are characterized by amazing scenic beauty, mild climate and some of the best beaches in Italy.

Just along the coast stretch numerous towns and villages. Their quiet charm can strike anyone to the heart. Here is a list of the most beautiful and livable settlements of the Ligurian coast of Italy. But first – the general characteristics of this area.

Interesting facts for Russians about the Ligurian coast of Italy:

  • there are direct flights from Moscow – 3.5 hours;
  • Airfare costs from 10 and up to 20 thousand rubles on average (prices are valid for 2020);
  • A day at the hotel – from 80 and up to 130 euros, if you take three-star establishments. However, if you decide to stay here for a long time, it is best to rent an apartment. In terms of the month will be cheaper, especially given the possibility to cook.


The largest city of Liguria, its capital and also the place through which most tourists and visitors come to the region. After all, this is where the airport is located.


Genoa is the capital of a legendary republic that once rivaled Venice. It is also a very beautiful region. But besides the attractiveness of the local scenery, many people choose this city as a place to live for the following reasons:

  • very mild climate, direct access to the sea;
  • excellent opportunities for cultural activities. The old city, perfectly preserved in Genoa, is also the largest in Europe;
  • There are employment opportunities in tourism, beauty, grooming, entertainment, trade;
  • Genoa’s real estate market and especially its suburbs have been booming in recent years;
  • Since the city is protected by UNESCO, it receives regular subsidies;
  • the Ligurian cuisine is very well represented in Genoa;
  • the city’s transport network is excellent. It has not only the subway, but also cable cars, public elevators, trolleybuses and buses;
  • you can go shopping in the city, as almost all European and American brands are represented;
  • You can get to Genoa by plane. The flight from Moscow takes 3.5 hours. The airport named after Christopher Columbus is located 6 km from the city. Also from the Russian capital are trains to Nice. They stop in Genoa, so this option is also quite possible.

San Remo

It is quite a popular city of flowers, which became famous practically all over the world thanks to the music festival. It is not very far from the French border, so if you have a Schengen visa, you can visit both countries in a short period of time.

San Remo

Sanremo is characterized by the following:

  • Excellent mild climate;
  • excellent beach vacation;
  • An abundance of citrus orchards and flowers (this is worth paying special attention to those who suffer from allergies);
  • a large number of sunny days per year;
  • the low density of the indigenous population – the city itself is not very large;
  • noticeable for such a settlement Russian community;
  • excellent beaches;
  • A famous festival that attracts music lovers from all over the world.


Another Ligurian resort town, surprisingly quiet. Like many other local attractions, it is located along the coast. First of all, it has a large beach, stretching for almost 3 km. And it has a free part.

The city is quite quiet. It comes alive mainly in the tourist season. But in September it is pretty quiet. Business in Allasio is somehow associated with vacationers and is predominantly seasonal. So if you are planning to buy a property here to rent out, this is something to consider.


Allasio is characterized by the following facts:

  • The main attractions in the city are of a natural character and churches;
  • The entrance to the water here is gentle, making it a favorite resort for families with children;
  • The velvet season in Allacio is especially good. Therefore, even in September, you can make good money by renting an apartment;
  • The income of most locals is in one way or another related to the tourism industry;
  • Like many other cities on the Ligurian coast, Allasio is famous for its mild climate and excellent cuisine.
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This is not a very big resort town. In fact, it is something between a town and a village. However, the buildings here are quite modern. The easiest way to get here is from Savona.


This village is different from all the other places because of its specialization in sports. Right in its suburbs there are competitions in rock climbing. Also, motorcycle races are often held here. Accordingly, those who know at least some of these things can earn good money here. Otherwise, the town is typical of the Ligurian coast of Italy. That is quite a mild climate, proximity to the sea, a lot of cheap seafood, beautiful scenery. And all the main activity is somehow related to tourism.


This town is different from all the others by the fact that it is literally nestled on the cliffs, which descend steeply to the sea. So if you want to walk there you have to go up and down or even make detours. But Portovenere is very picturesque, and you can’t deny its beauty.

The view at night

The town offers a variety of seaside activities, from beach activities to diving. There are also an incredible number of excursions, due to the many attractions.

Distinctive features of the city:

  • Named after Venus, so it attracts romantically inclined tourists;
  • you can get here by bus from La Spezia or by sea by ferry, there are simply no other options;
  • all activity in the city is very clearly tied to the tourist season, in winter there is simply nothing to do, although the Internet is quite good, that is, you can work remotely;
  • the city is just incredibly beautiful and really resembles a place on a postcard, only in reality.


One of the relatively large cities on the Ligurian coast is Savona. It is famous for its port, by the way, not only for the resort. Through it transport goods and passengers.

Also the city has a well-developed heavy industry. That is, Savona surprisingly does not live by tourism alone. And also, despite the production, the city has managed to maintain a decent environmental situation. All this guarantees a certain stability of the city.

Savona is characterized by these facts:

  • mild climate;
  • Various sectors of the economy are developed, the city is not totally dependent solely on tourism, which makes it more stable;
  • transport connections to the city are quite good. For example, you can get here directly from Genoa;
  • There is a major port, which does not prevent the city to remain an attractive seaside resort;
  • a lot of beautiful and simply picturesque places;
  • there are historical sites;
  • the real estate market is constantly evolving, so that it offers enough, and of a different nature.

Pietra Ligure

It is a very picturesque town which, even on the Ligurian coast, stands out for its colorful beaches. It is protected from strong winds by the hills, making it a very comfortable microclimate. By the way, the hills are beautifully green in the spring.

It really is very beautiful here.

This is not just an interesting village, it’s also old. So it even has its own old town. It has an attractive and rather unusual architecture, as well as winding streets.



This is a very picturesque fishing village, which attracts attention with its compactness, colorful views and a huge amount of seafood. It is also on the shores of the bay and as you can easily guess, it also faces the sea. All beaches here are pebble. Rest here is usually offered to those who want romance or tranquility.

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La Spezia

La Spezia

One of the most important for the Ligurian coast is La Spezia. First of all, here is a fairly large port. Secondly, the city itself is connected to many other communities in Liguria. So if you want you can settle in it, but do not deny yourself the pleasure of traveling and at leisure to explore the region quietly. For the same reasons, real estate in La Spezia is very much in demand by tourists, and all year round. And this means that the purchase of such property will be guaranteed to be profitable.

La Specia is also quite a rich city. It lives not only from tourism, but also due to the income that brings catching fish, sea port and transport routes. Plus, farming is quite well developed here. A distinctive feature of the city, for example, were the beautiful gardens and parks. By the way, there is a lot of vegetation here, and it makes La Spezia even more picturesque.


This is another small Ligurian village. It usually doesn’t get much attention because there are no major beaches, nightclubs, famous restaurants or attractions. But because of this, Rapallo is not only beautiful but also quiet.


The Italians themselves like to vacation here, especially in winter. As a rule, vacations in Rapallo are chosen by elderly couples. As for the rest of the tourists, they often see Rapallo as a temporary stopover point. Meanwhile, it’s really beautiful here. And it is worth noting that because of its “shortcomings” resort has acquired a distinct advantage: the cost of housing in it is much lower. In this case, transport links are established with most of the other settlements of the region.


Beautiful views are long-remembered.

This is another Ligurian village. It is famous for a small mountain river which flows right through the village. Through the same there is a humpback bridge, which became something like a hallmark of the village. Also, the village is known for its very tasty local wine. The area is considered very romantic.



It is a village that is difficult to categorize as a city or a village. It is located on a terrace that overlooks the Ligurian coast. It is very beautiful here, and as there are mountains immediately behind the city, they protect it from strong winds. Verezzi itself seems to be hollowed out in the stone. It is quite small and there are no cars here at all. If you want to stay in a town that is definitely lost in time, and take a break from civilization, then you should definitely pay attention to it.

Varese Ligure.

A list of Ligurian resort villages would not be complete without this locality. You can get here in about 40 minutes by car from Sestri Livante. The town is famous for its large medieval tower, which is precisely surrounded by cute colorful houses.

The main local attraction

The town is famous not only for its architecture, but also for its organic farming. And it is run here surprisingly well, using innovative technology and the latest scientific advances.

Buying property on the Ligurian coast: how to choose?

The Ligurian coast is a very beautiful region with a mild climate, which loved to visit the tourists literally from all over the world. It is therefore not surprising that the purchase of real estate here is very attractive for many people as a way of investing.

But not to be disappointed in the acquisition, the purchase must be made very carefully. Many towns and villages may seem similar. As a result, it seems that there is no special significance, where to buy real estate. But in fact there is a difference: the settlements differ in the number of permanent residents, transport accessibility, the presence or absence of attractions, prestige. Some live solely off tourism and their activity during the cold season is minimal. Others are provided by various sectors of the economy.

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All these things must be taken into account if you decide to buy a property on the Ligurian coast. If you find it difficult to choose, we will definitely help you.

The 10 most popular destinations on the Ligurian coast

Ligurian Coast


The Ligurian coast is one of the most beautiful and best known in Italy, along a coastline of 350 km, starting from La Spezia to Imperia and including numerous towns and villages. The landscape is very varied, the rocky coasts combined with sandy and pebbly beaches make the Ligurian coast a unique and magical place.

The Ligurian coast is one of the cleanest in Italy, as you can tell by the clean sea and air.

Below you can find the top ten most popular Ligurian resorts, they have received quite good publicity among tourists from all over the world. Each city in its own unique and beautiful, so for many holidays on the Ligurian coast is an unforgettable experience.

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Imperia is considered one of the most beautiful cities on the Ligurian coast and every year it attracts crowds of tourists from Italy and all over the world. It is quite famous because of the famous festival of flowers, local products and olives.

You can get here by train or bus, which routes are well connected to other cities in the Ligurian Riviera. Imperia is a small town so its charming architecture can be easily explored on foot.

Local restaurants are famous for their delicious seafood dishes. Souvenir and antique stores specializing in handicrafts are the pride of the place.

The main sights of the Empire:

  • The Old Town of Parrasio located in Porto Maurizio – many must like the winding streets and medieval houses.
  • The Cathedral of St. Maurizio (18th century) is the most valuable church in the city, and is the most important religious monument for Italy.
  • The Convent of St. Chiara (14th century) is the most important religious landmark for the locals.
  • Villa Grock or Museum of the Clown – a chic villa with a garden located on the hill of Oneglia belonged to the famous clown Adrien Vetta.
  • Church of San Giovanni Batista (18th Century) – The museum is famous for its valuable collections of paintings and ornaments.


Sanremo is one of the biggest cities on the Ligurian coast and has the largest population. The big advantage is that the city is close to the border with France. How to get to San Remo.

San Remo is known worldwide for its excellent climate conditions, it is here in a quiet bay protected from cold winds, created the perfect conditions for bathing.

This place is also called the Riviera of flowers because tropical plants and citrus orchards are everywhere, and flowers grown here are exported. The great popularity of Sanremo has among elite tourists and celebrities who come here since the 19th century.

Also, do not forget about the famous song festival, which takes place every year. Another peculiarity is that there are a lot of casinos.

The main attractions of Sanremo:

  • La Pigna – the old town known for its narrow streets, winding alleyways, arches, courtyards and fountains.
  • The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Costa, a symbol of the old town, is located on the top of the hill above La Pigna.
  • Russian Orthodox Church – was built in the early 20th century due to the large influx of Russian tourists.
  • Botanical Gardens – one of these is above La Pigna.
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Alassio is on the east side of the Ligurian coast and thanks to the sun, sea and good infrastructure, entertainment and sports facilities it is one of the best resorts in Liguria.

The beach is very special, sandy and long, about 3 kilometers long, but unfortunately in summer a large part of it is paid for. Apart from the beach there is also a beautiful town center and old places of interest.

Along the coast there are a lot of restaurants, bars and stores. The influx of tourists is usually felt in July and August, but in September, all abruptly dispersed. Wonderful nature and scenery adorns every corner of Alassio, the huge number of varieties and plants will impress even the most avid botanist.

The main attractions of Alassio are mainly churches, which can be found everywhere, they are worth seeing, because they are a kind of calling card of the city. A small watchtower (16th century) is located on the coast. While sightseeing don’t miss the chance to visit the picturesque towns of Laigueglia and Cervo.

Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure is only half an hour from Savona and is currently one of the most popular resorts on the western Ligurian coast. During the day, the main tourist attraction is of course the sandy beach with several rows of palm trees.

There are a number of restaurants along the promenade serving Italian food in the open air. A neighboring street leading to Via Roma is usually used for fairs.

Finale Ligure is particularly popular with sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who like to race motorcycles and go rock-climbing.


Savona is the biggest city on the Ligurian coast which is famous for its mild climate and amazing panoramic views. The beaches are only a short walk from the city center.

Although there is a large active port and a very developed heavy industry, but tourists still position Savona as a very good seaside resort . The whole city can be walked around, but there are also public transportation.

The main attractions of Savona:

  • Priamar Fortress – You won’t have to look for it for a long time as it is practically in the center of the city not far from the port.
  • Sistine Chapel – The facade of the chapel is in Gothic style and was originally built as a mausoleum for the parents of one of the Popes (Sixtus 4).
  • Palazzo Della Rovere – located in the historic center.
  • The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy – located 7 kilometers from the center, according to legend it is where a local farmer saw St. Mary. The sanctuary is a place of pilgrimage for the faithful.
  • The House of Christopher Columbus – the house is located on a green hill on the Ligurian coast, a few kilometers from Savona.
  • Oratorio di Nostra Signora di Sastello – located in the center of Savona.


One of the biggest cities on the Ligurian coast. There are medieval buildings, museums and churches which are preserved in excellent condition.

Genoa is connected to other cities in Italy and Europe as the railroad, and by sea. The best way to explore the historic center is on foot.

The main ingredient in local restaurants is undoubtedly Ligurian “pesto genovese” which includes basil, garlic, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese.

The main attractions of Genoa:

  • The Panoramic Pod – you can see Genoa and the port from a bird’s eye view.
  • The Cathedral of St. Lorenzo.
  • La Lanterna – the high lighthouse of the 16th century, a symbol of the city.
  • Castello D’Albertis, a 19th-century fortress, is an ethnographic museum.
  • Palazzo del Principe – the palace houses a unique collection of paintings and tapestries.
  • Palazzo Reale – today it is a museum with collections of works of art.
  • Palazzo Ducale – Exhibitions and events are held there.
  • Museo di Strada Nuova – A must for art lovers.
  • Genoese Aquarium – you can see sea inhabitants through the glass in close proximity.
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Pietra Ligure

On the Ligurian coast the town of Pietra Ligure is also located. Surrounded by green hills and beautiful beaches the resort is very popular with tourists of all ages. In the center of the town you can see the symbol of the city – the ancient castle.

The old town is known for its many narrow lanes and interesting architecture. In the summer, the main square hosts various entertainment events, but the feast of St. Nicholas (July 8) and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 15) are especially popular.


Portofino can be called a resort for wealthy people and celebrities. Portofino is also one of the most photographed areas on the Ligurian coast, above all due to the beautiful harbor (which is always full of boats and boats) and the colorful houses on the coast, all in all this creates a stunning photo and a magical impression of the village.

Portofino has very small dimensions so you can easily get around on foot and all the hotels and beaches are very close to each other. Do not miss the opportunity to visit local restaurants and taste the seafood for which the region is so famous.

You can buy anything you desire in the local stores – souvenirs, clothes of famous fashion designers, leather goods and typical products of the region.

The main sights of Portofino:

  • Castle Brown, 15th century – is a symbol of the city located in the harbor, today is a museum.
  • St. George’s Cathedral – From here you have a beautiful view of Portofino.
  • Lighthouse – located on the edge of a cliff surrounded by pine trees.
  • Statue of Christ of the Abyss – a unique sculpture placed on the seabed.

Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre National Park on the Ligurian coast includes five towns – Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Each of these towns is unique in its own way and deserves special attention. They are so close to each other that it is possible to get around them on foot, for which there have been trails between the towns for decades, which can be used to visit each one in just a few hours.

Today, Cinque Terre depends mostly on tourism, if you don’t count the wine industry. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit these places every year, in summer the cities, especially, are crowded. Visiting Cinque Terre in winter is also quite possible, but travelers may be caught by bad weather.

La Spezia

In the port city of La Spezia, there are very important sights for the Ligurian coast . Especially tourists prefer to wander the winding streets of the old center. On the 19th of March the locals celebrate a very important event in La Spezia: the Patron Saint Giuseppe Day which lasts for 3 days and ends with a great fireworks display.

The peculiarity of La Spezia are the numerous gardens and the large amount of vegetation.

The main attractions of La Spezia:

  • Castello di San Giorgio – originally served defensive purposes so it was built on a hill, now it is an archaeological museum.
  • Civic Museum of Amedeo Lia – located in the historic center. Tourists will have the opportunity to see a collection of sculptures and paintings.
  • National Museum of Transport – here you can see the old trolleybuses, locomotives, motors and various other old spare parts.
  • Also in La Spezia are many churches, which are of historical value.

Best Hotels in Ligurian Coast Cities

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