The 10 most interesting places to visit in Las Vegas

A day in Las Vegas: 10 unique places to visit in the City of Lights

10 unique places to visit in the City of Lights

In our article, the top 10 attractions in Las Vegas for an unforgettable day out.

Bungee Jumping at The STRAT Hotel

The SkyJump attraction lets you jump from the 108th floor of the STRAT Hotel, Casino & Skypod Resort, the tallest structure in the city.

The SkyJump is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest jump with a drop of 252 meters. It is more like a vertical bungee jump (zipline) than a free-fall jump with a speed of 60+ km/h. So those tourists who want to get a dose of adrenaline – go straight to the SkyJump.

Gondola rides at The Venetian

Upon arrival in Venice (or The Venetian Hotel) all tourists immediately rush to take a gondola ride on the Grand Canal. In the canals of Las Vegas, a relaxing open-air gondola ride offers Italian-style sightseeing and window shopping at the Grand Canal Shoppes while a cheerful gondolier serenades you.

Sailing past cafes, arched bridges and balconies, you can really feel like you’re on a walk in Italy.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Look down on everyone and defy gravity in the Vegas Indoor Skydiving simulator.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving airtub

With a 1,000 horsepower engine and wind speeds of up to 190 kilometers per hour in a special enclosed area, visitors can swim, fly, and free-fall in the air. Instructors provide all the necessary flight equipment and provide individual training so that guests can get off the ground safely and get a rush of adrenaline.

Ride on Rail Explorers

Who doesn’t love to ride the train and look out the window at the flashing scenery? And in the Rail Explorers tour the view of the neighborhood is not limited to the window – you can ride along the rails on a special bike with a pedal drive and the ability to view all 360 degrees.

Rail Explorers rail tour

The only thing you have to be prepared for is muscle pain the next day, but such a ride is definitely worth it. The tandem bike has no handlebars, so your hands will be free to take pictures of the beautiful scenery around you.

Tourists on Rail Explorers

Luckily, the 6-kilometer road from the Nevada State Railroad Museum to the Railroad Pass terminus is all uphill. And after the walk is over, you can take one of the museum’s historic trains back to your starting point.

Fly LINQ Zipline Vegas

The Fly LINQ zipline at 340 m above the LINQ promenade offers daring riders speeds of up to 55 km/h and offers the steepest views of the Las Vegas Strip, the city’s central boulevard.

Ten ziplines located nearby launch visitors from the 12-story tower one at a time or simultaneously if they want to ride with a group of friends. Rides are allowed in a horizontal position, sitting down or pretending to be a superhero. And to make the ride even more exciting, you can fly backwards out of the tower.

Exotics Racing

The main thing is to buckle up! The Exotics Racing complex with supercars of every taste and color will allow you to fulfill your dream of racing in the car of your dreams – from Ferrari or Porsche to Aston Martin or Lamborghini – without having to worry about such unpleasant things as speed limits.

On a 2-kilometer track designed by professional car racers, passengers join the driver for seven breathtaking turns and drive down the 550-meter-long main road at speeds of up to 225 kilometers per hour.

The Big Apple Coaster roller coaster

Many people rightly think that riding the recognizable yellow cab in the frenetic pace of New York City is a crazy ride, but The Big Apple Coaster, a hyper-virtual reality themed roller coaster at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino, doubles as a thrill ride.

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The world’s first roller coaster with a 180-degree turn and plunge maneuver, the Big Apple Coaster takes visitors through the ups and downs in a metropolis simulation at 100 km/h.

The High Roller Ferris Wheel on the Las Vegas Strip

The second highest Ferris wheel in the world, the High Roller, consists of 28 spacious cabins that take visitors up to 160 meters high with a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas Strip.

During the 30 minutes that the wheel takes to complete a full rotation, you can do yoga, try the signature chocolate or grab drinks from the built-in mini-bar. You can, of course, just admire the scenery, but you should know that this is not the limit.

Maverick Helicopter Tour

Get a bird’s-eye view of the city on the ECO-Star luxury helicopter tour, which takes you high above the Strip Boulevard and historic downtown.

The flight looks even more breathtaking at night when Las Vegas is ablaze with neon signs. Maverick Helicopters also offers excursions to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon, on the way to which tourists can enjoy champagne and snacks.

Las Vegas Monorail

With seven convenient stops and trains arriving every four to eight minutes, the Las Vegas Monorail is a great way to travel around the Las Vegas suburbs.

Las Vegas Monorail

The 6-kilometer route starts at the SAHARA Las Vegas hotel and ends at the MGM Grand hotel and entertainment complex. To ride the monorail you need to buy an unlimited mobile ticket (Mobile Ticket) and scan it with your phone at any of the stations.

What to see in Las Vegas in 1 day – 15 the most interesting places

“Sin City” is located in the state of Nevada, a famous region of America famous for the great opportunities of used freedoms. It was here in 1931 that gambling was allowed. By this time, Smith’s 1827 expedition found an oasis in the Las Vegas Valley. The opportunity to settle life among the subtropical heat, dry stony deserts appeared. The official birth year of Las Vegas was 1905. Now the city impresses with incredible architectural buildings, wealth, luxury. Casinos, gambling houses, interesting museums, hotels where every desire of vacationers is fulfilled, original sights attract thousands of tourists. The city is the largest center of gambling and entertainment in the world. The question of what to see in Las Vegas in 1 day by yourself it is desirable to think beforehand.

Neon Museum

Neon Museum, Las Vegas

In the history of the city an important place was occupied by neon advertisements of various establishments. They were used to attract players. It is impossible to imagine a city of fun, games, entertainment without bright advertisements. Colorful signs often changed, creating new unexpected options. The main producer of neon signs was the Young Electric Sign Company. Under the open sky (on what was formerly the company’s warehouse) was located an interesting Neon Museum. The first exhibit at the museum was a sparkling Hacienda sign called “Rider and Horse.”

The museum now houses about 150 signs. Most are not restored, but are in real form, representing “living value.” The museum’s gleaming gallery requires no payment when you visit. It features many famous signs: the Nevada Motel, the Shief Court Hotel, The Flame Restaurant, Andy Anderson, and Aladdin’s Lamp. The museum opened in 1966. It is located, a well-organized “neon sign graveyard,” on Fremont Street.

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Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not only the capital of gambling, it is a city where many cultural institutions of different thematic areas have been built. For example, the Museum of Natural History (it opened in 1991), which displays the entire natural course of the planet. Mysterious dinosaurs walked all over it in different places. In the center of Las Vegas, there are models of triceratops, raptors, and brontosaurs that went extinct millions of years ago. Models of wild animals are made an exact copy of the originals and create the atmosphere of a living zoo.

By pressing a special button on the model you can hear the roar of an animal. Expositions are filled with thematic galleries: about the ancient civilization of man (“International gallery of wildlife”, “Prehistoric life of the human family,” “The treasures of Egypt”, “Gallery of marine life”). Pools have been built in the museum to contain living creatures. Stingrays and sharks live in them. The section of insects is very popular. The museum has a youth science center, and conferences and lectures are held. Address of the institution: 900 N Las Vegas Blvd.

Mob Museum.

The Mob Museum, Las Vegas

The capital of gambling the city thanks to the huge financial investments of criminal structures. The main ones were the “Cosa Nostra” criminal groups of Italy. Its activities are highlighted in the expositions of the Mob Museum. The institution opened in February 2012. Among the exhibits are cold steel and firearms used by criminals. Clothing, shoes, numerous documents, photographs. During the tour, it is offered to shoot guns, sit in the electric chair or on the dock, look at the creepy Thompson machine gun (which was used to shoot on Valentine’s Day).

A special exhibit is dedicated to the activities of Albert Anastasi (nicknamed “The Mad Hatter”). During the tour, the methods of doing business by criminal formations are revealed. The popular museum is located in the courthouse (former post office). The Museum operates a shooting gallery. It offers to shoot police revolvers and gangster machine guns. A special photo studio offers a “mugshot” with a caption, plaque. The address is 300 Stewart Avenue.

Fremont Street

Fremont Street Museum, Las Vegas

Along with the birth of the city came Fremont Street. It was named in honor of explorer Charles Fremont (aka “Pathfinder”), who discovered the Vegas Valley in 1844. It’s easy to recognize the pedestrian street by its mascot: a neon cowboy statue. It’s the largest installation in the world made of neon. And then there’s the famous Fremont Street Experience dome, created in 1905 by LG. A unique video-show equipment with a screen in the shape of an arched dome, with a huge number of displays, operated by 10 computers, broadcasts various programs at night.

At night, the street becomes the biggest video show in the world. The first casinos that appeared in the city (e.g. Golden Gate, Four Queens, Binion’s Horseshoe, Golden Nugget) are still operating. In 1990, the entertainment center moved to Las Vegas Street. The casinos of the old city have a special atmosphere of excitement, low starting bets, cheap drinks, bright cafes, bars and a sparkling realm of neon signs.

Leed Discovery Children’s Museum

Leeds Discovery Children's Museum, Las Vegas

There is a two-story structure in the center of the city, where interesting conditions are created for people of all ages: children can take part in interesting (almost adult) entertainment, and adults can feel like a carefree child. The museum exhibitions contain elements of art, science and culture, helping the practical development of children. Very young visitors are offered special programs with educational games. You can have a lot of fun, blow a giant bubble (stand in it), take a picture of your own shadow, imagine yourself as a specialist in a real television studio.

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Most of the suggestions are built on the principle of joint action. This develops the relationship between children and adults. You can play and learn the laws of physics here together with parents, older friends and relatives. Every participant feels the joy of discovery and the opportunity to share experiences. The cognitive museum helps to look at science and art in an interesting and unexpected way.

Museum of Art

Art Museum, Las Vegas

This is the first keeper of contemporary art to appear in Southern Nevada. The museum was started by activists of the Las Vegas Art League group in 1949. The desire to incorporate the visual arts into city life was realized in a ranch on the grounds of Lorenzi Park. Since 1974, the art gallery was given the status of a museum. Throughout its existence, it was closed and revived more than once. The theme of the exhibitions was an introduction to international culture in contemporary art.

Exhibitions of works by Marc Chagall, Dayil Chuhuly (unique pieces of colored glass) and Auguste Rodin were held here. Separate exhibitions are devoted to artists working in Las Vegas (and who used to live here). The museum often hosts workshops, exhibitions, and comprehensive events with programs that meet the standards of the American Association. They help develop creativity and a love of contemporary art.

Container Park.

Container Park, Las Vegas

The ingenious proposals of today’s architects consist of unexpected building concepts. M-Rad designed and implemented a project for a sports complex made of used shipping containers. Three towers allow for extreme sports. They contain hotels, shopping areas with boutiques of fashion brands. One of the buildings houses an organic food farm. Alternative forms of energy from the sun, wind are used to provide life in the original facilities.

Container Park, Las Vegas

The park has a recreation area on the shore of a small lake, with cross-country trails, surf spots, and skate areas. Brightly colored shipping containers in bizarre combinations were given a second birth in 2013. The container park project showed people the unlimited flights of architectural fantasy, the hidden possibilities of human thought. It makes life in the city diverse, joyful, comfortable.

Adventuredome theme park

Adventuredome theme park, Las Vegas

Las Vegas hotels are individual cities filled with pleasant surprises. On the top floor of the Circus Circus Hotel such a surprise is the amusement park, which is located under a huge pink dome of durable glass. It protects visitors from the sun and rain, creating a festive atmosphere with a pleasant pink lighting. Under the dome are built 25 attractions for children, adults. They are considered the best in the world. There is a rumbling roller coaster, ringing extreme roller coasters and a rock climbing wall. Working adrenaline rides in the form of a double “dead loop” Canyon Blaster.

Popular attractions are Inverter and Rim Runner water ride with jumps over a waterfall 18 meters high. An interesting feature of the park is considered the use of figures of numerous species of dinosaurs. Almost living sculptures decorate the park and make you think about the life of the planet, looking at the majestic figures of animals. Lovers of quiet relaxation will find entertainment in the manicured golf course, in the halls of a modern IMAX cinema. Anyone can buy a ticket and visit the park without having to stay in a hotel.

Madame Tussauds Museum

Madame Tussauds Museum, Las Vegas

Wax figures of Madame Tussauds have been attracting tourists in different cities for over 200 years. By the way, the first figures made of wax were Voltaire, Franklin, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. There are 20 museums in different cities around the world. In Las Vegas, it was opened in 1999. More than 100 wax figures have taken up space in the halls of The Venetian Hotel. The main part is dedicated to artists of America’s past and present. Among them are copies of Brad Pitt, Jolie, Lady Gaga, etc.

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A special feature of the museum is the opportunity to touch, hug, and take pictures with your favorite characters. Sculptures are like their owners, and you get the impression of a lively communication with your favorite athlete, actor or politician. As – as if there was a conversation with Obama, Clinton, Bush (recently there was a figure of Putin). Many of them are made in an interactive version and can, for example, blush when touched. During tours one is invited to listen to little-known facts about the lives of favorite celebrities.

Titanic Artifact Exhibition

Titanic Artifact Exhibition, Las Vegas

Hotel-casino Luxor offers not only to play, but also to get a portion of adrenaline from a walk on a full-size copy of the legendary ship “Titanic”. On exit, you get a boarding ticket in the name of the real passenger of the liner. His fate can be found out at the end of the tour. Museum exhibits are made up of artifacts found in 1985 (over 300 items) and made according to historical documents. Cabins of different classes, real stairs leading to the floors of the ship, personal belongings of passengers, tableware, silverware, jewelry, real champagne from 1900 create an authentic atmosphere before the crash.

The view of the “black iceberg” that caused the tragedy is particularly impressive. An amazing moment is the preservation of the natural cold coming from the monster. During the tour one can feel its destructive power. The letters of the people who asked for help are of great emotional intensity. A visit to each room helps to plunge into the true world of tragedy. Tours often end with touching tears from visitors.

Shark Reef Oceanarium

Shark Reef Aquarium, Las Vegas

The huge marine “stadium” is not in the ocean, but away from the main water sources in the middle of the hot Nevada desert. It was created at the Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel. An enclosed aquarium, containing 5 million liters of water similar in composition to the Red Sea, is home to various (15 items) species of sharks, rays, and rare fish. There even lives a hammerhead shark. This is the first aquarium in America, where it feels great. Its area is 9 thousand m 2 .

You can see (and not be afraid of) the animals during a walk through the shark tunnel, made of durable glass. Visitors can watch the feeding of toothy predators. Learn about the lives of rare golden crocodiles, reticulated pythons and dragons from Komodo Island. Piranhas frolic, jellyfish, turtles, clams and snails swim in the aquarium. Experienced divers (with supporting documents) can snorkel with rare species of marine life and amazing marine invertebrates.

Dancing Bellagio Fountains

Dancing Fountains Bellagio, Las Vegas

It is impossible to forget the magical dance of silver water jets emerging from the artificial lake. A unique creation of technical thought creates 1175 jets. They are blown out of special installations, rotating nozzles, able to move under the control of computer programs. They fly upwards, intertwine, wiggle, disintegrate into millions of silver sprays, performing the conceived dance. As they do so, there are songs by famous performers, music by more than 20 arranged pieces of music.

Dancing Fountains Bellagio, Las Vegas

Before the show begins, mystical clouds of smoke appear and a water (and musical) explosion enhances the effect of the dancing fountains. At this time, 450 bright lights create the right illumination, sparkling brighter than neon advertisements. The fountain belongs to one of the most expensive hotels in the city of Bellagio. Here is also the famous Chapel of Flowers, where famous couples of the world were married (including the first Skype weddings). The delightful spectacle of water jets dancing at a height of 152 m, takes place every day from 15 to 24 hours. Even in bad weather, people stand on the shore of the artificial lake, fascinated by the extraordinary beauty of the sight.

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Hotel Paris

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

On the Alley Strip is a legendary hotel complex with its own casino, based on the architectural style of the Hotel de Ville (France). The interior rooms are made in the European style. The square in front of the hotel is decorated in a peculiar way. Here are installed copies (their size is twice less) of the French monuments: the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Opera House in Paris. The famous Eiffel Tower is a true architectural masterpiece.

Not only the external appearance of the building was preserved, but also its internal structure. The structure height of 140 meters equipped with expensive restaurants, boutiques fashion brands, shops with souvenirs. Admiring the American landscape the visitor is in a romantic Parisian atmosphere. climbing up to the observation deck you can see the whole street from a height of 140 meters. The address of the hotel is Boulevard South, Las Vegas.

Hotel Venice

Hotel Venice, Las Vegas

Two majestic towers, a height of 40 floors, a beautiful connection in the form of a covered garden with the “Palazzo” form the largest hotel on the planet. Once inside, you find yourself in a small Venice with its Grand Canal, the Magnificent Rain Palace, St. Mark’s Cathedral. Among the copies of the architectural structures you can ride a gondola like in the real Venice, see the colorful carnivals, take part in the chic entertainment. Staying at this hotel is considered a true celebration of elegance, the beauty of Venice elegance and the special spirit of Las Vegas.

The Renaissance-inspired building is filled with the unforgettable aura of Venice. The hotel has 19 restaurants, the largest casino with hand-painted frescoes and a marble floor. The stores of the Grand Canal, a unique spa center, its own Hermitage. All elements of the hotel are under the ceiling stylized as the blue sky with snow-white running clouds. In one of the rooms is Madame Tussauds Museum. 80 boutiques offer clothing models of famous couturiers of the world. Twelve luxurious halls are used for celebrations. The Blue Man Group trio performs in their own theater, and there are daily shows, including “Phantom of the Opera.”

Preserve Springs.

Preserve Springs, Las Vegas

Not far from Las Vegas, a unique sanctuary opened in 2007 around the man-made sea that feeds the city. It provides an introduction to the amazing contrast of the desert green oasis that gave life to the city. But its opening was the first step. Everything else is done by the work of mankind. Now in the reserve you can walk around the chic botanical garden, walk through the galleries, museums, concert venues, located in the open air. Take special trails through the wilderness and impenetrable marshes. During the tour learn how people survive in such conditions and how to make a real paradise out of them (the example of the city of Las Vegas).

On the territory of the reserve are options of modern technologies of building cities among the desert sands, using water, solar and wind energy. The reserve is equipped with service stations for vehicles of the future: electric cars, cars with hydrogen engines. The reserve is enclosed by a long soundproof wall separating it from the busy highway. At its entrance, there are three huge booths introducing the history of the Valley.

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