The 10 most beautiful beaches of Palermo, Italy

Palermo beaches – vacation at sea the Sicilian way


The beaches of Palermo … Ironically, despite the fact that Palermo is one of the largest ports in Sicily, tourists do not come here to relax on the sand and swim in the warm sea. Palermo is first of all a great port and a real cultural attraction. The history of the city goes back to the ancient Greek and Phoenician civilization.

But to see Palermo surrounded by Sicily and not to enjoy the local beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea is a real crime against oneself. The city is dominated by Mount San Pellegrino and surrounded by beautiful orchards, for which the valley of Palermo is called the “Golden Shell”.

The two beaches of Terrazzini and Mondello are considered the most popular beaches of Palermo by both visitors and locals. They are known for their cleanliness, awarded by the European Union, for their many facilities and for their isolated location.

Mondello beach (Sicily, Palermo)

One of the most beautiful beaches, not only in Palermo, but in all Sicily, is Mondello. It is located in a picturesque gulf, and the beach length reaches almost two kilometers . Despite the opportunity to have a magical holiday, it is not advisable to visit the beach in Palermo during high season: there are too many tourists and there is practically no free space. Such popularity is due to several important factors. First, if you look at the photos of Mondello beach in Palermo, you will see that it is covered with white sand. The sea here is very gentle and the sunlight is quite pleasant. Here you can often find married couples and novice water sportsmen. Among other things, this beach is very beautiful – on both sides of it the rocky ledges overhang, and the local caves – a real attraction.

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Mondello beach

Well, it is impossible not to mention the well-developed infrastructure of the beach in Sicily. Here you can easily find beds and umbrellas, showers and toilets. The entertainment component is also very well developed – Mondello beach in Palermo is full of different water attractions, entertainment venues, restaurants and dance clubs. In every walk you will find the traditional pizzerias and coffee shops, which are fast becoming a favorite lunch spot for tourists from all over the world.

Nearby you can walk along the beautiful promenade or even rent one of the snow-white villas, which have long become the hallmark of the beach.

An ideal place for those who are still tired of round the clock entertainment in the company of thousands of beachgoers – go to the so-called “Island of Women. It’s a small island near the shore, on which since the sixteenth century there are two watchtowers. Just between them you can find a couple of secluded sandy islands by the sea, where couples often like to hide in love.

If you go further away from Mondello, you will reach the beach of Palermo – Monreale. Its main attraction is the large water park, known throughout Sicily. At the same time, if you want to combine beach vacation with a historical vacation, you can go to Cefalù, soaked in the spirit of the Middle Ages.


Well, the sea in Palermo is beautiful – clean and warm, with an azure color. A great place to swim, to rest from the hustle and bustle of the “grey jungle”, to forget all the problems and maybe for the first time try your hand at diving or to catch the wind on the windsurf!

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