The 10 best hotels in the world to spend a spooky Halloween night

10 spooky hotels in the U.S. for Halloween

The lead-up to Halloween, celebrated on October 31, brings to mind nerve-racking scenes from horror movies. Weak-eyed but curious viewers tend to watch them through their fingers or with squinted eyes, while the brave not only catch every moment with their eyes wide open, but also attend once-a-year themed parties in honor of the world’s “scariest” holiday. For fans of all things creepy and heartbreaking, I can suggest spending the holiday night at one of the 10 “spookiest” hotels in America according to their guests. Many people stay in haunted hotels and are willing to pay money for a thrill.

Stanley Hotel, Colorado

10 spooky U.S. hotels for Halloween

The hotel is famous, first of all, for the appearance of the plot of the book “The Shining” during the stay in 1974 in the Stanley Hotel of its author – Stephen King. Later the eponymous series based on the book was also shot here. Probably that was the reason why the ghosts took a fancy to the old hotel, known from the footage.

The hotel staff often hears mysterious sounds coming from vacant rooms; more than once a piano standing in the lobby began to play as if by itself. However, they say that the piano is played by the first owner of the hotel, who is also often seen in the lobby and billiard room. The hotel is also haunted by the ghost of his wife and many other mysterious inhabitants.

The ghosts are particularly fond of the fourth floor of the hotel. Two couples who had spent the night there complained that they could not sleep at night because of the noise the children made while playing. However, at that time there were no children in the hotel at all. Or is that not true? After all, there is a possibility that there is at least one little ghost child in the hotel all the time, which was seen on the second floor by Stephen King himself, and then more than once met by the staff in different rooms of the hotel.

The ghost of Lord Dunraven, who owned the land the hotel stands on before it was built, was often seen in Room 407. It is said that the ghost likes to stand by the bathroom door in the corner of the room and often looks out of the hotel window when the room is unoccupied. Legend has it that innkeepers who once dreamed of a good night’s sleep asked the ghost to leave them alone for two nights. After that, the light, which mysteriously shuts off as if by itself, stopped “pranking”, but from the neighboring elevator, which has long been out of use, at night began to be heard mysterious sounds.

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2. Chelsea Hotel, New York

10 spooky U.S. hotels for Halloween

The vintage Chelsea Hotel was built in 1884. It was famous for famous guests from Andy Warhol to Janis Joplin to Bob Dylan. But its most loyal guests are not people at all, but ghosts. For example, the ghost of Welsh writer and poet Dylan Thomas, who died in the hotel after a night of drinking at the White Horse Tavern in Manhattan, never left the hotel. The ghost of American writer Thomas Wolfe, who finished his novel No Return Home, is rumored to inhabit one of the hotel rooms on the 8th floor. And the ghost of former Sex Pistols musician Sid Vicious, suspected of murdering his girlfriend Nancy Spangen (her body was found in the bathroom of Room 100), likes to appear in the building’s east elevator.

As soon as you enter the gloomy, gothic lobby of the hotel, the first thing you feel is that reality has been left behind. It’s as if you find yourself in a dream, dark and unsettling. The moody paintings on the walls, the bizarre sculptures… Behind the mahogany counter are elderly, unfriendly clerks, so pale and moody that it seems as if they haven’t seen the sun for years. Sleepwalkers float by, either severely hungover or deeply melancholy. They have seen too much to react to the people around them-at least that’s what they look like. Near the dingy coffin elevators you’re bound to run into a celebrity.

3. the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans

10 spooky U.S. hotels for Halloween

New Orleans itself already scares travelers with its stories of vampires, voodoo magic, and various cemetery tours. What to say about the Halloween festivities. If you stay at the Orleans Bourbon Hotel, you’ll instantly experience the horrors of the holiday. The walls of this hotel hold 150 years of history: first it was a convent, then an orphanage, and then a ballroom (the latter is reminded by a huge crystal chandelier).

If you are lucky, you will surely hear the creaking of the wooden steps – these are the ghosts of the ball’s guests, children’s cries and thin children’s voices – these are the sounds of orphaned children’s ghosts. You can hear the creaking of the stairs even on the eighth floor of the hotel.

Geiranger Fjord in Norway

4. Hotel del Coronado, San Diego

10 spooky U.S. hotels for Halloween

This California hotel, built in 1887, also has its own rich history and is linked to the chillingly mysterious story of the murder of a young woman. In 1892, one Kate Morgan, a beautiful married woman who had left her husband while pregnant, stayed here. A few days later her body was found on the hotel steps. Although the incident was ruled a suicide, investigators eventually concluded that Kate had fallen victim to the killer. And after a while the ghost of the murdered woman began to appear in the hotel. Most often the ghost was seen in room 302, in which the unfortunate lived. At the same time there are always many who want to stay in this particular room and experience the whole gamut of thrills.

5. Battery Carriage House Inn, Charleston, SC

10 spooky U.S. hotels for Halloween

Charleston is a city so rich in history and architecture that it seems only logical that its former residents don’t want to leave this beautiful place. And are still present here, in one of the oldest cities in America. Spirits on an equal footing with the living. Why?

Several ghosts settled permanently at the Battery Carriage House Inn (you don’t have to pay for rooms after you die). Built in 1843, this mansion inn provided a classic bed and breakfast. But it has seen mysterious lights in its windows more than once, and guests have complained of ghosts, including pirates and soldiers. Despite all this, the inn is still considered a romantic place to stay. And completely in vain.

6. Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, Massachusetts

10 spooky U.S. hotels for Halloween

Located in the town of Salem, famous for the exemplary execution of twenty witches in 1692, the Hawthorne Hotel stands on the site of a former apple orchard once owned by Bridget Bishop, one of the executed women who was accused of witchcraft. Guests staying at the hotel speak of the ghost of a crying baby, and note the rather palpable touch of invisible hands and the pungent smell of apples.

7. The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa.

10 spooky U.S. hotels for Halloween

“Living the legend!” – is the motto of this hotel . And there are more than enough legends here. Especially the ones about ghosts. A week is not enough to get to know them all. Perhaps the most eccentric is the playful ghost of construction worker Michael, who died in room 218 of this hotel. He often likes to appear at dinnertime, dressed in gorgeous attire.

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Also, the ghost of Dr. Baker, who died experimenting with his treatments, roams the hotel. The hotel provides a “bed and breakfast service in the morgue.” The owners film these “sleepovers” with a hidden camera and then post the video on You Tube. So you can become the “star” of such a wild video.

8. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles.

10 spooky U.S. hotels for Halloween

If you are a fan of old Hollywood, this is the place for you. If you are a fan of the ghosts of Hollywood, this is definitely the place for you! The hotel’s entertainment ranges from a variety of bars to casual encounters with celebrity clientele. And the location in the chicest neighborhood in Los Angeles is already reason enough to visit the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. But beyond all that glitz, according to legend, the hotel is haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. Guests and hotel staff say that at times a ghostly blond woman who clearly resembles Marilyn can be found in the halls here. It is probably the most fascinating ghost ever encountered.

9. Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

10 spooky U.S. hotels for Halloween

The Queen Mary is a former luxury cruise liner, forever moored in Long Beach, near Los Angeles, and turned into a hotel. Several witnesses claim to have seen a ghost by the pool where two passengers once died. Other ghosts, such as a young girl in a white dress and an elderly man, have also been seen on the ship. Some staterooms are even unused due to the fact that unexplained phenomena regularly occur in them.

10. CECIL, Los Angeles

10 spooky U.S. hotels for Halloween

The 600-room Cecil Hotel, rebranded as Stay on Main Hotel, is known for providing shelter for the unusual traveler. Since opening in 1927, it has been the scene of suicides, murders, mysterious disappearances and serial killer activity. The latest incident occurred in February 2013, when a 21-year-old Canadian hiker was found dead at the bottom of a water tank. From 1984-1985, “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez, an American serial killer and burglar, lived here. During his stay he committed 13 murders in Los Angeles. Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger also stayed here for 5 weeks in 1991. During that time he killed three women in his hotel room. And long before these terrible events in the 50’s and 60’s, the hotel was a favorite place for suicides. Do I need to explain that all the hapless souls swarm in the former Hotel Cecil and rebranding won’t help them?

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Horrors of Hospitality or the Best Hotels for All Saints Night

Halloween Eve is traditionally a time of scary stories, spooky lore and parties that no All Saints’ Day is without, both in its historic homeland and in other countries, and the celebrations get more interesting and varied every year.

So the costumes are already prepared, the theatrical makeup is waiting and the film library is replenished with horror classics and the latest movies. But there’s a secret: 80% of the success of the event depends on the venue. Fans of traditional entertainment go to the clubs and bars, and the most daring can spend the spookiest night of the year in the company of real ghosts!

Horrors of Hospitality or the best hotels for All Saints night

Even the most famous haunted houses have not witnessed as many events as hotels and hotels. So it’s no wonder that they are chosen by spirits as their last resting place and this is where paranormal seekers come on October 31. We present you a mini guide to the iconic “ghostly” hotels.

The Queen Mary (Los Angeles, USA)

A cruise ship that since 1967 has been eternally anchored near Los Angeles. It has a long and tragic history. Years ago two passengers tragically died on deck near the pool, but no other mysterious deaths could be avoided. Since then, ghosts, recognizable by bathing suits from the 1930s, can often be seen among tourists in the restaurant or lobby.

transatlantic liner

In addition, some cabin rooms are never rented out to vacationers, but if you settle in next door, you’ll hear unexplained sounds behind the wall: falling objects, phone calls, and even conversations.

Stanley Hotel (Colorado, USA)

The mansion in Rocky Mountain Preserve is famous for being the place where writer Stephen King lived for a long time while searching for inspiration for his new novel The Shining. The Overlook Hotel in the movie of the same name is the prototype of two hotels: the panoramic shots show the Timberline Lodge Hotel (Oregon) and the decorations of the interiors remind us of the Avani Hotel in California.

Stanley Hotel is located deep in the park

To this day, there is no documented evidence as to whether the Stanley Hotel is inhabited by guests from the netherworld. But, as fans of King’s work believe, the answer can easily be found in the pages of The Shining.

Charming and attractive San Remo, Italy

Russell Hotel (Sydney, Australia)

“Russell Hotel” recalls a time in history when Australia was a British colony and was going through bad times. Back then it was a hospital for smallpox and plague, and it’s not hard to guess that the number of fatalities was many times higher than all acceptable figures.

Room 8 at the Russel Hotel is the last to be booked

After the hospital was liquidated, the building housed a dormitory for sailors, then it was adapted as a hotel. But this does not mean that all the guests willingly left the former dormitory – the room number 8 is still inhabited by the ghost of a sailor who likes to watch his guests sleep.

Grand Hyatt Hotel (Taipei, Taiwan)

Famous Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan is not afraid to perform the most dangerous stunts and always works without a stuntman. But according to Jackie, just one night in this Taiwanese hotel was the biggest nightmare of his life – there were ominous screams, moans and locked doors not saving from someone’s gaze.

Grand Hyatt Hotel

After Chan’s visit, the hotel owner invited the best feng shui experts to comfort the spirits at least a little.

The place where the hotel is located does have a dubious reputation. During World War II there was a Japanese torture camp, where thousands of people were killed. As the guests note, the reverberations of those events are still felt here, which, however, attracts thrill-seekers.

Chelsea Hotel (New York, USA)

This hotel is one of the most famous hotels of the Big Apple. Since its construction in 1884 its rooms stayed many famous guests, among which were spotted Edith Piaf, Mark Twain, Frida Kahlo, Bob Dylan and other creative people.

Chelsea Hotel

The Chelsea Hotel was also the site of an experimental Andy Warhol film called The Chelsea Girls.

But only one sad event made the Chelsea a truly iconic place: the murder of Nancy Spangen, girlfriend of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious. The story of Sid and Nancy has served as the basis for songs, movies, and is known by heart to all fans of the band.

It is said that the ghosts of the couple can be found in the hotel corridor, they are also joined by poet Dylan Thomas (fell into a coma in room 205 and then died in hospital), writers Eugene O’Neil and Thomas Wolfe.

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