The 10 best beaches near Fort Myers, Florida, USA

10 Best Beaches near Fort Myers

The best beaches at Fort Myers and nearby Fort Myers Beach are some of the most beautiful in Florida. The sand is fine, soft and white, dotted with shells, sand dollars and snags. Public beaches in and around Fort Myers do not open until 7 a.m., close at dusk and do not allow pets unless otherwise noted.

Top 10 beaches in and around Fort Myers

Here are the best beaches near Fort Myers for all your swimming, kitesurfing, fishing and boating needs.

Bowditch Point Beach Park, Fort Myers, Florida

Located along the northernmost point of Estero Island in Florida, Bowditch Point Park is one of the best beaches in Fort Myers, if only for its ideal location. Stand at the tip and watch the boats go into the Gulf of Mexico – there’s nothing in your line of sight except maybe a snag or a bird.

In fact, this beach in Fort Myers is part of a 10-acre nature preserve that is on the Great Florida Bird and Wildlife Trail. Kayaks and kayaks can be rented here, as well as restrooms and a concession stand. In addition, this Fort Myers beach is accessible from the handicapped parking lot.

Bunch Beach, Fort Myers, FL.

If you’re looking for a well-kept, all-natural beach, look no further than Bunch Beach in Fort Myers. Part of the tidal wetlands in San Carlos Bay, this highlight among Fort Myers beaches is a sandy stretch that connects tidal flats to mangrove forests. It’s the perfect place for those who yearn to sit quietly and explore the area in search of birds and wildlife, commune with nature, read, or sketch.

Still, there are plenty of amenities that help make it one of the best beaches in Fort Myers: parking, restrooms, picnic areas, food concessions, even canoeing and kayaking.

Causeway Islands Park, Sunnyvale, Fla.

Along the road leading to Sanibel Island, Causeway Islands Park is one of the best beaches near Fort Myers. The 10-acre sandy stretch, which is known for its extremely windy weather, consists of two islands: A, where there is parking, and B, where there are restrooms. These beaches near Fort Myers are also accessible by water, so if you’re already boating or fishing, suit up for a picnic.

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Narrow beaches connect the bay and sides of the bay. Enthusiasts who enjoy these sands include kitesurfers, kayakers, kayakers, those looking for comfortable places to ride waves and surf, and those just looking for some of the best beaches near Fort Myers.

Crescent Beach Family Park, Fort Myers Beach, Fla.

Crescent Beach Family Park is located on a 2.25-acre waterfront lot in Fort Myers Beach. It overlooks 400 feet of clean, white-sand beach. Its family friendliness is just part of what makes it one of the best beaches in Fort Myers; There are also picnic tables, a couple of beach volleyball courts, restrooms and parking with four sand access points. Well-maintained and well-kept, this beach park in Fort Myers is located at the foot of the Matanzas Bridge, making it easy to find. Although there are no concessions to Crescent Beach Family Park, it’s a quick commute to Times Square from here.

Dog Beach, Fort Myers Beach, FL.

Who says people have to have fun? Dog Beach is a place where dogs can run, splash and play on a leash. Even if you don’t have a pup, watching dogs frolic in the waves is such a joy, it makes this stretch of sand worthy of being on any list of the best beaches near Fort Myers. Dog Beach has showers to rinse your canines before you leave, as well as a portable toilet for people, but not much more convenient.

Fort Myers Beach, Fla.

Fort Myers Beach, on Estero Island, is one of the region’s best beaches, which bears the name of the town itself. There are many public access points on this beautiful stretch of sand and water, while others are private, owned only by hotels. The city of Fort Myers Beach is responsible for maintaining the public paths from Estero Boulevard to the Gulf beaches. To get here, move north of the Matanzas Bridge on Estero Boulevard; Between Lynn Hall and Bowditch Point, you’ll see banners with access numbers flying from the poles. They mark the entrances from the road and are repeated as signs on the bay side. Many of these access points have parking nearby. The street names correspond to the numbers. For example, Mango Street is No. 27 and C Avenue is No. 34.

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Lovers Key State Park, Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Perhaps the most isolated beach in the region – and certainly one of the most intriguing beaches near Fort Myers – Lovers Key State Park has a beautiful mythology. Since it was hard to get to (you used to need a boat), only those who craved exceptional privacy made the effort – thus the name. Today, this barrier island, one of the four that make up the state park, is a two-mile strip of sand that can be reached by waterfront or streetcar. Its ample opportunities for shelling, swimming, bird watching and boating make it one of the best beaches near Fort Myers.

The park also has a concession stand where you can rent everything from bikes to lounge chairs, as well as a boat ramp to launch kayaks, canoes, kayaks and more. Call ahead if you are interested in arranging a kayak tour.

Lynn Hall Memorial Park, Fort Myers Beach, Fla.

Probably the most popular beach in Fort Myers, Lynn Hall Memorial Park is right next to Times Square, just north of the Matanzas Pass Bridge. In addition to the natural attractions of sun and sand, this Fort Myers beach offers a variety of Estero Island amenities, including the Fort Myers beach pier, which is a licensed fishing pier with bait and gift store; picnic shelters and grills; outdoor showers; food concession stands; canoe and kayak launch points; volleyball courts; and restrooms with locker rooms. There is also plenty of beach access from the parking lot.

In high season, this Fort Myers beach is crowded. On the other hand, there is a trolley bus stop, so you don’t have to drive. And you can easily walk to nearby stores and restaurants for more fun after a day at one of the best beaches in Fort Myers.

Matanzas Pass Preserve, Fort Myers Beach, Fla.

The Matanzas Pass Pleasure Preserve is a 60-acre preserve that has taken its place on the Great Florida Bird and Wildlife Trail. It is also part of the Great Big Calusa Walking Trail. If you’re going to hike the trails through mangroves and oak hammocks or come down from the marina, take time to explore Gulf Beach, which offers a perfect view of Estero Bay.

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In fact, the beach and park are more than just a pretty backdrop. They offer a host of amenities, including a fishing pier, food concessions, picnic and grilling areas, restrooms, a bike rack and decent-sized parking. The preserve is located one mile south of the Matanzas Pass Bridge.

Newton Park, Fort Myers Beach, Fla.

Newton Park is a historic beach run by the city of Fort Myers Beach. It offers parking, picnic tables, restrooms, showers and fountains. Stop for sandwiches at a nearby grocery store, then spend the day enjoying the sun on one of the best beaches near Fort Myers.

The former home of Jim and Ellie Newton, who were partners with Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh and other high-profile industrialists of the era, Seven Seas Cottage is available for special events.

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Editor’s note. This article was first published in 2018. It has been updated to reflect the most current information.

The 10 Best Beaches in Florida

Bahia Honda State Park is located at the 37-mile mark in the Florida Keys, near Marathon. This park offers one of Florida’s most spectacular beaches, and because it is in a state park, it remains in its natural state. The park has two beach areas, each facing opposite directions, so there is almost always one beach that is not affected by waves and wind. The most beautiful area is on the outer shore, where the beach seems to stretch out endlessly, with plenty of room to walk. The water in many areas is shallow for a long distance. The beach is best visited at high tide. The small beach on the inside has a great view of the old railroad bridge.

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2 Miami Beach.

Miami Beach may not be the first choice for the best beach, but for those looking for a complete beach scene in the city, this is the place. On hot days, the sand is packed with sunbathers and watchers travel slowly in their cars to see what’s going on.

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Map of Miami Beach – Attractions

3 Fort DeSoto.

Naturalist lovers, Fort DeSoto State Park offers an exceptional beach left in its natural state. As a result, not only is it a great place to swim and walk, it’s also a good opportunity to see birds and other wildlife.

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4 Clearwater Beach.

On the Gulf Coast, Clearwater Beach offers excellent access from the city bay of nearby Tampa and is one of the best beaches along Florida’s western shores. This wide stretch of soft sand is great for walking, beach chair parking and swimming.

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5 Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Fort Lauderdale Beach resembles Miami Beach in some ways. Located on the promenade and across from the hotels, the beach is the center of the tourist area in Fort Lauderdale. People come here to bask in the sun, take a walk or drive along the promenade, play games and enjoy the view. The beach is also a venue for activities and entertainment.

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6 Venice Beach.

Venice Beach M. Keefe / photo modified

Venice Beach has a unique feature. It is well known for the little prehistoric sharks that can be found in the fine sand. Many people come here to look for the teeth, and those who know what they are looking for can walk away with many in their possession. The teeth come from ancient sharks that have decomposed on the seafloor.

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7 Editor’s Choice Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach is for people looking for a real beach town and a beautiful beach. The soft sand stretches for miles, but the most popular area is at the pier, where beachgoers sit under umbrellas or play beach volleyball. On top of the beach are casual restaurants, ice cream parlors, and beachwear stores.

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8 St. George State Park.

St. George State Park

Like all Florida state parks, St. George Island remains serene and undeveloped. This long stretch of white-sand beach offers a terrific place to sunbathe and swim. There is also camping, boat launches and picnic areas. Located in northern Florida near Panama City, this beach is a summer favorite.

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9 Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach.

Panama City Beach, located in the Florida Panhandle, is a popular destination during the warmer months. The incredible white sandy beach is 27 miles long, providing playgrounds for all kinds of activities.

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10 Daytona Beach.

Daytona Beach is a wide, sandy beach where some areas are so tightly packed that driving is allowed along the top of the beach. The town itself has long had a reputation for spring break, but that has passed and it now attracts a quieter group of visitors. Because of its northern location, it is most popular from spring to fall.

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